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Top 10 Best Dart Board for Kids – Tested & Reviewed [2024 Edition]

Not everyone hangs out in pubs and that includes kids. That is where modernity comes in. if you enjoy playing dart games and you want to have fun with your kids, you can get yourself a custom-made dartboard for your family. This way, you will be able to delight in this game from the comfort of your own home.

Also, choosing dart board for kids is not that easy. You have to weigh so many things from the quality of the materials used to make it, how long it can last, how it is made. When it comes to kids, most of them don't know how to compromise and play safe. That is why all these requirements become a fuss.

Keeping all those confusing requirements in mind, that is where we come in. We have created a list containing top 10 of the best dartboards for kids with a detailed guide on how to get one in 2024, just to ease your tension and help you decide at ease.

Top 10 Best Dart Board for Kids 2024 - Reviews

Wondering how you will a quality dart board for your kids? The following are some top reviews that you can check in 2019.

 1.. Doinkit Darts - Magnetic Dart Board

Anytime you spend time with your family, games always come in mind. With the games you have tried turned out to be epic but now they are all boring.

For that reason, it's time to play Doinkit dartboard games. Made by professionals to make sure that you are all occupied with fun for as long as you want.

First of all, it is an excellent way to introduce your family to such a reputable classic game. This is because it has the same characteristics of a traditional dartboard with a hook on its back to make sure you install it fixed at a safe and fair position for everyone.

Second, the darts may be made of metal so that they can stick on the magnet board but, it doesn't mean you will be exposed to danger especially with your kids running around aimlessly. Instead, they have been coated with a friendly and soft plastic material to make sure no one gets bullseyed or any item in your home destroyed.

Third, Doinkit is a finely designed set with six darts which are all colorful. The colors will definitely attract the attention of your kids who are required to be 6 and above years.

The board is strong and stable, you can say it won't be easy to destroy. Besides it's portable you can mount it anywhere depending on the weather.

Highlighted Features

  • Bears the same style as a traditional dartboard set
  • Enclosed magnets inside the dartboard for profound safety
  • 6 safely coated and magnetic darts for an optimum fun experience.
  • Perfectly balanced dartboard Set for inspiring and improving sporty skills
  • Highly stable and long-lasting darts crafted with neodymium magnets along with space age Doinkit materials.


  • Easy to play
  • It's quite safe and strong
  • Light in weight hence portable
  • Provides traditional experience
  • Designed for fun but can improve other skills
  • The board is colorful to attract kids’ attention


  • For 6+ years only
  • Only comes with a limited number of darts

 2.  INNOCHEER Safety Darts and Kids Dart Board Set 

It can be exhausting each time your kid's birthday comes, you run out of ideas on gifts to buy them. This time round Safety Darts and Kids Dart Board Set has you covered. The only problem is, it's so good you may never be able to find a gift that beats this.

This set encompasses a lot and it's great for kids who don't like to stay indoors. It has a full-sized dartboard. This dartboard features 16 inches in diameter which will be great to boost your kid's confidence to throw darts.

Since it's designed for kids too, it mainly got features that ensure their safety. That is why you will notice that it has two ways to be mounted on a surface.

These include a metal bracket for installing on a horizontal surface like a table and a nail hole for mounting on a vertical surface like a wall.

To top it all, the Safety Darts and Kids Dartboard set is quite unique. Unlike other dartboard sets, your kids will enjoy a variety of games just in one.

Besides its highly safe and great for 6 years and above kids. Even you can have it at the office and use it a destructive measure to counter all work stress.

Highlighted Features

  • Great for kids above six years
  • 9 darts with safety rubber tips
  • Convenient full-sized dartboard for extended fun
  • Crafted by professionals with high-quality expertise
  • Two ways to mount for maximum safety while playing


  • Colorful
  • It is light in weight for portability
  • It's uncommon with a network of games
  • Great for enhancing motor skills and eye coordination
  • Darts are covered with soft plastic materials for safety
  • Designed with high-quality materials to last more years


  • It's expensive
  • Darts don’t stick

 3.  Fun Adams Magnetic Dartboard 16 inch with Safe 

When you're looking forward to keeping little someone busy so that you can take care of things around the house, then Fun Adams may just have the perfect thing for you. A full set dartboard containing a variety of games and fun.

They have precisely redesigned a classic dartboard game into a modified style that even your three-year-old Angel can enjoy. The fun fact is that you and his older siblings can join him to make it more fun!

This board game does not involve a lot of complications to set it up. Besides its super easy to play. The darts are light and aerodynamic which makes them easy to throw.

To add on that, they have been made in a manner that, they cannot roll over, gravitate towards each other or fall off the board once you throw in.

The board is made of magnets so that it can hold darts firmly when thrown. Moreover, it is light in weight and can be mounted anywhere you like. Outside during summer or inside during winter.

If you are wondering the perfect gift to give your kid on their birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other important event, this dartboard can make a great gift.

Highlighted Features

  • Soft coated darts for the safety of your little ones
  • Colorful design to keep them glued on it for a long time.
  • Darts designed in line with aerodynamics laws for efficiency
  • Excellent tool for boosting growth in motor skills and coordination
  • Made with reference to the traditional dartboards for efficient learning for future experiences.


  • Easy to carry around
  • Highly tough and stable
  • It's comfortable and easy to play
  • Can be easily mounted on a surface
  • Top notch design for great learning
  • Highly tested and safe dart materials


  • Short diameter dartboard

 4.  Finebaby Magnetic Dartboard Toy Dart Game with 2

If you are planning to go on a vacation with your kids and you have a couple of game nights in mind, then you can pick finebaby dartboard set to cover a couple of nights. You will still take it home with you and continue the vacation experience in the house.

Dart boards are way passed being enjoyed in pubs alone, and the best dart board sets for kids explains just that. When you get finebaby that has an engraved modern twist, you will seriously increase your ratings as a parent to your kids.

Finebaby set is made from high-quality plastic, magnet and magnetic materials that are non-toxic hence environmentally friendly.

This just proves that your kids will not develop any rare conditions from using this set. They are safe and will have as much fun as they want as long as they are 6 years and above.

In a nutshell, this kit encompasses a lot of benefits for your children. Apart from having fun, they will also be able to work in teams, improve hand and eye harmony, their concentration levels will shoot up and you will notice that they will become more open and friendlier.

If you never had the chance to be their friend, this dartboard set will make it happen. Get it and your kids will enjoy playing.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a hook that allows it to be hanged anywhere
  • Perfect destruction for individuals above six years
  • 2cm long darts with aerodynamic specs for easy throwing and aiming.
  • The set is made of plastic which is non-toxic together with safe magnets
  • 24.5 cm diameter of the dartboard that is perfect for freehand throwing and landing


  • Safe and fun game
  • The set is light in weight
  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Can last longer than expected
  • The board can be used for many games
  • Highly effective means to stimulate kids growth


  • It's expensive
  • Has one installation way
  • Comes with only two darts

 5.  GIGGLE N GO Magnetic Dart Board for Kids - 1 Fun

If you have little nephews and nieces, the next time you go visiting them, bring them Giggle n go reversible magnetic dartboard. They will love you more for that because this board has tons of games to offer which most kids these days love playing.

Apart from tremendous bonding between you and your loved ones, the kids will be able to grow their skills in maths.

Well, this is the safest game board. As much as no one will be at risk of being hurt, your nicely done walls and furniture will pass being damaged.

For maximum safety, giggle n go, board, comes with built-in magnets so that it can hold darts when your kids throw at it.

Besides, it a standard game board that even when turned over, the fun still goes on. I know, you may think that it won't last since kids may not settle for one side for a long time.

Giggle n go is crafted with excellent resilience. The two sides are perfectly balanced and the board is so strong. In fact, it has high-quality neodymium magnets that will just keep it together no matter what madness it's put through.

Highlighted Features

  • Great for kids above five years
  • Made with neodymium magnets for durability
  • Steel crafted darts covered with soft materials for safety
  • Two-sided magnetic dartboard for enhancing motor skills
  • Supports a number of games which are great for family bonding


  • Highly durable
  • Light in weight
  • Highly portable
  • Darts can be replaced
  • Great for learning how to count
  • Perpetuates hand and eye coordination


  • Has a smaller diameter
  • Cannot stay in a fixed position

 6.  Soft Tip Safety Darts and Dart Board - for Kids 

Most kids are still learning between what is good and what is bad. That is why we still have to make choices for them sometimes. That includes toys.

For that reason, soft tip safety darts and board will relinquish you from struggling to get a perfect dartboard set for your kids.

It is safer than most dartboard sets. This is a result of being crafted with high-quality plastic materials to coat the items, just to make sure your kids don't prink each other.

Besides the board can be positioned at a stationary spot by simply hanging it using the hang-hole provided and it will stay stable and balanced for long.

Furthermore, the stipple dartboard has a 16-inch diameter which is great for a group of friends to enjoy playing together. There is also a metal bracket placed inside the dartboard to allow you to place it on the table or floor while playing.

This amazing game board is easy, safe and fun. It will help your child learn to work in a team, improve eye and hand harmonization, be able to concentrate on important things and learn how to relate to others.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed and efficient for kids above 6 years
  • Dartboard set is accessorized with soft-tipped darts
  • 16 inch uniquely stippled dartboard is designed for tons of fun
  • Dartboard is subdivided into a number of sections for pro-like gaming.
  • Has two installation styles; a metal bracket for table and nail hole for walls


  • Portable
  • Conveniently safe
  • Great for long fun hours
  • Even adults can enjoy it
  • More reliable in terms of longevity
  • Delivers excellent dart game experience


  • The dartboard has a built-in magnet meaning it can attract other magnetic items

 7.  ActionDart Soft Tip Darts and Dart Board Set - Great

If the school fun days have been boring to your little students and you mostly struggle to keep them entertained, it is time you introduced a dartboard set. Not just any other dartboard set but the best one from ActionDart dartboard set for kids.

From the moment your little friends will see it, they will love it and you will go down the memory lane as the teacher who introduced epic fun in their lives.

This dartboard set comes with a full-sized stippled dartboard with a wide diameter of 16 inches. This size is great to make your kids get psyched up to throw darts.

Moreover, it is colorful with all the colors the kids love. The board is also subdivided into amazing sections that will inspire the kids to think big.

You also won't have to worry about installing it. It can be done anywhere. The dartboard has two mounting ways that are designed one for the floor and the other for the walls.

The darts themselves, are similar to traditional ones. The only difference is that these darts have a soft coated tip with non-toxic materials, to make sure that, your kids don't dart each other in a messy way or end up destroying walls.

Highlighted Features

  • 6 safely coated dart tips
  • Designed for kids above 6 years
  • Great for child-brain development
  • Comes with a full-sized 16-inch dart board
  • Built-in metal bracket for tables and nail holes for walls


  • Easy to install
  • Crafted for longevity
  • A wide radius dart board
  • Built with profound safety
  • Enhances motor skills in kids
  • Light in weight hence movable


  • It's little bit expensive
  • Comes with 6 darts only

 8.  Ylovetoys Safety Dart Board Set for Kids, 16.4-inch

If you have tried a couple of ways to pass time with your kids probably enjoying a game. Well, you can make Ylovetoys your favorite past time game for you and your kids. Just surprise them this time, it is going to work.

This fancy game board is crafted by experts and it upholds pure safety. To begin with, the dartboard has a diameter of 16.4 inches which is good because its wide enough to allow your kids builds some confidence in the game.

It is also made from soft PP material so that it can be able to withstand all your crazy dart throwing. Besides, you will notice that it holds dart easily and firmly.

As much as these darts will not harm your furniture or scar, anyone, these 9 little friends are quite durable. In fact, they are made the traditional way, with steel tips but they are coated with soft materials so that your kids can delight it in wonderful game experience.

On that note, you need to remember that as long as your kids are 6 years and above, they can play this game at any time. There are two ways in which you can install Ylovetoys safety dart boards set.

The built-in metal bracket is quite convenient for table-top mounting. Whereas the reinforced nail hole at the back of this dartboard is excellent for wall mounting.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed for anyone above six years
  • Made from soft materials for more fun experience
  • Safe, durable and reusable dartboard for the whole family
  • Two ways for fixed installation to ensure your kids safety while playing
  • High-quality dartboard with a 16.4-inch diameter for the confidence boost


  • Easy to install
  • Extremely safe
  • Built with resilience
  • Great toy for kids and teens
  • Comes with a number of soft darts
  • The board can be reused for other games


  • Can be complicated for kids below 6

 9.  BETTERLINE Safety Dart Board Set with 6 Safe Soft

Bond with your children over the weekend. Get to know how far they have grown with the aid of the best dart board set that will make sure all of you enjoy a safe and fair game. To begin with, the darts are not metal or pointed. Instead, they are made of plastic tips and have magnets.

To add on that, since it is designed for kids to enjoy it too, you may assume it is amateur in nature. The 13.8-inch board features all the numbers and slots that a professional board has. The numbers run from 1 to 20 which are subdivided into single, double and treble slots.

Besides that, the board has holes so that when you throw darts at it, it can hold them in precise spots. You will also find mounting holes so that you can place it fixed on a wall of your choice.

This board is highly portable. Therefore, you can play it anywhere you like. Either at home, office, game room or outside on a picnic. Just know that your kids will be safe.

This board comes with 6 darts which will be more than enough for your whole family. The darts have plastic tips making them durable because the materials are of high quality.

In a nutshell, this dartboard has gone through a number of tests by experts just to make sure it doesn't pose any safety hazards to your family or friends.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality dart board for safety and longevity
  • 35 cm-wide dartboard with a big bullseye range
  • Mounting holes for easy fixing on a wall or a stationary surface
  • 20 professional slots divided into single, double and treble areas
  • 6 soft plastic-tipped darts with magnets for a safe landing on surfaces


  • Can last a lifetime
  • It is colorful and fun
  • High-quality dart board
  • Board is wide enough to boost confidence
  • The dart is quite safe for both kids and adults
  • Professionally made classic game with a modern touch


  • Has only 6 darts

 10.  ZS Yangmei Rollup Magnetic Dart Board for Kids 

One of the best ways in which you can keep your kids active at home is buying them a dart board. Playing dart is not only fun but it also helps your kids to improve their hand and eye coordination.

If you need a quality dart board that is ideal for both kids and adults, ZS Yangmei Rollup Magnetic Dart Board can be a great selection. Having this dart board will provide your kids with fun hour of playing with their friends.

This is a nice board that you can have in your home, office, parties, game rooms, community centers and much more. You can buy it as a gift for kids from the age of 6-12 years.

The good thing about this dartboard is that it is double sided. On one side, it is a traditional dart board while on the other side is target bull eye game. It has a nice design that helps you to roll it or hang it with ease.

When it comes to quality, you are well covered. This is a dual magnetic board that is designed with quality material. It is designed to last longer so that you can enjoy playing. In fact, it is indestructible so your darts will fly accurately to give you optimal performance.

This magnetic dart board is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It features magnets that are enclosed well in the roll-up board and they are strong enough to hold the darts. You don’t have to worry about hurting anyone or walls when you are playing.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides an optimal dart performance
  • Comes with 12 darts; 6 red and 6 blue
  • Designed with strong magnetics enclosed safely
  • Designed with high-quality material for durability
  • Eye-catching design to relieve exercise vision and eye fatigue


  • It is durable
  • Perfect for families
  • Has an attractive design
  • Easy to hang it anywhere
  • The dart board is dual sided
  • Has a strong magnet to hold darts
  • Provides young ones with many hours of fun


  • Stitching on the sides needs improvement

How To Choose The Best Dart Board for Kids

Wondering how you will choose a quality dartboard for kids? I have some useful tips that will help you select the right one.

Dart board wiring

Before you make a purchase, it is crucial to check the dart board wiring. The wiring separates the central section from the outer fringes and it should be done in a way that it doesn’t lead to bounce outs. The wiring plays a huge role when it comes to the precision the player wants.

Dart board density

If you want to get the best dart board, look for one that is well dense and thick. The right density should be the one that allows the darts to penetrate effectively without bouncing out. A dart board that prevents bounce outs is the best because it provides high scoroing.

Hanging off your dartboard

For kids, hanging a dart board can be considered dangerous especially if you are hanging directly on a wall. That will mean they will have to spin it manually. That is why you may consider a dartboard that has a wall bracket, makes it easy to rotate while playing.

Safety of your kids and home

Generally, dartboards for kids have been designed to be less harmful to the kids and their surroundings but some kids may find the darts attractive and start chewing or licking them. In such cases, you need to consider a set with darts that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


When it comes to looking for a good quality dart board set, you may tend to go for a price that equates the quality. But you will find many good dart boards that is where you may consider the price of the dartboard set you desire.

Other considerations

  • Is it made with coiled paper?
  • Check the number of removable rings
  • Do you want a sisal or bristle dart board?

Final Verdict

You can agree with me that darts are a simple game. They provide more fun more than other games and the great thing is darts help kids and even adults develop mentally. 

We all know that darts are sharp and get stuck on someone's skin, but the ones for kids, are specially designed with special materials used to replace original ones. 

Up to this point, I hope you understand exactly what you need in darts for kids. From this list of the best dartboards for kids, you will be able to make the right decision.

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