Top 7 Best Hockey Nets 2021 – Tested, Compared & Reviewed

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Top 7 Best Hockey Nets 2021 – Tested, Compared & Reviewed

The Best Hockey Nets - Honest Guide & Reviewed For You.

Hockey is a very great game. You want to enjoy it as much as you possibly can. This can only happen if you have the right equipment for your use. One of these important pieces of equipment are the hockey nets.

These hockey nets come in various sizes and shapes. They also have varying degrees of complexity besides being suited for different kinds of uses. In light of this, an ordinary would-be user may often be at crossroads as to how to acquire the right one. This is the reason we have decided to generate and publish this buying guide.

Top 7 Best Hockey Nets in 2021 - Reviews 

 1.  Franklin Sports 50-inch All-Purpose Steel Goal

If you play several net games, you desperately want an all-purpose net. This is to be able to easily switch from one game to another without necessarily acquiring or employing multiple nets at a time. This is such kind of a net.

As has already been stated, the net can discharge several purposes at a time. This allows you to play as many games as possible with just one net. Because of this, you stand to enjoy maximum convenience at all times.

Its nets are very strong and durable. They are consequently suitable for those large soccer balls as well as smaller pucks and balls.

This feature further ensures you the maximum peace of mind you desperately require for maximum enjoyment.The corners of the stands are flat. They thus increase the stability of the net. In so doing, they make it almost impossible for the nets to collapse even when hit hard by an oncoming ball.

All the fittings can be removed or adjusted by the simple push buttons. For this reason, they are easier to engage. You will not have to employ too much skill and effort to set them in the desirable forms at all times.

Generally speaking, the nets are tight, stable, and reliable. They will serve you continually for a prolonged duration of time. They will also demand limited repairs and maintenance on your part. This will also translate to lower operational costs.

What we liked

  • Generally tight and reliable
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Lower maintenance costs in the long run
  • Easy tool-free assembly which is quick and simple
  • Able to support and accommodate several sports such as lacrosse, street and field hockey

What we didn’t like

  • Relatively smaller in size

 2.  Mylec All Purpose Steel Hockey Goal

In order to be able to play hockey whenever and wherever you want, you must have a very durable net.

This is because of the need to confront high impacts and strong forces that such nets experience from time to time. This is the net for those unique circumstances.

In all, the nets are very durable and strong indeed. They are made of the heavy-duty Nylon material. They are hence less likely to fray, tear apart, or get damaged easily. You can be sure that the net will serve you long.

Its top shelf features a pro-style design. This design not only bolsters its structural efficiency but also enhances its overall aesthetics. Because of this, the net will yield you the dual benefits of added functionality and visual appeal.

The metallic structures that are used to make up the support of the net are made of the heavy-gauge metal. These metals measure 1.25 inches in diameter and are hollow inside. By this sheer structural makeup, you may count on the net for strength and long-term reliability.

All the constituent parts and components of the net are designed to fit securely in each other. This eliminates any forms of ambiguities or inconsistencies. They also enable the net to hold up to tough game plays.

Lastly, the net fabrics are bound together by use of the quadruple stitching. This kind of stitch is tough, durable, tight, and reliable. They assure you of added durability and long-term reliability which you badly want for excellent outcomes.

What we Liked

  • Sets up almost anywhere
  • Lasts longer than most nets
  • Quick to set up and take down
  • Ideal for pick-up games or regular practice
  • Suitable for both street and ice hockey tournaments

What we didn’t like

  • Quite heavy and cumbersome to carry around

 3.  Mylec Inc 54 X 44 Folding Goal (803)

If you are that kind of a player who shifts location every quite often, you may want to consider an extremely light net.

By being lighter and compact in size, this net could as well be the ultimate solution you have been seeking all along.

Unlike the frames of most other nets, the ones for this particular net are made of the Polyvinyl Chloride material. This material is lighter in weight than steel yet it has the same degree of strength. In light of this, you will find the net quite portable.

Its nets are further made of the famed heavy-duty Nylon material. This material resists frays, tears, dampening, and other agents of deterioration perfectly. This being the case, the net will on the whole last longer and perform optimally.

Its unique and first-of-its-kind technology basically enables the nets to slide against each other easily. This allows you to easily set up the net for subsequent use. It also simplifies the process of uninstalling the net once you are through with the game.

Other than merely holding the balls, the net can also bring along the benefit of added aesthetics to you. This is made possible by the red sleeves that slide easily over a white tubing. You will accrue much more benefits than you pay for by settling on this net.

Setting the net further apart from others is a center pipe support. This runs vertically in the middle of the goal. It reinforces the net and bolsters its ability to withstand higher impacts. By reason of this, the net is well able to serve competitive tournaments.

What we Liked

  • Folds for easy storage
  • Stronger than most ordinary nets
  • Assembles in a matter of minutes!
  • Experienced and reliable manufacturer
  • Convenient to carry around by reason of weighing a mere 7 pounds

What we didn’t like

  • Serves fewer purposes than most other nets

 4.  Florida Nets Golf Net, LaCrosse, Street Sports Nets

If you are shopping for a net that can serve competitive hockey tournaments, you may need to pay keen attention to the following mini-review.

This net is indeed designed with such a need in mind. This is because it is manufactured of commercial-grade fishing materials.

Each mesh measures 2 inches (1 inch from each knot to the other knot) plus a further 1-inch hole. These perforations are too tiny to not even allow a small golf ball to pass through. For this reason, the net will be pretty effective in containing the balls.

You may also use the net to enhance the looks and appearance of your room interior. This is because the net is on the whole fair to behold. By reason of this, you will obtain a higher value for the money you invest.

With a high tensile strength of approximately 150 pounds test, this net is indeed great for recreational and sport uses. It will wear off slowly and guarantee you the attendant benefits for an extended duration of time.

On the whole, you may utilize the net for a wider range of sporting activities. As a matter of fact, you will carry out as many different kinds of sporting activities in one comprehensive package. The benefits of conveniences shall be yours to reap.

What we Liked

  • Allows you to dye it for your convenience
  • Customizable to desired dimensions and shapes
  • A great alternative to those expensive sports nets
  • Able to rid your pool of debris, leaves, and other litter
  • Can also barricade your compound against invasions by animals

What we didn’t like

  • Less skilled users may find it quite complicated

 5.  Franklin Tournament Steel Goal

Would you wish to leverage the benefits of professional nets but with limited space at your disposal? If you answered yes, then this is your net for the taking. It has smaller and compact dimensions but nevertheless has the standard qualities of a professional net.

This net comes ready to be installed. This is made possible by the rugged 2,400D polyester pre-fit sleeves. As the result of this, you will experience limited hassles while setting it up for use. You will also find it quite convenient to dismantle at the conclusion of a match.

The metallic components of the net come in the form of a rigid and durable construction indeed. It features the tough and heavy-gauge 1.25-inch (0.8-mm wall) steel tubing. This material provides you the strength and reliability you require for topnotch performance.

As has already been hinted above, the net can provide the benefits of professional equipment but in a compressed form. This arrangement allows you to leverage those benefits but without having to part with too much money.

Other than being tough and durable, the metallic components of the net are hollow inside and precisely designed. In light of this, they are lighter, more convenient to carry around and simpler to install. This again shall save you plenty of time while engaging the net.

Closing the list of its key features is the easy-to-assemble 420D nylon sleeve net attachment. This fits securely onto the main frame of the net with as minimal effort as possible. It, therefore, saves you time and effort besides guaranteeing you stability.

What we Liked

  • You may use it for practice or plays
  • Can handle pucks and balls of all kinds
  • Generally ready for anything you fling at it
  • Easily fits into the nylon sleeve net attachments
  • Features a very strong, durable, and stable construction

What we didn’t like

  • Exerts unnecessary drag during transportation

 6.  Franklin Sports Pro Professional Steel Goal

Professional tournaments require professional-grade nets. This is simply a net that meets all the requirements and standards that are set forth by various certification agencies. This Franklin Sports Pro Professional Steel Goal is an example of such kind of a net.

Coming in on top of its key traits is this premium heavy-gauge steel tubing. It measures 1.5 inches to 2 inches in diameter. It is consequently tough, stable, and reliable. It will retain that stability even when under intense pressure.

On the whole, the net is extremely durable. This is by reason of comprising the heavyweight 10,000D polyester pre-fits. It is comparatively resistant to all the common agents of deterioration such as tears, dampening, and frays. You may rest assured of topnotch performance at all times.

In all, the net comes ready for use and installation. This is by reason of possessing pre-fit individual nets. You will, therefore, be able to set up the net within the shortest duration of time possible. This feature also absolves you from possessing too many technical skills.

Its perimeters and rope ties are not left out either. They too are reinforced for added strength. They will also yield you the same level of satisfaction as the net proper that is explained above. Also, these parts will reduce your operational costs.

The loop wherein you attach the net to the frame is also welded for durability. By reason of this, you will experience limited to no fall-offs, tears, and any other mishap that may naturally arise in the course of utilizing the net.

What we Liked

  • Handles high impacts pretty fine
  • Deteriorates and deprecates slowly
  • Generates higher value for your money
  • Calls for limited repairs and maintenance
  • Withstands frequent and repeated uses as well

What we didn’t like

  • Its Polyester material is not too strong

 7.  Park & Sun Sports "Street Ice" Hockey Goal 

Rigorous and competitive sporting activities require very tough nets. This is because such games are more likely to generate high impacts which are damaging to the nets.

This indeed is a net of such a kind. Its construction, design, and parts are all geared towards the same.

Top of its features is the sturdy frame. This measure 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Being tough and just the right diameter, the frame will provide you the stability you require to fully enjoy your game. It will also not fall off easily.

The frames are also made of the 18-gauge steel material besides being sturdy. This material is further supplemented with a protective red finish. It is hence resistant to corrosion and other agents of deterioration. The material will hence last long and exude as many benefits as possible to you.

The frames are also made of the 18-gauge steel material besides being sturdy. This material is further supplemented with a protective red finish. It is hence resistant to corrosion and other agents of deterioration. The material will hence last long and exude as many benefits as possible to you.

Its top hood is welded to firmly join and secure it. For this reason, the hood will provide you tough and reliable support even under intense pressure or impact. It is for this reason that the net is able to withstand rigorous undertakings.

To aid you in setting up and dismantling the net, side stability bars are fitted onto it. These basically have turn knobs which you may use to tighten or loosen the net during the setup or take down. You will not have to be a pro or very experienced to perform these tasks.

What we Liked

  • Very durable hockey goal
  • Adjustable to fit various spaces
  • Less stable than most professional nets
  • Collapsible for simplified storage and transport
  • Attaches easily to the steel tubes courtesy of the poly "C" clips

What we didn’t like

  • Requires a fair mastery of hockey to use effectively

How to Choose The Best Hockey Nets in 2021

Difficulty Level

The game of hockey may be played at different levels. These include starter, intermediate, and the expert levels. As such, the nets for these kinds of difficulties are similarly designed and manufactured differently. You should subsequently see to it that the net you intend to acquire is able to handle the hassles that your playing level imposes. This is to ensure higher life expectancy and maximum enjoyment.

Skill Level of the Player

Just like the difficulty levels explained above, the game of hockey is also played by various kinds of players. The nets that may handle and suit these kinds of players also differ. You should thus see to it that you obtain a net that is as relevant to your skill level as possible. This is for the same reasons outlined above.

Entire Duration of Use

For how long in total, do you plan to use the net? Is it for a short one-time or two times? Alternatively, could it be for an extended duration of time? In case you plan to use the net for longer, make sure that it is strong and durable. The opposite should apply if you intend to use the nets for a limited duration of time.

Frequency of Plays

How often do you intend to play the game of hockey? Just like the duration of use discussed above, the frequency with which you intend to play is largely determined by the durability of the net. For this reason, look for a tough and durable net if you plan to play frequently and vice versa. You may want to ward off frequent breakdowns and repairs.

Desired Locations of Use

Where exactly do you plan to use the net? Is it indoors, outdoors, or in extremely remote locations? If it is for outdoors, you may want a net that has the ability to withstand the harsh environmental conditions pretty fine. If it is for extremely remote locations, you may want a net that is lighter and very weather-resistant. This is to guarantee you performance during all weather conditions.

Final Verdict

Just to repeat the earlier statement, hockey is an awesome game indeed. To enjoy it fully, you, by all means, have to acquire a good and strong net. The ones we have identified and reviewed above are some of the good ones you may consider starting with.

Just in case you do not have any in mind, we suggest to you the Franklin Sports Pro Professional Steel Goal. This particular net is extremely tough and long-lasting. If you decide to settle on it, you can be sure to derive as much satisfaction as you possibly can. You will also spend less to repair and maintain it.

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