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Top 7 Best Electronic Dart Board in 2024 – Recommended By Experts

Here under Honest Review of Best Electronic Dart Board

Darts is a sporting activity that entails the throwing of missiles, usually in the form of a sharp pointed stick onto a board that is located at a safe distance right in front of the player. It may be played solo or as a form of competition between various players at a time. It is exclusively played indoors and is generally relaxing indeed.

The dart board, on the other hand, is the surface onto which the missiles are thrown. It is built in of various materials chief among them being sisal, wood, cardboard, or special magnetic surfaces. On its surface are drawn four concentric circles: a red circle at the center, followed by a green, then a white, and finally a black. Alternating black and white lines radiate from the center of the circle to the circumference of the circle.

On the whole, the game of darts is very beneficial to the players. Discussed below are some of the top benefits:

Spend Good Time – This game enables players to productively and meaningfully spend any extra time at their disposal. The game ensures that the players do not at all engage in crime or any other deviant behaviors that may land them in trouble.

Improves Accuracy – It improves the hand-eye coordination of the players by enhancing their estimation of distances and timing. This skill may be crucial for those whose occupations lie in the police, military, hunting, or transportation industries

 7 Best Electronic Dart Board - Comparison

Relieves Stress – Through the playing of this game, stress that may often build up is quickly dissipated and with it, any other attendant side effects such as premature deaths, emotional breakdowns, and indeed, more besides.

Bolters Bond and Teamwork – The bonds that may exist between friends and colleagues may further be bolstered by playing games of this nature.

Improves Focus and Concentration – The long term and consistent playing of this games enhance the focus and concentration of the players. This may aid in the improvements in academic performance.

Top 7 Best Electronic Dart Board- Reviews

In this segment, the top five best dart boards as of the year 2021 are going to be identified and briefly reviewed. This shall happen way of highlighting the top features, the main benefits and some downsides of each product. The overall aim is to aid would-be buyers to make informed decisions by getting to know of which products may most likely deliver the desired outcomes

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard

On top of the list of the best electronic dart boards, 2024 is this Arachnid Cricket Pro 650.

Its suitability for the game of darts is enabled by its player prompt to throw, player handicap, micro thin segment dividers, and Nylon Tough segments features.

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 allows users of all backgrounds to leverage the benefits of the ideal dart board.

This is because even those with handicap and some form of disabilities are properly catered for by this equipment.

It is also durable and very reliable in the long run due 

to the fact that various parts and components are made of tough and long lasting materials. Users stand to derive the benefits of low power consumption, less noise, and ease of use. 

Its tough surface may withstand years of abuse and great stress. What’s more? It also offers great playing experience to the users of all backgrounds including beginners who are barely getting started.


  • Excellent and legible LED displays
  • Very durable and reliable in the long run
  • Verbal prompts by the computerized voice
  • Ability to accommodate up to 8 players at a time
  • Wide variety of games (24 games and 132 variations)


  • A bit expensive

Second in line is the Viper Solar Blast Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard.

It features intelligent design, 4-player overhead LED scoring display, a revolutionary gaming interface, and a games list, among others.

It has the ability to withstand years and years of impacts and stress and is as such very reliable.

It may coordinate and display the scores of up to four players at a time, and confers players the freedom to select their preferred gaming option.

This is the dart board to settle on in case you are a beginner in the field of darts.

 That’s because it allows players to play against the computer.In this way, players may practice and familiarize themselves with the ABCs of the game.

The main strength of the dart board lies in its ability to accommodate multiple gamers at a time. It may, as a matter of fact, accommodate up to 16 players simultaneously.


  • Ability to multitask
  • Excellent LCD displays
  • Greatly reduced bounce outs
  • Low power consumption of the only 5V
  • Quieter gaming sessions


  • Delicate parts and components & Bulky size

At position three is the Darts Connect Online Electronic Dartboard. Its most notable feature is the online battle that allows players from all over the world to connect and compete.

The utilization of this dart board, therefore, allows users to overcome the barriers that have hitherto hindered their overall progress.

With this dart board, it is possible for a player to transition from the beginner level, through to the intermediate level and finally to the professional 

level within a week of these best online dart boards indeed. 

Among a host of its other top notch features are light weight, compact size, built-in cameras and sensors, and score board.Players are assured of maximum pleasure and gaming experience.

 This best online dart board also assured of seamless convenience by reason of being able to play against equally competent competitors at the comfort of their own rooms.

The light nature of this board also means it may be carried around with ease. This is handy, especially if and when the item needs to be transferred to another location.


  • Worldwide applicability
  • Greatly reduced noise
  • Very light in weight
  • Upholds the integrity of the scores
  • Ability to accommodate multiple players
  • Ability to interface with smart phones and Android devices


  • Quite fragile and hence susceptible

Fourth in line of the top five best electronic dart boards is this Franklin Sports FS6000.

Featuring 176 game variations and a further 15.5-inch tournament sized playing area; this board is a very worthy possession.

The scores of the players and their overall standings are clearly displayed on a scoreboard that is very legible.

It has 176 variations of the game of darts, a fact that grants the players the opportunity to build their skills.Its ability to accommodate and interface with several accessories such as replacement and soft

dart tips also extend its functionality. Other benefits that users may stand to accrue from it include easy hanging, effective controls, and ease of use.

It is also cheap and hence very affordable. This means it does not at all exert any unusual financial hardships to the prospective buyers. All kinds of users regardless of their financial strength may thus acquire it. What’s more? It is also very light and hence easy to carry around.


  • Extremely cheap
  • Easy hanging system
  • Compact size
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Ability to accommodate several accessories


  • Deficiencies several elegant features

Last on the list of the top five best electronic dart boards is the Bullshooter by Arachnid Volt Electronic Dartboard.

It is made of 100% plastic and comprises a host of elegant features.

These include LCD display, cricket scoring displays, 8-player scoring option, Heckler feature, and 21 games/65 variations.

It is specifically suited for promotions i.e. advertisements during a darts tournament.

With this equipment, one does not need to spend that much to leverage the benefits of darts

.The board is also very cheap; it is, in fact, the cheapest of all the score boards under consideration.Its plastic surface is also more durable and quite resilient to all the common elements of wear and tear. For this reason, players may rely on it in the long run and are also spared of unnecessary repair and maintenance expenses.


  • The cheapest
  • Very Durable
  • Excellent displays
  • Wide gaming varieties
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Accommodates fewer players

Are you an upcoming darts player? Are you looking for a board that can help you to sharpen your skills? If you answered yes, then you may consider trying out this one. It is fitted with several features that can walk you through such a journey with best electronic dart board under 100 no doubt.

Regulation-sized 15.5-inch Target Face: Perhaps its most outstanding trait is the regulation-sized target face that measures 15 inches.

You will less likely miss your target due to the large dimensions. This will, in turn, boost your overall hits on target.

Tournament-quality Thermal Resin Segments: Atop the surface of the board is the tournament-quality thermal resin segments. These segments basically grasp the darts tightly whenever you hit the surface of the board. In so doing, they minimize bounce-backs.

Ultra-thin Spider : Each dart has a thin spider. This improves their aerodynamics and also reduces the likelihood of bounce-outs. This also ensures that they take up as little space as possible. In this way, you get to store and transport them conveniently.

Bilingual Voice Prompts : It does have bilingual voice prompts which are configured for both Spanish and English. This feature ensures that you get every aspect of your practice right at all times.

Wider Gaming Options : In all, the dartboard comprises 43 games and a further 320 built-in options. By reason of the existence of this feature, you will be sure to develop every aspect of your skill.

Missed Dart Catch Ring : To further protect your walls and others in the room, the board has a large missed-dart catch ring. This holds the darts and prevents them from falling off onto the floor. This way, chances of them injuring you or any other person are diminished.


  • Greatly minimizes bounce outs
  • Accommodates up to 8 players at a time
  • Provides an exceptionally durable playing surface
  • Offers protection for your walls from wayward throws
  • Delivers a crisp, clear view of the scores and statistics
  • Derives power from external sources and batteries


  • Requires great technical skills

Have you been on the lookout for a great indoor companion? If you said yes, you probably have to consider this dartboard. It is primarily intended for indoor use by its nature, functionality, and design.

Color LED Displays : It does have two-color LED display units at its front. These are to keep you posted of the status of the dart board’s Bluetooth connectivity. They also display scores and other vital statistics.

Seamless Compatibility : This board is compatible with Smart TV, the iOS, and 

Android-based devices. This is built possible with a downloadable app. It thus confers on you the benefit of unequaled convenience during a playing session

Powerful Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Technology : To further supplement its compatibility, the board comes equipped with the powerful Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Technology. This basically establishes a fast and reliable connection between your board and other devices.

Stylish and Compact Housing Design : It comes enclosed in a stylish and compact housing design. This housing takes up a negligible amount of space. It also makes it possible for you to lift and transport the dartboard unhindered.

Large Playing Surfaces : The playing surface of the dartboard is pretty large. It measures a whopping 23.8 inches long by 23.5 inches wide. This surface area enables you and your teammates to enjoy your experience unhindered.

Foam Pieces : Each segment that makes up the bard contains foam pieces. These are inserted purposely to help you with sound control. They soak up the unwanted sound to enable you to enjoy your overall darts experience


  • Simpler to mount
  • No worry about power source
  • Uses an app to change players
  • Cordless to be used just about anywhere
  • Quiet enough for indoor home use
  • Does not amplify the sound reverberations


  • Not usable outdoors

How to Choose The Best Electronic Dart Board

Power Consumption

This refers to the quantity of electrical energy that the respective dart board consumes. It is expressed either as Voltage or Amperes. It is needless to point out that higher power consumption leads to a higher utility bill and vice versa.

To see to it that the utility bills are kept to an absolute minimum, it is important that the electronic dart board consume as little electrical power as possible. Ideally, the best electronic dart board should consume somewhere between 110V to 220V.

Power Source

Yes,Electronic dart boards or best electric dart board may be powered by various sources. These include mains electricity, gas, solar, or batteries. The choice of the most suitable electronic dart board under this consideration largely depends on the place or area wherein it is to be utilized.

In case the item is to be utilized in remote locales, then a solar or gas-powered dart board is the most appropriate. However, if it is to be utilized in areas that are connected to the national grid, then the mains electricity-powered dart board no issue-is appropriate.

Playing Surface

The Electronic dart boards have their surfaces built in  various kinds of materials. These include cotton, sisal, plastics, cardboards, or metallic substances. The nature of the playing surface determines the long-term reliability of the boards as well as the gaming experience of the players.

In general, the sisal surfaces are pretty effective in enhancing the gaming experience whereas the metallic substances are more durable. It is up to the respective user to ascertain his priority before determining which surface to settle on

Price/Financial Resource Endowment

The final decision as to which particular dart board may be settled on largely depends on the financial resource endowment of the prospective user. It is up to each user to weigh his financial strength first and foremost before deciding which dart board to settle on.

Ideally, the best electronic dart board has to be affordable and within the easy reach of the would-be user. It should, if possible, be accompanied hot discounts, after-sales-services, free installations, and other incentives


The manufacture of electronic dart boards is inundated with innumerable players. Each player has its unique selling points that distinguish it from the others. Some brands/players are famed for quality products whereas others are known for the excellent gaming experience board

They should subsequently be given top most priority while purchasing a suitable electronic dart board.

Nature of the Barrel

The barrel is the center most portion of the dart board. It is where all the missiles are directed. The best barrel ought to be built in  of very tough and durable materials to guarantee long-term reliability. It should also possess magnetic properties to ensure that no missile falls off unnecessarily.

It should also have a tight grip to hold the missiles so strongly as not to fall off. Tungsten is the preferred material for the manufacture of a barrel as it is both durable and magnetic at the same time


Versatility is the range of uses to which a dart board may be put into. It is determined chiefly of the number of accessories that the dart board may accommodate at a time. These accessories may extend the range of uses the boards may be put into besides enhancing the overall experience of a gamer.

Ideally, best electronic dart boards ought to be capable of accommodating as many accessories as possible. Examples of these accessories include wall protectors, covers, backboards, and electronic scoring units, among others.

Warranty and After-sales

Dart boards are generally expensive, complicated, bulky and heavy. They are as such prone to damages, breakdowns, and obsolescence. Moreover, they are also cumbersome to handle and may thus be intriguing to install especially to users who lack the necessary skills and muscle power.

They, therefore, have to be ideally accompanied by manufacturer’s warranty and other safeguards that may shield the users against these and other associated dangers. Free installation may also aid those users who are unable to do so themselves for whatever reason.


These boards come in various sizes. Some are small, others are medium size, yet others are large in size. The best electronic dart board on the basis of this consideration largely depends on the available space, the number of prospective users, and of course, the financial resource endowment of the would-be user.

Generally speaking, smaller dart boards are mainly suitable for practicing and familiarization with the game’s rules and regulations. Larger sizes, on the other hand, are mainly suited for professional tournaments.

The Number of Players

As has already been stated, the game of darts may be played solo or in conjunction with other players at a time. These boards are designed for various numbers of players at a time. Some, especially those that are smaller and simpler in nature are intended for a smaller number of players whereas those that are larger and more sophisticated are intended for a higher number of players.

The right electronic dart board is thus the one which may accommodate all the potential number of players.

Nature of Intended Use

As has already been hinted out, the dart boards are intended for a variety of uses. Some are merely for practicing, others for familiarization with the rules of the game, whereas others are for professional tournaments. The respective user should thus ascertain his needs first before determining which dart board to settle on.

Final Verdict

Electronic dart boards are very intricate, bulky, and cumbersome to handle. They are also very expensive and as such, cost a fortune. It is thus imperative that all the necessary due diligence be carried out before the right one is selected.

It is worth noting that the top five best electronic/online dart boards that have been identified and reviewed above may not hold for long. This is due to the obvious reason that, newer and better versions keep getting churned out into the market owing to the saturated nature of the market. The discretion of the prospective buyer is therefore strongly advised.

In the meantime, why not contemplate making a purchase? The earlier the decision is made, the better. This is because any delays may often mean an increase in the prices of or a decrease in the quality or availability of the same. Also, As you know indoor games like air hockey, dart board game with varies darts like soft tip darts-steel tip darts, billiards etc. Game always refresh your mind in home with your loving kids and others members.Moreover above board also covered best electronic dart board under 100 no doubt.

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