Top 8 Best 4 Person Air Hockey Table – Reviews of 2020

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Top 8 Best 4 Person Air Hockey Table – Reviews of 2020

We are living in a world where technology has taken over everything and got everyone glued to their screens. With that said, wouldn't you like to get away from your screen a little and enjoy a refreshing arcade game in the comfort of your home with your family and friends? For that, you will need the best 4-person air hockey table.

The standard air hockey tables are made in a rectangular shape which will only accommodate a total of 2 players. However, the four-person air hockey tables are designed to make the game interesting by playing in a group of two on two or even four players each on their own. This is a fantastic way to get the whole family to do something together.

With a wide range of options flooding the market, deciding on one maybe tough. Fortunately for you we are here to help with that. In this article we are going to review some of the best 4-person air hockey tables and we shall throw in a buyer's guide to help you select one easily. Read on to find out your best option.

8 Best 4 Person Air Hockey Table - Comparison

Top 8 Best 4 Person Air Hockey Table - Reviews

We have made your work easier by providing you with detailed reviews on quality four-person air hockey tables on the market. These are durable product that work well and designed to suit the needs of air hockey players. Check their bestselling aspects to help you figure out the right model for you.

ESPN Air Hockey Arcade Game: Silver Streak Professional Sports Table Set with Equipment - 4 Pushers 4 Pucks and Touch Screen LED Score Keeper - 8 Foot

One of the best things that will impress you on this table is the electronic scoring capability. The electronic LED touch screen display lets you set up the game and begin playing immediately. With it you can also be able to track all the scores made during each game. This air hockey table is also a great addition to your game room and it will surely impress your guests.

The high quality build ensures that you have an air hockey table meant to last for generations. The 120v motor produces even air flow as you play. Also, the play area comes with a UV coat to allow the pucks move faster and smoothly. The ESPN sports air hockey table is also fully equipped with all the accessories you need to play the game.

Do you need an air hockey table that can handle more intense games? Well, this model might be the right bet for you. It is large enough for up to four players and it is billed for intense competitions. It comes with leg levelers to balance the table on on any floor angle, leg supports as well as play field apron. This table will not move no matter how intense the game becomes.


  • ESPN sports air hockey table is UV coated.
  • It features a 120 volt motor for even air flow.
  • It comes in a large size to accommodate more players.
  • The table features an electronic LED touch screen control panel.
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories needed for the game.


  • It is a great addition to a game room.
  • It is made of durable high quality parts.
  • This air hockey table comes from a reputable brand.
  • It features are high gloss playfield for smooth movement.
  • The scoring is easily monitored by the electronic scoring panel.


If you are looking for an arcade game to add to your game room then you need to try this model. It comes with some advanced unique features that will impress you and also dazzle your guests during parties. It comes in multiple styles making it easy to select the one to suit your home decor. If you need an elegant air hockey table then this might be the one for you.

Air Hockey Table for Adults and Kids - 4-Person Player Hockey Tabletop Game Set - Dual Air Hockey and Poker Playing Mat Converter Tables - Fun Combo Game Equipment for Home, Bar, Arcade

Are you obsessed with the MD Sports Centre? How about you get to own one of their game tables in your own home. The MD sports air hockey table is the true definition of class. It comes with a 120 volt motor to provide even real airflow as you play with friends or family. Also, with this air hockey table it is not necessary to plug it in and out whenever you want to use it.

Wouldn't you love to switch from playing air hockey to poker but on the same table? What if we told you that it is possible with this game table. It is not only a four player air hockey table but you can also turn it into an 8 player poker game table. This is all thanks to the high-quality velvet that hold the chips and cards in place. Also the poker mat used to play poker comes included with the table.

This table also features a premium construction meant for intense air hockey games. It has full leg panels and also a wide base for stability and durability. Moreover you will get all the accessories needed for each game. These include four pushers, one poker mat, 4 goal block bars, three pucks each in different shapes of octagon, triangle and round.


  • It has full leg panels and a wide base
  • Also, it comes as a two in one game table
  • It features a 120 volt motor for even air flow
  • Built-in LED speakers make the game more exciting.
  • MD sports game table features are durable premium build


  • It is ideal for both teenagers and adults
  • You can easily turn it into a poker game table
  • This table is a high-performing air hockey table
  • It comes with everything you need to play the game
  • Four player air hockey table and 8 player poker table


MD Sports Centre is popular for its high-quality well thought-out game products. The MD sports air hockey table is everything you need to bring excitement and fun to your home. It is a well-designed elegant table which will allow you to enjoy both poker and air hockey for the same price at the comfort of your home. If you are lookingfor a table that has it all then this might be the one.

Atomic Blazer 7' Air Hockey Table with Electronic Score Keeping with Rail-integrated Display, Heavy-duty 120V Blower for Fast Play, Overhang Rails for Reduced Puck Bounce and Leg Levelers to Ensure Even Playing Surface

One of the best things about this model is that you always be entertained with this air hockey table. It comes with an elegant sleek design which you can fit in any part of your house. Every detail on it screens Elegance. For example, the play field has got red detailing and the legs have a combination of both black and white to blend well with your home decor.

You don't have to spend extra cash buying the necessary accessories to play the game. It comes included with everything you will need. For example 4 pushers, 4 pucks to allow four players to compete in the game. More importantly it has a 120 volt blower motor to provide efficient airflow and make games more intense. The table is also large enough making it heavy to not move around as you enjoy those intense games with your opponents.

For more stability and durability the table has legs which are joined two panels having levelers to ensure a well-balanced table on the floor. The electronic scoring has a rail integrated panel for proper display of scores. This model can also easily house a table tennis conversion top. The playing field on this unit is designed from PVC as well as high gloss as a finish to allow the puck glide smoothly and faster.


  • It also features a sturdy durable construction
  • The table also has an electronic score keeping display
  • It comes with a 120-volt motor to provide is an airflow
  • This table model also features a higher rail on the surface
  • The playing field is made up from PVC and high gloss finish


  • This air hockey table is also ideal for kids
  • It is an elegant addition to your home decor
  • Made in a way to look like a real hockey field
  • It is made of high quality material which is durable
  • It comes included with every accessory needed for the game


A good indoor arcade game is one which is ideal for every member of the family. If you are looking to get the whole family together then investing in the atomic 7 inch air hockey table might be a great choice. It is fun and it will kick boredom out of your home or even parties. It is a great quality and usually have it around for ages.

Atomic Full Strength 4-Player Air Powered Hockey Table with LED LIGHT UP Pucks and Pushers

This atomic air powered hockey table comes with a square design and a small size compared to others on the market. It is ideal for smaller rooms and with it you will still get the best playtime experience. The air hockey table has got up to 6 game modes all of which are different. They range from elimination to even traditional style hockey.

Being a four-person air hockey table requires a strong reliable motor to evenly provide air flow in the play field. The dual motors underneath this table make it stand out of the many you find on the market. They also ensure that the intensity of the game is never interrupted by slow sliding of the pucks. When playing on this table you will also get to decide whether you want to be three, two or even four players.

This table model comes included with all the accessories needed to play air hockey. These include two regular game pucks, 2 LED pucks, and 4 LED pushers. The LED scoring display and manual abacus will keep track of all the scores made during each game. You don't have to worry about durability because this model has a sturdy build with its electronic parts made to last for long.


  • It has an inlaid LED and a manual abacus
  • Yes, it also comes with a sturdy durable build.
  • It features a unique small size Square design
  • Also it features up to six different game modes.
  • The table features dual Motors underneath for even airflow.


  • It is also a strong durable air hockey table
  • This model is a Size perfect for small rooms
  • You can decide on up to four players to play
  • You will be able to have intense games and interrupted
  • It comes included with accessories needed for the game


The atomic full strength air hockey table is the way to go when you have small space in your home. It is ideal for children as well as adults and its unique design will allow up to four players. With it you will get everything and more that some large size air hockey tables lack. Try it today and unite the family with this impressive air hockey table model.

Orbit Eliminator 4-Player Air Hockey Game

Are you looking for a 4-player air hockey table specially designed for kids? The orbit Eliminator 4-player table fit that description. It is small size and ideal for children 12 years and below. It has a unique design which will be very appealing to your kids. Although it is for kids to strong enough to stand an intense kids air hockey game.

The motor works perfect to provide even airflow in the play field allowing the pucks to slide faster and smoothly. It is durable and it will last for a very long time to give your kids more fun and excitement. The electronic scoreboard will keep track of all the scores that your children make without missing a thing. This will make the games more enjoyable, competitive, and fun.

It also comes with some of the best LED light effects that will impress your children. These lights also help to make the game more exciting. For Example, the lights will illuminate when a score is made, when a player is disqualified, when a player puts in one puck and also when a player lets three pucks in. With it also comes goal blockers and adjustable leg levelers for a balanced table.


  • It features a digital LED light scoring system
  • Small and design for children 12 years and below
  • The table also comes with adjustable leg levelers
  • It comes with accessories for playing air hockey
  • It is a four player air hockey table with two goal blockers


  • Ideal for small size game rooms and children
  • It is made from laminates as well as safe MDF
  • The LED lights make the game more interesting
  • Reliable motor for even airflow in the play surface
  • It comes back to with a one year warranty for quality


Elemonator is a unit from a well-known brand American heritage. It is of good quality and its small size is the best fit for anyone having a small game room. It is specially made for children 12 years and below to enjoy intense air hockey games. It's unique features will keep your children excited and entertained for hours. These features make it stand out and it is why we have it among our top air hockey tables for children.

Atomic 8' Air Hockey Table with High-powered Blower with Advanced Air-flow System, LED Scoreboard, Goal Lights and Puck Return and Super-slick Playfield to Resist Scuffing

The first thing you think of when you hear game room? Cool fun games right? If you are one who loves the best, then the atomic 8 inch air hockey table might fit in perfectly. It has some high-quality features such as the LED goal lights, a glowing Puck as well as an LED scoreboard. These keep the games fun, competitive, and more exciting.

The commercial grade blower has got air chamber channels which ensure maximum airflow throughout the entire play field. Furthermore the place it is made of melamine making it scuff resistant to allow more intense fast games. The atomic 8 inch air hockey table also has some embedded colored graphics in the play surface which add to its elegant look. The graphics are underneath the melamine surface meaning they will not wear off or fade away. 

This model is also included with different accessories. These include four high quality strikers and three-quarter inch pucks which come two in red and two in white. It has rails made of anodized aluminum to offer great rebound. This air hockey table has got 6 inch square legs to offer rigidity even during intense games. Additionally, the leg levelers will ensure that the table is balanced well regardless of the floor angle.


  • It also comes with 6 inch square post legs
  • The place office is made of melamine material
  • This model also features a commercial grade motor
  • It has a large LED scoring display with easy controls
  • It also comes included with some essential accessories


  • You will get a high quality air hockey table
  • You Can balance it well on any floor surface
  • It allows the players to keep track of their scores
  • The super slick play field allows faster game play
  • The play surface is resistant to any form of scuffing


Add some fun to your game room with the atomic 8 inch air hockey table. It features an advanced airflow which is not common in other models. It also features some cool high-quality features which will make all your friends never want to leave your game room. Whether it's for your game room or recreation neighbourhood who guarantee you won't go wrong with this air hockey table.

Playcraft Derby 6' Air Hockey Table - Black

Are you a beginner air hockey player? Then you are in the right place. The playcraft Derby 8 inch air hockey table especially made for unprofessional players. It comes at an affordable price which of course doesn't compromise on its quality. It's made of safe MDF materials to provide a durable game table. It has got leg levelers for balance and stability on any floor angle.

Assembly is quite easy as it comes when it's partially built. You can also get to choose between a black PVC laminate finish and a cherry wood grain finish. Regardless of your choice you will still have an elegant table to match your home decor. Its play surface is made of high gloss meaning it is scratch resistant and it will allow smooth puck sliding.

Furthermore, it features an 110v UL motor would surprise air flow evenly in the play field. Its electronic score display has got easy push buttons and a number of game settings to allow you set it up accordingly. Playcraft Derby 6 inch table comes included with four 3 inch pucks as well as two 3.75 in strikers which make the game ready to play on purchase.


  • It has pedestal legs as well as leg levelers
  • Also the table features high gloss play field
  • This model features a 110-volt UL air motor
  • It comes with two different exteriors to choose from
  • Playcraft Debbie 6-inch is made of MDF construction


  • It is a great air hockey table for beginners
  • It can be easily balanced on any floor angle
  • The table also comes at an affordable price
  • Playcraft Derby 6 inch comes included with accessories
  • It comes partially assembled to make it easy for beginners


If you are in need of an air hockey table that is affordable and also easy on new air hockey players, then the playcraft Derby 6-inch might be accessed try. Yes it's affordable but that doesn't compromise on its quality. It will bring fun to your game room and allow some bonding time with the family. It may not be a professional table but expect to get value for your money should you choose to invest in it.

American Heritage Savannah Air Hockey Table

The Savannah air hockey table is made from MDF material as well as pine veneers to give you a strong durable game table. This model has an air motor to produce enough air evenly spread throughout the play surface. The motor is powerful enough and we guarantee you and your opponents will always have fun intense games and interrupted.

Savannah air hockey table also comes included with accessories needed to enjoy the air hockey game. You don't have to spend extra buying these accessories after purchasing the table. Some of them include four pucks and two manual scoring systems to keep track of the scores made during each game. So has a regulation size field large enough to clearly keep track of all the players moves.

The air hockey table has a unique screen printed Starburst design which adds to its elegant look. The Square post legs and shoulder table doesn't move during intense games. The fact that it is a product from a well-known company what makes great quality products guarantees an air hockey table which will serve you for a very long time. Moreover, it comes backed by a 1-year warranty.


  • It also has a screen printed Starburst design
  • It comes included with 2 manual scoring systems
  • Savannah air hockey table has a powerful air motor
  • It is made from self MDF materials and pine veneers
  • Also it features a strong durable construction for longevity


  • It is a four player air hockey table
  • Yes, it comes back by a one year warranty
  • It can also handle intense first air hockey games
  • The play surface is smooth and scratch resistant
  • You can keep track of scores with two manual scoring systems


American heritage is a well-established company which produces high-quality air hockey tables. The Savannah air hockey table is an elegant table which has some of the best features to give you a more fun time playing air hockey. As it's on the Affordable side, it won't hurt to give it a try. Grab yours today and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Guide of Best 4 Person Air Hockey Table

You should also know the top things that make up a quality 4-person air hockey table. There are several things you should look out for to get the best air hockey table. Below we shall take a look at some of the major ones.

Table size

This is one of the most important factors you should look out for. There are mainly two things that will affect the table size you will have to buy. When is the space you will place it in and the kind of air hockey that you want to be playing.

The space matters a lot because you can't fit a large table in a small game room. You will have to go for a smaller size instead. Also if you want to practice competitive air hockey then you'll have to buy a full-size air hockey table.

Table construction

The material used to construct the table also matters a lot. One made of solid wood is strong and sturdy meaning you won't be able to budge it. Air hockey can be very intense especially if it's being played by multiple players. A table with a poor construction and one which is lightweight will tend to slide easily and this can end up ruining the game.

A table with a solid construction may come at a higher price, it is worth an investment if you are looking to have it around for some time. Cheap tables made of plywood are only good if you will not be using it constantly and also if you intend it to be used by kids.


The motor to an air hockey table is the heart of it. An air hockey table with a good quality motor will be very beneficial to you and it will be a good choice. Look out for a table with a powerful motor so that you are guaranteed even air flow on the table top.

A good motor is also ideal if you want to play your games without any inconvenience that come with pound motors. You will also be in a position to play for longer without the motor overheating.


One of the key features of an air hockey table is the overhead lighting as well as the scoring unit. The overhead lighting is to provide light so that you are able to play in a room with dim light. The lighting however comes differently on different units.

Some tables light up from down, others have paddles and pucks which can light up among other lighting features. Choose an air hockey table that will light according to how your home or the game room is set up.

Digital or manual Scoring

Before you settle for a specific air hockey table, think of how you want your scoring to be tracked. Some air hockey tables come with a white body or abacus to track your scores. This is the manual scoring and it can be hard to keep up with. However, with it you can set up your own game rules and be able to cancel foul scores.

On the other hand, some air hockey tables come with the digital scoring to track each score made in the game. This system will record all the scores according to the air hockey rules. The only downside with it is that you can't play by your own rules and you can't cancel foul scores.

Large or small pucks

Air hockey tables come with different size pucks and before you invest in one you must know which one is right according to the type of air hockey will be playing. For instance air hockey tables which have got small pucks are specially designed for kids. When they are hit too hard they can easily fly off the table.

And then there is the large pucks. These are ideal for adult players and they come with a more powerful motor. Air hockey tables which features such pucks are usually professional tables and you can get to hit them with all the energy. 

How to clean an air hockey table

Taking care of your air hockey table can add on its lifespan and you will have it around for a very long time. If you have bought yourself the best air hockey table then this guide will give you the best cleaning tips to keep the table looking good. In this way you'll also have the best tabletop air hockey play field.

What you will need to clean the table

First of all before we dive into the cleaning procedure, there are a few things you must have. These include a soft cotton or microfiber cloth and a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning steps

Step 1. Turn on the Blowers of the table so that they prevent any other dirt or debris from entering and blocking the airflow as well as the holes.

Step 2. In the vacuum cleaner suck up all the debris and dirt on the play field. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner does not touch the play surface.

Step 3. Microfiber cloth and placed it in water to make it damp wet. Now run the cloth across the playing field in order for it to pick up the remaining dirt. Run the damp cloth thoroughly on the corners of the table as well.

Step 4. Get another dry cloth and use it to dry the playing surface. You can do this in case you want to begin another game of air hockey immediately.

Step 5. Turn off the air blower if you won't be playing immediately. Once you are done, the cleaning process is also complete.

Why it is important to clean your air hockey table

Buying the best air hockey table will not be the end of it. You will have to do some cleaning from time to time. Cleaning the air hockey table after a given period of time is very beneficial. One of the main reasons you should do it is that it will keep the gameplay more fun and faster. A dirty table will slow down the movement of the Pucks.

Also it will prevent dirt from clogging inside the holes which can cause uneven air flow. Furthermore it will help the pucks to move in the right direction and at the right speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the official pucks?

A: Playing official hockey will require using pucks that have the following features. A puck that is 3.5 inches in diameter as quarter inch in height. The pucks must also be made of 100% lexan plastic.

They should also be red, yellow or even fluorescent Green. Pucks that meet such features are regarded to be the official pucks.

Q: How much is an air hockey table?

A: Air hockey tables come from different manufacturers and they come in different sizes and different capabilities. The price of air hockey tables will depend on the table you feel is right for you. It will also depend on how serious you take air hockey and your level of skills.

 For example affordable cheap tables are usually those that are designed for kids and those which are not for professionals. The mid-range tables are those which can be used by both kids and adults. And lastly, the pricey ones are usually the professional tables which can be used in competitions.

Q: What is air hockey?

A: Air hockey is an Arcade table game which is usually found in homes and other Arcades. The table comes with holes through which air is blown onto the play surface and it allows smooth sliding of the pucks.

This game can consist of two or more players battling to shoot the pucks into the goal of the opponents.

Q: How do I make my air hockey table slippery?

A: You can do so by doing the following. First you need to wax and then clean the surface of the table, the pucks, and the mallets. When using silicone, spray on the surface continuously.

After go to the blower and clean the fan. When it is not in use always cover it to keep away dirt and debris. Clean the holes as well and you will have a slippery air hockey table.

Final Thoughts

Air hockey is a wonderful entertaining game which can be quite intense and exciting. Honestly anyone can play this indoor game and that is why you will find everyone buy an air hockey table for their game room.

Owning one can guarantee a more refreshing game that doesn't require you looking at your screen for hours. Moreover, you can get to spend more quality time with your family or friends.

When you venture the market for one you might get all confused and frustrated from many options. The aim of our article was to help you with that which we have done. The thing is our top picks are many and you might be wondering again which one you can choose out of them all. Well let's break them out for you.

If you are looking for an air hockey table that is Elegant and has it all then our top pick is the MD sports air powered hockey table. It is not just an air hockey table but also a poker game table. It is of good quality and we guarantee it might be the one for you if you want an elegant table game in your game room.


Our best tick on the kids side is the orbit Eliminator which is specially made for them. If you are new to air hockey then the playcraft Derby 6-inch might be the right bed for you. It is also affordable compared to the others.

Aside from selecting the best 4 person air hockey table for your game room, you should also be able to clean it with our cleaning tips. We hope this article was helpful and you can now go for what suits you best. Happy gaming.

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