Top 10 Best Soft Tip Dart Board – (2020 Reviews) Guide!

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Top 10 Best Soft Tip Dart Board – (2020 Reviews) Guide!

Whether be it for regular practicing or everyday use, the best soft tip dart board is by all means central to the enjoyment of the wonderful sporting activity of the darts. That makes the task of finding one core to your overall experience and wholesome support. How else can you go about that save for obtaining appropriate guidance?

Well, we have prepared this review-cum-buying guide to deal with very that. In our discussions below, we are going to look into the various boards that have been noted to do a great job as of now. Then, we shall look into the factors that inform the most suitable purchase.

After that, we shall also examine a couple of frequently asked questions with regards to this subject matter. These we hope shall launch you deeper in the field of the boards and also allow for greater enjoyment of the game subsequently.

Top 10 Best Soft Tip Dart Board - Reviews

Now, we embark on the reviews of the best soft tip dart board. As part of this look, we shall examine some of the core features and the possible weaknesses of the items overall. The purpose of this is to give you a more balanced approach in all these.

 1.  Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard, Easy To Use 

Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard, Easy To Use Button Interface, Red White And Blue Segments, Double Height Cricket Scoreboard, Quick Cricket Key Gets You Into The Game Faster, 43 Games And 230 Options

If you have never tried using these boards before, we welcome you to this one that contains an easy-to-use interface. This one comes in the form of many buttons and some white, red, and blue segments. It hardly strains anyone who attempts to make use of it at all.

Regulation-sized 15.5-inch Target Face

At the top of its most venerable features is a regulation-sized 15.5-inch target face that comes in first among its most excellent features. This is the one that accommodates the darts if and when they are shot. The face is made of the equally tournament-quality thermal resin materials that tend to last longer.

Ultra-thin Spider 

An ultra-thin spider comes in next. Its role is basically to cut down the bounce-outs while at the same time enabling closer groupings of the darts. In these ways, it greatly maximizes the scoring potential of the darts. Thus, it aids in making your games more exciting and less strenuous overall.

Missed Dart Catch Ring

If you happen to miss out on the targets, which you will surely do, the dartboard yet again has you well taken good care of. It does have a missed dart catch ring whose role is to accommodate those darts that have failed to hit their targets.

Bright LCD Display

A bright LCD display rounds up the list of the many features it potentially brings along. The display unit delivers some crisp and clear images that are devoid of any ambiguities. In light of this, it eliminates those ambiguities that arise with manual scorekeeping. The display itself is also great to behold.


  • Gives you 320 game options
  • Accommodates up to 8 players comfortably
  • Eliminates the hassles of manual score-keeping
  • Has a regulation-size target face for your excellent follow-up
  • Its bright LCD display unit is clear enough to eliminate any ambiguities


  • Quite basic in scope and shape

Conclusion : You have no clear bet when it comes to getting started in the matters of darts than this board. Why not get hold of it and launch yourself in the sporting activity? You do not want to forfeit the many elegant parts, components, and features it potentially gives off.

 2.  Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard 

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard with NylonTough Segments for Improved Durability and Playability and Micro-thin Segment Dividers for ReducedBounce-outs

Looking for a board to use repeatedly for a prolonged duration of time? Set your eyes to no other board than this Arachnid Cricket Electronic Dartboard. It is truly built to last and is hence able to take you longer and further. Moreover, its makeup also features the micro-thin fabric that is super awesome.

Dart Averaging for ’01 Games

With this board, you will enjoy the benefit of tracking your games and the subsequent scores better. That is thanks to the average point per dart (PPD). This also negates the need to evaluate the scores on your own. Thus, you get to derive the benefit of added convenience while playing.

3 Level Heckler Feature

A 3-lever heckler feature also comes along. This feature induces some interactiveness to the board principally by lauding the good throws while at the same time harassing the bad throws. The feature may be turned on and off at will to prevent it from inducing unnecessary inconveniences.

Micro-thin Segment Dividers

Also existing abundantly on the board are some micro-thin segment dividers. These dividers will reduce bounce-outs and the associated injuries that come along ordinarily. Obviously, the sum total of these, lead to better performances and limited frustrations. This also manages better playing experiences on the part of those who play.

NylonTough Segments

Other than the micro-thin segment dividers, the board also comprises the NylonTough segments that work to boost your own playability. The segments are manufactured using some tough materials that subsequently give it the strength to soldier on for a longer duration. They also cut down operational expenses.


  • Provides many gaming options
  • Features an 8-player score display
  • Pretty wider and comprehensive in scope
  • Caters to the need of many cadres of players
  • Guarantees a lifetime of competition and lifetime


  • Slightly costly for your needs

Conclusion : For your long-term reliability of use, you want a dartboard that is pretty strong and durable like this one. Its strength and overall makeup are definitely strong and reliable enough. You should never even think of forfeiting its awesome benefits that come along.

 3.  INNOCHEER Safety Darts and Kids Dart Board 

INNOCHEER Safety Darts and Kids Dart Board Set - 16 Inch Rubber Dart Board with 9 Soft Tip Darts for Children and Adults, Office and Family Time (New Black)

Do you have the children and the loved young ones in mind? Well, we have a surprise here for you. This safe dart board is quite basic and pretty convenient to make good use of. Other than that, it also tends to favor those darts that have softer tips. Its simplicity of use is quite irresistible on the other hand.

16-inch Dart Board

The board measures a whopping 16 inches. It is subsequently large enough for many players to make use of. In light of this spacious character, the board is able to facilitate the plays of many people at any given time. This also makes it good enough for competitive gaming.

Built-in Metal Bracket

Coming along this dart board is a built-in metal bracket that facilitates the installation exercise. You will use the bracket to install and mount the item on just about any other surface that be. It gives you two options to go about the business of installations.

Seamless Versatility

All factors considered, the board is truly versatile. The versatility enables it to be used in many installations and areas of use. For instance, you will be able to devote it to the office, home environments and the large halls. These cut down the hassles you will usually have to go through when playing.

Unique Dart Board Design

In all, the board is also available in a unique design that sets it apart from the others. As part of this design, the board conforms to all the safety standards. Other than that, it is suited for many environments and areas of use. Yet again, this guarantees some overall conveniences.


  • Deploys in many areas and rooms
  • Bears the harsh prickles and inserts
  • Clearly legible to the eyes for proper aiming
  • Well labeled so that you do not miss your shots
  • Minimizes bounces for more accurate shots on targets


  • Slightly complicated to the average user

Conclusion : Get hold of this darts and devote it to the use of your small children. As you may deduce from the foregoing explanations, this one contains all the trappings necessary for the use by small children. Its cost-effective nature also makes it a good choice.

 4.  Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament-quality ​

Arachnid Cricket Pro Tournament-quality Electronic Dartboard with Micro-thin Segment Dividers for Dramatically Reduced Bounce-outs and NylonTough Segments for Improved Durability and Playability

Arachnid is a brand that is renowned world over for strength, reliability and versatility. To be able to tap into these benefits, you have to pick a piece of equipment that is manufactured by it. We welcome you to this Arachnid Electronic Dart Board as it embodies all these benefits at a time.

Tournament-quality Electronic Dartboard

Unlike your ordinary dartboards, this one is electronic rather than manual. It is hence pretty convenient to engage. As a flagship trait, you will not have to memorize many prompts or engage many apparatus to be able to derive some value from it. The board possesses a 15.5-inch target area.

Variable Gaming Options

Its versatile nature grants the users many gaming options. In total, these games number 24 and have a further 132 variations. With these any options at your disposal, you are sure to enjoy your utmost convenience and subsequent use. You can never miss out on something interesting to do.

NylonTough Segments

Existing abundantly on the board are some NylonTough segments. They exist primarily to provide some added levels of durability and playability. This translates to reduced costs of operations and maintenance. Of particular importance is the elevated sense of playability that the board manages.

Micro-thin Segment Dividers

Complementing the NylonTough segments are the micro-thin segment dividers whose roles are to dramatically reduce bounce-outs. In doing this, they manage to reduce the off shots while at the same time elevate the scoring potential of each player overall. They also make for good practicing on the whole.


  • Allows up to 8 players to engage it at a time
  • Lasts longer than many other alternative boards
  • Keeps you posted on your progress via an LED display unit
  • Reduces the bounce outs that tend to diminish the scoring potential
  • Delivers unmatched accuracy thanks to the highly responsive sensors


  • Comes at an above-average cost

Conclusion : If you are truly serious and passionate about the matters of professional darts, you can never shy away from or downplay the Arachnid brand. That is why we urge you to find this product and incorporate it in your professional training and practicing.

 5.  Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard, Illuminated ​

Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard, Illuminated Segments, Light Based Games, Green And Blue Segment Colors, Ultra Thin Spider to Increased Scoring Area, Target Tested Tough Segment For Enhanced Durability

Preparing to play the game in an area that experiences low illumination or in pitch darkness? You want an Illuminated dartboard for your taking if you answered the question in the affirmative. This is the one to train your eyes on. Apart from being illuminated, it also imbues some color to your rooms.

Illuminated Dartboard Segments

As we have implied above, this is an illuminated dartboard in the sense that it emits some light output to boost your visibility in darker areas or in places of low visibility. With this illumination comes some fresh and invigorating darting experiences. It also reduces strains that are typical of dark areas.

Optional Moving Target Games

The dartboard provides some optional moving target games for you to choose from. These options number 48 in to total and have a further 315 variations. They together provide tons of options and avenues to play the game. That makes the same good enough for many users.

Target-tested Tough Segments

Some target-tested tough segments criss cross the entire length and breadth of the board. They are the ones that add some strength to the boards overall. Thanks to their existence, this board is similarly able to endure greater levels of abuse and work well with the best soft tip darts.

8-player Multiplayer

Overall, the dartboard is able to accommodate 8 players at a time. With this guarantee comes the added spate of maximum convenience when engaged. By choosing to work with this board, you won’t really have to look elsewhere or clutter your workspace with many practicing items.


  • Appropriately illuminated for darker areas
  • Contains many lighting apparatus for plays
  • Contains some upgraded parts and components
  • Pretty tough and durable enough for long-term use
  • Enhances your overall plays and gaming experiences


  • Consumes higher levels of utility energy

Conclusion : If your search for the right playing and practicing piece of equipment is mainly dictated by the use in the dark, you have no better companion than this one. As you may see from the foregoing, it is appropriately illuminated to boost your visibility in the dark.

 6.  Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Electronic Dartboard 

Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Electronic Dartboard Features 31 Games with 178 Variations and Includes Two Sets of Soft Tip Darts

Just wat to usher yourself into the competitive world of sporting? That requires you to make use of a dartboard that is comprehensive and versatile in one streak. Fewer, if any, beats this one with regards to that parameter. It contains 31 games and a further 178 variations.

Durable Electronic Dartboard

The dartboard is overall powerful and durable in equal measure. Thanks to the confluence of these two vital parameters, it is capable of taking you further for longer. This also plays out in the amount of money that may be used to repair and maintain it on the go.

15.5-inch Target Area

At its core is a large target area that measures 15.5 inches. This large area is able to give off 31 gaming options and the further 178 variations. It is also large enough to accommodate a whopping 8 participants at any given time. Being large, it spares you from any strains and hassles.

Backlit LCD Scoring Displays

To keep track of your scores, you will make use of the backlit LCD scoring display unit. This one is multicolored and well able to display all the scores pretty well. With this display at your fingertips, chances of any guesswork are kept completely at bay.

X/O Scoring Windows

Complementing the display unit above are some two dedicated X/O scoring windows. These allow you to easily keep track of your scoring and overall performance. They ward off any strains that you might ordinarily have to contend with as you enjoy your games. That way, you stay ahead of the game.


  • Withstands heavy plays and impacts
  • Quite flexible to allow for many plays
  • Manufactured of the durable PVC materials
  • Displays the scores and statistics as you play
  • Has a larger target area for your maximum convenience


  • Requires an above-average level of expertise to handle

Conclusion : Usher yourself in the world of competitive sporting by laying your hands on this dartboard. It has the parts, features, specifications, and components that all converge to make this possible. Moreover it is also flexible enough for seamless operations.

 7.  Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic 

Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set with 13.5” Target Area, Wooden Cabinet Doors with Walnut Finish and 34 Games with 183 Variations (4 Cricket Games)

Other than merely helping you to enjoy your awesome games of darts, the right board has to be able also to enhance the interior décor of your rooms. Why not place your bet on this one? Its exterior does give off some sparkling finish and appearance to manage this.

13.5-inch Target Area

Standing tall among the many benefits it brings along is the target area that measures the impressive 13.5 inches. Being large and spacious, the area will allow many people to play smoothly and unhindered. In particular, this area facilitate multiple and competitive gaming by many people.

Variable Options

The board gives you many options and variations to pick from. These number 34 games and a further 183 variations of the same. With these many options at your fingertips, you may be certain to enjoy unconstrained applications and diversity of choice. Yet again, they add to your maximum enjoyment.

Awesome Finish

As we have already explained, the board may also serve to enhance the décor of your interior rooms. The awesome finish it exudes is the one that is primarily responsible for this end. This awesome finish is further brought about by the wooden cabinet doors and a Walnut finish.

Optional Heckler Feature

Coming along as an option is the heckler feature. With this feature, you are capable of enhancing your own scores and performances. How you may ask? The feature applauds the good scores while at the same time mocking the bad darts. It is beautiful in the sense that it also deactivates at will.


  • Ups the décor of your own rooms
  • Has enough room for many players
  • Enhances your own scoring potential overall
  • Mounts smoothly on walls and other open areas
  • Less of a hassle to maintain and repair if need be


  • Potentially loses its physical appeal too easily

Conclusion : To spruce up your interior areas, why not get your hands on this specific dartboard? As you may see, its exterior boasts of some awesome finish that truly styles your interior. The board itself is fully functional and better performing.

 8.  Darts Connect Online Electronic Dartboard 

Darts Connect Online Electronic Dartboard (Black)

Could it be that you want to play the game of darts in conjunction with many other people via the online platform? Well, you have an awesome board here to consider. This is an online electronic dartboard that has the ability to stream and share information via the internet platform.

Seamless Connectivity

Its flagship trait is the fact that it enjoys seamless connectivity. The ​​​​​​best online dart board is indeed able to pair and work alongside the Apple and Android smart devices. This it does via the wireless fidelity connectivity and a beautiful user interface that comes along. The pleasure of utmost convenience is yours to leverage.


Owing to its ability to share data via the internet, this board is generally unconstrained in its access and efficacy. Coming along as a result of this is the ability to deliver the necessary outcomes and performances at just about anywhere and everywhere that may be needed.

Built-in Wide-angle Camera

To capture the various images, the item does rely on a wide angle camera that is built into the system. The camera does also stream the videos and in doing so, prevents cheating. It assures you of some zero cheating while at the same time uphold your performances.

Double-layer EVA

One thing you will particularly enjoy and admire from this board is the fact that it is silent in its operations. This stems from the double-layer EVA foam material that is used to make it up. Other than the silence, the material also makes the whole item to be pretty light.


  • Its camera is built into the system
  • Quite silent and comfortable to work with
  • Easier to transport to a desired scene of use
  • Prevents cheating or other forms of breaches while in use
  • Supports a wide range of images and circumstances of use


  • A bit complicated to the average user

Conclusion : You need not constrain yourself with space or time. That can only happen if you lay your hands on a board that transcends those two limitations, like this one. Gran it and be assured of your plays whenever or wherever you might be.

 9.  BETTERLINE Soft Tip Dart Board Game Set - 15" ​

BETTERLINE Soft Tip Dart Board Game Set - 15 inch Board (37.5cm) with 6 Darts - Child & Furniture Safe Dartboard for Kids & Adults

Before you can make meaning and purpose of these boards, you no doubt have to install them. It is necessary that they blend well with the other pieces of furniture in your household. Unfortunately, not all of them can guarantee that. Thankfully, you have one here that manages that.

Utmost Safety

Its flagship trait is the utmost safety. The board is indeed safe enough for your children and the other pieces of furniture that abound in your home. Its tips are blunt and rounded unlike that of its competitors that are pointed and prickly. Even when in contact with others, it won’t hurt them.

Fun for all Ages

Though intended for the professional players, this board delivers some fun to all ages of persons. Thus, it is a great one to look up to for entertaining your friends, members of the whole family, and the peers alike. Have we also said that it lasts longer than many other boards?

Long-lasting Quality

All the parts and components of the board are built to last. This is because nothing is really left to chance here. From the materials in use to the techniques for building the board, everything is done to the highest quality standards of perfection. Thanks to this, you may count on it not to stress you.

Comprehensive Stature

A characteristic aspect of this board is that it is pretty comprehensive. It does come along with just about everything you might need to make do with. It hence goes that you won’t have to look elsewhere for your operations and services as it is likely to give off all of them.


  • Delivers long lasting quality
  • Imbues some fun for all ages
  • Comprehensive in scope and vitality
  • Enjoys a wholesome money back guarantee
  • Safe enough for everything in your own home


  • Lacks an anti-rebound feature or capability

Conclusion : For your own safety, and for the safety of the others around you, you are better off with a board that is optimized for matters of convenience comfort and safety as this one. Its ability to facilitate the participation of the small children is definitely a plus.

 10.  Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard

Gran Board 2 Bluetooth Electronic Dartboard

Professional darts tournaments these days require similarly professional boards. This could be a good one to pick and use for the job. It does have some two Bluetooth openings and options that jointly make for this. They basically facilitate remote use and applicability. Moreover, it also manages topnotch performances.

Soft Tip Electronic Bluetooth Board

In a nutshell, this board accommodates the soft tip darts. To add to that, it also shares data via the Bluetooth connectivity feature. These two arrangements greatly up the performances and overall reliability of the gadget considerably. They also make for hassle-free use overall.

2 AA Batteries

To tackle its chores, this item derives its power from two AA batteries that are built into the system. They give off the necessary power but do not inflict the higher operational expenses that ordinarily come along. Stemming from this battery power is the convenience of remote use.

Live Gaming Capability

Using this board, it is possible for you to compete with other gamers in other parts of the world. That is mainly due to its ability to pair and work hand in hand with other like-minded gadgets. On the strength of this capacity, it adds some variety of gaming options for you to leverage.

Wholesome Compatibility

In all, the item is highly compatible with the Smart TV, Android and the iOS operating systems, respectively. Thanks to this wholesome compatibility, it is well able to serve the needs of many people regardless of the gadgets that they prefer to use. Yet again, this brings better value for money.


  • Runs on both Android and iOS apps
  • Saves a great deal of energy while in use
  • Plays live matches from all over the world
  • Powered by batteries and is hence unconstrained
  • Backed by powerful Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Technology


  • Too complicated to a simple user

Conclusion : Run with haste and pick this board for your professional gaming and attendant experiences. Its mix of the latest technical specifications is certainly unique and awesome. They have the ability to up your overall stature by a considerable margin as well.

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How To Choose the Best Soft Tip Dart Board

To be able to find the most suitable sift tip dart board, there are things you have to be mindful of. These are the yardsticks that measure out and determine the degree of confidence and utility you are bound to obtain in the process. We highlight and explain them here below:

The Nature of the Players

Who exactly will be playing on the dartboards? People’s skills and levels of expertise differ markedly. It is imperative that you pick a board that measures up to the skill level of the person whom you are interested in at any given time. That is to guarantee topnotch performance and experience overall.

The Venue of the Game

Where exactly will the dartboard be used? Is it indoors, outdoors, day time or night time? You have to know exactly when and where this is going to happen. That is to enable you to pick a board that is suited precisely for that specific circumstances of use in mind.

How the Scores are tallied

How exactly are the scores to be tallied? Is it manually or electronically? This depends largely on the nature of the tournament at hand. Choose an electronic score board for professional tournaments and a manual one for the matters of regular practicing. The latter are really reliable to make use of.

The Number of Players

How many players overall are going to participate in that game at a time? As you have already noted from the reviews above, different boards are designed for different numbers of players. It is important that you match the number of players with the respective size of the board for better enjoyment.


Finding the right board ought not to be a ‘life and death’ affair. It is indeed possible for you to gain the right one without necessarily breaking the bank. That can only happen if you compare the deals of the many people around and narrow down to the most affordable option.


Since these pieces of equipment are prone to some forms of damages and disturbances, you want to take great caution to safeguard yourself from these risks and associated damages. This is something you guarantee by ensuring that the board you have in mind enjoys some favorable terms of warranty.

Nature of Playing Surface

The playing surface itself has to be smooth, fair, and balanced. For this to happen, it has to be ideally sanded smooth and spun all throughout. In particular, the rough patches have to be smoothed to sees to it that the grains are less obstructive. It is also necessary that the grains flow in the same direction.

Dartboard Density and Thickness

These dartboards come in varying degrees of thickness and density. Thicker boards are longer lasting and less likely to sustain damages when used for long enough. Their denser counterparts are firm enough to minimize bounce outs and the stray shots that come along ordinarily. You want a board that incorporates both traits especially if you intend to use the best steel tip darts.

Wall Bracket

Before you can make meaning of them, you have to mount them on walls and other surfaces. This requires the use of a wall bracket. The bracket has to be universal to be able to mount and fix up on just about any other wall or surface to be.

Dartboard Accessories

For your maximum returns on investments, the board you pick for the job has to be able to accept and accommodate many accessories. Some of these include the dartboard cover, cabinet, throwing line marker, and a variety of darts. This also guarantees you an elevated sense of convenience of use.

The Ink Used to Color the Dartboard

In closing, the ink that is used to color the dartboard is also a worthy consideration. A good ink has to be strong, bold and clearly legible. This is to eliminate any ambiguities that ordinarily spring forth. You do not want to suffer unnecessary confusions in the course of making meaning of your boards.

How to Clean and Maintain Dart Board

From time to time, your dartboard will often sustain dirt and other ghastly appearances. If and when this happens, you have to clean and maintain the board to rid the same of those stray marks. That requires that you know how to go about the exercise. Follow the steps below to actualize that:

Blow off the dust

Blow off the dust from the board regularly, preferably, once a day. This is to slow down the buildup of the same and enable the surface to have the cleanliness it is supposed to in order that it may function well. Use a dust blower to do this gently.

Cleanse the Board with Water

Other than blowing the board, you should also cleanse the same with some clean cloth. This again should happen at least once a day if the board is used regularly. If at all it is used infrequently, the cleansing has to happen right before use and immediately after retrieval from store.

Rotate the Board Regularly

To spread out the impacts and see to it that the board ages uniformly, you have to rotate the board every quite often. This should preferably take place after each use. You may have to mark a portion of the board and use it as the reference point for future rotations.

Maintain the Recommended Maximum Capacity

We have already explained repeatedly that different boards are designed for different capacities of users. It is necessary that you maintain the recommended capacity. Overwhelming the board is a sure way of hastening its death and overall demise. Insist on only the highest number of persons at that time.

Use the Board in the Designated Location

Other than the maximum carrying capacity, the boards also deploy for use in different areas. You should only use the board in that place where it is intended and directed for. If yours is designated for indoor use, make sure you use it there and so on.

Be Mindful of the Tips

Be mindful of the tips of the darts you use as well. Using hard and sharp pointed tips is also a way of hastening the deterioration of the gadgets. Generally, a well-rounded tip is the better option as it is softer and more forgiving to your boards. Closely related to this is the need for gentle throws.

Regulate the Frequency of Use

You should also regulate the frequency of the use of the dartboard. Using the board every quite often will also hasten its old age and deterioration. Use the boards if and only if you have to. That is to minimize the spates of wear and tear and ensure longevity of the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

We now examine a couple of the frequently asked questions with regards to the subject matter of the dart boards. These are issues that have intrigued many people who use these items in the past.

Q1. Are soft tip dart boards any good?

A. Yes, they are! They tend to wear the boards less often than the hard tips. This means that by choosing to work with them, you suffer less from the need to purchase newer and better boards as is the case with those who opt not to.

Q2. What is the best weight for soft tip darts?

A. Many experts recommend the 14-20 grams as the ideal weight for the soft tip darts. The choice of the exact weight however ought to depend also on the degree of expertise and the skill level of each payer. Be mindful also of the state and health of your board.

Q3. Is Soft tip darts easier?

A. YES, they are! The soft tip darts are generally easier to score with. They are easier to prickle and minimize the bounce outs. Nonetheless, they are unlikely to endure the test of time. Thus, you have to insist on the hard tips for your professional tournaments.

Q4. Why do my soft tip darts bounce out?

A. Many boards of these kinds require that the darts are hit at straight and perpendicular angles. If the darts fall on the boards at angles or inclinations, they will usually bounce out and fall off prematurely. You have to work hence on your angles of throws.

Q5. Can you put steel tips on soft tip darts?

A. NEVER! You should not put the steel tips on the soft tip darts as they will quickly wear out the boards and make them to deteriorate before their time has finally come. Insist only on those darts that are meant for the soft tips.

Q6. What do you put under a dart board?

A. The dart board backboard, it is! The board can come in many shades and forms. These include the cardboard, soft wood planks and the cork. It is against this board that the dart rests and gains the support it requires for better performances. The board you use has to last longer.


We now bring an end to our long and in-depth look into the best soft tip dart board there. Having done our part, we now pass the buck to you to implement the provisions you have obtained generously there. That obviously cannot mean anything else save from you purchasing one board from the list.

Read the explanations and the reviews we have explained there keenly. Then, match the specialty of each board with your unique specification and precise circumstance of need. After that, round it up with negotiating for the best possible bargains. That will see you settle for the best deals.

Chances are you are not the only one who needs this piece of information. It is only fair and just for you to spread the news and the love far and wide with as many others as possible. Invite them to read this page and obtain the attendant insights for themselves.

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