Top 10 Best Darts for Beginners – Prime Reviews in 2020

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Top 10 Best Darts for Beginners – Prime Reviews in 2020

Are you passionate about matters of darts? Would you wish to elevate your skills considerably in this sporting activity? Well, we are pleased to let you know that you have arrived at just the right place. We are here to usher you into this concept conclusively. Our reviews and buying guide of this best darts for beginners here below endeavor to do just that.

Apart from the reviews, we shall also let you know how to find the most suitable one and examine a couple of frequently asked questions. Take your time to examine each fact we have presented and see to it that it closely mirrors your own expectations.

For a start, the best darts for a starter is or ought to be simpler than that of an expert. The reasons underlying this are pretty straightforward. They are designed merely to usher someone but not to elevate the skill of that person to higher levels.

Top 10 Best Darts for Beginners - Reviews

We start out by reviewing the ten best darts for beginners. To do this, we shall look into the main features, their pros, and a couple of cons.

 1.  IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts - Professional Darts

IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts Set - Professional Darts with Aluminum Shafts, Rubber O'Rings, and Extra Flights + Dart Sharpener + Innovative Case + Darts Guide (Mega Blast)

This is a special darts for the starters in the sense that it contains only the bare minimum sets of features that are needful for the job. Its tip is made using steel and is hence stronger and more durable. The shaft proper, on the other hand, is made of Aluminum, a fact that gives it some lightness.

Highly Accurate

The item is generally accurate. It is hence less inclined to the risks of missed shots or strays while in flight. Thus, you have it for your own taking and consideration if you want to work on your sharpening and hitting skills. Have we said that the tips respond well to any prompts?

Original Design 

It does come about in some original design indeed. As part of this design, the darts have some sturdy black structures that endure the harshest impacts. When deployed for use, these shafts manage optimal stability and lifts. They are also stable enough for light everyday use.

Steel Tips

As we have already stated, the tips of the darts are made of stainless steel. On the strength of this material, the tips are stronger and better placed to the last longer not to mention enduring harsh impacts. Also stemming from this is the ease of undertaking repeated use and applications.

Simpler Transportation and Carrying

Owing to its slim and compact stature, the darts are simpler to transport and carry around. Unlike the many other darts we have around, this one also contains no spikes that are likely to impede your free carriage and transportation. Moreover, it also tucks smoothly in the bags wherein it is deployed.


  • Brings along some luxury
  • Greatly improves your games
  • Feels great to your hands when held
  • Lasts longer than many other darts of its kinds
  • Prickles the boards sharply and remains there longe


  • Too basic for a professional person

Conclusion : Well, as a starter, you have fewer substitutes than this special dart for starters like you. What with some simplicity of scope, ease of handling, and great responsiveness when engaged? Do go for it and launch your gaming well!

 2.  CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set - 6 Steel 

CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set - Customizable Configuration 6 Steel Tip Darts 18g/22g with 12 Aluminum Shafts 35/48mm, 12 O-Rings, 12 Flights Standard/Slim, Dart Tool, Dart Sharpener and Case

Though meant for starters, this darts is quite comprehensive in the sense that it comes about as a more wholesome package. In particular, it comprises 12 Aluminum shafts and a further 12 darts flights. These simplify your own operations by reason of cutting down the shuffling times.

CC-Exquisite Customizable Darts Bundle

On the whole, the bundle is customizable in the sense that it allows you to determine the metrics that mirror your own expectations. Thanks to the customizable nature of the darts, you will be able to enjoy wholesome services and performances. This also minimizes the inconveniences that come along with use.

Multiple Set-up Options

Numerous step-up options exist on these darts. You use them to find that step-up that is most comfortable for you. Also stemming from these options are the dual benefits of maximum comfort and convenience. Hardly will you feel strained even when you have to use it every quite often.

Superior Steel Tip Darts Set

At the tips of the darts are the steel materials. These materials are stronger and aptly suited for the matters of longevity and corrosion. Then again, they are tougher and firmer, a fact that allows them to pierce the boards with utmost precision all the while of use.

Wholesome Performance

With these darts, you are guaranteed some wholesome performances indeed. Its wholesomeness incorporates powerful accuracy, higher versatility, and the generally strong performance. All these are definitely great for the starter as these are persons who badly want some progress and encouragement. They also negate setting your eyes elsewhere for your gaming.


  • Customizes to allow for added comfort
  • Suited for all kinds of finger placements
  • Delivers a higher level of grip to the hands
  • Appropriately protected from all forms of scratches
  • EVA foam holders imbue some comfort while handling


  • Slightly complicated to a simple user

Conclusion : The comprehensive nature of this darts is simply irresistible. With the 12 Aluminum shafts and a further 12 darts flights, none beats this with regards to the comfort and convenience of use. Why would you want to look elsewhere?

 3.  Razor Edge Original Tungsten Darts 20g to 33g

RED DRAGON Razor Edge Original Tungsten Darts 20g to 33g with Flights and Stems (20.00)

Tungsten is a metal that is generally malleable yet strong enough. It hence goes that the darts that are manufactured by it are similarly stronger yet very responsive. This darts, by reason of the Tungsten makeup, embodies and brings along the benefits of that metal.

Premium Quality

Only premium quality materials have been used to structure the darts. These are the Red Dragon Tungsten materials. The materials are long-lasting, highly resistant to the risks of corrosion, and further manage to give you reliable operations. Expect the darts not to let you down hence.

Aggressive Razoredge Grip Technology

An aggressive Razoredge Grip Technology comes in next in line with its most awesome features. Thanks to the use of this technology, the darts rarely slip off your hands when used. Moreover, the darts are pretty comfortable even when the hands are sweaty and the environment is humid.

Variable Weight Availability

These darts are available in numerous weight options for your consideration. These are the 33, 30, 28, 26, 24, 23, 21, and 20 grams respectively. Regardless of your own preferences and unique circumstances of use, you are sure to find at least one that mirrors your circumstances.

Comprehensive Stature

Its entirety, the darts are truly comprehensive in the sense that it contains all the key features, parts, and accessories that are necessary at such times. Examples of these are the flights and the stems. They both negate the need for you to clutter your storage with many items.


  • Made of premium materials
  • Highly resistant to the risks of corrosion
  • Attaches to numerous accessories and extras
  • Delivers some firm grip when held with the hands
  • Bends and retracts repeatedly without breaking apart


  • Can only take you thus far

Conclusion : For your utmost peace of mind while playing darts, only a piece of equipment that is made of the Tungsten material is the most preferred. We urge you not to look to any other piece than this one. It has just about what you need to forge forward.

 4.  CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts Set 

CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts Set - 6 x 22g Brass Barrels with 12 Flights Standard/Slim, 12 Aluminum Shafts 35/48mm, 12 O-Rings, Dart Tool, Dart Sharpener and Case

Though this darts is meant almost wholly for the starters, it is still strong and powerful enough for professional applications as well. The main reason underlying this is its possession of the professional steep tip darts. These blends well with the 12 flights and a further 12 Aluminum shafts.

Excellent Formulation

The darts boast of some excellent formulation. This combination comes in the form of the wonderful blend of the flights, shafts, and the barrels. They jointly give you the possibilities of selecting just about the structures that are most desirable to your gaming levels and environments.

Superior Steel Tips

At the tips is the superior steel coating. Steel is a material that is super strong and able to bear the harsh impacts. Further to that, it also stands taller to the risks of corrosion that easily wears off the ordinary darts. You have the benefit of longevity to thank it for.

Multiple Set-up Options

By choosing to work with these darts, you will also enjoy the benefit of multiple set-up options. These options basically give you the leeway to determine and put in place the settings that are desirable and relevant to you at any given time. This goes a long way in enhancing your own peace of mind.

Built to Last

All the structures, parts, and components of the darts are built to last. Expect this piece of sporting equipment hence to last you longer and take you further. It hence goes that by placing your bet on it, you will similarly reap more benefits for any amount of money you spend.


  • Manages a beautiful grip on the hands
  • Maintains a perfect trajectory when thrown
  • Retains a good balance in the air while in flight
  • Excellent aerodynamics allow for smoother flights
  • Gives you ultimate controls of the shooting process


  • Cannot accommodate certain accessories and extras

Conclusion : If you are an aspiring professional darts player, no other piece of equipment is suited for your role better than this one. As you may see, its professional steel tips are unlike any other. They work to usher you deeper and better in the field of professional gaming.

 5.  CUESOUL 30/28/26 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip 

CUESOUL 30 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set 95% Tungsten-30 Grams Tungsten Barrel

Tungsten, as we have already explained, is an agile piece of metal. Steel, on the other hand, is firm and tough. What if these two metals are combined in one monolithic piece? Just how strong and reliable can the darts be? You need not imagine anything. This darts incorporates those two pieces in one.

Knurled Barrel Design

The darts do come about in some knurled barrel design. This design sees the darts assume some streamlined appearance and stature. These, in turn, enable the darts to be more accurate at hitting targets. With this design, expect to suffer less from the menace of missed shots.

30 Grams Tungsten Barrel

Its barrel measures around 30 grams and is hence lighter and more convenient to haul around. The center of the barrel contains some weight that allows for more effective controls. Yet again, this goes a long way in expediting your controls and overall performance.

Anodized Aluminum Shaft

Adorning the exterior of the shaft of the darts is some anodized Aluminum material. The material is pretty awesome at resisting the various forms of damages that may be leveled against it. These include rust and excessive banging that have the tendency to cut short the lives.

95% Tungsten Barrel

The Tungsten that is used here is no ordinary. It bears the 95% purity and strength. Expect the metal hence to perform better than the many other alternatives that exist at the moment. Also abundantly present on the metals are some grooves that add to the grip and overall comfort.


  • Stays fixed in its trajectory all along
  • Easier to control and manage overall
  • Provides excellent grip to your hands
  • Painted for added beauty and aesthetics
  • Light and swift enough for easier maneuverability


  • Slightly costly to lay your hands on

Conclusion : Get hold of these darts and say no to the risks of potential damages that arise with use. The mixture of Tungsten and steel is indeed strong and less prone to the risks of damages as we have already explained. Hold it in your arms and enjoy your practicing unconstrained.

 6.  Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts

Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts, Red, 18 Grams

Looking to practice in an area that is hot and humid? For sure you will sweat from time to time. To keep this issue at bay, you want a darts that are firmer to get hold of. Take this best soft tip darts for beginners that has a Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts makeup.

Nickel Silver-plated Barrels

The barrels bear the silver plating that makes them stand taller to the risks of corrosion, chipping and external damages. Also stemming from this plating is some exceptional balance that gives rise to more stable flights. Given the shiny nature of the coating, expect to reap some style as well.

Strategically-placed Grooves

Adorning the entire exterior of the darts are some strategically-placed grooves. These ones play the roles of enhancing the grip of the darts. In this way, it helps you to hold it firm in such a way as to prevent slipping off and possibly falling when handled.

Diamond-cut Aluminum Shafts

Unlike the shafts of your ordinary darts, the shafts of this one are made of a mixture of Aluminum and Diamond. This combination is for all practical purposes tougher and more stable. Also stemming from it is the reduced need for retightening during plays.

Quality Flights

The sum total of all the traits above leads to some quality and consistent flights. They jointly help to increase the speed of travel while at the same time reduce the drag. Other than that, they too manage some pinpoint accuracy by limiting the shots off target.


  • Weighs a paltry 16 grams
  • Stronger and more durable
  • Gives off a sure grip for your hands
  • Reinforced for added strength and vitality
  • Maintains some balance and slimness all the while


  • Incomprehensive in scope and stature

Conclusion : For your practicing in an area that is hot and humid, you clearly have no better companion than this set of darts. As you may see from the foregoing, it contains and guarantees a better grip on your hands. That makes it pretty reliable for your regular use as well.

 7.  Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts 

Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case, Black Rings, 16 Grams

Do you just want a set of darts to get you started? Make use of this one that has a soft tip. It is short-lasting and is hence mainly relevant for regular practices. Though its tips are softer, the darts are made almost entirely of the Tungsten materials that are firmer and longer-lasting.

High-quality Barrels

At its core are the high-quality barrels. These derive their strength and longevity from the use of the 10% nickel and the 90% tungsten materials. They do combine to provide exceptional balance. All these are encased in a slim profile that gives off added aerodynamics.

Strategically-placed Knurled Bands

All through the barrel are some knurled bands that are strategically-placed. Thanks to this strategic placement, the banks are able to make you grip the same firmly without the risks of any falling out of place unnecessarily. You have them for your taking if you happen to play consistently.

Locking Holes

Some locking holes also exist along the length of the shaft. These holes give you the leeway to fit the various components firmly and comfortably. That minimizes fidgeting while at the same time giving you the freedom of mind you need to soldier on with confidence.

Highly Versatile

On the whole, the gadget is able to accommodate and work alongside many other like-minded parts and accessories. Common examples of these 2BA dart points, flight protectors, flights, convex nylon shafts, and a dart mechanic wrench, to name but a few! This extends its range of coverage to make your life pretty easy.


  • Provides some firm grip when handled
  • Yields exceptional styling and balancing
  • Stores the accessories better and conveniently
  • Its outer shell is hard and reliable in the long run
  • The slim profile makes for easier storage and retrieval


  • Only for basics of the sports of darts

Conclusion : If you have never attempted to play darts before, this could as well provide a good starting point for you. Due to its basic scope and shape, it is easier to manage and engage all the while. Why would you not give it a try?

 8.  GWHOLE 18g Soft Dart with 16 Dart Flights and

GWHOLE 18g Soft Dart with 16 Dart Flights and 200 Dart Soft Tip Points for Electronic Dartboard, Set of 12

Do you have a child or a complete novice whom you would want to acquaint with the matters of darts? If you answered this question in the affirmative, this is the darts we would recommend. It is great for the entry levels not to mention being suited for use by persons of all ages.

Precision-machined Barrels

The barrels exhibit some precision machining that yields forth strong grip. A traditional core flight adds to this machining that in turn brings about superior flights. Thus, it reduces the drag while at the same time streamlines the flights of the objects to the targeted locations.

High-quality Nickel Silver Tips

Its tips bear the similarly higher quality Nickel Silver metals that are known for sharpness, firmness, and precision. With these materials also come some exceptional balance and awesome styling. On account of this, you may use the darts to enhance the beauty of your décor.

Strategically-placed Knurls and Grooves

Located throughout the barrel of the darts are some strategically-placed knurls and grooves. These ones play the roles of delivering the grip you need to enjoy your throws without any risks of the same falling off your hands. That way, they also enhance your own controls of the throwing processes.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Other than the high-quality Nickel Silver material makeup, the tips are also sharp and greatly streamlined. Due to this, they tend to be sharp and pretty accurate to make use of. Owing to the streamlined nature of the tips, they also tend to reduce drag while at the same time increase the speed of flight.


  • Weighs a paltry 18 grams
  • Provides some excellent grip
  • Hardly blown away by the winds
  • Enhances your overall controls and grip
  • Able to accommodate four different styles of flights


  • Requires constant and regular polishing

Conclusion : Get your loved one started out in the fields of darts by giving them this similarly simple and easy to use the gadget. As you may see, it is overall basic in scope and functionality. Moreover, it is versatile enough for persons of all ages to make use of.

 9.  Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts with 

Viper Blitz 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case, 22 Grams

Do you travel every quite often? If you do, we welcome you to choose these darts that come along with a travel case. It is in this case that you slot it and carry it around to a desirable location of use. The darts themselves are pretty convenient to deploy to a remote location.

95% Tungsten Barrels

The barrels are almost entirely made of the tough Tungsten materials. This material gives it the strength, firmness, support, and vitality it requires to do a great job. Being easily malleable, the metal also allows for greatly expedited handling and overall operations. This increases your chances of scoring.

Knurled Barrel

Its barrel is highly knurled to provide a firm grip to your hands and palms. That arrangement goes a long way in enduring the firm grip that is crucial for proper handling. With this arrangement also comes the benefit of consistent grips with every throw. Hardly will the items slip off your hands.

Aluminum Spinster Shafts

Only the light and tough Aluminum materials have been used to structure and make the entire darts up. Being light stable and thin, the Aluminum allows for excellent flights from the source to the destination. Moreover, it fastens securely on your hands for elevated levels of performance.

Premium TacTech Case

As we said, the items come along with their own cases. It is in these cases that you transport the same from one point to another. The case is made of the premium TacTech materials that are resistant to all forms of damages that may be leveled against them. They also do a great transportation job.


  • Less prone or subject to wind strays
  • Increases your scoring potential greatly
  • Comes along with some six wide glide flights
  • Pretty strong owing to the Tungsten and Nickel material makeups
  • The case allows for uninterrupted transportation to a remote location


  • Too weighty and dense to an ordinary user

Conclusion : Well, for your regular travels, you have no better friend than this one. It lays claim to this stake by virtue of coming with its own travel and storage case. This one allows you to conveniently carry and deploy it to a remote location you may want to.

 10.  Viper Jaguar 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Viper Jaguar 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts with Storage/Travel Case, Coarse Knurling, 18 Grams

If your search for the right Viper blitz steel tip darts is merely determined by the need for regular practicing, you have this one for your own consideration. It does have some soft tips that are unsuitable for professional sporting. Also, being cheap, it is comparatively simpler to come by.

Slim Profile Barrel

Setting this darts apart from the others is the super slim profile. This slimness allows you to easily transport it to just about any other place you might want to at any given time. Moreover, it also boosts the aerodynamics that subsequently sees it traveling smoother and unhindered.

Knurls and Grooves

Engraved on the barrel are some knurls and grooves. It is these that give you the firm grip you are ordinarily looking up to at any given time. They make your throws pretty straight and smooth all the while. At the same time, they guarantee your firm grips even when you experience some sweat.

Improved Stability

On the whole, the barrel and the darts as a whole do manage some improved stability indeed. This stability is largely brought about by the Diamond-cut Aluminum shafts. Running along this shaft are some locking holes that basically make for the utmost security of the barrels.

Wholesome Makeup and Applicability

One distinct aspect of this darts is that it is wholesome in scope and overall stature. Thanks to this wholesomeness, the darts allow for the attachment of many vital accessories that expediting your plays. The thirteen 2BA Tufflex II Tips and the six flights are the core examples of these.


  • Unlikely to tire you while in use
  • Suffers less from missed shots and targets
  • Slim profile allows for swift and uninterrupted flights
  • A premium carrying case comes along for storage and transportation
  • The outer shell is tougher and more resilient to the common agents of damages


  • Limited only to regular practices

Conclusion : Alright! For your regular practices, we vouch for no other set of darts for beginners than this one. As you may see, it contains just about anything and everything that you need for the job. Why not rush to prioritize it soonest possible?

Watch the Video of IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts Set

Credit for this Video -  Gadget Club

How to Choose the Best Dart for Beginners

With so many darts for beginners out there, finding the right one might never be really easy. We want to help out in this one as well. That is why we have now dedicated the proceeding segment of our discussions to just that. Here below, we highlight and explain the top factors to consider while at it:


Darts is a sporting activity that is somewhat complicated and involving. In light of this, you will definitely have to incorporate many accessories and extras. It hence goes that the equipment you pick for the job has to be able to accept as many of these extras as possible.

Type of Flight

These darts generally attach to the flights that subsequently enable them to get to their preferred destinations with ease. It is important also to factor the kinds of flights that may be attached to the darts also as a way forward. Check out the specifications of your darts and match the same with that of your preferred flights.


Also known as stems, the shaft is the one that attaches the barrels to the flight. Its most significant trait is the length thereof as this is the one that determines the levels of stability. A good darts on the basis of this consideration ought to possess a pretty long shaft.


To be able to make a nice shot on target, you have to maintain a good grip with the barrel of the darts. For this reason, you have to ensure that the barrel or the shaft contains many grooves or knurls which work to provide the necessary traction.

Length and Shape

The length and shape of the darts also count greatly. To find the most suitable darts on the basis of this consideration, you have to factor the shape and size of your own hands. Be sure to strike a match between these two metrics. That may require that you try out a number of them before proceeding.


It goes without saying that the weight of the darts also counts a great deal. That is because it is directly correlated with the speed of the flight. On the whole, lighter darts are better as they tend to fly smoothly when deployed to the boards. They also exert minimal strains on the hands.


Needless to point out, the materials that are used to make the darts up also count significantly. They determine the grip that the darts may give off, how long you may rely on them and the incidences of repairs and maintenance that may be necessary among others. The three common materials in vogue are Brass, Nickel, and Tungsten.


When all is said and done, the amount of money for which the darts go will largely determine whether you may purchase them or not. It is important hence to strike a budget space and then be careful to operate strictly within that space. This you will do in conjunction with comparing prices of many dealers


Knowing how to throw the darts is definitely equally critical. In this section, we shall go through the three main steps that are involved in throwing the darts. Read them keenly to know how to set out on this one:

Step I: Get to the throw stance

Your first and foremost step should be to get to the throw stance. To get to this stance, you have to stand with your feet widths apart and right behind the throw line. The place your dominant foot forward while facing the dartboard sideways. Finish off by turning your other foot at the center position.

Step II: Grip and aim the darts

Having placed yourself at the throw stance, you now have to grip and aim the darts. Hold the barrel of the darts with no less than three fingers. Maintain the grip in a state of firm stability but not too firm. Then, raise the darts to the levels of your eyes. Tilt the tip of the barrel upwards and angle it straight to the bullseye.

Step III: Release the darts

Now throw the darts using your hands and wrists. You will have to snap the wrist in order to release the darts from your hands. Follow your arms through to the end of the throw to give it the momentum it needs to get to the dartboard. Vary the strength appropriately in line with the separating distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some mysteries do abound with regards to the subject matter of the best darts for beginners. It is now our pleasure to look into these. This we do to give you a more balanced approach and dispel any ambiguities you might have.

Q1. What weight darts do I need?

A. Most experts recommend that you use darts that weigh 16-26 grams. In some instances, you may be allowed to use ones that weigh in excess of 50 grams. Choose your weight appropriately in line with the strength of your muscles and bones. That is to minimize any hassles.

Q2. Are heavy or light darts better?

A. Generally speaking, the heavier darts are simpler to throw compared to their lighter counterparts. They are nonetheless less accurate and will mostly stray off course when engaged. You yet again have to make your choice accordingly to guarantee your own efficacy while in the course of use.

Q3. Do expensive darts make a difference?

A. Expensive darts are on the whole richer in quality. That is because they are made of Tungsten that tends to last longer overall. Thanks to this higher quality, they tend to last longer and demand fewer incidences of repairs and maintenance on the whole.

Q4. Are tungsten darts better?

A. YES, they are! They are slimmer yet denser. For this reason, they give you the strength and efficacy of those darts that are larger and weightier. In fact, you should prioritize them in your search for the most suitable darts for the job. This notwithstanding, it demands some added care and maintenance on your part.

Q5. How long should you practice darts?

A. On average, your daily practice should last around three and a half hours. Then, you require four complete sessions per week for complete and wholesome impacts. Lastly, you have to maintain the same degree of consistency for quite some time to be able to yield the necessary impacts wholly.

Q6. Why are darts so expensive?

A. They are expensive because they are manufactured using high-quality materials like Tungsten. The Tungsten is quite expensive, a fact that translates the self-same expensiveness to the darts. There is some hope though. Some darts are manufactured using less expensive materials like Nickel and Brass


We can never overemphasize the need to exercise great caution while finding the best darts for beginners. That is because the kind of choice you make has a bearing on the kind of experience you are likely to incur later. Then, darts are also not easily replaced after the acquisition.

Please take your time to read through the explanations we have given to be able to achieve this noble end. As you do so, match the precise specialties of each darts with your own kinds of needs. That may require you to seek expert advice from others who have already attempted the same.

You are advised to move with hastes as dragging your feet may not be really recommended. These items are fast-moving given that the darts are highly prized and cherished by many people world over. It also pays for you to share the information as far wide as can be. Help others to make the selfsame awesome choices!

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