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Top 10 Best Dart Shafts – Tested & Reviewed 2024

If you are serious about playing darts, you need to think about the type of dart shafts you have. While many dartboards come with dart shafts, buying them separately is a sign you are not just a casual dart player.

 You need to invest in the best dart shafts to customize your game. There are plenty of dart shafts available and understanding some important factors is important.

Dart shafts vary in shape, length, material, and other features that influence your performance. You need to pick the right shafts that offer a comfortable grip and one that shows your personality.

In our guide and reviews, we have researched thoroughly to provide recommendations of amazing dart shafts for professional dart players.

10 Best Dart Shafts in 2024 - Comparison

Top 10 Best Dart Shafts in 2024 - Reviews

What darts do pros use? as a professional dart player, you need quality darts to improve your game. And of course, in the dart world, darts come along with shafts. You should know how to get replacement dart shafts to improve your game. We have top ten reviews of top spin dart shafts for professional players.

 1.  Viper Spinster Aluminum Dart Shaft

Viper Spinster Aluminum Dart Shaft: Medium (MD), Black, 3 Pack

Improve your dart game with these aluminum dart shafts. These shafts are precision engineered to give your darts a better flight. They are equipped with a wide range of features that allow you to take your dart game to a higher level.

The package includes 3 high-quality shafts. The dart shaft features a quality rotating top that allows the free rotation of flights when the dart is on the board. When the flights spin out of the way of the coming dartboards, some deflection can occur.

You can minimize dart deflection and get tighter shorts and higher scores. All the shafts are made of lightweight yet tough aluminum material. This defines their quality since they can handle wear and tear. They are durable and do not add extra weight to your darts which can affect the dart flight.

You can choose dart shafts short vs long to get a personalized fit. They feature a locking hole feature locking hole on the shaft to help you tighten them to the barrel. As a result, you get optimized dart trajectory and minimal movement.

After locking it in place, you will not have to retighten after a few throws. The shafts are of medium sizes and this spaces the flights comfortably from the dart barrel to enhance the flight path.

Authentic Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum shaft construction
  • Ideal for 14 years and above
  • Short or medium shaft options
  • Durable and lightweight shafts
  • Locking hole for more leverage
  • Designed with rotating shaft top

 2.  CavalierDarts 53mm(20/30/40pcs) Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts

CavalierDarts 5 Colors(40 Pcs) Aluminum Medium Darts Shafts Dart Stems Throwing Fitting with O'ring 53mm

If you need quality dart shafts for replacement, these are good to consider. The shafts are tough and nice with no worries about breaking. They are well-formed so you don’t expect the flights to pop off.

The shafts are available in a variety of colors for an attractive look. The colors are red, purple, black, green and blue. The package includes a total of 40 shafts made of aluminum. Their dart shaft length measures 53mm and they are ideal for soft tips and steel tips.

The quality of these shafts is exemplary, and they work well to improve your game.
The aluminum shafts are designed to fit most darts and they also fit a wide range of dart flights. Compared to plastic shafts that come with darts, these are lighter.

Additionally, they are designed with a tight end that holds the flight. They also come with fitted rubber O-rings to ensure they stay. Not only are these aluminum dart shafts vibrant but also sturdy.

You can use them for several months without any issues. You also have plenty of shafts to choose from. All of them are well-made so you don’t expect burrs or messed-up threads like in other shafts.

Authentic Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy and great quality
  • Fit in many darts and dart flights
  • Made of quality aluminum material
  • Available in different vibrant colors
  • Ideal for soft tip darts and steel tips
  • 40 medium dart shafts at an affordable price

 3.  CUESOUL 4 pcs TERO AK7 Dart Shafts Built-in Spring Telescopic

CUESOUL 4 pcs TERO AK7 Dart Shafts Built-in Spring Telescopic for Steel Tip Darts and Soft Tip Darts

Get these professional dart shafts designed for steel tips darts and soft tip darts. These shafts darts come in different size options to meet your needs. The dart shaft flight combo provides improved performance.

The set is innovative and uses durable material to enhance the life of these sets of shafts. They improve your darts level with the AK4+7 dart flight system that rotates without annoying rattle.

As a result, you can get tight grouping for 3 darts and also lets your darts fly true and stable. These high-quality darts are good to improve your level. They have a telescopic and detachable design for improved performance.

The shafts feature built-in spring AK& dart stem alongside AK4 dart flight ensure the dart flights do not fall. You are also free to change the stem flight color or flight to get your ideal combo set.

The telescopic design of these shafts provides effective buffering for flight protection from the ripping that results from hitting. With these excellent shafts, you enjoy quality assurance. The shafts have undergone multiple tests and adjustments to improve their quality.

Authentic Highlighted Features

  • Different colors and sizes
  • Shafts are tight to the barrel
  • Feature AK7 dart stem design
  • Innovative designed from CUESOUL
  • Built-in spring telescopic & rotation combo

 4.  Wolftop 2BA Thread Aluminum Dart Shafts 24 Pack

Wolftop 2BA Thread Aluminum Dart Shafts 24 Pack with Rubber O-Rings, Dart Accessories Kit for Steel Tip Darts and Soft Tip Darts

These dart shafts accessory kit is ideal for soft tip and steel tips darts. The package includes 24 pieces in black and blue colors. The aluminum dart shafts work well with 2BA size dart screw thread.

Their overall length without threads is 41mm/ 48mm. The shafts feature quality aluminum with an anodized finish to make them durable compared to the PVC shafts or plastic dart shafts.

They have visible rings installed to ensure they do not get loose. Therefore, these dart shafts are an excellent option and you get 100% guarantee. Installing these quality shafts is easy because they are designed with locking holes. 

It enables you to leverage and tighten the shaft on the dart barrel. These dart shafts come in standard sizes, and they are a choice for beginners who want to improve their game.

If you have used other poor-quality dart shafts, you will love these quality products. You won’t experience loose flights, loosening of shafts, or other problems. The dart shafts offer better balance, stay together well, and have an appealing look.

Authentic Highlighted Features

  • 2BA dart screw thread compatibility
  • Have O-rings to prevent loosening
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Package includes 24 piece shafts
  • Locking hole for easy installation
  • Sturdy and good-looking shafts

 5.  Viper Spinster Yukon Aluminum Dart Shaft

Viper Spinster Yukon Aluminum Dart Shaft: In-Between (INB), Black, 3 Pack

Improve your game with these black dart shaft sets. The package has 3 rotating shaft top that allows your flights to spin freely when you strike the board.

With these shafts, you will not experience defection and this increases your overall scores in the dart game. These shafts types are the ideal choice if you need something durable.

They feature an aluminum body construction to enable them to stand up and handle wear and tear after frequent use. they are designed with locking holes to offer more leverage to tighten the shafts on the dart barrel.

So, the shafts don’t get loose easily when playing. Additionally, you don’t have to retighten them after one or two games. They are in-between size to offer the right spacing between the flight and the barrel.

This is crucial if you need to achieve the best aerodynamic trajectory.
These lightweight shafts are good for the money. They are ideal for spinners, and they do not warp or bend from the impacts of tile floors and concrete.

They also work well to help maintain tight groups and they rotate well. These smooth shafts also and provide a solid feel.

Reasons to Buy This

  • Black aluminum dart shafts
  • Locking hole for easy leverage
  • In-between size for suitable spacing
  • Designed with rotating dart shaft top
  • Durable aluminum body construction
  • Package has 3 shafts for your dart set

 6.  MAXMAU 9 Sets 27 pcs Aluminium Dart Shafts Darts

MAXMAU 9 Sets 27 pcs Aluminium Dart Shafts Darts Accessory Hard Metal Stems Alloy Pole Outdoor Sports Professional New

Dart is a popular game and the type of shaft you choose greatly affects your game performance. If you want to buy more dart shafts at an affordable price, get these aluminum dart shafts. The package includes 9 sets of 27 pieces in different colors.

They are designed with hard metal dart stems to provide durable use. The main material in these professional dart shafts is aluminum. It is lightweight yet provides sturdy use.

The dart shafts feature an anti-skip O-ring that and their overall dart shaft length is between 45-48mm. With these pieces, you can enhance your overall dart game. All the Dart shafts are sturdy and good-looking.

They are perfectly held tightly in the barrel so you don’t need to keep turning them constantly after every throw. The presence of a hole makes initial turning easy and this gives a nice feel when playing while holding the flights tight.

If you like playing darts with family, these shafts make a perfect purchase. They come in red, black, and blue color combinations that mix perfectly. The shafts are also ideal for players who are looking forward to buying affordable dart shafts in a set.

Authentic Highlighted Features

  • Features anti-skid O-ring
  • Standard 2BA screw thread
  • They are lightweight and sturdy
  • Overall length between 45-48mm
  • Made of durable aluminum material
  • Available in red, blue, and black colors

 7.  CUESOUL 15 Sets Slim Dart Flights Wholesale

CUESOUL TERO AK7 Aluminum Dart Shafts Red Built-in Spring Telescopic for Steel Tip Darts and Soft Tip Darts,Set of 3 pcs

Get these 3-piece dartboard shafts for soft tip darts and steel tip darts. They are made of aluminum which makes them durable and lightweight.

The shafts are designed with a built-in spring telescopic to improve their performance. All the 3 darts are red and have a length of 25.2 mm.
The aluminum dart shafts feature AK4 and AK7 dart stem and flights.

They are made of a tougher material which enhances a long life when using the set. Their design allows easy spinning without producing an annoying rattle sound like in other dart shafts.

Additionally, this design also ensures you achieve tight grouping for all the 3 darts and get stable and true flights. All this is crucial for improving your dart game.

With these dart shafts, you will not experience void dart shafts that fall when playing. You also have the freedom to change the color of the flight or stem to match your combo set.

The shaft’s telescopic design provides great buffering to protect your flights or ripping off as a result of hutting. The shafts are high quality and have gone through vigorous testing for quality assurance.

Reasons to Buy This

  • Aluminum dart shaft and stem
  • Great for soft tip and steel darts
  • Telescopic design for protected slights
  • Available in black, red, golden, and green
  • Nice rotation without annoying rattle sound
  • They have a telescopic and detachable design

 8.  30 Pieces Medium Dart Shafts 2BA Thread Aluminium Alloy Dart

30 Pieces Medium Dart Shafts 2BA Thread Aluminium Alloy Dart Stems 50 mm and 53 mm Alloy Harrow Throwing Fitting with Rubber O-Rings Dart Accessories for Steel Tip and Soft Tip Darts Outdoor Sports

Purchase dart shafts in bulk are great especially if you need to save money. Get these 30 pieces of medium dart shafts with stems ranging from 50mm- 53 mm. they feature alloy harrow throwing fitting with rubber O-rings.

The shafts are great for soft tip and steel tip darts. The dart shafts come in a wide range of colors to suit your preferences. Therefore, you have plenty of possibilities to choose from.

The shafts have a locking hole design to enable you to use leverage when attaching the shaft to the dart barrel securely. You don’t have to worry that the shaft can fall off during use.

They are ideal for indoor activities hence no worries about bad weather or rain. You can use them to exercise your hands-on capability and body coordination to improve your game. With the rubber O-rings, it is easy to keep the dart shaft securely for a stable flight path.

This allows you to enjoy fun games with your family and friends. The dart shafts come in appropriate sizes which makes them comfortable to hold. They are great for people of all ages and you can also take them with you anywhere without any problems.

Authentic Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum alloy material
  • You get 30 pieces of dart shafts
  • Compact size and lightweight design
  • Suitable shafts for indoor activities
  • Rubber O-rings for secure attachment
  • Locking hole design for secure attachment

 9.  Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart Shaft (3 Pack)

Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart Shaft: Short (SH), 3 Pack

If you are a serious dart player, then investing in the right dart shafts will ultimately improve your game. The Viper Carbon dart shafts are ultra-lightweight for fun gameplay.

These shafts come in 3 pieces in the package in short design but you can also get the medium option. They are made of carbon graphite construction which offers strength for their weight.

This provides great performance in the flight barrel balance. The shafts offer a unique front-loaded weight balance to give you plenty of ways to optimize the flight path when playing.

They are designed with locking holes that enable you to use more leverage to tighten the dart shafts on the barrel. Therefore, they don’t get loose easily when playing, and you don’t have to retighten them after one or two shots.

Once locked in, no more retightening like in other shafts. The short size of the dart shafts offers proper spacing between the barrel and the flight which is important to help you achieve the desired aerodynamic trajectory.

These dart shafts are lightweight and durable compared to plastic and nylon dart shafts.

Authentic Highlighted Features

  • Front-loaded weight balance
  • Efficient locking hole design
  • Package includes 3 short dart shafts
  • Ultralight carbon graphite construction
  • Comfortable size for improved flight path

 10.  3 Sets of Winmau Aluminum Dart Shafts (9 Shafts)

3 Sets of Winmau Aluminum Dart Shafts (9 Shafts) (Red, Medium)

The type of dart shaft you buy significantly affects your game. Choosing low-quality shafts will force you to replace them often. You can save money by buying quality darts like these that offer long-lasting use. You get a set of 3 red dart shafts which totals 9 pieces.

These shafts are made of aluminum material which not only makes them lightweight but also durable. The shafts come in other colors like black, blue, and silver. These anodized colors provide a long-lasting finish and they also make the dart shafts good-looking.

The high-quality dart shafts are available in different lengths which include ex-short, short and medium sizes. You can choose from these sizes depending on the convenient one for your game.

The stylish darts feature a cross-hole locking device and they are slotted to give an easy fit. The body of the shaft is made for O-rings so it is a great idea to get some O-rings to improve their performance.

The shafts offer a nice feel and they hold snug flight. They are also exceptionally durable so they can serve you longer. Additionally, they are sturdy and very true. 

Authentic Highlighted Features

  • You get a total of 9 dart shafts
  • Dart shafts made of durable aluminum
  • Available in red, silver, black, and blue colors
  • Available in medium, short, and ex-short sizes
  • The dart shafts are slotted to provide an easy fit
  • They feature anodized colors and a durable finish

How To Choose The Best Dart Shafts

Figuring out which is the right dart shaft can be tough because there are plenty of options on the market. You will come across medium dart shafts, carbon dart shafts and they also vary in flight shapes and shaft lengths. The shafts also come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your needs. below are essential considerations you need to check when choosing the right dart shafts.


Dart shafts sizes vary so you need to pick the right size. They come in different lengths and the length of the shaft determines how the flight pattern will be as well as the dart trajectory. The basic rule when determining the length of the shaft is for a shorter barrel, get a longer shaft. For a longer barrel, use a shorter shaft.

You can find the shafts in 5-6 lengths. If you would like to improve the dart’s performance, adjust the length of the shaft. You can choose short, medium, or extra-long shafts to suit your needs. always ensure you choose the right length depending on your style to improve your performance. 


Dart shafts come in different materials which affect their performance. The material you choose for your dart shaft affects the flight because of the weight and other qualities. As you improve your game’s techniques, you will understand the shaft materials that work well for you. the most common dart shaft material you can choose include:

Plastic and nylon- These are affordable shafts and easy to replace. They are great for beginners but they tend to break easily. their stems feature polycarbonate and nylon, and they are available in different colors. Mid-level players and beginners are best suited for these dart shafts.

Aluminum- This material is resistant to breakage than plastic and it offers great accuracy. They are a great investment if you need something long-term. You can find aluminum shafts in different styles and colors. The downside of this material is that it tends to bend so you need to straighten them back.

Carbon fiber- These shafts are expensive than the rest, and they are a good choice if you need something durable. Their stems are lightweight and very resistant. They deliver the same performance as aluminum shafts and they do not bend.

Composite shafts- These are high-end dart shafts that offer great strength and durability. These shafts are ideal for professional players. They are mainly made of plastic and the replaceable part for mounting the flight is made of strong metal alloy.


Another essential consideration to think about is the shape of the shaft. You can either get a slim profile or straight shafts. While they might not lead to performance differences, they affect the weight and the shaft aesthetics. It is great to choose slim shafts for lighter darts.


When it comes to the functionality, you can either choose spinning dart shafts or locked. The locked shafts are the most common and they have been in use for quite some time. Spinning shafts are new on the market, and they rotate on the axis to allow stable throws.

Number and Color of Shafts

When buying new shafts, keep the number in the package in mind. The most important thing is getting shafts in various flight combinations to achieve a perfect throwing style.

When it comes to color, some dart shafts come in a single color while others in different colors. You can choose multiple colors to enjoy various color combinations. This also helps you enjoy and reflect your personality.

Other Considerations

To get a better throw, there are other essential features you should check. Consider if the dart shaft features an O-ring or not. This helps to keep it tightened without falling apart when playing. Also, check if the shaft has grooves. This feature is essential to enable you to get a good grip and achieve accurate throws.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: What is a dart shaft? 

Dart shafts refer to the stem items that are screwed to the back of the barrel to held the flight securely in place. The type of dart shaft you choose affects your game so you need to choose wisely. In the game of darts, there are different types of dart shafts you can choose. Longer dart shafts move the dart’s centre of gravity to the back making it ideal for holding the darts at the back. They also come in different size range and are made of a variety of materials.

Q: What to Consider when Buying Dart Shafts?

There are a wide range of shafts you can find ranging from medium shafts, shorter shaft, metal shaft, composite shaft among others. It is important to pick a durable shaft that can last longer. You should also consider a lightweight shaft, improved grip, and a range of color options. Another essential consideration to think about when buying dart shafts is your playing style or throwing style.

Q: How do dart shafts influence your play? 

Dart shafts influence your play in regards to trajectory and accuracy. It is crucial to buy quality shafts that don’t break easily and ones that provide the right grip and consistency you require. Short shafts are ideal if you hold the dart at the barrel’s front end. In-between shafts provide a good balance of the dart flight and it hits the dartboard at an optimal angle. A medium length shaft has a forgiving length and is ideal for new players.

Q: What are the best dart shafts? 

There are different dart shafts to suit both professional and beginner players. If you are a beginner and looking for an economical option, I would recommend nylon shaft. You can get them in packs to save money. Experienced players can choose carbon fiber dart shafts, or darts made of aluminum. Our top reviews above cover quality and tested dart shafts to suit your gameplay. 

Q: Are nylon dart shafts or aluminum dart shafts better?

Selecting the right dart shaft material depends on your budget and skill level. For instance, if you are a beginner, nylon shafts are the best. They are hassle-free to use, and they save you more money. Aluminum shafts are durable and rigid than plastic shafts. They are also available in massive color options. Overall, carbon fiber shafts make the best shafts. Carbon fiber dart shafts are the most durable than aluminum and nylon and it comes at a high price.

Q: How Do You Replace Your Dart Shaft?

After playing for some time, you may experience broken dart shafts. Therefore, you need to replace them to enjoy your game. Fixing the dart shaft is easy. Hold the barrel securely, for instance, using a vise to prevent slipping. Lock all the points of the dart shaft you want to remove and screw it out and then insert the new shaft.

Final Thoughts

Dart is an interesting game that you can play with your family and friends at home. For better performance in this game, you need to buy essential items like unbreakable darts, dartboard cabinets, and the best dart shafts among other essentials.

Selecting the right dart shafts is essential to improve your overall performance in dart game. Every part of the dart is crucial and the dart shaft is the most important. The type of shaft you choose should be durable enough to provide long-lasting use.

Dart shafts are made of different materials and this is what differentiates them.
You can either choose aluminum, titanium, tungsten darts, or carbon graphite shafts. Titanium and tungsten are the most expensive and durable shafts. If you need affordable dart shafts, consider carbon graphite and aluminum models.

In our reviews and guide, we have covered the best dart shafts to improve your game. We have also included a detailed buyer's guide to help you make the right choice. All the dart shafts above are made of different materials, sizes, and colors. Compare them in detail to choose the one that suits your game.

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