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Top 12 Best Unicycle Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide 2024

Are you an acrobat enthusiast? Have you been looking for a best  unicycle for your athletics or acrobatics? If you answered yes to any of these two questions, you have landed in just the right place! This is the need which we intend to fulfill in the following reviews.

We have taken our time to carry out in-depth research on the topic. After that we have identified and reviewed 12 best Unicycle in 2024. We have further identified and explained to you those factors which in our opinion you should consider while trying to make an appropriate purchase.

It is our hope that at the end of the review, you will get the basic skills you need to make the informed decision.

12 Best Unicycles Reviews 2024 - Comparison 

Top 12 Best Unicycles in 2024 - Reviews 

 1.  Fun 20 Inch Wheel Chrome Unicycle with Alloy Rim

For a successful acrobatic career, a stable, reliable, yet lighter unicycle is necessary. This is to guarantee the agility and the maneuverability required. This bike comprises some features, structural makeup, and traits that qualify it for use to fulfill such needs.

Cartridge Bearings: 

The tires of the unicycle have some cartridge ball bearings. These are deliberately fixed into place for the sake of allowing you to conveniently pedal the unicycle. You will, therefore, enjoy all your rides and acrobatic experiences hassle-free.

Excellent Controls:

Your control and mastery of the bike are further simplified by the existence of some two excellent features. These are the quick release seat post clamp and the comfortable saddle respectively.

The first feature basically expedites the process of deploying the unicycle for eventual usage. The second on the other hand grants your butt the support and comfort you require for hassle-free riding and usage.

Light and High-quality Tire:

To wrap up the list of topnotch features is the light yet high-quality tire. The tire is of the quality Kenda type. It is fixed onto an Aluminum rim. Being light and stable, the Aluminum rim greatly expedites the process of use by reducing unnecessary drag and weight.


  • Simplistic design
  • Thicker and stable rims
  • Very affordable
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Durable parts and components


  • May be not suitable for some riding tasks

 2. Fantasycart Unicycle 20" In & Out Door Chrome 

If you derive a livelihood purely through acrobatics, then you need a strong and reliable unicycle. This is due to the need to guarantee you the long term reliability that is crucial.

This unicycle, by virtue of being made of tough components, is quite durable. It is thus more likely to confer to you the reliability you require.

Long-term usage:

Long-term reliability of a unicycle can only be guaranteed by two main features. These are the adjustability of the seat/saddle and the sturdy metal composition. This unicycle embodies both traits and is thus suited for long-term usage.

Adjustable Seat:

Unlike those of other unicycles, this bike’s seat is adjustable. This simply means that you can elongate or shorten the seat appropriately and in response to your height requirement. This allows you to ‘grow’ with the bike. It also enables the bike to fit several kinds of riders.

Aluminum Fork:

The fork of the bike is made of the extremely light Aluminum material. Being light and tough, this bike ensures that you do not encounter as much drag in times of use as possible. You will, therefore, find this unicycle a bit easy to steer and maneuver around.

Stainless Steel Construction:

Its tube as do most of its other components are made of stainless steel. This material is tough and slow to corrosion and other main elements of wear and tear. This being the case, anticipate the bike to serve for as long as you may possibly wish.


  • Extremely durable
  • Fits taller riders too (40 inches)
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Soft rubber tires grant extra comfort
  • Accommodates higher weight


  • Slightly heavier in weight

 3.  Diamondback Bicycles CX Wheel Unicycle

If your purchasing decision is prompted by the need to utilize the unicycle for longer, you obviously want one that is very tough and durable. This is where this particular unicycle comes in. It is packed with several tough and durable components to guarantee long-term reliability.

Durable High-tensile Steel Frame:

The frame, which is the main component of the unicycle, is made of the high quality and durable high-tensile stainless steel. This material grants you a great deal of stability and long-term reliability that is necessary for a successful riding session.


Unicycle Specific Saddle:

Your butt is offered the support it requires a slightly more comfortable saddle. It has built-in scuff guards and is also extra-padded for added comfort. Because of this, you may use the bike for as long as you may want without feeling fatigued at all.

Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Wheel:

Its rims are made of the lightweight Aluminum alloy material. The wheel is further painted black and also coated to prevent corrosion and the side effects of the damp atmosphere. The wheels, therefore, last as long and are also very reliable.


  • Extra comfortable seat
  • Extremely long lasting
  • Thicker and stable rims
  • Returns higher value for money
  • Returns higher value for money


  • Calls for higher maintenance costs

 4.  AW 16" Inch Wheel Unicycle Leakproof Butyl 

On the whole, the unicycle is rationally designed to conform to the movement features and somatology of the rider’s body. This design thus shields you from unnecessary hassles and greatly enhanced motion. You will thus find the unicycle pretty convenient to ride.

Rational Design:

On the whole, the unicycle is rationally designed to conform to the movement features and somatology of the rider’s body. This design thus shields you from unnecessary hassles and greatly enhanced motion. You will thus find the unicycle pretty convenient to ride.

Tough and Durable Bearing:

Its bearings are made of heavy Manganese steel and are also mute. This makeup is all you need for a reliable and safe riding in the long run. By reason of being durable, the bearing will also demand fewer maintenance and repair sessions.

Reliable Frame:

Wrapping up the list of its keys features is the reliable frame. This reliability stems from the fact that it is made of excellent Manganese Steel. This material is extremely tough and sturdy. Because of this, the frame is less likely to fail you whenever you badly need it to deliver to your expectations. 


  • Has a leak-proof tire
  • Ideal for multipurpose usage
  • Extremely cheap and affordable
  • Thick, wide and extremely stable tire
  • Tire does not skid also


  • Not so suitable for shorter riders

 5.  Aw Blue 18" Wheel Unicycle Leakproof Butyl 

Most unicycles are designed exclusively for men given that they are on the whole more likely to utilize them. However, more and more females are increasingly getting interested in acrobatics too. This requires special unicycles that can appropriately accommodate this need. This is one such kind of a bike..

Variable Height:

The unicycle is intended to fit riders of varying heights. These range from 53 inches (1.35 meters) tall to 65 inches (1.65 meters) tall. This height range is wide enough to accommodate just about every other adult rider.

Wide Tire:

In all, the tire is pretty wide and stable. It is gauged the 18-inch wheel and measures 18 inches in diameter and 1.75 inches in thickness. This wide dimension means you will be certain of the stability you require to negotiate corners and bends pretty effectively.

Two-tire Design:

Unlike most unicycles, this one has two tires. The outer tire is the excellent skid-proof mountain tire whereas the inner one is the leakage protection Butyl tire, respectively. This two-tire design makes it almost impossible for the tire to develop perforations or leakages.


  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Has an inflation-resistant tire
  • Can be used by beginners and experts alike
  • Does not skid even in slippery conditions
  • Can accommodate higher weight limit


  • Quite bulky

 6. .Diamondback Bicycles LX Wheel Unicycle

For more intense acrobatic exercises, you require an equally tough, versatile, and competent unicycle. This is that kind of a bike.

It is stronger, more reliable, and very versatile. It is thus more suited for such intense exercises.

Outstanding Features

Strong Bar:

Its bar is manufactured using high-intensity steel metal. It is also fixed with a 5-degree back sweep.This great strength assures you of the reliability you require to keep using the unicycle for longer. It also spares you from the associated risks of falling off or sustaining injuries.

Strong and Reliable Clamp:

The various components of the unicycle are fastened or attached together by the collar clamp. This is a high-end and thread less material that is pretty effective in providing the necessary attachment. Because of this feature, the various components of the bike are less likely to fall off even under intense conditions.

Versatile Crank:

This bike’s mechanism for converting motion comes in the form of a versatile 3-piece crank. It is highly intensive and very effective in doing so. It, therefore, minimizes strains and calls for less input of effort. You are thus less predisposed to fatigue or too much strain while engaging the bike.


  • Rough masculine appearance
  • Tight traction and excellent grip
  • Durable tires for long-term reliability
  • Very strong, durable, sturdy, and reliable
  • Excellent shock absorption capability


  • Not so suitable for female riders

 7.  Schwinn 24" Unicycle w/ 350mm Seat Post - Retro 

A heavier acrobat requires a special kind of unicycle. This is so as to contain the extra weight and the attendant drag. This is the role that this particular unicycle aims to play.

As you shall see from the mini-review below, it has all the features that are required for this job to be performed well.

Reinforced Rim:

The rim of the unicycle is reinforced for added strength and further reliability. It is the Nimbus brand and it measures 24 inches diameter.

It comprises reinforced eyelets that are 32 mm wide and made of the Aluminum double wall. This design and composition assure you of the stability you inevitably need for a smooth riding experience

Wide and Stable Seat post:

It supports your butt courtesy of the 22.2 mm by 350 mm chromed steel seat post. This saddle is further supported by a rectangular mounting bracket that is fitted with 4 holes. Because of this, it offers you the support you require to fully feel safe, stable, and secure.

Stronger Mainframe:

Its main supportive structure is the blue steel 2-piece mainframe. It comes along with main cap bearing housings that are stamped and measure 40 mm. This strong mainframe further offers you the strength and support that is needed for those intense physical exercises.


  • Reliable brand
  • Very stylish and classy
  • Confers maximum returns to value
  • Wide tires for added stability
  • Exudes some aesthetics and breathtaking appearance


  • Stringent seat post which cannot be adjusted easily

 8. .Sun Unicycle Flat Top 24 inch Green & Black

Making rigorous acrobatic maneuvers at great speeds can only be achieved when an extremely light unicycle is used for the job. This unicycle, by virtue of weighing a paltry 1 pound (0.45 kg), fits this bill perfectly well. It is hence your ultimate solution for those intense and great maneuvers

Sturdy and Stable Frame Top:

The top of the frame comes in the form of a rugged yet flat. It is made of the high-tensile steel material. As such, it provides added support to the saddle This support is the one that makes it possible to withstand rigorous maneuvers and intense workouts.

Safe and Secure Bearing Hub:

Its hub is long lasting and sealed. It is thus safe and secure from all the harsh external environmental conditions. These include mud, dust, and dirt. Its long-term mobility is not hindered at all. This is a further surety that your experience will not be compromised at all.

Classic Saddle:

In the last place is the classic unicycle saddle. It has both a front and a rear scuff guard. These two are intended to provide you the added safety. You are thus less likely to fall off even when you are performing those rigorous maneuvers.


  • Fast-rolling street treads
  • Lightweight and anodized alloy wheels
  • Secure single-bolt seat post clamp
  • Convenient to maneuver and transport
  • Large wheels (Measures 20 inches or 24 inches in diameter)


  • Is not adjustable to accommodate varying heights

 9.  Kobe Unicycle with Aluminum Wheel Rim 20" 

Small children too can be fascinated about acrobatics. That’s why it is also imperative that their interests and unique circumstance be well taken care of.

This is the unicycle for small children. It is simple in design, lighter, and comparatively easier to operate.

High-quality Steel Frame:

Its main component is the frame. It is the frame onto which other components of the unicycle are attached.

This frame measures 20 inches and is made of the powder-coated steel material. Thus, you may count on it to provide you with strength.

Rail Guards:

To protect you from the possible dangers of fall offs, this unicycle is equipped with some guard rails. They are made of the poly-nylon materials and are also removable. Your safety is by all means catered for. The fact that the guard rails may be removed also simplifies the procedure of operating the bike.

Supportive Seat:

The seat is made of the Aluminum alloy. It has a quick release mechanism that basically simplifies its deployment whenever it is to be used. This means you won’t have to strain or invest a great deal of time to operate the seat when you want to.


  • Moderately affordable
  • Consists of a large saddle
  • Comprises an extra-thick alloy Aluminum rim
  • Embodies a colorful and attractive appearance
  • Quite suited for taller riders (57 inches to 69 inches)


  • Not suitable for children and starters

 10.  Sun 28 Inch Classic Chrome/Black Unicycle

Professional acrobatic performances are normally involving and intense. For this reason, only a durable, reliable and strong unicycle can be of help. This is that kind of unicycle. It is specifically intended for those demanding performances by reason of being well-equipped for the job.

On-the-fly saddle adjustments:

Perhaps the most outstanding of all its features is its ability to be adjusted while a performance is underway. This is due to its possession of the quick release seat clamp. This feature is the one that enables you to perform those complex maneuvers without having to take a pause


Its hub is sealed and made of very durable materials indeed. Because of this, it is less likely to fail or let you down. This again is the surety that all your exercise sessions will be hassle-free and interesting indeed!

Safe and Secure:

The saddle of the unicycle is safe and very secure. This is because it is equipped with scuff guards that are built-in to the system. You are therefore spared from the dangers of having to fall off the bike while performing a maneuver.


  • Has a built-in scuff guard
  • Contains a classic unicycle saddle
  • Has a long-lasting sealed bearing hub
  • Allow for on-the-fly saddle adjustments
  • Available in six different sizes to accommodate various heights


  • Weighs heavily (6 pounds/2.7 kg)

 11.  AW 24" Inch Wheel Unicycle Leakproof Butyl Tire 

In order to master acrobatics well, you require an all-purpose unicycle. This is that kind of an acrobatic bike. It embodies all the key features of an ideal bike and is hence suited for regular training. Moreover, it is also tougher, cheaper, and very agile

Crank Arms:

Its crank arms are international quality and bear the ‘Wheel Top’ mark. These are signs that they are reliable, durable, and well-suited for the job of offering the necessary support. You may indeed rest assured that the bike shall perform its job pretty well. 

Thick Rim:

The unicycle’s rim is extra thick. This is due to the fact that it is made of Aluminum alloy. Being thick yet light, the rim and the entire bike guarantees you the most comfortable, reliable, and satisfactory performance.

Steel Fork:

This bike’s fork is made of steel and finished with a powder coating. It is on the whole strong, durable, steady, and very resilient to some of the most common agents of wear and tear. You will spend less to maintain it in the long run.


  • Can hold 154 pounds (70 kg) of weight at a time
  • Relevant for taller persons (up to 1.75 meters)
  • Large distance from the seat to the pedal (17 inches to 33 inches)
  • Has an adjustable bicycle height from 36 inches to 40 inches
  • Conforms to the bodily movements


  • Does not maneuver seamlessly as it should

 12.  Sun 24 Inch Classic Chrome/Black Unicycle

Making a transition from the average or intermediate level of acrobatic expertise to the advanced or professional level is a very crucial undertaking.

You definitely want a good bike which is of high quality and well able to do the job well. This is the bike for that job.

Masculine Appearance:

Its overall design features a masculine appearance. This indeed is the unicycle to settle for in case you are a man that is intent on sharpening his acrobatic skills.

Rough Treads:

The tire has rough treads. These treads are deeper and broader. Due to this, the tire confers some stable and tight traction or grip. This feature thus prevents you from falling off even on surfaces that are slippery or contain plenty of moisture.

Thick Tires:

Other than possessing deeper grooves, the tire is also thick and double-lined. It is thus durable and reliable for those involving activities


  • Very safe and secure indeed!
  • Very light in weight (weighs 1 pound/0.45 kg only)
  • Reliable even in moments of bad weather
  • Strong and stable
  • Accommodates riders of various dimensions


  • Not suitable for those weighty users

How To Choose The Right & Best Unicycle

The following are some of the factors you ought to consider while making the choice of the right & best unicycle:


Tire provides support, mobility, traction, and grip. It is by far the most important component of the unicycle. A good tire has to be very wide, multi-layered, comprise grooves, and thick. It is only by possessing these traits that the tire may be in the position to exude the requirements outlined above. Other than these basic traits, the tire of choice has to be a reputable brand such as Kenda. By opting for such a brand you are more likely to obtain higher quality and greater reliability.


After the tire, the rim is the second most important component of the unicycle. It provides support to the tires to enable them to serve their purposes effectively. They, however, have the potential to inflict more drag or weight onto the rider and the unicycle. Due to this, you have to be certain that the rim of choice is as light as possible. Additionally, you should make every effort to settle for a more reputable brand such as the Nimbus. This is because you will more likely derive greater benefit or satisfaction as compared to ordinary brands


The frame is the main component of the unicycle. It is the part of the bike onto which several other components are attached. It is also the one that furnished the entire bike with the support it requires to fully discharge its roles. A good frame is one which is extremely light in weight. It should preferably be made of Aluminum or any other light material. This is to ward off any unnecessary drag or excess weight. The frame also ought to be resistant to all the elements of a tear in order to assure you long-term use and reliability.


This is the portion of the unicycle that offers support to your butt. A good unicycle on the basis of this consideration has to have a wide, stable, and firm saddle. You will need these traits in order for you to negotiate tight and rigorous maneuvers. A good saddle should also be adjustable to let you ‘grow’ with it or respond to your height. Do not compromise this consideration at all. This is because it has the potential to make or break your overall acrobatic experience.


Pedals are the portion of the unicycle that provides the rotational force which eventually utilizes the unicycle. A good bike has to have a smooth, prompt and reliable pedal. The pedal must also have a tight grip and be wide enough to guarantee maximum stability. This is to guarantee you the smooth operation that you require. It is also your only guarantee for those complex maneuvers and negotiations. Compare the pedals of various unicycles before taking that first step


Not all brands are equal. Some brands or manufacturers are more reliable than others. This is due to the fact that they manufacture unicycles that are higher in quality and are more effective in discharging their roles. At the present, the following are the key brands or manufacturers: Fun, Fantasycart, Diamondback, AW, Schwinn, Sun, and Kobe. You should give them the first priority while looking for your desired unicycle. They are more likely to yield you the high degree of satisfaction you definitely need.

Final  Verdict

We have tried our best indeed to exhaust this topic of the best unicycle reviews. However, there are several other unicycles out there that are equally reliable. In case you find none of the bikes we have reviewed above appropriate to your liking, consider carrying out independent research using the template we have provided.

We invite you now to consider making a purchase of at least one unicycle. Place an order with us so that we can aid you in making the right choice. Please do not waste any time. This is because prices do vary with time. Also, some unicycles may run out of stock or diminish in quality. Moreover, you may change your mind if you hesitate for too long and end up not deriving the attendant benefits.

Whether you decide to make a purchase or not, we still hope that you have found our reviews above quite informing.

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