Top 5 Best Tabletop Air Hockeys in 2021– Guide and Reviews

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Top 5 Best Tabletop Air Hockeys in 2021– Guide and Reviews

Looking for best tabletop air hockeys? Go into a pub or an arcade, and if you’re lucky you’re going to find a full-sized air hockey table just waiting for you and your friends to enjoy it. A standard model can get up to 8 feet long, and they do take up a lot of space.

Instead, you need to put them on a table, or else you can play it on the floor. A model of this type offers several advantages:

  • It’s smaller, and therefore it can suit smaller homes.
  • It can be portable too, and you can bring it along to other houses or to the park.
  • Many small kids find it easy to play with.
  • You can adjust its height by picking the right table to put it on.
  • Since it doesn’t use as much material, it’s usually much less expensive.

But which model is the best tabletop special air hockey for you? To assist in your search, here are the reviews for 5 likely candidates:

Top 5 Best Table top Air Hockey 2021 - Reviews

So which is the best tabletop air hockey for you? This depends on your budget, although of course that’s hardly the only factor you should consider. Here are some excellent options that may suit your needs.

 1. Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey

This Playcraft model exemplifies the many traits of top tabletop air hockey models. It’s inexpensive; even though it’s one of the priciest on this list, it doesn’t even crack the $60 mark.

That’s a far cry from the 4-digit prices you find in the best standard-sized models.

It’s powered by a UL-approved 100 CFM air motor and that’s enough to help speed up the gameplay for the 40 by 20-inch playing surface. You’ve got 2 paddles and even 2 pucks, just in case you lose the first one.

It’s quite durable, and that’s a surprise for people who are expecting cheap quality to match the low price. The MDF hardwood used to make the frame is quite sturdy, and the parts hold up well to extended play.

The ABS catcher allows you to get the puck back easily enough. There’s also a manual scoring slide on top of the goals, so everyone can keep track of who’s winning.

This best table top air hockey model is a big hit with very young kids, and even 3-year olds can have lots of fun with it with friends, siblings, and with daddy. Heck, sometimes even mommy and grandma plays with it too.

In fact, teens and adults can get enamored with this very easily despite its small size.This best tabletop air hockey table-Playcraft is affordable, portable, suitable for small homes, durable, and very enjoyable. What more do you want?

Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey
Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey
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 2. Sport Squad HX40 Electric Air Hockey

Now at this price range, the HX40 is obviously made with little kids in mind.

But this is air hockey, and “made for kids” doesn’t really mean a lot for lots of parents, does it? The kids can play, and then when they’re asleep the adults can have their fun.

This measures 40 by 20 inches, and it’s just 5 inches thick. It’s a proper tabletop unit, so you need to find the table with the right height to play it.

You can play it on the floor too, and for kids that’s fun in its own way.This is powered by an adapter, and just like any air hockey table the air blower provides the air for proper puck movement.

This blower is quite good, and it provides the even airflow which results in very smooth gameplay. It’s also nice that the goals are a bit big, so that even when a player is focused solely on defense the goals still keep on coming.

To keep score and keep the kids from arguing about who’s winning, there’s a manual scorer. The goal boxes also return the puck easily enough.

It’s great for parents because the setup is very easy. In fact, you just need to attach the goals with the screws that are part of the package of the best tabletop air hockey or best tabletop air hockey game indeed.

That takes about 10 minutes or so. The size makes it easy to transport and store away, and the high quality wood used for the construction makes it last for a long while.

Sport Squad HX40 Electric Air Hockey
Sport Squad HX40 Electric Air Hockey
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 3. Ideal SureShot Air Hockey Tabletop Game

This one is designed for ultimate portability. It measures 20.5 inches long and 13.2 inches wide, so there’s still some ample space for playing.

It’s very slim too at just 2 inches. You can just set it on a table and then start playing.

The size is just right for little kids, but it’s fast enough that bigger kids and adults will find it engrossing when trying to pass the time.

It’s actually designed for kids at least 5 years and older, and it’s a blast.

It looks nice enough with the white surface and colorful lines and goals.The puck glides smoothly over the surface, and that’s due to the air blower.

True to its portable nature, you don’t need an electrical socket. You just need to put in batteries, and the kids can enjoy this in the park, on the beach, and in the playgrounds.

It even has handle hovering over the playing surface. This table top hockey game also keeps the kids from extending their arms fully over the other side.

The paddles are easy to grip, and there’s an extra puck just in case the first one gets misplaced. You keep track of the score by using the push-button scoring system.

It’s air hockey tabletop game is very affordable, and it’s a lot of fun. Kids can find it enjoyable, and adults who wish to spend time with younger kids will find this a great bonding tool.

Ideal SureShot Air Hockey Tabletop Game
Ideal SureShot Air Hockey Tabletop Game
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 4.  Mini Table Top Air Hockey

This is another nice mini tabletop air hockey unit, and the price is extremely affordable. It’s like paying for two coffees from your favorite gourmet café. This is very lightweight for portability, and compact too.

It measures 22 inches long and 12 inches wide, and just 4 inches thick. Kids can bring it to school, to the park, and to the beach. It doesn’t need a power outlet, as it uses 6 AA batteries.

Just because it’s a mini doesn’t mean that everything’s too small. The pucks measure 1.5 inches in diameter, so you can see it easily enough.

And the paddles measure 2 inches so it’s wide enough with play with and easy enough to handle.The scorekeeping system is also simple enough for everyone, as you just slide the marker to the right score. It also offers easy puck return so the game flows constantly.

With the air motor blowing air over the surface, it offers enjoyable action that even teenagers (and adults) will like.

Since this air hockey table top is very cheap, the adults should just let kids play with it. If the bigger kids want to play air hockey, you can get them a more durable and bigger version of the best tabletop air hockeys.

This one best tabletop air hockey game is strictly for the tots, and that should let it last for a very long while. When they get older and they want more air hockey (and they will), you can get them a bigger and more durable version.

Mini Table Top Air Hockey

Mini Table Top Air Hockey

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 5. Hathaway Power Play Table Top Air Hockey

Now we’re back to the 40-inch versions, which admittedly is much better for both kids and even teens.

It’s a bit more costly, but then again the quality is outstanding. This is very durable and it can be played by kids and adults alike.

It measures 45.5 by 20 inches, and its 7-inch thickness means that it’s still easy enough to bring along on family trips to the park or to the beach.

It uses very sturdy wood, so all that bouncing around by the puck shouldn’t worry you. This wood is very safe, since it is CARB wood.

This means that the ultra-strict California Air Resources Board has deemed it non-carcinogenic.The board weighs 14 pounds, so again it’s portable. At the same time, you can set it on the table and it should stay in place.

You won’t have to hold on to it to secure it in one spot. It also comes with legs and non-marking pads so you don’t have to worry about your beautiful table surface.

You’ll have to assemble it, but that’s easy. It shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes. And it’s an extremely effective babysitter, as young kids will happily spend entire mornings and afternoons playing it with their friends.

At its size that is this table top air hockey games, they can also play with parents and grandparents. It doesn’t even make a lot of noise.Moreover, this tabletop air hockey reviews help to choose the perfect one instantly. Moreover, this portable air hockey table top or floor air hockey or table top air hockey reviews help to pick the perfect one soon.

Mini Table Top Air Hockey
Hathaway Power Play Table Top Air Hockey
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Final Verdict

There really no denying the appeal of the best tabletop air hockey game or table top air hockey table. It’s very engrossing, and it offers a nice change to all the video games that kids play these days. There’s something to be said with games you play across another person. It is also portable air hockey tables  or tabletop hockey no doubt.

And with the best tabletop air hockeys model or table top sport, it means that small kids can really join in the fun. They can play with their friends or bond with the adults with this table top hockey games.

The sizes of these models ensure that you can bring along anywhere, and so tabletop hockey game great for trips and vacations. When you see your kids spending hours with this with their friends and family, you will immediately recognize what a great game it is.

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