Best Multi Game Tables For 2018 – Guide and Reviews

Best Multi Game Tables For 2018 – Guide and Reviews

If one game is good, more games are better! See and pick the best multi game table model here in our list of top reviews.

Why stick to one game per table? In today’s modern world, it makes a lot more sense to get more games per table so the kids (and we have to admit, the adults) will be happy.

Having a single game per table is like having just one game for your PC, smartphone, and gaming console. But with the best multi game table in the house, it’s better.

For parents, a multi-game table solves a lot of problems especially when you have lots of kids in the house and their friends are there too.

Not everyone will want to play a particular game, so having more games gives them options. They’re also less likely to grow tired of playing the same game over and over.

For you as a parent, it also saves you a lot of space, since buying separate gaming tables will fill up a game room very quickly. And truth be told, this will certainly save you a lot of money!

Of course, it all depends on which unit you get. It should feature engrossing games, and it should also be easy to change from one game to the next. And it really helps if it is durable so kids aren’t frustrated with another broken toy.More over if you can use it multi game table for adults.

Recommended Best Multi Game Tables

 1. Medal Sports 48 in.10-in-1Multi Game/toy Table

Let’s start things off with this Medal Sports model. It offers 10 games in just 1 table! The games here include the usual suspects

such as slide hockey and soccer goal and the 48-inch length makes it good enough for kids to play table tennis.

That’s 3 games so far. The rest includes the “tossing” games such as bean bag toss, football toss, and baseball toss. You also have basketball, billiards, bowling, and even darts.

This table measures 48 inches long and 24 inches wide. That means your ideal room should measure at least 10 by 15 feet. It is 32 inches high so all but the youngest kids can play with this.

There’s inevitably going to be some bumping going on when kids are playing, but this is very sturdy as long as you follow the assembly instructions.

Its parts are made of metal, wood, and plastic, along with some canvasses. Of course the best multi game table , this can be a bit time-

Its parts are made of metal, wood, and plastic, along with some canvasses. Of course, this can be a bit time-

consuming to set up at first, but changing from one game to another becomes easier with time and practice. It weighs just 40 pounds, so it can stay in place and it’s easy to move to a different spot.

This is the perfect addition to any game room, as it can satisfy the tastes of kids of all ages. Even just looking at it will make you want to start playing right away, and it’s undoubtedly fun for the young ones.

It teaches them the basics of so many games. The rules are very simple and kids can get it right away. Because this one the best multi game table.

Also, it helps improve their hand-eye coordination so they can be better in games, sports, and other activities as they get older.

Medal Sports 48 in.10-in-1Multi Game/toy Table
Medal Sports 48 in.10-in-1Multi Game/toy Table
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 2. Triumph Sports 48" 4-in-1 Swivel Table

Now with just 4 games to deal with, you have a gaming table that offers a simpler way to set up and change games.

Here you have 4 of the most popular games that kids and adults will find enthralling. You have air hockey,which is one of the most engrossing games around.

It’s actually air-powered by a motor, and the paddles are very comfy to hold.Since the table measures 48 inches, you have a large playing surface so the action can flow smoothly.

Then you flip it over, and you have billiards. Here you have all the 15 colored balls and the whit cue ball. You also get 2 cue sticks, 2 pieces of chalk, a triangle, and even a brush to maintain the felt playing surface.

You can then put the tablet tennis playing surface on top, and here you get the 2 paddles, 2 ping pong balls, and the net and post.

Finally, there’s even flip it football, complete with uprights at end of the end zone.This is very high quality, and the games will attract the attention of nostalgic adult.

It’s great that all the accessories are part of the package, and there are storage compartments for the playing surfaces and accessories you’re not currently using. It’s so very easy to change from one game to another.

This is a nice-looking table, so feel free to leave it out inside the house. It’s very well-made, and this can give you, your family, and your friends many hours and years of bonding moments.

Kids will love this a lot, and this can succeed in taking their interest away from smartphones and gaming consoles. No doubt it's  best of the best multi game table.

Triumph Sports 48 4-in-1 Swivel Table
Triumph Sports 48" 4-in-1 Swivel Table
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 3. Triumph Sports 48-Inch MLS 10-in-1 Combo

This is another Triumph Combo table that also measures 48 inches long. This time, the makers didn’t stop at 4 games. Instead, they stuffed it 10 games all in all.

The games mentioned here are much different than the games in the Medal Sports 10-in-1.

That one was very good for very young players, but this one is for older kids.

The games include popular classics like foosball, billiards, push hockey, and table tennis.Then there are chess, checkers, bowling, shuffleboard, backgammon, and dice

Here the billiards table acts as the base table, while you only have to put the other playing surfaces on top of it.

That’s really all you need, as you don’t have to follow very complicated steps and arrangements to change from one game to the next.

It’s great that all the accessories for each game are here, and the table itself looks very inviting.

Some games can be played by kids as young as 3 years old, but the other kids will really excite older kids—and their parents.

What’s really exciting for parents is the easy way to set up and change games, and the very reasonable price.

Everyone in the family will want to play it, and kids can have fun playing with mom and dad. 

Triumph Sports 48-Inch MLS 10-in-1 Combo

Triumph Sports 48-Inch MLS 10-in-1 Combo

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 4. Hathaway Accelerator 4-in-1 Multi-Game

Now we are back to the 4-in-1 model, but this time you again have different games. Also, it’s a bit bigger at 54 inches. Actually, there are 3 games: air hockey, table tennis, and basketball.

The 4th game isn’t really a game but it’s more of a fun-time activity.

It’s simply a white table where kids can draw with the markers included, and then the eraser wipes the drawing away when the kids are done drawing.

This is a true air hockey game, mind you, instead of just a plain push hockey variant. This means that it comes with an actual UL-approved air blower so the puck can really glide without a hitch across the “ice”.

The strikers measure 2.75 inches, while the puck diameter is 2.25 inches.

And that’s the most notable feature here—the accessories are complete. For the basketball game, you have the board, the ring, and the canvas underneath that guides the basketball back to you. The 5-inch basketball even comes with a pump.

​It’s very well-made and the quality is good. There are even leg levelers so you can make sure the table is level.

It manages to keep the petty inconveniences to a minimum, so you and your family can concentrate on just having fun with the best multi game table no doubt.

Hathaway Accelerator 4-in-1 Multi-Game

Hathaway Accelerator 4-in-1 Multi-Game

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 5. Playcraft Danbury 14-in-1 Multi-Game Table

Now what of even 10 games aren’t enough? Playcraft has actually anticipated such a scenario, and so they offer a multigame table that offers an astonishing 14 games at once.

The games include air hockey (with requisite fan motor so the puck glides), basketball, and oversized table tennis that measures a roomy 4 feet by 6 feet playing surface.

Then you also get the classic foosball, with half-inch solid rods. There’s also a pool table, and the balls measure 1.5 inches across.

To add to the lineup, you also get bowling shuffleboard, chess, checkers, and backgammon. Finally, you also get dominoes, pinochle, poker, and Yahtzee.

As you can see, this lineup of games is for the entire family. The kids can play foosball and air hockey with other kids, while they can also play with the adults.

Or they can finally learn to play chess or backgammon, while the younger kids can start with checkers.

When the kids are done playing, the adults can and will take over especially with the air hockey and foosball. Then the adults can also play poker while the kids are asleep, after spending so many enjoyable hours playing.

Playcraft Danbury 14-in-1 Multi-Game Table
Playcraft Danbury 14-in-1 Multi-Game Table
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Final Verdict

As you can see, you do have lots of options as to what games you can get for your kids and for your family from above the best multi game table or multi sport table. All these multi game tables are fun especially for kids, but you can also treat it multi game table for adults because they will also want to play.

With the best multi game table at home, families can play together, and parties can really be a lot of fun!

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