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Install An Air Hockey Table To Enjoy A Real Gaming Experience

If you buy and install best air hockey table in your basement with some other games and then convert it into a game room, you will not only be able to enjoy the games but will also enjoy seeing your children and all of their excitement. The fact is that air hockey is a game that people of all ages will enjoy. An air hockey table will allow you and your family to play this remarkable game and all will enjoy it.

Indoor games are very popular with the current generation of kids, and those who don't like them must not have ever played games at all. After you have spent some time with these games, you will become addicted to it. An air hockey table is not only affordable but also easy and you they are easily obtainable if you have the room for it. Although they don't take much room, they do occupy the area of their size.

Air Hockey Table To Enjoy A Real Gaming Experience


These days there are numerous styles and designs to choose an air hockey table from, and they are also available in different sizes. You should purchase the size that complements your home's decor and is suitable for your room. There was a time when an air hockey table was not as popular as they are today primarily because they weren't available in so many styles and sizes. An air hockey table is a great indoor game that will provide you with many days and nights of great entertainment with your friends and family. Maybe it is just the right time to convert that basement to a game room.

One of the great indoor activities for families out there is the air hockey, and since this sport doesn't require too strict rules, one can surely enjoy. One of the most critical equipment in playing the sport is the air hockey game table because it provides the most elements to play the game. You need it as space, and it is where the air is being released.

Learn About the Fun Game of Air Hockey

Air hockey is a highly popular game. Unlike traditional sport, which is played on an ice rink with thick padding and skates, air hockey is simple to play no matter what your physique. No need for the uniform and ability to race. Let's look at the basics of the game.


Air hockey requires a couple of pieces of specialized equipment, including a table, two mallets, and a puck. The table includes a large smooth surface for play, which includes some machinery underneath that forces air to the top through several tiny holes.

This allows the puck to glide effortlessly over the surface, allowing for fast action and quick gameplay.The table is surrounded by a rail to keep the puck from flying off the table. At each end is a slot which serves as a goal, and underneath the goal is usually return to grab the puck and return it to play.

The approved tables under this brand include the Photon, Pro-Style, Blue Top, Brown Top, Purple Top or Black Top. There are other brands used in the arcade that may not be regulated but are still sufficient to learn the game.

There are also tables that use a very slick plastic surface instead of air, and these are not real air hockey tables, though the gameplay is usually the same.


To start the game, a coin toss or face-off determine who gets possession of the puck initially. There are several rule violations which constitute a foul, thus turning over possession of the puck to the opponent. Topping, or placing the mallet on top of the puck to stop it, is an automatic foul.

Also, not hitting the puck within seven seconds of it crossing into your area is a foul. Other fouls include hitting the puck with anything other than the mallet and hitting the puck so hard that it leaves the table.

Points are counted anytime the puck crosses into the goal area, whether an electronic scoring device counts it or not. The first person to score seven points in a game wins.

Install An Air Hockey Table To Enjoy A Real Gaming Experience - Video


Playing air hockey is all in the way you grip the mallet. Use your fingertips instead of grasping the center with your hands, which allows more fluid motion of the wrists.

When defending the goal, keep your wallet out in front of it by about 8-10 inches. You can move the hammer back to the corners to support from there.

When shooting, always wait until you get control of the puck before attempting a move. Create your patterns of shooting, but mix them up to make sure that you keep your opponent guessing.

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