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Top 10 Best Air Hockey Pool Table Combos in 2024 – Guide and Reviews

Some people prefer playing air hockey for hours on end. Others are partial to the pool table. When you, your family, and your friends are fans of one or the other both, you can’t just buy an air hockey table or a pool table to satisfy everyone. But you can make everyone happy when you get the best air hockey pool table combos or Multi Game Tables.

 Other then pool table air hockey combo or pool table and air hockey combo you can find.Because all are similar as well entertaining.With this table, fans of either game will be accommodated. What’s more, people won’t have to get tired of playing the same game over and over again.

Another plus here is that it saves money and space to get two games with just one gaming table purchase.Finding the best combo table can be confusing with lots of options available, but 2 brands do stand out.

The Fat Cat Pockey game tables and the Triumph Sports tables from Escalade Sports are especially terrific, and will offer great value for your money.

So which is the best air hockey pool table combos for you? This depends on your budget, although of course that’s hardly the only factor you should consider. Here are some excellent options that may suit your needs.

Best Air Hockey Pool Table Combo -Comparison

Best Air Hockey Pool Table Combos -  Reviews

  1. Fat Cat Original 2-in-1, 7-Foot Pockey Game

This model exemplifies nicely how the air hockey and pool table combo can work seamlessly. At first it can be a billiards table, and then you can flip it over and you have a table for air hockey.

The substantial dimensions work well for teens and adults. It measures 80 inches long and 44 inches wide, and most people find the 32-inch height just right.

For billiards, you need to make sure you have ample room so that players can move around and make shots freely even if the ball is on the side of the cushions.The quality of the billiard table is quite okay.

The playing surface is Teflon green felt cloth. The bumpers are made of rubber, and the drop pockets lead to an accessible socket where you can get the dropped balls. There are then ledges for the ball so you can keep score and for storage.

Play is good, and the bounce angles are just right. The accessories are complete, with a pair of 57-inch single-piece cues, a resin triangle to set the balls, a couple of pieces of chalk, and a brush to clean the playing surface.

The balls measure 2.25 inches.Now by itself this can already lend to lots of hours of gaming for teens on weekends and holiday breaks. The fact that you can turn it over so people can play air hockey is a real bonus.

What’s really satisfying is that Fat Cat didn’t just offer a slippery playing surface for the hockey game. It really is air hockey, as it also features a powerful blower to pump in air for the playing surface.

Again you have the requisite accessories, with 4 paddles and 4 pucks. Here you have a latch system for all these accessories as well.

This 2 in 1 air hockey and pool table or Pockey table power plug is 16 feet long, and it’s designed to efficiently enable the flipping of the tableIt’s not complicated to put together despite the inherent problems of assembling a combo table.

You may need 2 people since the pieces are heavy, and it will only take a couple of hours.Once you’re done, you have a combo table that works and it will last for a very long while. Some customers report that they’ve had this for more than 6 years and it still works perfectly.

Yes,again you can make everyone happy when you get the best air hockey pool table combos you can find.

Fat Cat Original 2-in-1, 7-Foot Pockey Game
Fat Cat Original 2-in-1, 7-Foot Pockey Game
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 2.  Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, 7-Foot Pockey Table

Just because 2-in-1 gaming tables work perfectly doesn’t mean that 3-in models will be just as good.

But this fat cat 3-in-1 combination game table or 3-in-1 Pockey combo game table illustrates how fine quality can lead to a product that works smoothly.

That’s because you’re adding an extra layer of complexity, so more things can go wrong.

 It works because it’s basically the 2-in-1 Fat Cat Original model, and you simply turn the table over to get either a billiards table or air hockey.

All the accessories and features of these games are the same as in the 2-in-1 mode. It still measures 80 by 44 by 32 inches. What’s different is the addition of the ping pong (table tennis) table. It covers the billiard table surface entirely, so it’s not as large as standard ping pong tables.

But for teens, it’s just right. It’s the right size to get kids interested in table tennis without spending (and risking) too much money on a standard table. You also won’t have to need a larger space for player to maneuver in.

The table tennis surface is separate, but that doesn’t mean that it needs a lot of storage space. That’s because it folds into 3 sections. Setting it up is no big deal, and you have the net and the 2 paddles and 2 ping pong balls.

This air hockey pool table is truly great for kids who hang out, and parties are more festive with this table available.

You can switch from one game to another without too much difficulty, and you don’t need too much space so you can fit in 3 different tables.

While it only allows for 2 players each time, others can always enjoy themselves just watching the games and taking turns challenging the winner.That is why the best air hockey pool table combos for you.

Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, 7-Foot Pockey Table
Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, 7-Foot Pockey Table
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 3.  Triumph Sports 84-Inch 3-in-1 Rotating Table

This Triumph Sports 84-Inch combo gaming  table is a more affordable version of the 3-in-1 combo from Escalade Sports.

It means that its playing quality isn’t quite as good as the Fat Cat (quality is generally more expensive for these things), but it’s still a good product nonetheless.

It operates with the same design principles. You can flip the table over and play either air hockey or billiards. Or you can put a table tennis set on top and play ping pong. All the accessories you need are part of the package.

Its total dimensions are 84 by 44.5 by 32 inches. With the billiards table, the playing surface is 66 inches long and 36.25 inches wide.

With the high density green nylon blend, the rolling and bounce of the balls are consistent and very even once you make sure you have a level surface.

Fortunately, here you get leg levelers that should help in getting an even playing surface. You also get a pair of 57-inch cue sticks, 2 pieces of chalk, a triangle, and a table brush. With the air hockey table, the playing surface measures 68.5 by 38.5 inches.

You also get a nice air blower too, along 2 pushers and 2 pucks. For the ping pong table, you get 2 ping balls, 2 paddles, and a net and post set. The biggest risk here is getting the item with some damaged parts.

The delivery can be a hassle too. But if everything comes in undamaged, the assembly is straightforward and there’s lots of fun to be had when switching games.

Yes, with this best air hockey ping pong table combo again you can make everyone happy when you get the best air hockey pool table combos you can find like triumph sports 84 inch 3 in 1.

Triumph Sports 84-Inch 3-in-1 Rotating Table
Triumph Sports 84-Inch 3-in-1 Rotating Table
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 4.  Triumph Sports 72-Inch 4-in-1 Table

Now what if 3 games aren’t enough? With the Triumph Sports table, you can actually get another game so you have 4 games total.

The additional game is another classic, as it is table soccer.

This is perfect for kids, as it offers options for different tastes and preferences and they won’t get bored with just a single game. So the dimensions are a bit smaller, as it measures 72 inches long and 32 inches wide.

But the height remains at 32 inches high so adults can play it comfortably as well.With so much options, kids can get started on playing 4 different games altogether. The quality of each game is quite nice. As well it is best air hockey pool table combos no doubt.

The billiard table offers smooth rolls and nice bounces along with 48-inch cue sticks, the air hockey game comes with an air blower, the table tennis folds in 3 sections, and the tale soccer can be engrossing.

Since this is for kids, the price is very low. It’s even less than half the cost of the Triumph Sports 84-Inch 3-in-1 combo table.

Triumph Sports 72-Inch 4-in-1 Table

Triumph Sports 72-Inch 4-in-1 Table

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 5.  Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, 6-Foot Flip Game Table

The Multi-Game Table has a smooth lasting playing surface that makes it a pro air hockey table. The table is completely enclosed by a sleek built-in pocket. In addition to the strong quality fabric covering the playing surface, genuine rubber bumpers provide true bounce.

It is located opposite the billiard table. Table size has a full-powered 110-volt electric motor replaces other tables' slide hockey.

To create a great mood during games, the extra glossy playing surface is adorned with pictures of A manual scorer keeps score easily. A handy table tennis top may be utilized on either side during the final game

The multi game table offers three games and the price is convenient for the space saving table. It has value for your money. You can play a variety of games such as Air Hockey, Table Tennis as well as Billiards. This still maintains swivel combo games even after provision of favorite games.

It is easy to change the game modes since it has the tri-fold technology that makes changing of the games easy and fast. While changing the games it is easy, you only need to unlock latches and have it flipped over. It is also possible to lock it upright to allow simple storage.

The convenient 6-foot size fits easily into small game room areas, offering you the greatest amount of freedom in the swivel design of your room. The combination tables offer the comfort you desire since it does not occupy much space.

Includes all of the equipment you will need to play the games you enjoy, such as pool cues and billiard balls, hockey pucks and pushers, and table tennis paddles and a net, among other things. The table offers a full entertainment to all both indoors and outdoors.

Highlighted Features :

 6.  Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table

Are you preparing for professional tournaments? If so, you need a table that is durable, complicated, and comprehensive in design and makeup. This indeed is that particular table. It is designed for those fast-paced and intense exercises.

It has rubber cushions round about the perimeter of its play-bed. These offer excellent rebound for you. They also enhance the speed and accuracy of the shots altogether. By opting for this table, you will be sure to sharpen your skills considerably.

The Rail integrated pockets lead your balls to the ends of the table. It is further supplemented with a ball return system which makes it easier for you to reset for a new game quickly and easily.

This is basically a green nylon cloth. It is durable and will hence last through years and years of aggressive family plays. This green cloth also gives the table a classic and billiard look. You hence stand to enjoy added aesthetics as well.

The table’s disc-style leg levelers allow you to alter the heights of each corner of the table appropriately. They in so doing enable a perfectly level playing surface. This is even when the floor is sloppy.

Lastly, the table contains a stylish bamboo laminate exterior. This compliments all kinds of interior décor. Moreover, its 5.5-inch rails provide solid resistance to provide you with consistent rebounds. This will result in greater scores and maximum enjoyment of the game.

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table
Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5’ Billiard Table
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 7.  Hathaway Maverick 7-foot Pool and Table Tennis

Is your search for a suitable table dictated by the need for regular practice, everyday use, and long-term applicability? If so, this durable, tough, and reliable table could be the companion you have been searching for every quite often.

Its playing surface is covered using the high quality and blended felt material. This provides a smooth and breathtaking surface. The cloth is also resistant to tears and frays. This means you will spend less to maintain it in the long run.

All of the table’s wooden and metallic components are cushioned using the K66 rubber cushions. These are designed to prevent you from sustaining injuries besides conferring added comfort. You will be certain to enjoy your games as the result of this.

Sharp corners will usually predispose players to the risks of injuries. Luckily, this table’s sharp corners are sealed against such possibilities. This is because they are covered and sealed by use of chrome plates. You can be sure of your safety.

The table’s top rails are laminated using silver. This material is not only breathtaking but also durable. This is because it resists rust and cleavages well. This material thus extends the overall lifespan of the said parts.

Its playing surface comes in the form of the high quality and engineered wooden table tennis top. This material is hard, stable, and depreciates slowly. This being the case, you will experience maximum and timely rebounds beside higher scores. This is also use a air hockey pool table topper.

Hathaway Maverick 7-foot Pool and Table Tennis Multi-Game
Hathaway Maverick 7-foot Pool and Table Tennis Multi-Game
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 8.  Triumph Phoenix 84" Billiard Table with Table Tennis Conversion Top

The air hockey and pool table offer you a chance to play two games. You will get to play two games in one — a strategic game of pool and an action-packed battle of table tennis.

This tennis table therefore offers an entertainment that you want in the house with two games.

The combination air hockey pool table comes with the black finish table, green color fabric, and steel corner cap embellishments, this table will go with any décor.

It is therefore great to match with your indoor house décor. With the number of colors, you will choose one that suits you

The table tennis conversion top is included with two paddles, two balls, as well as a net and post assembly. The Triumph Phoenix Billiard Table with Conversion Top enables you to play two amazing games simultaneously on a single full-size table. On the supplied convertible top, challenge your opponents to a classic game of pool or an action-packed game of table tennis.

Under-mount cushioning is included in the table tennis top to protect the billiard cloth and rails beneath it. EVA pads are included with the table tennis conversion top to protect the top rails of the billiard table from damage caused by the table tennis table's underbelly, It is easy to assemble.

There are two wood pool tables included, along with a ball set, triangle, a brush and chalk for the pool lovers. The package includes all of the equipment needed for both games, including: The billiards ball set includes two 57-inch billiard cues, a pair of 2.25-inch billiard balls, a triangle, a brush, and chalk, among other things.

The quality of this 7-foot table is maintained on both tables, unlike many other conversion tables that compromise playability in the process. The air hockey pool table conversion top is appropriate for use both indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather.

Highlighted Features :

 9.  Hathaway Maverick 7-foot Pool and Table Tennis

The air hockey combo table allows you to play two games. The 2 in 1 pool table and air hockey NHL 80” Power Play with Table Tennis Top is perfect for family game room, adult rec room, basements, man cave, or garage.

You will have the opportunity to participate in two games at the table. A strategic game of Glaze Tek and an action-packed fight of table tennis will be combined into a fun playing experience.

The pool ping pong combo comes with two games, 2-In-1 Air Hockey Table provides the pleasure you desire in your home.

The pool table and air hockey combo have Air Powered Hockey Table, 3-piece Table Tennis Conversion Top (80”x43”), Pushers, 2 Pucks, 2 Table Tennis Paddle & Ball Set, (2) Steel Chrome Plates, and (1) Net and Post System are included in the package.

2-in-1 game table is simple to set up that you will be able to start playing in minutes. If you have two individuals, you can easily put up the table in a short amount of time. The multi- table allows you to play popular games that come with the table in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

In-Rail LED Lighting the pool table air hockey combo has an automatic scoring system as well as a sound system for added convenience and elegance. The ability for the players to see their scores as well as hear whenever a score is made makes the game more pleasant and exciting for them.

The pool hockey table is constructed from high-quality materials. GlazeTek Compound Coating is a high-gloss coating that is resistant to wear and tear. Provides a super smooth surface for maximum gaming performance. It makes the game to be fun and interesting for the players and one is able to enjoy to the fullest.

The pool air hockey table combination is smooth and air powered with scratch resistant material that makes playing so easy and enjoyable. The smooth playing surface is made with premium materials that also make sure that cleaning is easy as well as the assembling process and this gives you many hours of entertainment.

Highlighted Features :

 10.  Hathaway Maverick 7-foot Pool and Table Tennis

The quality table is easily transported from place to place. It is has a built-in storage, thanks to the table's sturdy steel legs, which can be folded for transit and storage.

The rip-resistant nylon travel bag that comes with the table keeps your table safe and secure while you're on the move. The Fairmont's 6-foot frame is ideal for children who are just starting to play the classic game.

Adults will like its high-quality craftsmanship and space-saving compact design, which is simple and straightforward. This item is an excellent addition to any game area, gym, or office. As a result, it is appropriate as a family game

You will not have to deal with the hassle of putting everything together. Every table is sent completely built and ready to use. Simply unfurl the legs and the good times will begin to flow. The dedicated tables are therefore easy to set where you want in your house or even outdoors depending on weather.

The manufacturer provides a 180-day guarantee on this perfect table. We guarantee that it will arrive in perfect condition, with all of the required components and accessories. In the event of a failure, replacement components or a completely new table will be shipped to you at no additional charge.

In addition to the table itself, the air hockey billiard table comes with several accessories, including a nylon carry bag, 2.25-inch standard billiard balls, (2) 48-inch two-piece pool cues, two pieces of chalk, a table brush, and a racking triangle. These complete accessories makes sure that the table is fully equipped and the players enjoy to the fullest.

Regardless of their age, children and adults alike can benefit from this full-sized table. It is a decent size that is suitable for a family and has appropriate measurements. dimensions: 76" L x 43.25" W x 32" H -The playing field dimensions: 66" L x 33" W making it great for every person.

Highlighted Features :

Final Verdict

Finally above are pool table air hockey combo or tabletop pool table and air hockey table combination is great.Because it’s always nice to have options when you’re playing these games with best air hockey pool table and air hockey combo. You make sure you and you don’t get tired of playing just one game, and at the same time you save a lot on expenses and in space.

Moreover this is also combo ping pong pool table and air hockey table combo or pool table air hockey combo reviews or air hockey pool table combo reviews make a great entertaining for you and your family.Also this guide and reviews cover the name of search-kids pool table combo, pool table combinations, pool and air hockey tables combo, pool tables air hockey combos, pool table combos, air hockey table pool table combo.So above all are also best air hockey table as well as ping pong pool table combo reviews no doubt.

The best air hockey pool table combos or best pool table air hockey combo or best combo game table will depend on your budget and how old the players are, but in general all these games will have kids of all ages (including the adults) clamoring to play when they have free time.More over, Also you can enjoy a lucrative game with bubble hockey table game-its gives you highest level satisfaction. 

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