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Top 12 Best Dart Board Cabinets – Excellent Selections in 2024

If you have never played darts in your life, then one of the accessories you need to add to your home is a best dart board cabinets. Playing darts keep us engaged both physically and mentally. This is a game that you can play with the entire family.

You don’t require any specialized training to start out as a dart player. There are many online videos that you can use to train. For those who have been in the game for some time, what you require is the best dart cabinet that is durable. It should have all necessary accessories you need for your game. On top of that, it should also enhance the look of your room. 

Some boards are meant for tournaments, others are for practice, while some are ideal form both. Modern boards have been made to offer high performance, safety and durability. We have listed the best dartboards cabinet that are commercially available from which you can choose from depending on your taste, budget, and nature of the game you want to play if you wish to play the game as a hobby or you want to progress to professional dart playing.

12 Best Dart Board Cabinets 2024 - Comparison

Top 12 Best Dart Board Cabinets - Reviews

Viper Hudson Sisal Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard & Cabinet Bundle.jpg

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You can now get all you require to boost your darts experience in a comprehensive package that includes sisal/bristle staple free bullseye and a superior dartboard cabinet. In each cabinet, there is an out-chart board, dry eraser scoreboard, dry eraser marker and a mounting hardware.

The dart board is 18 inch in diameter which is the official measurement used for darting tournaments. It has a staple free bull’s eye that limits the number of bounce outs. It is made from self-healing sisal/bristle fibers that have been compacted to make it long lasting. The Viper Hudson dartboard has changeable rings which increase its lifespan.

The dartboard cabinet is made of top quality materials to enhance its durability. It has been given a mahogany finish and is coated with black felt. It has bronze hinges, box joints, and solid pine. This board enhances the appearance of any room.

Besides the standard bundle, all the rest have an asset of Viper black Mariah 22 gram steel tip darts. They are made of black coated brass barrels for excellent balance and style. Each dart has a locking hole that improves sits stability and connection to the barrel. The darts have excellent gripping points to enhance your control.


  • Staple free bulls-eye
  • Long lasting and durable
  • 81 Inch dartboard used for tournaments
  • Darts with excellent gripping points for better control
  • Striking mahogany finish that complements the look of your room


  • With this set you may need to purchase better darts

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It is has been given a stylish wooden finish with a curved door. It is made to impress. The dartboard is made of black foam rubber, in the standard 18” tournament size. The rubber foam is thick, about an inch.

It comes in four pieces that make up a ring surrounding the board, resulting in a 5 “radius dartboard. This board is simple to install. Thus it needs no mounting device. It is among the cheapest dartboards and a good one for beginners.

It comes with magnetic doors that keep it closed when not being used. A cricket scoreboard is mounted on the door for recording the scores. It has all you need to start playing darts including six steel tip darts.


  • Fairly affordable
  • Strong and durable
  • Has eraser and chalk
  • Standard tournament size
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Dartboard is made of dense rubber foam


  • You may require a separate place to store darts
DMI Sports Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set

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The package contains all you need to start playing darts. The DMI sports deluxe dartboard cabinet is made of oak. It acts as the score counter, the storage unit and houses the dartboard.

This best dart board cabinet set is made of the standard size used in tournaments; therefore anyone who wants to venture into professional darts can rely on this set for training. You don’t have to look for a tournament size dartboard if you are playing professional darts.

The sisal bristles in the dartboard are self-healing, meaning that it will last longer since they will not break easily. It includes the score marker and darts. This is to say that you can start playing darts immediately after mounting the cabinet on the wall.


  • It is sturdy and long lasting
  • Cabinets acts as the store for darts
  • Cabinet functions as a wall protector for stray darts.
  • The sisal bristles are self-healing thus extending the life of the dartboard


  • It is mainly designed for recreational purposes
Hathaway Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard and Cabinet Set, Dark Cherry Finish

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This cabinet is made from North American yellow poplar hardwood. It has been given a dark cherry finish to enhance its appearance. This unique finish helps to complement your room. The cabinet will also function as a store for your darts in addition to blocking stray darts from damaging your wall while you play.

In case you are wondering if it comes with any warranty. This set comes with a 180-day limited warranty. It is packed with all the necessities that you need to start playing darts either as a hobby or as a profession. The dart board is 18” regulation size, made of sisal/ bristle fiber and has a removable outer ring.

The best dartboard cabinet doors act as dart holders as well as dual dry ease scoreboards. Also, this best dart boards with cabinets hinges are made of stainless steel which is a durable material. Included is a rounded target ring to avoid bounce-outs. The pack consists of two sets of the British flag and American flag fights.


  • It is of standard regulation size
  • It is packed with all you require to start playing darts
  • Cabinet is made of strong and durable poplar hardwood
  • Cabinet functions as a store for the darts and markers as well as protecting your walls from damage from stray darts


  • Steel tip darts are best to use with this set
Viper Metropolitan Sisal Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard & Cabinet Bundle

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It comes in a bundle that has all you require to start your dart playing experience. Every cabinet consists of an out chart board, a dry eraser scoreboard, a dry eraser marker and mounting hardware. It is available in four wood finishes that include; mahogany, cinnamon, oak and espresso, a wide range, from which you can choose your favorite finish.

This board made of pinewood, bronze hinges and box joints, the Viper metropolitan dartboard cabinets are designed to last long and enhance the appearance of the game room. It is also fitted with two solid door stoppers to prevent the door from banging.

The dartboard is made of changeable rings, an indication that you can change them to make it serve you for long. The rings are made of self-healing sisal/bristle fibers that are durable. The dartboard has staple free bulls eye to prevent bounce-outs. This dartboard is the standard regulation size-18” and is available in both open and closed dimensions.


  • Has door stoppers
  • Changeable dart rings
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Has all the accessories you require
  • Has all the accessories you require
  • A range of finishes to choose from


  • Little bit hard to get any drawbacks
BARRINGTON BILLIARDS COMPANY Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set: Professional Hanging Classic Sisal Dartboard with Self Healing Bristles and Accessories

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This dartboard comes in multiple styles, that is, self-healing bristles and accessories that make it durable. The self-healing board increases board resilience and lasts long. The dartboard cabinet is made of strong material and a modern design that enhances easy opening of the cabinet doors.

These cabinets have stoppers that prevent the doors from slamming after closure. It is easy to assemble the wooden cabinet thus making it convenient to all as it is not complicated to put up. It comes pre-assembled and so you only have to do little.

This saves you time. You will only hang it on your wall at your desired height and start off to play. Barrington dartboard has a classy appearance that makes it look fantastic on any wall space. It is suitable for all game rooms, pubs, and homes making it a choice for families.

The wooden doors act as blockers to keep the walls safe from darts that miss the target. The Barrington cabinets are customized to hang on any wall as they are strong. This quality product has all the required parts to regulate the dartboards match.

They are light in weight with a rustic arcade design which enables easy installation. The dartboard also has a dartboard case used in the regulation of size target face. It also has traditional game accessories.

The decent quality of this dartboard is exemplary as it is made to suit all your needs for this game. Whether you are a beginner or a pro you can use this cabinet set with ease. It has a strongbox joint that enables easy opening and closure.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to assemble and ease of use
  • Has traditional game accessories
  • Lightweight with a rustic arcade design
  • Eye-catching and suits any type of wall
  • Premium and modern hanging stylish cabinets
  • A self-healing dartboard that withstands wear and tear
  • Durable with stoppers that prevent doors from slamming
Viper Hideaway Cabinet & Steel-Tip Dartboard Ready-to-Play Bundle, Reversible Standard and Baseball Game Options with Two Sets of Steel-Tip Darts and Chalk Scoreboards, Black Matte Finish

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Viper Stadium Cabinet is of decent quality and features a beautiful finish. It has a coated finish that protects it from tough impacts and this defends your wall. It does so by absorbing them.

This dart board cabinets with lights has a magnetic door lock that prevents the doors from swinging and causing distraction. The scoreboards are clearly printed and located directly to the locks.

The solid wood cabinet has hinges made of antique brass. This gives a classy design and a great look on it. It has some slots underneath that are used for holding darts. The maximum darts it can hold is six.

This prevents the lights from folding and chalk for the scoreboard.
It has a sharp sleek design that adds to the room décor. It merges very well and does not clash with the existing style. It completes the look of any game as it has a classic matte black traditional finish.

This matches any room’s décor. It has a thin profile. This beautiful cabinet is quick to install as it has hardware that is easy to mount on any wall. The sets have the cabinet, the dartboard, and two sets of starter darts.

It has a coiled paper dartboard that has traditional darts and baseball darts. You can choose which one to play. The price of this dartboard with cabinet is pocket-friendly and you don’t have to go for an expensive cabinet.

It makes you enjoy your game as you do not have to struggle in any way. It takes care of the walls to avoid them from tears by darts that miss the board. There is no obstruction of walls or the room during the game.

Highlighted Features

  • An easy to mount and install
  • Quality cabinet protective to the walls
  • Has a high-density coiled paper dartboard
  • A thin profile that prevents obstruction of walls
  • Has a magnetic door lock that prevents slamming
  • An attractive matte black finish that blends well with the room’s décor
  • Two-sided dartboard that enables you to play either the traditional darts or baseball darts
American Legend Barnwood Dartboard Cabinet with Wheat Finished Barn Style Doors - Dartboard Not Included

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This dartboard in cabinet is stylish and lasts long. The cabinets add to the interior décor of the room and prevent clutter and this makes it entertaining. It is recommended for use with bristle dartboards for best results.

It has a unique flair that results from its rustic wheat-finished barn wood style.
The American Legend Barnwood has a classic scoreboard with chalk and an eraser and this helps you keep scores updated as you play.

It also has a built-in holder for the darts that carries up to six darts. This keeps your darts safe and the chances of losing them are minimal. It is long-lasting as it is of a real wood finish. The door hinges are made from brass and they enhance an easy opening and closure of the cabinet.

This makes them durable and so stylish. They are easy to assemble. This makes it have a long lifespan even with continued use. It is easy to assemble and install this dartboard cabinet only. This makes it convenient for use by any person as it is not complicated.

The parts are carefully joined to their significant other for easy and quick installation. This saves you a lot of time when assembling and thus creates more playing time. These wooden dartboard cabinets are of a reasonable weight and this makes them easy to mount on the wall.

They can be mounted on any wall. They also come at an affordable price. This wood dartboard cabinet wood also has great craftsmanship.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Has a holder that carries up to six darts
  • It is easy to use with bristle dartboards
  • Has a modern design that adds to the room décor
  • Classic chalk scoring with chalks and a chalkboard
  • One of the decorative dart board cabinets with a durable design
  • Made of a brass hardware at the hinges making it easy to open and close

 9.  Dart World 47991 Bull Dog Dart Cabinet Kit                         

Dart World 47991 Bull Dog Darts Cabinet Kit

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This kit is packed all the necessary accessories for your game. The cabinet is made of pinewood, and given a furniture finish, to provide it with an attractive look that will complement you’re playing room. When closed, the front side displays the British bulldog.

The door is adjustable courtesy of the hinges that are of superior quality. The cabinet has finger joints to enhance its durability. Inside the cabinet are a regulation size bristle dartboard, with lasting Lexan start throwing line and two sets of English brass darts


  • An adjustable door
  • Tournament size dart board
  • An attractive furniture finish
  • Durable cabinet made from pine.
  • It comes with rules and hanging guidelines
  • Packed with necessary accessories ready for playing


  • Might require to purchase another set of darts after a while
Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard with Cabinet

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It is an electronic dartboard, with a 13.5” target face and a larger outside the target face for catching errant darts. The cabinet doors act as storage pintos for the darts and can accommodate up to four sets of darts. This Fat cat electron has 38 games, over 167 sections and unique games like cricket. 

The availability of many gaming options increases your chances of learning new skills as a dart player.It features a unique color scheme of red, bright white and vivid blue ensuring that you always see your target.

 The ring segments are of resin a durable material that will guarantee that your board will last longer. It has an inbuilt storage space for your darts and other accessories; you need not worry where to store your darts.The set comes with an LCD for scores and another statistic; you don’t have to dispute with your competitors about the scores.

 It can accommodate up to 8 players with its multi-player option.
The board has a sleep and auto power to conserve power. With the Fat cat electron, you don’t need to use batteries as an AC Adapter powers it. It has an easy to use eleven key interface 


  • Easy to use eleven key interface
  • A large LCD that records the scores
  • Can accommodate multiple players, up to 8 players
  • Able to conserve power via it sleep and auto modes
  • Powered by an Ac adapter, so there is no need to use batteries
  • 38 gaming options and over 167 selections, including unique games like cricket


  • Though the darts are light, they serve their purpose
Viper by GLD Products Stadium Cabinet & Shot King Sisal/Bristle Dartboard Ready-to-Play Bundle: Elite Set (Shot King Dartboard, Darts, Shadow Buster and Laser Throw Line), Black (40-1213)

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Playing dart at home is great. However, if you don’t have the right wall protection, you will end up with damaged walls. You can protect your walls with this classic Viper Stadium dartboard cabinet.

Not only does it provide protection but also gives your room an attractive look. It has quality construction as it is made from sisal/bristle fibers that are compressed together.

This prevents your walls from denting. The Viper shadow buster illuminates the dartboard and this makes it convenient for you to play at any time of the day. It also has a foam surround that prevents the wall from denting.

It has a walnut finish and two sets of steel tip darts, a throw line and dry-erase scoreboards. These nice features help you keep track of your scores when playing. It provides a classic style to your wall.

The steel tip dartboard cabinet can become the center of attraction in your playroom out of its appealing effect. It takes very little time to set up and attach your cabinet to your wall.

You only need to take the measurements and attach the cabinet to the wall. This saves you much setup time. The Viper Stadium Cabinet is of a reasonable size both when closed and open.

The dartboard cabinet measures 18 inches in diameter which makes it suitable for official tournament. It includes a movable number ring that adds more life to the dartboard. Unlike the traditional adhesive floor markers, this one has an adjustable modern laser throw.

Highlighted Features

  • Dry-erase scoreboard to keep track of scores
  • Easy to assemble and great choice for families
  • Made of light material to enhance an easy mounting
  • Has a protective foam that prevents denting of walls
  • Has a long lifespan as it is made from natural sisal material
  • Convenient to play at any time of the day and this results to family fun
  • Elegant design that improves the room décor as it fits in any type of wall
Viper Hudson Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Cabinet, Mahogany Finish

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The cabinet has two compact door stoppers that prevent it from slamming. It is durable. The cabinet has six inlaid slots in which the two sets of darts are found. It has two compact door stoppers that prevent it from slamming.

This eases the opening and its closure. It also has a dry erase cricket scoreboard that makes it easy for adjusting scores. The surface is smooth and non-smear for easy cleaning and erasing. This scoreboard is placed on the right side of the cabinet door.

This enables you to keep track of your scores as you play your game.
The Viper Hudson Sisal cabinet has some storage accessories in it which have slots in which the darts are placed.

It is made of a soft galaxy-black felt backing that improves the appearance and thus compliments the cabinet’s finish. It has mounting hardware in it and this makes its installation easy. This cabinet for dart board is very natural as it is made from 100% pine.

There are no artificial materials used in its construction. This makes it outstanding among other custom cabinets in the market. The modern dart board cabinet has a smooth and eye-catching finish.

To have this cool dartboard cabinet serve you for long, you should keep your flights on the dart. It also maintains its shape. The dry erase out chart of the Viper Hudson sisal cabinet is located on the inside of the cabinet, the left side.

It makes it easy for you to update the scores as you play. It also acts as a reference for your scores. It has all you need for the game to make it more interesting.

Highlighted Features

  • It is easy to use and set up
  • A quality dartboard cabinet
  • Blends well with any type of wall
  • Is strongly constructed from long-lasting materials
  • Has an erase scoreboard to keep track of the scores
  • Is of a reasonable size that accommodates all dartboards
  • Has door stoppers that prevent its average cabinet doors from slamming

How to Buy The Best Dart Board Cabinets 2024

The type of dartboard

There are three type of dart boards; bristle, electronic and magnetic. As a player or a beginner, you must know the various types of boards and how they are used. Bristle boards are made from sisal fiber and are self-healing. This means that it returns to its original state after the dart hits and is removed.

You will mainly find them in bars and are designed for professional players and are sued in tournaments. This should not be used by children since the darts used are of steel tips and can injure them. They are to be used by those who are good at the game. 

Electronic board, on the other hand, is good for amateurs. They are light since most of them are made of a plastic body. Most come with plastic tipped darts that offer more safety. A magnetic board contains all the features of the electronic and brittle boards but it is fitted with a magnetic system.


No one likes going back to the shop frequently to buy the same product. There are many materials that are used to make, the dartboards, darts and the cabinets. As you consider the cabinet to buy we recommend that you choose one made from strong and durable materials. The quality of the materials should come first, not the price.

Safety and protection of your walls

When it comes to playing darts, stray darts can be a source of injury to the players and can damage your walls. As you purchase a dart cabinet, consider the features that catch stray darts. There should be enough space left for the errand dart catching rings. For most dart cabinets, the walls act as the hitting points of strays darts.


We advise you to choose a dart cabinet that is easy to install. As you make your choices, look for, cabinets that have installation hardware. If possible, consider those with instructions on how to install. We discourage hanged cabinets due to obvious safety reason. The cabinet should come with a bracket for the wall

The type of darts in the set

Every cabinet, you will find darts packed in the set. The darts used for electronic boards are light and safer to use. Darts used for professional darts are usually made of brass or tungsten. Tungsten is twice as dense as brass.

Darts made of tungsten will be smaller and dense resulting in higher scores due to close groupings. Beginners should start with brass or nickel darts as they advance to the tungsten darts. The tungsten darts also vary in the percentages of tungsten that has been incorporated in them. Consider this too as you search for your ideal darts.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Why should you purchase a dartboard cabinet?

If you do not want to make custom dart board cabinets, buying cool dart board cabinets is the right decision. Unique dart board cabinets protect your board and this lengthens its lifespan. It provides lighting options and may also act as storage for your gear. The cabinet protects the walls and prevents darts from bouncing back whenever they miss their targets. The cabinets ensure that the surroundings are safe to play in. They prevent accidents.

Q: What is the best dartboard cabinet set?

Viper Stadium Cabinet is the perfect cabinet set compared to other cabinet sets. It is durable as it is made of dark walnut finish with wood construction. It has a vintage feel that comes from the brass-finish hinges on it. It has a shadow buster light which makes it easy to install above the cabinet.

Q: How to attach a dartboard to a cabinet?

First, take the measurements of the area you want your dartboard cabinet without dartboard to hang. Label the mounting holes on the cabinet and make sure they are in line with those on the wall. Place the wall studs to enable you to mount the cabinet on the wall. Place the dartboard bumpers and position the dartboard.

Q: Why buy a dartboard with cabinet set?

The solid wood dartboard cabinet set offers protection to your board. You also need a cabinet set to store your extra gear. It also offers lighting options to your dartboard. The cabinet set offers plenty of space for you to position your dartboard. These cabinets add to the room décor as they are stylish. This makes the room look more organized. Go for one with extra features.

Q: How to install your dartboard cabinet?

You can install your professional dart board cabinet in two ways, with a hanger, and without a hanger. When installing wood dart cabinet with a hanger, take the measurements and confirm behind the dartboard for the hanger. Drills holes and hung the cabinet. If you are installing without a hanger drill a hole through the cabinet, pass the screw, and place the dartboard.

Final Words

As a dart player whether you are a beginner or a professional, each one of us have their likes when it comes to the choice of dartboard cabinets. A closer look at what you want and the use of your cabinet dart board will make you select a cabinet that is ideal for your need.

Irrespective of your budget you can get  best dart cabinets from the ones that we have discussed. We recommend the no electronic dart cabinets for beginners and those who play darts as a hobby, and the electronic dart cabinets for professionals and those who want to venture into serious dart playing

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