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Top 15 Best Hockey Sticks Reviews – For Youth & Adult 2024

Yes, Best Hockey Stick Under 100 & Above - Honest Reviews

The game of hockey is very interesting. Apart from enjoyment, it may also be played as a professional sport. It also aids in the building of the bodily muscles, especially those of the hands and legs they perform it with best hockey sticks no doubt..

In order for you to enjoy the game to the maximum possible extent, you require a quality and reliable stick. This is the piece of equipment that you basically require to hit the balls.

Such sticks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You may hence be confused as to how to arrive at the very best choice. That’s why we have compiled this review. We have taken the views of past users, industry experts, and manufacturer’s recommendations. We then collated the findings and generated the review below.

15 Best Hockey sticks - Comparison

Top 15 Best Hockey sticks in 2024 - Reviews

Are you a beginner in the field of hockey? If you said yes, then you require a special kind of stick. This is that kind. As you shall know in the review that follows, it indeed has all the essential features.

Top of its features is the wood construction. It is made of hardwood that is very tough and durable. The wood also resists the absorption of water and is thus less prone to rotting.

Next in line is the super-thin and overall lightweight construction. This ensures that you easily control it whichever way you may so desire. Such a trait is, by all means, desirable especially if you are a beginner in the field of hockey.

In all, the hockey weighs 19-20 ounces. This third and last trait are by far the most significant. This is because it predisposes you to minimal drag possible. It hence reduces your vulnerability to fatigue and boredom.


  • Quite affordable
  • Elegant in appearance
  • Durable enough for long-term reliability
  • Strong enough to withstand high impacts
  • Features a simplistic construction that is easy to comprehend


  • Larger in size and may hence be unsuited for smaller users

Are you a hockey enthusiast? Do you play the game just about anywhere? If you answered yes, then you definitely require a ‘universal’ hockey stick. This is basically a stick that can be utilized in all environments or conditions.

This hockey stick is indeed universal. This is because it is designed in such a manner as to allow you to use it in all conditions. 

You may play in ice, field, or even the street! It thus grants you unprecedented convenience and time-saving.

Its blade is made of the renowned durable ABS blade. Because of this, you may count on the stick to serve you for as long as you may want. You can also be sure of reduced repairs and maintenance sessions.

It measures around 58 inches. This length is long enough for any height. This is very good news for you in case you are taller in height. This is because it won’t require you to stoop too low or strain unnecessarily.

Closing the list of the elegant features is its breathtaking appearance. It is so colorful and sleekly designed. This enables it to enhance your ambiance besides performing its primary function of hitting the puck.


  • Moderately cheap and affordable
  • Long enough for taller users
  • Performs well for street, ice, and field hockey
  • Comprises a durable blade for long-term reliability
  • Elegant in appearance and is hence aesthetic to look at


  • It is quite weighty for users who lack muscle power

If you are a professional hockey player. Do your games entail fast and powerful hits?

If so, you definitely require an equally tough and reliable stick. This stick is one such of a kind. Explained below are the traits that enable this to happen.

For a start, it comprises fully integrated 20% carbon, 60% fiberglass, and 20% Kevlar® materials respectively.

This enables it to exude all kinds of qualities and functionalities at a go. It is this composition that enables the stick to exude all the traits explained above.

Second, it gives off the excellent hitting power. This is mainly due to the fact that it can withstand extreme stress and impacts. Because of this, you can be sure of using the stick for long without the risk of it breaking apart or injuring you at all

Thirdly, it is very light. You do not have to possess plenty of muscle power to lift or use it at all. You are also spared from unnecessary fatigue, exhaustion, and meaningless drag. You may, therefore, use it for long without the need to put it down. 

Finally, it is very comfortable. This is by reason of the existence of the shock absorption feature. This is made possible by the existence of the fiberglass material. Your hands and muscles are spared of too much strain, blisters, and other health problems.


  • Super stiff flex
  • Excellent ball controls
  • Provides excellent power
  • High-performance construction
  • Effective shock absorption


  • Limited use and applicability

Are you a professional hockey player? Do you require a handy and convenient gadget?

This indeed is that kind of a gadget. It has all the parts, features, and functionalities necessary for the feat to be attained.

The ability to generate maximum power is the top selling point of this hockey stick.

This is mainly made possible by the specially-formulated carbon and Kevlar® materials. This indeed is your hockey stick of choice for all professional tournaments.

Next in line of the top features is the perfect weight-to-balance ratio. This arrangement/matrix basically strikes a balance between power and feel. It enables the stick to confer to you the dual benefits of top-notch performance and maximum comfort.

Wrapping up its list of unique selling points is its capability of generating maximum toe. This simply means you may hit the ball as far away as possible in a single stroke. This capability diminishes the inconveniences you may have to contend with.


  • Very reliable in the long run
  • Generates highly responsive power
  • Perfect weight-to-balance ratio
  • Able to hit the balls in multi-directions
  • Comprises durable parts and components


  • Little bit pricey for the ordinary user

Utmost hockey gaming experience requires a nice hockey stick. The stick of choice has to be durable and packed with all the elegant features possible.

This is that kind of a stick. As you shall see in the review that follows, it has all the required features.

Its most notable feature is the patented CAP technology. This is basically a thin-foil wrapping which envelops the entire stick from the top (shaft) to the base (hosel). This wrapping reduces vibrations and makes the stick very comfortable

Apart from reduced vibrations, the stick also transfers energy efficiently throughout the impact points. This reduces any strains, inconveniences, and fatigue. It also contributes to the overall enjoyment of the game of hockey.

Its shaft is made of 100% composite high-grade Aircraft material. This makes it very light yet tough enough to withstand maximum impact. It also means you won’t feel too tired while engaging the stick.

Finally, its blade comprises an ABS core. This is purposely designed to increase the stick’s torsion, stiffness, and durability. This, in turn, increases the accuracy and the velocity of the hits that are generated by the stick.


  • 30% more durable
  • Maximum velocity
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Efficient transfer of energy throughout the impact zone


  • Somewhat bulky

In case hockey is your lifeblood, you do require a versatile stick. Such a stick has to basically be suited for all occasions and playing conditions. This stick, in particular, is one such. This is because it is so designed by usable in all conditions.

Top of the range of its features is the standard 22 mm bow and goalie's toe. They both enable you to grasp the stick comfortably and engage it seamlessly also. 

This being the case, you may count on the stick to be very simple, reliable, and manageable to use.Coming second is its 100% fiberglass material composition.

 This material is light in weight yet is tough enough to absorb all shocks and vibrations. Because of these, you are assured of maximum comfort and reduced interferences.

The entire exterior of the stick is adorned with cutting-edge graphics. These greatly boost the visual appearance of the stick. They hence make the stick to exude aesthetics and contribute to the quality of the hockey sporting ambiance.


  • Very convenient
  • Moderately cheap
  • Designed for all levels of plays
  • Absorbs shocks and vibrations
  • Comfortable to handle and operate


  • A bit comfortable for regular use

Are you a beginner who only desires to sharpen his hockey skills?

If you said yes, then you definitely require a simple yet durable stick. This indeed is that kind of stick. As you shall see, it has all the relevant qualities.

In all, the stick is made of high-grade raw materials and a full fiberglass wrapping. Consequently, it is very long-lasting and reliable.

You won’t have to repair and maintain it every quite often as it is resistant to all the common elements of wear and tear.

It is also structured in such a manner as to reduce vibrations considerably. This means you won’t encounter unnecessary hindrances during your gaming. You may, therefore, rest assured of maximum possible experience.

The stick also features a well-balanced composition throughout its shaft and toe. This also greatly improves its handling and your overall experience. It eliminates your need to bend or strain unnecessarily throughout a gaming session. 

Concluding the list of its top features is its tight grip. It does have an ergonomic handle that is highly contoured. It holds your hands tightly and prevents it from slipping off unnecessarily. This way, you are spared of the risks of slip offs or injuries.


  • Well-balanced
  • Very affordable
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Features reduced vibrations
  • Accords a tight grip on the hands


  • Unsuitable for left-handers

In case you are a professional hockey player, you require a very responsive stick. Among others, such a stick should be able to hit the balls in various directions.

 It should also be strong, long, and quite reliable under all conditions.

This stick is responsive and quite long. It measures a whopping 58 inches in length. It is therefore perfect for taller persons.

It also enables you to hit the balls as far as you may possibly want. You won’t have to strain unnecessarily or stoop too low to use it.

Its shaft is covered with a multi-layer birch lamination. This basically shields it from excessive impacts and harsh external environmental conditions. You may, therefore, count on the stick to be of use to you for longer.

It does have a superior white ash core. It is reinforced with multi-directional as well as highly impact-resistant fiberglass. As the result of these two features, expect the stick to last you as long as possible. Be sure also to encounter minimal repairs and maintenance sessions.

Lastly, it does have a stiff blade. This is complemented with limited torquing and is thus suited for accurate shots. By playing hockey using this stick, you stand to greatly improve your shooting/targeting skills


  • Prestigious and classy
  • Quite tough and reliable
  • Long enough for taller players
  • Appropriately shaped for easy usage
  • Highly versatile and usable for a variety of hockey sports


  • Unsuitable for beginners

Do you practice hockey on a regular basis? Are you on the lookout for a reliable stick? This Harrow Revel Field Hockey Stick is your best bet.

It has all the crucial features that ensure this long-term reliability. These shall be explained in details below

Enter your texPerhaps its most outstanding feature is the 21 mm standard bow. This curvature is wide enough to let you hit the ball without a miss. Due to the existence of this wide curvature, you can be sure to enhance your accuracyt here...

It does have a Midi Toe that is geared for ultimate control. You should, therefore, expect the stick not to slip from your fingers. Your comfort, posture, and balance are also guaranteed throughout the gaming session.

In all, the stick consists of 50% carbon, 45% fiberglass and 5% Kevlar materials. It is consequently tough enough to be used frequently. You may, therefore, use the stick for all your daily practices without worrying about repairs.


  • Lightweight design
  • Provides optimal power
  • Enables ultimate and effective controls
  • Tough and reliable material composition
  • Pretty effective in sharpening hockey skills


  • May not offer much relevance to professional experts

Are you a fast forward player? If so, are you also intent on building your muscles as well? If you said so, then you should probably consider giving a try.

It is weighty, stable, and tough. It is, therefore, better placed to enable you to achieve the objectives spelled out.

The stick’s Karakal Grip Technology comes in first. It is heavily contoured, very soft, and accommodates the hands pretty well.

Because of this, you can be sure that your hands won’t develop blisters at all. You also stand to derive the benefit of using the stick for longer without exhaustion.

Its durability comes in second of the desirable features. It indeed comprises some tough and reliable components. You may, therefore, be sure of using the stick for as long as you may possibly imagine. By choosing to settle on this stick, you stand to save a great deal of money.

Its durability comes in second of the desirable features. It indeed comprises some tough and reliable components. You may, therefore, be sure of using the stick for as long as you may possibly imagine. By choosing to settle on this stick, you stand to save a great deal of money.


  • Extremely durable
  • Builds muscles as well
  • Comfortable and tight grips
  • Ideal for any playing condition
  • Mainly relevant for fast forward players


  • May disparage those with less muscle power

Are you a full-time professional hockey player? Would you wish to enhance your hockey skills?

If so, you undoubtedly require a strong and reliable hockey stick. This hockey stick is designed with the need to aid persons like you.

The stick is equipped with the Scoop technology. This enables you to accrue increased ball controls besides sharpening your aerial skills.

This stick is hence your most worthy companion in case you are intent on sharpening your hockey skills.Rigidity is its second most desirable trait.

This is made possible by the existence of the Multiwall Carbon Nano Tube Technology. It is hence unlikely to break apart and predispose to injuries while playing. It also generates maximum hitting power and is quite accurate.

Its extreme lightweight design closes the list of its key features. It weighs a paltry 530 grams. You do not have to possess as much muscle power as possible to handle it. You will also find it quite convenient to turn around.


  • Extremely rigid
  • High hitting power
  • Lightweight design
  • Increased ball controls
  • Enhanced aerial skills


  • Too short for taller players

Are you wary of your comfort in times of playing hockey? Are you careful to avoid blisters and other mild injuries while playing?

 If so, then this stick is the answer to all those concerns. That’s because it is so designed as to minimize those injuries and guarantee your comfort.

At the very top of its features is the Ultra Attack Frame blade construction. Unlike previous versions, the blade is stiffer. It is hence capable of sticking the ball firmly. By so doing, it minimizes misses, improves accuracy, and ensures consistency.

It wears and tears slowly and uniformly. By reason of this, it allows you to leverage the attendant benefits uniformly. There is almost no significant difference between the quality of the hits on day one and day a hundred!

Its weight is fairly balanced. This means you are spared from any unnecessary fatigue, inconvenience, and hindrances. This perfect weight balance also allows you to control the stick seamlessly. This enables you to enjoy your gaming experience to the maximum

Lastly, it is quite simple to utilize on the whole. That’s because it lacks any sophisticated features at all! By virtue of this, you may be certain that whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find it easy to master and engage.


  • More accuracy
  • Better precision
  • Premier controls
  • Incredible consistency
  • Confers excellent comfort


  • Starters may find it somewhat complicated

Advanced performance in the game of hockey requires an equally advanced stick. No other comes close to this Gryphon Taboo Blue Steel Pro Composite Field Hockey Stick.

As you shall deduce from the review that follows, it fits this bill perfectly well.

The stick comes along with the Silicon Sleeve Technology. This provides you with an added cushion on your traps.

 It also confers better feel which you require for enhanced dribbling skills. This indeed is the stick for professional games.

It is designed and manufactured in such a way as to achieve dual purposes. First is the dynamic ball controls. This basically lets you hit targets more accurately. The second is the aerial skills improvement. This comes in handy especially if you prefer to play the game aerial.

Besides the benefits listed above, the stick also exudes extreme power and feel. With this stick, you derive greater output with minimal effort. You also save a great deal of energy and muscle power throughout your experience.


  • Better feel
  • Extra cushioning
  • Smooth late bow
  • Dynamic ball controls
  • Improved dribbling skills


  • Not relevant to starters

If you practice field hockey on a regular basis, you require a reliable stick. This is to assure you of the comfort you need.

 It is also to spare you from unnecessary inconveniences you may often confront. This indeed is such kind of a stick.

The stick is suited for the above tasks because of several reasons. Top on the list is its extremely low weight.

This reduces the drag that you may naturally have to confront. It also reduces fatigue and other inconveniences you may have to contend with.

By opting to settle on this stick, you stand to reap the benefit of unparalleled performance. This is mainly by reason of the stick comprising a classic profile that offers excellent first touch. It thus generally allows you to sharpen your hockey skills to the maximum possible extent.

Lastly, the stick also saves you money and effort. This is brought about by two main factors. First and foremost, it is durable. Secondly, it is very rigid and hence effectively hits the balls as desired. Surely, your hockey game can never be more fulfilling.


  • Light in weight
  • Features a classic profile
  • Offers excellent first touch
  • Unparalleled hitting performance
  • Tough and durable constituent parts


  • Moderately expensive

Field hockey requires a very tough stick indeed. This is to conveniently confront the difficult terrain and other environmental obstacles.

This is where this Adidas X24 – Compo 1 comes in. It is indeed suited for reliable use in the field, as shall be seen hereunder

This stick is primarily designed for both power and comfort. This is mainly because of the existence of two carbon rods.

These are subsequently filled with foam that aid in shock absorption. It is hence pretty effective in hitting the balls as desired.

Other than effective shock absorption, the stick’s impact areas are also reinforced. This shields such sensitive areas from the attendant dangers of high impacts. It also enables the stick to last as long as can possibly be.

Its last notable trait is the ability to greatly enhance the accuracy of the shots. This accuracy is mainly brought about by the touch compound that supports the contact patch. This stick thus reduces your missed targets considerably.


  • Better accuracy
  • Increased power
  • Maximum shock absorption
  • Enhanced gaming experience
  • Reinforced main impact areas


  • Consists of some delicate components

 To Consider While Buy The Best Hockey Sticks

Shaft Length

This refers to the length of the shaft of the stick. The right stick on the basis of this consideration is determined by your height. In case you are tall, settle on a stick that has a longer shaft.

This way, you won’t have to stoop too low or strain unnecessarily. Try out several sticks before settling on the most appropriate length.

Material Composition

What materials is the stick made of? It goes without saying that a good stick has to be made of very tough materials. This, of course, is to guarantee you the peace of mind you require to enjoy the benefits unhindered.

It is also necessary as it saves you money you may otherwise have to spend in repairing it. Some of the top materials you may wish considering are stainless steel, hardwood, and fiberglass.

Bow Size

The bow is the curvature that exists at the base of the hockey stick. It is the point at which the ball is hit. A good stick should have a large bow. This is because of the larger the surface area of the bow, the more effective it is in hitting the balls.

Weight and Balance

On the whole, the stick ought to be as light as possible to enable you to carry it conveniently. Its weight should also be evenly distributed to prevent unnecessary interferences.

If you, however, intend to use the stick to build your hand muscles, you may also consider choosing a weightier stick.


It is the measure of the stick’s rigidity. A good stick ought to be firm and rigid enough to enable you to hit the ball with maximum strength.

This trait is also important in the sense that it prevents the stick from breaking apart and injuring you. To be sure of this, settle on that stick that is made of hardwood or steel.

Final Verdict

It is our hope that the review as well as hockey stick buying guide above has enlightened you. We now ask you to take another step and buy at least one of the hockey sticks we have reviewed above. We urge you not to hesitate in doing so. This is because the prices of the sticks above are subject to change without notice. Moreover, some are also limited in stock. You may not be guaranteed of the same in case you delay your order.Yes, above hockey sticks make you happy no doubt! Moreover, you can try air hockey for your new experience as well!

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