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Top 12 Best Bristle Dart Board 2024 – Tested & Reviewed

Throughly reviewed the best bristle dart board by our exparts! 

Bristle dart boards are soft and comfortable. Besides merely helping the players of darts to enjoy the benefits that the game may have to offer, they also confer the benefits of improved gaming experience.

They are manufactured by innumerable players and brands. Each year witnesses a huge influx of these boards in the market. This means that players or users who lack the requisite technical expertise may often find themselves at a significant disadvantage while intending to make a purchase.

That’s where reviews of this nature come in. The gist of the proceeding review is centered on the subject matter of bristles dart board. It endeavors to examine the various aspects of this subject by touching on the top bristle dart boards 2020, the factors to consider while making a purchase, and top brands e.t.c.

The overall objective is to enable the players and ordinary users in making the right purchasing decision at any given time.

 12 Best Bristle Dart Board - Comparison

Top 12 Best Bristle Dart Boards - Reviews

In the next segment, the top 8 best dart boards as of the year 2020 are going to be identified and briefly reviewed. This shall happen by way of identifying, highlighting, and describing the unique selling points of each product.

 1.  DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard

Topping the list of the 8 best bristle dart board 2020 is this DMI Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard.

It measures 18.3 inches long by 7.2 inches wide by 1.8 inches thick and weighs a whopping 11.4 pounds (5 kg)!It features staple-free design,

embedded Steel segment dividers, high-grade sisal fibers, powder-coated board numbers,

more rigid mounting, interlocking thin steel bands, and better holding qualities, among others.

Among the range of benefits that users stand to derive out of its utilization are extended lifespan, reduced bounce outs, and fall offs increased strength, clear visibility, and long-term reliability.

Even though it may cost the users a fortune, the attendant benefits and unprecedented gaming experience make it all the more profitable in the long run.

With this dart board, you can rest assured that your walls shall be spared of any piercing. You will also be less predisposed to injuries due to unintended fall offs!


  • The Official World Cup Dartboard as from 1999
  • Reduces bounce outs considerably
  • Features more vivid colors
  • Increased durability and long term reliability
  • Stronger and more tolerant to stress and impacts
  • Large playing surface


  • Quite massive in size

 2.  Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboard

Second on the list is this Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboard. It confers the players a pretty large playing surface that measures 18 inches in diameter.

Its overall dimensions are 21 inches long by 21 inches wide by 5 inches thick and weigh around 10.4 pounds (4.7 kg).

The dart board comes along with bristle steel tip, staple-free bullseye, movable number ring, thin and rounded galvanized wires, and self-healing sisal bristle fibers, to name but a few.

As such, it accords its users the benefits of unsurpassed durability, increased shooting accuracy,

 reduced injuries, bounce outs, and fall offs, as well as the ability to play the game jointly with the others.This indeed is the dart board to settle on in case there is the need to play the tournament of darts at the professional or competitive level.


  • Official tournament size board
  • Easy to mount
  • Diminished bounce outs
  • Tough and resilient to impacts and stress
  • Fewer damages to walls and personal injuries
  • Can accommodate numerous players at a time


  • Can be a bit superfluous to single players

 3.  DMI Bristle Dartboard

In the third spot is the DMI Bristle Dartboard. Made of 100% plastic, this board is light yet durable enough to guarantee its users of long-term reliability.

It measures 28 inches long by 24 inches wide by 7 inches thick and weighs 33 pounds (15 kg).

Housed in the attractive cherry wood cabinet, this board also features a wide range of other stylish traits.

These are the dual scoring options, self-healing sisal material, and regulation-size playing area, to name but a few! 

It is also accompanied by a 1-year manufacturer warranty and is thus safe for use. Moreover, this best bristle dartboard long time stay without any disturb.


  • Excellent score tracking mechanism
  • Reduced incidences of stray darts
  • Fewer repairs and maintenance
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Minimized injuries
  • Long run reliability


  • May be too heavy to lift and handle

 4.  TG Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard

At position four, is the TG Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard.Unlike the rest of the bristle dart boards under consideration, this one comprises multi color markings that uniquely distinguish it from the rest.

Its playing surface measures 18 inches in diameter and is made of very tough and durable materials.

On the whole, the board measures 1.8 inches thick by 18 inches wide by 18 inches long and weigh 10.6 pounds (4.8 kg).

It consists of an 18-inch long by 1.5-inch wide bristle construction long lasting board, standard wire spider, staple-free bullseye, and a wall mounting hardware, among others.

Users stand to reap the benefits of clear visibility, high-quality playing surface, reduced wear and tear, and excellent gaming experience, among other attendant benefits. The acquisition of this dart board is, therefore, a very wise decision.


  • Tough and durable playing surface
  • Reduced incidences of stray darts
  • Slower rates of wear and tear
  • Strong walls owing to fewer piercings
  • Fewer or no injuries at all
  • Multicolor markings


  • May not offer much help to starters

 5.  Nodor Supawire Bristle Dartboard

In the fifth spot is the Nodor Supawire Bristle Dartboard.

This board is specifically designed and intended for tournaments, home use, or the taverns. It measures 17.8 inches long by 17.8 inches wide by 1.5 inches thick and weighs 11 pounds (5 kg).

The board is large enough to accommodate numerous players and to be utilized for professional tournaments.

It is equipped with staple-free SupaBull II bulls-eye, razor-ribbon wire spider, and moveable number rings, alongside a host of other top notch features.

Its users are to anticipate improved monitoring of the scores, unhindered safeguards from any dangers or defects, reduced bounce outs, and fewer predispositions to injuries, among many other benefits. 

The fact that it is light enough to be carried around with ease makes it all the handier. With the acquisition of this bristle dart board, users are guaranteed of maximum satisfaction during all the gaming sessions.


  • Improved scoring area
  • 1-year warranty against defects
  • Prevents bounce-outs
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Can fit anywhere
  • Regulation size playing area 


  • Not so valuable for beginners

 6.  Winmau Pro SFB Bristle Dartboard

At position six, is the Winmau Pro SFB Bristle Dartboard.

The board is quite large and heavy. It weighs 11.4 pounds (5 kg) and measures 19 inches long by 19 inches wide by 2 inches thick.

It is an official tournament-size dart board that provides a playing area measuring 18 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in depth.

Some of its outstanding features include the compressed self-healing sisal bristle fibers construction,

staple-free bullseye, thin and rounded galvanized wires, and the ability to accommodate both the steel and the soft tip darts equally well.

Prolonged lifespan, long-term reliability, minimized wear and tear, higher returns to value, and enhanced accuracy are some of the benefits that users stand to accrue out of the utilization of this dart board.


  • Extended board life
  • Unsurpassed durability
  • Minimized bounce outs
  • Large playing surface/area
  • Improved accuracy and reduced stray darts
  • Accommodates both steel tip and soft tip darts


  • May be little bit complex for the average user

 7.  Viper by GLD Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

In the 7th spot is the Viper by GLD Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard.

Just in case you are spoilt for choice of a suitable tournament-size dartboard, you may consider giving this one a try too.

The Viper Razorback is an official tournament-size dartboard. It suits that role by reason of possessing all the relevant features.

Throughout its edges are a band of steel compression rings. These rings prevent the sisal from fraying or wearing out easily. This way, they increase the overall durability of the dartboard as a whole.

You will never miss your target at all. This is because the entire surface of the board is marked by a system of three colors. The markings are legible enough not to escape your attention.

Its sectors comprise the razor-thin galvanized wires. These wires are superior to the ordinary ones. They increase the amount of target surface considerably. This results in higher scores and less missed targets.

The Razorback's dense high-grade sisal is tested for endurance and is cross-compatible with both steel and soft darts for maximum performance.

In its entirety, the playing surface is made of the tough self-healing sisal bristle fibers. These are compressed together for added durability. You will hence part with less money to maintain and repair the board.

Each constituent dart contains a staple-free spider. These spiders are in turn made of the razor-thin galvanized wires. Being light, they exert less drag and lead to more accurate shots on target. They also make the darts hassle-free to lift.


  • Includes a mounting hardware
  • Provides unsurpassed durability
  • Extends the dartboard's life further
  • Greatly increases the surface area
  • Helps prevent unnecessary bounce-outs
  • Accommodates both steel tip and soft tip darts equally


  • Cumbersome to handle

 8.  Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard

Wrapping up the list is the Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard.

Are you preparing your team for a professional tournament? If that is the case, you badly need this particular board.

It lies somewhere between an ordinary and tournament-size dartboard. It will hence help you out indeed.

Its most notable feature is the patented dual-core technology. This is basically a reinforcement of the playing surface.

It makes the surface able to exude higher levels of durability and performance.

The web surface area of this dartboard is reduced by a whopping 14%. This reduction has the potential to increase your scoring potential. It also increases the size of the play area of your board.

In all, the dartboard features 30% sharper wiring and 20% stronger steel. These two jointly deflect more darts into the scoring area than is ordinarily the case. They hence improve your overall scoring potential.

This dartboard’s inner core is highly-compressed. This high compression increases the board’s resistance to the impacts that originate from the darts. This way, it extends the overall lifespan of the dartboard as a whole.

Contrary to the inner core, its outer core features a low compression. This low compression reduces the resistance of the playing surface. This, in turn, improves the penetration of the tips of the darts which further minimizes fall-offs.

All factors considered, the playing surface of the dartboard is pretty hard. This surface is quite resistant to breakages and other forms of wear and tear. Because of this, you may count on it to be reliable enough for long-term use.


  • Reputable and reliable brand
  • Highly visible playing surface
  • Improved dart deflection mechanisms
  • Allow you to hit targets more accurately
  • 30-degree reduction in the razor wire angle
  • Offers perfect radial alignment and leveling


  • Quite delicate

 9.  Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard with All-New Thinner Wiring

The Winmau dartboard blade 5 is an excellent choice for darts players. This dartboard design embraces both durability and optimization for gameplay.

Winmau bled5 bristle dartboard is a perfect choice for a casual player and a professional player. It has a width of 18 inches and 1.5 inches in depth.

This professional dartboard has an improved wire system which has led to an increased scoring area. This is due to its thin removable ring.

Blade 5 dartboard also has a high visibility playing surface for perfect vision and increased scoring chance. This durable dartboard has an amazing ability to reduce bounce-outs.

Moreover, it is very easy to mount or place the dartboard anywhere due to its triple wheel lock-and-level- system. This unique system helps secure the board to stand firm and not give in to pressure.

This authentic dartboard has improved dart deflection with 30-degree reduction in razor wire angle. Blade 5 features a double coating of sisal. The outer layer features lower compression fibers for increased penetration and laser throw.

The inner layer on the other hand features higher compression fibers making it more durable than other types of boards. Also, it features a solid dartboard for improved performance. It has an advanced wiring system which allows for extra scoring areas both in doubles and trebles.

Moreover, the ultimate tensile strength has been increased by 20% for adjustable scoring for a professional dart player. Also, the advanced dartboard has a reduction of 14% in web surface area for higher scoring.

Highlighted Features

  • 2 sisal layers – for durability
  • 20% incretion of UTS – for higher scoring
  • Thin removable ring- reduces bounce-outs
  • Triple wheel lock-and-level system – easier installation
  • • Improved dart reflection – 30degree reduction in razor wire angle
  • Thin dynamic sector and redial wires – for increased scoring potential

 10.  Winmau Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard

Winmau Diamond is one of the most popular durable bristle boards available in the market today. It’s made with quality material from the sisal tree.

Winmau bristle dartboard gives the convenient answer to what is a bristle dartboard. It’s a professional-quality tournament dartboard that is used in homes and pubs.

It features diamond shape wires that reduces the number of bounce-outs thus increased scores. The wires allow darts to slide off and still penetrate the board.

Winmau diamond blade 5 is equipped with a superbly engineered staple-free bullseye for higher scoring. All these makeup characteristics of a good dartboard.

Moreover, this bristle board dartboard features Cliple II wire fasteners which minimize wire movement thus increasing playing area. The fasteners also fix the metal web securely to the board Top it off this durable bristle board features a movable number ring for easier rotation and prolonged life of the dartboard.

Winmau diamond plus the quality board is made from self-healing sisal fibers which are tightly bound together for maximum durability. It is actually more durable than a wooden dartboard.

In addition, it offers a cool feature of angled divider wire which helps in directing darts for accurate scores and increased scores. This is a mist buy dartboard for both serious and hobbyist players it has extra features for an enjoyable gameplay.

Most importantly Winmau diamond plus is endorsed by the British Darts Organization which makes it ideal to use with steel-tip. It has a thinner wall space for an increased playing area.

Highlighted Features

  • Staple free bullseye – increased scorings
  • Diamond-shaped wires- reduces bounce-outs
  • Angled divider – guides darts for true scores
  • Self-healing sisal fibers – maximizes durability
  • Endorsed by the B.D.O – ideal use with steel-tip
  • Removable number ring- eases board rotation
  • Cliple ii wire fasteners – minimize wire movement

 11.  Viper League Pro Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Starter Set

Viper League Pro Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard is a professional bristle dartboard made from sisal fibers for improved durability.

It comprises high-density fibers which close up when the dart tip is removed. According to many bristles dartboard reviews the viper league pro is the best professional dartboard.

Viper league pro features additional features like cricket scoreboard with a chalk eraser, one set of darts of steel.

It also includes convenient mounting hardware to promote ease when setting it up. To top it off this training dartboard features a game’s manual making it a perfect choice for beginners.

Like other quality dartboards, this viper league bristle dartboard features a removable low-glare number ring. This helps the dartboard increase its life by allowing a player to rotate the board and let other sections heal.

This quality dartboard has an attractive design adding a touch of elegance where it’s put. Viper league pro is one of the best dartboard brands because it conveniently boosts a 100% staple-free bull’s eye.

Thus, increasing the target surface and reducing the chance of shots bouncing off the dartboard. Most importantly it comes with an affordable price, and is has a guaranteed extended life unlike wooden dartboards.

This is a high-quality bristle dartboard with a rather classy impression; it can be used in homes, pubs clubs and even in commercial competition. 

It’s an amazing dartboard featuring a redial sector wire which is responsible for a larger playing surface. It has a tri-color screen featuring four standard colors.

Highlighted Features

  • Tri-color screen printing – for elegance
  • Compression ring system- for durability
  • Redial spider wire – additional target area
  • Movable number ring- for additional durability
  • Cross compatibility – for maximum performance
  • Staple-free bullseye – increasing the target surface
  • Mounting hardware – for easier set up of the board

 12.  Unicorn Eclipse HD2 High Definition Professional Bristle Dartboard

Unicorn Eclipse HD2 is a tournament dartboard with a competition quality and tournament size made from high-quality materials.

The quality board is designed with good qualities of eclipse HD and HDTV with super technology making it the best type of dartboard.

It is the top dartboard in the bristle dartboard world. Unicorn bristle dartboard holds the highest rank among professional boards. It features a staple-free construction that maximizes the playing area.

This design also increases the scoring potential of a player by reducing the number of shots deflecting out. It features grade ‘A’ sisal for a solid dartboard hence a higher score.

This is a good quality dartboard featuring an all-new spider 2 radial wiring system which creates a clean playing area. Furthermore, it features a new supper thin bullseye that increases the playing area by 14%.

In addition, there is an increased 2% area to the 25-ring increasing scoring potential.
Unlike other types of dartboard unicorn eclipse, hd2 features injection-molded high numbers which are highly invisible.

The numbers are also replaceable with an invisible number ring taking the bristle board technology to a new level. It comes with plastic numbers sticking to the board allowing for a seamless design.

This dartboard is a simple but elegant design which is a very unique aspect compared to other types of dartboard. Unicorn board dartboard is a high-quality bristle dartboard and is used by professional darts corporations for premier dart league competitions. In addition, it has improved class durability than cheaper dartboards.

Highlighted Features

  • Spider 2 redial wiring system – increases playing area
  • Regulation tournament size – for serious players
  • Staple free wiring system – reduces bounce-outs
  • Super slim wire fasteners- reduce bounces-outs
  • Plastic numbers –enhances seamless design
  • Removable number of rings – elegant touch
  • Plastic numbers- for a seamless design

How To Choose The Best Bristle Dart Board 

Listed and explained below are some of the factors to consider before making a purchase of the right bristle dart board for perfect and proper solution no doubt about it. 


This refers to the amount of money that ought to be parted with while acquiring the dart board of choice. In order to prevent any unusual hardships or inconveniences, the price of the dart board of choice has to be as low as possible.

Certain promotional offers such as discounts, special offers, and warranties should also accompany the list price of the board.


Several manufacturers are involved in the production of these boards. However, quite a few of them stand out as the top producers. This stems from the high quality of the boards they produce and the low prices thereof.

As of the year 2024, some of the top brands of the bristle dart boards which should subsequently be given top most priority are DMI, Viper, TG Champion, and Nodor Supawire.


It is the range of tasks and purposes to which the typical dart board of choice may be put into. It is primarily determined by the number of accessories that the board may accommodate. The bristle dart board of choice has to be able to accommodate as many accessories as possible. This is the only way to derive as much value from its purchase as possible.

Budget Space

Each potential buyer or user of a dart board has a unique financial resource endowment which needless to say, extensively determines his purchasing power. It is up to the individual buyer or user to establish his purchasing power. He then should proceed and buy that board that falls within his budget space.

Intended Users

Users of the dart boards are of various types. They may mainly be categorized into beginners, intermediates, and the professional players respectively. These dart boards are suited for different kinds of users.

Consequently, a board that is intended for, say a beginner, may not offer much help to an expert and vice versa. The precise skill level of the user should, therefore, be considered also.

Intended Area of Use

The game of darts may be played either indoors or outdoors. Owing to the varying conditions of these playing areas, the boards also possess different features to enable them to perform these unique functions.

The exact area wherein the dart board is to be utilized should also be taken into consideration to ensure a relevant purchase. Ideally, a dual purpose board like dart board cabinet which is able to deliver in either condition equally well should be given top most priority.


These boards also come in a variety of sizes. Some are big, some small, yet others are medium sized. The size determines the space requirements as well as the total number of players at a time.

The choice of the right board on the basis of this consideration should, therefore, be informed by the intended number of players and the amount of space at the disposal of the would-be user.

Anticipated Number of Users

As has already been alluded to previously, the game of darts may be played singly or in the company of friends and relatives. Not every board may accommodate multiple players at a time though.

It is therefore imperative that the intended number of players be also considered to ensure that the right board s acquired.

After Sale Services

The right dart board should ideally be accompanied by several after sale services such as free installation, consultancy, advisory, and free repairs. It is only in this way that some of the dangers, accidents, and issues that may arise during the installation stage may be prevented.


It is a measure of how heavy or how light the dart board is. This feature determines the ease or lack of it with which the boards may be handled, transported, or installed. This trait is, therefore, a very important consideration.

As a general rule, in case the board is to be deployed in remote locations, it should be very light and vice versa.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers 

Q: What is the best bristle dartboard?

There are many good bristle dartboards including, Winmau blade 5, Winmau diamond plus, and Nodor Supamatch among others. However, the best dartboard for you is one of quality and affordable price. It should also be able to serve its purpose conveniently. Most importantly it should meet your personal preferences.

Q: How can we choose the best dartboard?

Apart from quality and price, you will also need to consider what you want from a dartboard. If you need a dartboard for a passion rather than a hobby then the best choice for you is a bristle dartboard. You should also consider where you want to mount it.

Q: Can you use a bristle dartboard outdoor? 

Yes, it’s possible. Bristle dartboards are fun and of excellent quality, moreover, they provide many playing options for different dart games. They are easy to mount outside on a fence or a tree. However, never expose the dartboards to direct rain since they get permanently ruined when they get wet.

Q: Can I use soft tip darts on bristle dartboard?

Soft tip darts feature flexible tips manufactured from soft plastic; this enables them to work on bristle dartboard too. It’s safe for both the soft tip dart and bristle dartboard. However, they are not commonly used because they are not very effective. They are used often on electronic dartboards.

Q: How long do bristle dartboards last? 

This will depend on how you install, how good is your dartboard care and how often you play. In case you play constantly like 45-60 minutely a day it will last for approximately 2 years. Provided you know how to maintain a dartboard they can last for about 4-5 years.

Q: Why is it important to choose the right dartboard?

You need to choose a dartboard of the right depth and hardness to ensure you have the game experience. Besides if you want to learn how to play you must look into the type of dartboard you want and its durability. This will relieve you of the frustration of bad games.

Final Verdict

As may be clearly deduced from the foregoing review, the scope of the best bristle dart boards is pretty broad. It is practically impossible to exhaust it in a single review of this kind due to the obvious limitations of space and time.

It is also worthy to note that the integrity of some aspects of the information provided for in the review above may not hold for long. This is due to the anticipated change of certain circumstances such as tax regime and legal frameworks.

In the meantime, why not consider making a purchase of at least one of the bristle dart boards reviewed above? Waste no time because the more you delay, the higher the price might rise. We look forward to engaging with you soonest possible! Also you may like fevorite indoor game air hockey for your kind knowledge which is a little bit hire price than dart boart.

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