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Top 15 Best Ping Pong Robot 2024 – Buying Guide With Reviews

Yes,Honest Guide and Reviews of Best Ping Pong Robot Here!

Training for a tennis match requires plenty of time and effort. This can only be realized when the right tool is employed for the job. No other tool beats the ping pong robots in accomplishing this. They are basically small items that are designed to mimic a tennis player. They aid tennis enthusiasts in sharpening their skills.

This review is intended to help persons of your kind in arriving at the best purchasing decision. We collected data from persons who have already tried out these robots. We interviewed industry-experts and researched various manufacturers’ websites. After that we sieved the data and generated this report.

You may, therefore, bank your hopes on this review to provide you with the ultimate guide. You may also rely on it to be as comprehensive and thorough in its functioning as possible. This review indeed is all you that a tennis enthusiast may require taking that great leap forward!

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Practice Partner PP 20 Table Tennis Robot

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Top 15 Best Ping Pong Robots 2024 - Reviews

In the proceeding segment, we will review the 15 best ping-pong robots as of the year 2024. We will highlight their unique features and a few pros and cons.

1. iPong Pro Table Tennis Training Robot

In case you are a regular trainee, you may want a training robot that is convenient and easy to use. This is that kind of robot. It is equipped with all the top-notch features that enable this to happen.

With this robot, you may generate exciting oscillations indeed. You may toss it from side-to-side oscillation.

You may also vary the ball frequency accordingly to suit your desired rate of movements. This grants you the freedom to utilize the table as you so wish.

Other than the ability to vary the desired oscillations, you may also spin the robot in various directions. 

You may do so backward (backspin), top-to-bottom (topspin), and rigorously (heavy topspin). This fact also goes a long way in enhancing your overall experience.

 It does come along with a wired remote. You may use the remote to shuffle between endless shot options that range from levels 0-9. The remote also enables you to vary all these controls without having to be near the table itself.

Also accompanying the training robot is the revolutionary new feeder disc design. Unlike the conventional feeders, this new feeder is so designed as to prevent ball jams. Because of this, expect no unnecessary inconveniences and time wastage. Also, count on it to deliver exciting tournaments. 


  • Quieter operation
  • Increased long-term performance
  • Improved accuracy and consistency
  • Improved motor and shooting wheel for
  • Stronger ball launching and increased spin


  • Not so durable owing to the plastic construction

2. Newgy Robo-Pong 540 Table Tennis Robot

Effective practice of tennis games inevitably requires an intelligent robot. This particular machine clearly fits the bill.

This is because it has very intelligent features and capabilities that enable it to do that. They are explained in details hereunder: 

It does comprise wide shot selections. These are: fast loop, push, lob, chop, counter, and serve, respectively. 

These wide selections mean that you stand to accrue the benefits of freedom of use. They also mean that you won’t get bored while using the robot.

Thanks to its head angle adjustments feature, you may alter its head from low (serves) to the high (lobs). This enables you to set it in such a way as to conform to your height. For this reason, players of all kinds will find it quite relevant for their use.

You may position the robot anywhere on top of the table in order to get varied angles and trajectories. Because of this, the robot is quite convenient to use. You won’t encounter unnecessary hassles and inconveniences. You also stand to save a lot of time.

Apart from its ability to discharge tennis-related functions, this robot is also fair to behold. This stems from its elegant design that is quite appealing to the eyes. You may place it strategically to enhance the beauty of your interior décor.


  • Holds in excess of 120 balls
  • Suitable for whole family use
  • Includes a ball thrower and a ball bucket
  • Simple to install, utilize, transport, and unfold
  • Compatible with all the standard ping-pong tables


  • May be quite complicated to an ordinary user

3. iPong Original Table Tennis Trainer Robot

Did you know that you can sharpen your tennis skills without having a playing partner? Yes, you can. This robot enables you to do just that! It is indeed designed and intended to help you sharpen your skills without the need for a training partner.

This robot has the ability to hold well in excess of 110 balls at a time. This allows you to focus on your game without having to worry at all.

It also enables you to devote as much time as possible on the game by eliminating time wastage.On the whole, the robot grants you the ability to play several kinds of games. 

These include: playing with friends, playing solo, and not having to fold the table at all. By opting to possess this table, you stand to accrue much more than you bargain for.

On the whole, the robot may interface and work hand in hand with several accessories. These include the 40 mm wide 40+ balls, ball catch net, ball pickup net, tilt stand, and the targets. These further extend the functionality of the robot altogether.

The best table tennis robot grants you the freedom to choose between various spins. You may choose between the topspin and the underspin. You may also set your own pace. Because of these features, the robot enables you to train like a true champion!


  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Weighs only 2.5 pounds (1.1 kg)
  • Comes along with a 1-year warranty
  • Accommodates in excess of 100 balls
  • May accommodate several accessories


  • Not so pocket-friendly

4. Newgy Robo-Pong 1040 Ping-Pong Robot

Any serious tennis player may want a robot that returns higher value for money. The robot of this nature must of necessity be multipurpose in nature.

This particular robot fits the bill perfectly well. That’s because you may use it for fun, game, and relaxation.

It includes a ball thrower and oscillations. This item expedites the process of throwing balls. It also increases the accuracy of such throws.

Because of this, you may anticipate greater shots on target as well as greater enjoyment.This feature generally acts as the repository of balls. It has an extender cage.

In all, both the ball and the extender cage may hold well over 200 balls. This being the case, the robot allows you to play for several minutes without having to stop.

The controls of various features and parameters are made possible courtesy of this analog control panel. Though it is inconvenient, it is nonetheless simpler to comprehend. This means you will find it easy to engage regardless of your skill level.

Comprising 4 dozen Robo-balls that measure 40 mm wide, this robot is indeed a worthy companion. It will let you nurture your tennis skills perfectly well. It also enables you to transition from a complete novice to a professional in one swipe. 


  • May be mounted anywhere
  • Convenient to transport and store
  • CSuitable for fun, game, and fitness
  • Accords a variety of angles and trajectories
  • Possible to adjust the ball speed, frequency, and oscillations


  • A bit bulky

5. iPong Topspin Table Tennis Trainer Robot

The craving for a tennis match may strike anywhere. That’s why it is of necessity that the right robot has to be used anywhere.

 This robot embodies certain elegant features that enable this feat to be achieved.

Unlike most other robots, this one is battery-powered. This enables it to be utilized just about anywhere; including remote locations.

For this reason, it grants you the freedom to enjoy your matches regardless of your location. Most of its tasks and purposes are automated.

This is by use of remote controls and built-in instructions. Consequently, you can rest assured that much of your time won’t be wasted in engaging the various components. This frees you and lets you enjoy your overall gaming experience

With this robot, you may cast balls at adjustable frequencies of 12 to 70 balls per minute! This capability grants you even greater freedom. This is because it enables you to basically determine your desired parameters. 

By its very nature and constructions, this robot may be devoted to various uses. These include solo practicing, indoor practicing, and overall enjoyment. Moreover, it does not require you to fold it or alter its dimensions at any time. For this reason, it is pretty convenient.


  • Generates high power
  • Creates more accurate shots
  • Achieves higher shot-on-target
  • Saves a great deal of time and effort
  • May be used in extremely remote locations


  • Little bit hard for competitive sporting events

6. Newgy Robo-Pong 1050 Table Tennis Robot

To save time, you need to obtain a robot that confers one-stop-shop solution for all your training needs. This simply means that the robot should help you in transitioning from scratch to the expert level. This is the reason why this particular robot exists.

It comes along with three main modes namely: the drill mode, the normal mode, and the random mode. The drill mode allows you to create your custom drills.

The normal mode accords you manual control over each function. The random mode, on the other hand, accords you more unpredictable challenges.

Unlike most robots, this one comes along with a digital control panel. The panel is configured to operate six different languages. This extends its overall applicability to a wider base than most other robots. Moreover, it is easier to engage than the analog counterparts.

It comes along with a free set-up DVD and a manufacturer’s training manual. This two aid you, the user, in getting started. They eliminate all forms of ambiguities that may naturally arise in the process and rule out the need to hire an expert. 

In all, it does feature a compact size and is also lighter in weight. It measures 9 inches thick by 13 inches wide by 21 inches long and weighs 9 pounds (4 kg) only. Because of this, expect the robot to take up less space and fit almost anywhere. 


  • Simpler to use
  • Convenient to store
  • Easy to take down after use
  • Provides easy precision for ball speed, placements, and frequency
  • Sharpens transitions, train strokes, footwork, and other crucial tennis skills


  • Quite costly and prohibitive

7. iPong V300 Table Tennis Trainer Robot

This robot is primarily manufactured and intended for practicing advanced strokes without a human companion.

This being the case you will find it a worthy companion in your journey to greatness in tennis.

It does incorporate a memory button. This feature is designed to save all your favorite settings. It also has a plays/pause button.

The latter two enable you to make the necessary adjustments. The robot is on the whole easy to engage.

The robot has a digital display right at the front. This unit enables you to easily see all the present control settings. It also allows you to easily set the range from 0 to around 9.Becaue of this; you stand to accrue the benefit of utmost convenience.

The robot also comprises the oscillation feature. This basically tilts the entire set appropriately in order to boost its agility. This way, it allows you to considerably sharpen your tennis skills. You clearly have no better companion than this robot

Engaging the various control features is further enhanced by the existence of the wireless remote. This device lets you alter those parameters as you deem fit. It allows you to do so from the comfort of your location.


  • Shorter assembly time
  • Greatly improves coordination
  • Easy to take down after use
  • Supports both recreation and competitive sports
  • Sharpens transitions, train strokes, footwork, and other crucial tennis skills


  • Limited use and applicability

8. Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 Table Tennis Machine

Are you intent on improving your tennis skills? Would you also wish to play the game with whole families?

If you said yes, then this tennis robot is yours for the taking. It is exclusively designed and intended for these two feats.

Its key feature is probably the recycling net system. This comes along with side nets. Both are intended to capture all your returns and recycle them.

This way, they allow you to play the game non-stop. What more could convenience you possibly ask for? 

It has the ability to fit all standard ping-pong tables. Moreover, it is also easy to set-up, utilize, disassemble, store up and transport. Because of these, you are freed of all unnecessary hassles and inconveniences.

On the whole, the tennis robot generates variable spins. These are combination spin, topspin, right sidespin, backspin, and left sidespin. For this reason, your agility is heavily boosted. Moreover, you are granted the opportunity to further sharpen your tennis skills.

In all, the tennis robot is accompanied by 4 dozen Robo balls that measure 40 mm each. They are large, tough, and strong enough to guarantee you reliable plays. Moreover, their overall sheer size allows you to play for longer without any inconveniences.


  • Easier to get started
  • Suitable for family and friends alike
  • Confers several shot selections
  • Free set-up DVD and training manuals
  • Sharpens transitions, train strokes, footwork, and other crucial tennis skills


  • Occupies large spaces

9. iPong Mini Table Tennis Trainer Robot

This simple, affordable, and fun table tennis robot brings recreational table tennis to a new and higher level of competitive play.

It features a modern sheer shell. The shell is very visible and features the revolutionary new spiral gravity ball-feed mechanism.

On the whole, the entire set greatly expedites the process of feeding balls into the system. Your gaming experience can never be more awesome!

The tennis robot features an overall simple design. This design allows for an even-paced and consistent ball trajectory.

This enables you to shoot well on target at all times. It also lets you maximize your scoring potential considerably. All factors considered, you will find this tennis robot quite simple to get started on.

For one, you won’t have to assemble it before use. Secondly, you only need to switch it on or off, and there you go! Finally, you simply need to add four AA batteries to power it up. 

Its overall construction comes in the form of compact size. It measures roughly 12 inches long by 7 inches wide and weighs a paltry 1.5 pounds (0.7 kg). This makes it very portable and perfect for any player. You don’t have to possess much brawn to get your work done


  • Full of fun
  • Simple construction
  • No assembly required at all
  • Extremely cheap and affordable
  • Suited for both recreation and competitive plays


  • Not so effective in nurturing tennis skills

10. Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Digital Table Tennis Robot 

Serious tennis games require reliable, strong, and well-equipped tennis robot. In case you are that serious player, this tennis robot is clearly for you. The review that follows shall lay bares some of its features.

The tennis robot features an overall elegant design. This combines fanfare, prestige, and elegance in one component.

Because of this, you stand to derive some sense of class in case you opt for it. It may also enhance the appearance of your home interior.It features 64 pre-programmed drills that let you customize it for various unique games.

This grants you the freedom to operate as per your wish, desires, and liking. It also lets you channel al your energy, focus, and attention on your weak areas.

On the whole, the tennis robot generates high precision. This is mainly due to the existence of the revolutionary digital control features. It is thus pretty effective in determining the ball speeds, frequency, and placements. It also enables you to achieve higher scores.

In all, the tennis robot allows you to enjoy non-stop actions. This is due to the existence of the recycling net system. This system basically captures the balls and returns them to the basket. This way, they ensure you a continuous supply of balls at all times. 


  • Quite thorough in its scope
  • Simpler to deploy and install
  • Large enough to fit a whole family
  • Does not require you to train with someone else
  • Suited for both recreation and competitive pAllows you to train strokes, transitions, footwork, and other skillslays


  • Little bit pricey

11. Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot

In order to compete favorably in a competitive tennis tournament, you inevitably require thorough training. You can only achieve this by using a reliable and well-equipped tennis robot. This is that kind of robot

The tennis robot comes along with the new IFC (individual frequency controls) feature. This feature basically adjusts the ball intervals appropriately.

This subsequently grants you the leeway to determine the pace at which you may carry out your workouts.

Also accompanying the individual frequency controls above is the cycle mode. 

This enables you to create pauses or breaks in between workouts.This lets you practice at the base that is more convenient for you. It also eliminates unnecessary fatigue.

It also has a wireless remote as a part of its overall product package. This remote enables you to seamless alter the various controls of the tennis robot. It also has ball frequencies controls that lets you determine the rate at which the balls get released.

In all, the tennis robot is capable of generating up to 8 pre-exercise shots and a further 99 savable sequences. These in total exude excellent results indeed. Your overall skill and competence after an intense workout can never be any better!


  • Very thorough
  • Durable and reliable in the long run
  • Generates amazing outcomes indeed
  • Requires fewer repairs and maintenance
  • Possesses very elegant and top-notch features


  • Inexperienced players may find it quite complex to comprehend

12. SmartPong Table Tennis Robot

Are you a starter in the field of tennis? Alternatively, could you have decided to get serious with tennis for once? In case you answered yes, to either question, you have this tennis robot for your taking. It is indeed suited for and intended for persons of your stature. 

Its remote control unit is wireless and operates on the infrared technology. As such, it requires no manual adjustments and is thus convenient. 

This means you are assured of all the freedom you require to fully leverage the benefits of the item.

Apart from the tennis robot itself, the package wherein the gadget is sealed contains other accessories as well. These include the backpack, additional motor, ball picker tube, and 100 balls. All these accessories work jointly to enhance your overall gaming and practicing experience.

Instructional DVDs accompany this tennis robot. The contents of the DVDs are centered on how to basically set up the table and get started with it. Also contained in the DVD are rules that regard the proper stroke and footwork.

On the whole, the tennis robot has built-in programs and drills. It, in fact, lets you select from nine pre-programmed drills or even create your own! Because of this, your overall practice is greatly expedited and made more efficient.


  • Full of fun
  • Ideal for the whole family
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Provides a wide range of capabilities
  • Provides four different modes of plays


  • May be intriguing for unskilled user

13. Table Tennis Robot Oukei TW2700 S9 Professional

Intensive practices require equally sophisticated and intensive training equipment. This is the exact kind of equipment.

It has all the various features that make intense workouts possible. These shall be explained further in the review that follows: 

The tennis robot has a dual-head server. This feature let the players choose between the topspin and backspin serves at the same time.

This being the case, the tennis robot is generally reliable, fulfilling, and quite intriguing indeed.

This double-spin technology basically ensures that different degrees of speed, curves, and spins are served as accurately as can be. Because of this high precision, you are guaranteed of maximum comfort and overall joy. Your practice sessions can surely never be more enjoyable.

You may set the tennis robot to design an assortment of customized games based on your desired difficulty. This is courtesy of the 5 user-programmable memory settings. This further enhances your freedom and overall practice experience

This tennis table robot comprises 18 different landing points that are located strategically on the court. 9 of the landing points are set aside for long-range balls, with the remaining 9 for short-range balls. This arrangement gives you the ability to utilize the court effectively. 

Several features further enhance your convenience of utilizing this tennis court. Top among these are the 5 built-in programs. They provide you with well over 200 combinations of serves. On the whole, the tennis court greatly enhances the overall utility you will stand to derive.


  • Simpler to set up and engage
  • Generates wider variety of spins
  • Holds well over 70 balls at a time
  • Works well with both small and large balls
  • Operates well in both high and low speeds


  • A little bit complicated for a starter

14. Butterfly Amicus Advance Robot

In order to derive value from a tennis table continuously, such a table ought to be adjustable with time. This is to enable it to respond to the varying parameters such as height and weight.

This is that kind of table. It is pretty adjustable, as shall be seen in the review below:

This is its most outstanding feature. It basically adjusts the ball shot intervals with as many different speeds and spins as possible.

This way, it allows you to effectively control the speed of the balls. It hence lets you vary such speeds to your convenience.

Apart from the speed of the ball, you may also adjust the spin, speeds, and trajectory of the balls. This allows you to boost the accuracy of your shots. It also reduces missed targets and enhances your scoring potential.

In all, the tennis court may accommodate up to 10 savable sequences. Because of this, it allows you to enjoy as much room as possible. It also lets you enjoy your entire gaming experience by reason of giving you as many options as possible. 

You may take advantage of the same setting feature to adjust and set the unique settings of the ball deliveries. This may help you in getting started by testing the parameters of your desired gaming session.


  • Swift and reliable
  • Effective controls
  • Operational efficiency
  • Able to perform all sequences and maneuvers
  • Upgradable to the Amicus professional model from the Amicus advance


  • Lower returns to value

15. Practice Partner PP 20 Table Tennis Robot

Are you looking for a ‘one-stop-solution’ to all your tennis skills? You definitely require a court or table that is able to exude its benefits for long.

This indeed is the table you have been looking for all along. It is also suitable for all levels of plays.

In all, this tennis robot generates 8 different spin variations. These include the backspin, topspin, and sidespin, among others.

They make the gadget quite agile and in so doing, enhance your skill level considerably. This assures you of great improvements each time you play with it.

It has a ball feeding unit that is made of alloy and coated with resistant rubber. This ball feeding unit is thus quite stable and shoots the balls in the right direction. By opting to settle for this tennis robot, you stand to accrue the benefit of higher scores and lower misses.

You are able to vary the speeds of this tennis robot. This is due to the existence of this speed variation feature. The range of such variations lies between 25 and 80 balls per minute. This is further enhanced by the easy to control box.

The overall design, makeup, and construction of this tennis robot are simple. This is by reason of possessing simpler parts and components. It is also quite simple to use and may be utilized in school and at home in equal measure.


  • Convenient for use
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Does not wear out easily
  • Higher returns to investments
  • Suitable for all kinds of players


  • Quite pricey, and understandably so

How to Choose The Best Ping Pong  Robot 

The following are some of the factors to consider while shopping for the best ping pong robot:


It goes without saying that the right robot has to have the right size and weight. It should also fit in the available space and be easier to carry around.

Material Construction

Long-term reliability is very essential. This can only be assured in case the materials used are of high quality. The right table has thus to be made of hardwood, stainless steel, and other tough materials.


The right robot has to have advanced and effective controls. It should be able to carry out all kinds of moves and maneuvers. This is to assure you of the convenience you need to train well. 

Ease of Use 

A good robot ought to be extremely easy to use. It should not require prior assembly before use. It should also be accompanied by tutorials and manuals

Playing Mode 

In order to guarantee you of higher returns, the robot of choice has to have several playing modes. This will also enhance your overall experience. 

Other Considerations 

Brand: It is no secret that some brands or manufacturers are more reliable than others. They should be given top-most priority. Examples of these top brands include iPong, Newgy, Butterfly Amicus, and Practice Partner.

Price: It goes without saying that you should look for an affordable ping pong robot. Let the cost of acquisition not stress you unnecessarily.

Financial Resource Endowment: Needless to say, you also should ascertain the amount of money you have at your disposal. Proceed to settle on only that ping pong robot that fits within your budget.

Intended Users: These robots are intended for different kinds of users. Some are for starters yet others are for intermediates and experts. Identify the right robot for the right kind of user. 

Skill Level: Closely related to users is the skill level. Some robots are designed for training starters yet others are for competitive/professional training. Factor this as well.

Final Verdict 

The above ping pong robot review for all practical purposes eye-opening and informative. It will aid you in making the right purchasing decision. If in doubt, we urge you to carry out independent research to ascertain the accuracy of the information provided. Do so especially moments before you embark on a purchase. Moreover, our others reviews is super ping pong balls and best ping pong paddle also meet up your requirement indeed!

Indeed each of the products we have reviewed above is outstanding in its own right. This means you stand to derive some unique benefits by settling for any of them. This being the case, why don’t you contemplate buying at least one of them? Time is truly of the essence. Do not hesitate to do so! 

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