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Top 10 Best Soft Tip Darts Reviews – The Ultimate Guide in 2024

There are different reasons why many people play dart. It could be you are a fanatic or simply love playing it socially. Whatever your reason for playing is, getting exact scores is a priority for everybody.

In as much as you have the right skills and experience, you still need to equip yourself with the right tools. Having the best soft tip dart brand can make a difference when it comes to playing dart. I would say that there is no good or bad soft tip dart. It all depends on what makes you comfortable when you are playing.

Soft tip darts are available in different qualities to suit the needs of different players. They are perfect for targeting and increasing your accuracy. If you are wondering how you will choose the right one, check out this comprehensive guide and reviews on how to choose the right.

Top 10 Best Soft Tip Darts in 2024 - Reviews

Having the best soft tip darts will increase your accuracy and performance in the game. After spending time on research and trying out different brands, we have a list of quality models that you can trust.

 1.  W.M Darts Nice Packing Gift Box Darts Set 

When you are starting playing dart, knowing the right darts that will give you an incredible performance and accuracy can be tough. There are so many models on the market today which makes the whole purchase confusing.

The W.M Darts is a great way to begin with. The darts are suitable for all types of dart game players and they come with everything that you need when playing the game.

The darts are specifically designed for beginners and intermediate players. They feature a brass barrel knurled to offer a comfy grip and right weight in the sweet spot of beginner players.

These darts are well designed to provide a durable performance. The brass barrel also offers a good balance and perfect gripping points when you are playing.

When you buy the darts, you will get dart tool, flights and nylon shaft. You will also get point converter so that you can convert the dart between soft tip and steel tip.

Highlighted Features

  • They come with extra nylon shafts
  • Comes with everything that you need
  • Shaft is made of aluminum and nylon material
  • Has pint converter to convert from soft tip to steel tip
  • Features quality brass barrels to offer an excellent balance


  • Great quality
  • Has a nice case
  • Affordable price
  • Great for beginners
  • Designed with a quality barrel
  • Comes with everything that you need


  • They are heavy

 2.. Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts 

Do you need soft tip darts that will meet your playing needs? The Viper diamond darts can be a great investment. They are made of high-quality tungsten and nickel barrel which provide great styling and balance in a slim profile

The darts are designed with diamond cut aluminum shaft that has locking holes to provide a tighter fitting as well as improve the stability. This means that you don't need to retighten when you are playing.

Each of the barrels features knurled bands that are strategically placed as well as deep grooves and rings which offer an incredible grip.

When you buy the darts, you will also get a set of convex nylon shafts, dart mechanic wrench, flight protector, 2BA dart points and soft tip darts with a weight of 18 grams.

The darts provide high-speed flights, thanks to the holographic design. You can get them in different styles which range from silver, blue and black artwork.

You can store your darts and other accessories in the protected deluxe dart pal case that is designed with a soft cloth lining and has a hard-outer shell.

Highlighted Features

  • Diamond cut locking hole shafts
  • 2BA Tufflex Tips II soft tip dart points
  • High-speed flights because of the holographic design
  • Deluxe dart pal case to store the darts and accessories
  • Precision engineered grip for consistent hand placement


  • They are accurate
  • Good for the money
  • Great quality and look
  • Come with a storage case
  • Unique balance and styling
  • Designed with lightweight aluminum shafts


  • Picture on the casing is need to improve

 3.  GWHOLE 18g Soft Dart with 16 Dart Flights

Are you an entry-level player looking for the best soft tip darts? Try the GWHOLE 18g Soft Dart and you will love their performance when you are playing.

These are high-quality darts that are made with machined barrels to provide a good grip and a superior flight. You can get the darts in a variety of weights with 18 grams.

These professional darts are designed with quality nickel silver plated barrels that offer an outstanding balance and styling. They have strategically placed knurling and grooves that offer a quality gripping point to give you enhanced control.

The flight of these darts are purposely made to help boost the speed and reduce the drag. This gives you a consistent flight path and the accuracy you need.

When you have these darts, you can be sure to win your next game because they are built to win. This means that you can outdo your competitors with darts that have a perfect feel aa well as great flight.

Once you get your package, you will enjoy a 90 days money back guarantee as well as one year no question asked warranty guarantee.

Highlighted Features

  • Darts offer a great feel and flight
  • High quality 18 grams practice soft tip darts
  • Knurling and grooves that are strategically placed
  • 90 days money back guarantee and warranty guarantee
  • Package comes with 12xsoft darts, 200x plastic soft tip point and 16x dart flights


  • Perfect gripping points
  • High-quality nickel barrels
  • Offer a consistent flight path
  • Great for families
  • Great for entry level players
  • Increase speed and reduce drag


  • The tips would have been better

 4.  MAXMAU 18 pcs of Soft Tip Darts 10g Slim 

If you don't play darts, there are so many reasons why you need to start playing darts. This game is fun, relaxing and improves your eye and hand coordination among other benefits.

Traditionally, people used to play the game with darts that had steel tips. Today, soft tip darts are becoming popular on the market because of many reasons and professional and beginner dart players love them.

If you are not sure which soft tip darts to choose, try the MAXMAU 18 pcs of Soft Tip Darts. These are quality 18 pieces of soft tip darts that are ideal for electronic dartboard.

They have a length of 139mm and a barrel diameter of 7mm. the barrel features a skid-proof knurling design to enhance the performance and help you improve your game.

The good thing with these darts is that they are lightweight which makes them suitable for all types of players. Whether you are a beginner or a skilled player, you will enjoy using these darts.

These soft tip darts are designed with flexible nylon dart shafts. Again, the dart shaft, soft tip and the dart flight are all easy to replace when you need to.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with flexible nylon dart shafts
  • They have a standard 2ba screw thread
  • Replaceable dart shaft, soft tip and dart flight
  • Designed with a skid-proof knurling dart barrel
  • Lightweight which makes them ideal for all players


  • Great quality
  • They look well
  • Reasonably priced
  • Darts are accurate
  • Perfect for families
  • They are well balanced


  • Feel cheaply made

 5.  Viper Desperado 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

The types of darts that you buy have a significant effect on how you will perform when playing. If you are serious about playing dart, you don't want to end up with some cheap darts that will compromise your game.

You can look for top rated darts like the Viper Desperado 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts which work well for all types of players.

These darts are designed with 80 percent tungsten and 20 percent nickel barrel to provide a durable performance. They also have a slim profile to give room for tighter grouping of shots.

Every barrel features a strategically placed knurled bands with deep grooves and rings to make the best gripping points and bring about consistent hand placement.

The darts are designed with aluminum shafts with locking holes. This provides a tighter fitting to give you improved stability as well as reduce any tightening when you are playing.

When you get this package, you will also enjoy other items like 6 high-speed flights, extra set of nylon shafts, dart mechanic wrench and 2BA dart points.

It comes with a stylish aluminum case where you can store your darts and other accessories. The case has a soft cloth lining and designed with an outer shell to provide protection.

Highlighted Features

  • Stylish aluminum casing with soft lining
  • Classic cutthroat graphics adorning on each dart
  • 80 percent tungsten and 20 percent nickel barrel
  • Aluminum shafts are designed with locking holes
  • Knurled bands and grooves for consistent hand placement


  • Great gripping
  • Darts are well balanced
  • Comes with a stylish casing
  • Helps you improve your game
  • Durable barrel with a nice design
  • Dart shaft offer improved stability


  • Case would have been larger

 6.  Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts (18-Gram)

Do you want to replace your old darts with new ones and spoilt for choices? Look no further because the Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts are designed for you.

Every serious dart player understands the importance of quality darts. This is why you need these ones to give you the best performance when playing. They are designed with siderider case that clips to your belt to offer you with convenient storage as well as easy portability.

This set comes with 3 darts with 3 spare flights, 7 spare points, 3 spare shafts, and deluxe siderider case. Additionally, you will enjoy a one-year warranty to protect your investment against any kind of defects.

The darts weight 18 grams each and they are designed with a barrel made of 90 percent tungsten. You can be sure that they will last for many years while you enjoy great plays all the time.

Users love these darts because they are great as far as balance is concerned. In as much as the shafts get loose when you throw, this is something that you would expect in almost every dart. After using them, you will notice that your aiming and accuracy will substantially increase.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed with high quality aluminum shaft
  • 18 grams darts made of 90 percent tungsten
  • Ultra-dense tungsten alloy for higher scoring
  • SideRider case clips for storage and portability
  • One-year manufacturer warranty against defects


  • One-year warranty
  • High-quality barrels
  • High-quality barrels
  • They are well balanced
  • More reliable in terms of longevity
  • Delivers excellent dart game experience


  • They should have included washers

 7.  Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts

Looking forward to boosting your performance when playing dart? You can do that if you invest in the right soft tip darts. One of the best models that I would advice you to buy is the Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts.

These are darts that are designed with exceptional quality to give you the best. They feature a nickel silver plated barrel that offers a great balance and styling in a slim profile.

Each barrel of the darts has strategically placed grooves under the rubberized barrel sleeve that offers a nice gripping and helps you get a consistent hand placement.

It is also designed with a diamond cut aluminum shaft with locking holes that give room for tighter fitting and improve the stability. You also don't need to retighten when playing.

The darts are designed with quality flights that work well when it comes to increasing the speed and reduce drag. This offers you with a consistent flight path for pinpoint accuracy.

Another great thing that you will love is the 2ba Tufflex Tip II soft tip dart points that are designed with a reinforced cone. This makes them durable and strong so you can use for an extended period before you think of replacing them.

Highlighted Features

  • Has 2BA Tufflex Tips II soft tip dart points
  • Rubberized barrel sleeve offers a great gripping
  • Diamond-cut aluminum shaft with locking holes
  • Features high-quality nickel silver plated barrels
  • Quality flights for increased speed and reduced drag


  • Affordable price
  • Quality rubber grip
  • Slim profile design
  • Strong and durable
  • Shaft locking holes provide a secure fit
  • Designed with a quality aluminum shaft


  • Need to more improve quality 

 8.  Set of Twelve Brass 2ba 16gm Soft Tip Bar Darts

If you want to enjoy an interesting game for a long time, it is a great decision to spend your money on high-quality darts. You don't want to keep replacing your darts from time to time because it can be expensive.

The market is flooded with all sorts of soft tip darts such that it can be hard for you to know which ones will suit your game. This is why I recommend the Set of Twelve Brass 2ba 16gm Soft Tip Bar Darts for an incredible play.

With these darts, you just need to look for a quality dart board and you are good to get started. The package includes 12 2ba soft grip darts in red, green, black and blue color.

This set also comes with 100 black 2ba dart tips that you can use to replace any broken dart tip you experience. You will also get a dart wrench that can help you when it comes to tightening and loosening the dart tips form their barrels.

As compared to other darts, these ones do not pop off anytime. They have a heavyweight that provides you with more control over the darts when you are playing.

The darts also have a one-piece flight. In as much as they might not be as fancy as removable flights, you will love the fact that they are durable.

Highlighted Features

  • The darts weigh 16 grams
  • 12 brass soft darts with different colors
  • Come with a recloseable bag for dart tips
  • Dart wrench for tightening loose dart tips
  • 100 black 2ba dart tips to replace broken tips


  • Comes with a wrench
  • Designed to last longer
  • Perfect for new players
  • Enjoy fast shipping with US portal
  • You will get replacement dart tips
  • Nice weight for beginner and intermediate players


  • Tips would have been quality

 9.  Vopa 17 Grams Soft Tip Darts with 4 Styles Dart 

The types of darts you choose have an effect on your accuracy and general game performance. If you need high-quality soft tip darts, try Vopa 17 Grams.

These are high-quality darts in 12 pack that provide you with quality flights to helps you get increased speed as well as reduce drag. The darts offer a consistent flight path for accuracy and lightweight.

You will love them because they are strong and durable. With the 24-piece soft tip replacement points, you can be sure to practice for a long time.

The flights of the darts are designed in a way that they provide more speed and reduced drag. This provides you with a consistent flight path as well as pinpoint accuracy.

The 17 grams weight of the darts fly straight and give beginners the opportunity to get better results. With these darts, you can handle any kind of get together.

The darts also come with 24 soft tip points for replacements. This makes then affordable for beginners who want to get quality darts and have fun.

Highlighted Features

  • 24 soft tip points for easy replacements
  • Top quality 12 pack 17 grams soft tip darts
  • Darts and lightweight, strong and durable
  • Quality flights for increased speed and reduced drag
  • Flights are designed to increase speed and reduce drag


  • They are lightweight
  • They are high quality
  • Inexpensive for beginners
  • Offer great gripping points
  • Carry 12 months guarantee
  • Great design and more control


  • Quality would have been high

 10.  WINMAX 80% 90% Tungsten Darts Soft Tip Darts 

When it comes to playing darts, you not only need skills and experience but also the best darts. This is why I would recommend you to try the WINMAX 80% 90% Tungsten Darts Soft Tip Darts.

These are darts that are designed to provide you with a maximum performance all the time. They are designed with 80 percent tungsten to provide a high level of balance.

Each of the darts has a weight of 18 grams and they are specifically made to increase speed and maintain balance. This means that you will get pinpoint accuracy and consistent flight path.

The darts have well-placed knurling and groove to give you a superb gripping point to help you boost your control. They have a detachable design and the flights come separate from the major body of the dart.

When it comes to carrying and storage, these darts are parked flat and they come with a black slim case which helps you carry and store them with ease.

For durable performance, the darts are designed with an aluminum material. They also have tungsten that doesn't wear out quickly.

Highlighted Features

  • Great for players of all skill levels
  • Extra 3-piece nylon shaft for spare parts
  • Knurling and grooves are strategically placed
  • Super slim design for perfect grouping and poise
  • Made of high-quality 80 percent tungsten barrels


  • They are durable
  • Have a slim design
  • Darts are sturdy
  • Come with a dart case
  • Great for professional players
  • Offers good balance and handling experience
  • Provides young ones with many hours of fun


  • Shaft would have been of quality

How To Choose The Best Soft Tip Darts in 2024

When it comes to playing dart, you need to have the right tools. The following are some important considerations that you should think about when you are buying soft tip dart.


This is probably the most important consideration that you should check when you are buying soft tip darts. You need to look for darts with exceptional quality to get the best performance. I would recommend darts that are made of tungsten because they provide a good balance when it comes to impact resistance and balance.

There are other models that are made of titanium finish which also work well when it comes to impact resistance. Brass is another great material that you can choose for people who want to save money without getting low quality.

Check weight

When you are playing dart, weight also plays a huge role. Since there is no general rule as to the right applicable weight, players should choose depending on their level of experience. If you are a beginner, we would recommend 14-16 grams. For intermediate players, 16 grams would be great and for professional players, 18-20 grams is fine.


The main benefit of the finish is to offer the darts with an appealing look. Do you want a dart that is painted or with a titanium finish? You should go for titanium finish because it makes the darts durable. Titanium finish works well when it comes to protecting the metal from salts and oils. This means that there are no chances of the darts corroding.


The barrel plays a significant role when it comes to control and balance. It is great if you look for darts with tungsten barrel because they provide more power, stability and better gripping points. They are also long lasting as compared to other types of barrels.


If you want to get a dart that moves around when you throw, check out the type of flight that is included. You can get darts in flights shaped like tear drop or kite.

Other considerations

  • Grip and shape
  • Replacement parts
  • Size and style of the flights

Final Verdict

Playing darts is an interesting game for many people. Whether you are a beginner or a professional dart player, I believe you will get something that suits your needs from the above best soft tip darts brand reviews.

We spent time looking for soft tip darts that will meet the needs of different players. It doesn't matter if you are young in the game of an experienced person, you can get the best. If you were wondering how to pick quality soft tip darts for your game, I am hopeful the above models we have reviewed will deliver.

You can compare their distinguishing aspects so that you can find the most suitable darts that will suit your skills and level of experience. Also, remember to check the buying guide so that you can know the most important factors to think about when buying soft tip darts.

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