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Top 10 Best Commercial Dart Board (Guide & Reviews – 2024)

Dart gaming skills like art require time and practice to perfect. With the best commercial dart board you can achieve a lot depending on your dedication and passion of the dart game.

However, as a professional or a casual dart player, you may find it hard choosing the right dartboard. We highlight the best standing electronic dart boards, the heavy duty boards, and non coin operated boards. 

The different styles of dart boards such as arcade style dart boards and dig deeper into their features for better experience. This guide will not only help you pick the best dart board but also present the best tool to grow your skill levels. These dart boards covered here are quality and great for any professional player.

10 Best Commercial Dart Board 2024 - Comparison

Top 10 Best Commercial Dart Board - Reviews

Commercial dartboards should have quality density, thickness, and a higher playing area. After extensive research and testing, below are unbiased reviews and buying tips of the best commercial dart boards.

 1.  Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dartboard

This commercial dash board is designed to accommodate 8 players whose scores are well displayed through the well illuminated display box.

Besides that, this standing electronic dart board has 24 games as well as 132 options to give players freedom to pick their match.

 Each player’s scores are well captured and displayed on the dashboard. You will discover that this dartboard comes with regulation of 15.5’’ in the target area and the tournament spider.

Players are thus pushed to play with precision for accurate scoring. The bright colors in the dashboard are very resourceful in creating good visuals. These colors are trademarked for tournaments.

When your dartboard has micro-thin segment dividers, you are certain of dramatically reducing any bounce outs during play. This feature coupled with the nylon tough segments in the field builds on your playability plus durability.

The implication here is accurate scoring options and makes this commercial dart board fun and reliable to use. Our pick has its dartboard equipped with a voice prompt which directs players when to throw their darts.

Furthermore, it provides the solo play option and the handicap feature is very accurate too. Once not in use, the sleep mode allows for power saving. The 6 soft-tip darts that come with extra tips, the AC adapter and the mounting hardware you can use for assembly sums the beauty and quality of this commercial electronic dart board. 

Highlighted Features

  • Tournament spider is well visible.
  • All the 6 tips are soft and come with extra tips.
  • Each segment is micro-thinned to reduce bounce outs and improve playability.
  • A voice prompt directs throws for players and provides options for solo players.
  • The target area is regulated to 15.5’’ within the dartboard and the tournament colors are well trademarked.
  • It has an 8-player cricket that has 24 games and 132 options for players with a quality 8-player score display feature.

 2.  Shelti Eye II Electronic Dart Board

Are you sourcing for the best commercial dart board that is self-standing? We recommend you go for the Shelti Eye II Electronic dart board which is a standing dart board with phone style keypad for smooth operations.

With the elegant design and the LCD menu, your operations are much simplified and user friendly.

What is more fascinating about this commercial electronic dart board, it is free standing with a well-structured base for support.

In addition, the manual is automated allowing you to change players at will. You will enjoy working with these amazing features while perfecting your art in darts. 

This electronic dart board machine comes with multiple games and games options. In return, the player/ players is at liberty to select the best mode that suits them for maximum pleasure.

Again, this diversity in games makes this standing dart board more quality when weighed against similar products. 

You will find it easier to monitor your scores through the highly visible scoring tavern that is just overhead the standing dart board. The design is compact and allows you to fold the machine in half for better transportation when need arise. 

Highlighted Features

  • The LCD menu with great visibility.
  • A phone styled keypad for operation.
  • Compact and flexible making it portable.
  • Ability to auto change player through the manual.
  • Multiple games as well as games options for players.
  • Great visibility for scores through the overhead scoring tavern.

 3.  Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Standing Electronic Dartboard

This commercial electronic dart board is tailored to suit the needs of players who love wooden dart boards for their games.

We categorize it among the best products in the market simply because the features make it stand out.

Its Mahogany finish is so beautiful that it complements the arcade style look for the board.

Majority of our client’s rate this standing electronic dart board among the top of the line for Arachnid dartboards. 

Indeed, if you love game of darts and similarly love wooden products this is your product of choice. Its design is elegant and compact.

In addition to the mentioned, the commercial electronic dart board has 6 darts which all come with extra tips and flights. All these combine to make the dart game more exciting and give you hours of fun.

 This arcade dart machine has a mounting hardware that facilitates the smooth operations of the machine. With it comes durability and assurance of good service. 

There is plenty of storage space beneath the dart board in the cabinet. Whether professional or casual player, you will fancy working with this dart board. 

Highlighted Features

  • Guaranteed quality.
  • Firm base for support.
  • Has 6 darts that have extra tips.
  • Plenty of storage space in the cabinet.
  • The Mounting hardware gives it durability.
  • Its’ beautiful finish made from Mahogany wood.

 4.  Target Nexus Online Electronic Dartboard - Global Online Multiplayer Dartboard

Are you tired of local competitions and you wish to upgrade your dart skills level to international level?

Well, you do not have to travel to meet international competitors for the game; simply acquire this product that is among the best commercial dart boards in 2024 and compete globally.

It features an online game play that allows interaction across the globe.
The competition is friendly and fair.

This is attributed to the fact that a live camera function in the dart board allows you to monitor your competitor’s actions. Furthermore, you can talk to your opponent through the in-game microphone.

Subsequently, the screen provides good graphic visuals and gives you a great experience with soft-tip darts. You may choose up to 4 players drawn across the globe provided they own this commercial dart board.

Noise pollution is never an issue since the gel membrane reduce such effects making is conducive even for use at home with family time. 

This soft tip dart machine will give you a large game selection which goes up to 10 games. The famous Cricket 501 and 301 is among the games you enjoy by purchasing this commercial dart board.

This dart board unites and creates long lasting friendship between Nexus dart enthusiasts. 

Highlighted Features

  • Has all popular games built in.
  • Ensures fair play between players.
  • Provide users with wide game selection.
  • Allows for multiple players across the globe.
  • Players can interact through the audio microphone.
  • Reduces effects of noise pollution and make it user friendly.

 5.  Spider 360 2000 Series, Electronic Dartboard, Home Commercial Grade Dart Board

We strongly recommend this commercial dart board for any casual or professional player seeking the best home commercial grade dart board.

It is designed to be a self-standing electronic soft tip dart board allowing you an opportunity to test your dart skills online.

You are able to track your individual skills and performance on the spider series dart game from the board and on your phone.

Once at your disposal, this commercial dart board will enable you to test your skills through playing in built games such as Mark dart included in the 2000 spider series.

 By competing against the computer at different stages, you grow your skills to challenge real opponents. 

The games options go up to 40 selections for you. These include 6 different variants of cricket, 8 non-standard games for fun, 6 X01 games as well as an inbuilt camera to direct your throws. Try this dart board to up your skill levels today.

You are guaranteed of large display through the 19-inch LCD screen monitor that is flat. Besides that, all shadows are eliminated through the Tri-color LED giving you a very good visual.

A player is also provided with auto or manual player options as well as single or double bull options. This standing commercial dart board comes with 6 darts and 500 pieces of soft plastic tips each measuring 0.25 inches. 

Highlighted Features

  • Large LCD monitor for display.
  • Numerous darts and soft plastic tips.
  • An inbuilt camera that directs your throw.
  • Diverse choice of games ranging up to 40 games.
  • A target illuminated tri-color for eliminating shadows.
  • Allow for easy testing of skills and monitoring through mobile app.

 6.  Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet – Solid Poplar

We highly rate this wooden dart board among the best commercial dart boards in 2024 owing to several factors.

The dart board has a well-positioned and visible center point which makes it easier for players during play time.

The wood material has a cherry finish which is well polished and easy to mount of the floor.

You will surely upgrade your game with this product that provides you with arcade style dart board with a soft tip and a fine touch. 

The dartboard measuring 15.5’’ is well regulated to keep scores of up to 8 players accommodating more people at a go. 

Family and friends will enjoy this dart board since it provides you with over 29 games with 90 variations of winning. It will be family and friend fun times.

The voice and sound system incorporated brings another level of entertainment besides the competitiveness of the classic game. When it comes to mounting, you may select the floor or the wall mounting for your convenience.

The cabinet in the dart board provides enough storage space for your items during play time. You may install this dart board anywhere in your home and enjoy the good game of darts.

Highlighted Features

  •   A well-polished cherry finish.
  • There are several ways to play and win.
  • Creates good bonding with family and friends.
  • Comes with added entertainment for more fun.
  • It is versatile and convenient to mount and install.
  • Has the ability to accommodate many players; up to 8 players.

 7.  Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard with All-New Thinner Wiring

Professionally, this is one of the best customized commercial dart boards in the market today.

There is high scoring accuracy which is enhanced by the thinner wires installed on the dart board to reduce bounce outs.

The scoring area is increased to 14% compared to the previous version blade 4 thus giving the players better scoring potential.

Our recommended dart board has further endorsement from the British Darts Organization due to its proficiency and amazing features that make it fun to work with this board. 

The razor wire angle is reduced to ensure improved dart deflection by 30 degrees. You will find it convenient to work with this commercial dart board as majority of small errors that occur during scoring are sorted.

When it comes to mounting the dart board, the triple wheel lock and level system makes it easier to mount it on any surface you wish to enjoy your game on. The display field is quite large for better visibility and accuracy.

It is incredibly strong and durable due to the carbon diffusion technology that is used in making the bulls’ eye ring. This implies the commercial dart board will serve you well even when the dart tips are made from strong steel materials.

In addition, you never strain your visuals when taking the board reading due to clear calibrations. Aside from the fun and relaxation time, you can experience, you can also help your kids to reduce math anxiety. A dartboard game at home is non-threatening and the competition is friendly.

It will allow your child to feel comfortable around numbers and encourage them to improve their scores. You will be surprised how the effect will naturally show up in their school arithmetic.

Highlighted Features

  • World-wide endorsement.
  • Great visuals and better score reading.
  • Minimal bounce outs due to reduced wire angle.
  • Better scoring than the previous version of blade 4.
  • A reinforced buys’ eye ring to withstand strong dart tips.
  • A triple wheel and lock level system for safe mounting.
  • It includes twelve darts so you may not need to buy additional darts.

 8.  Spider 360 1000 Series, Electronic Dartboard, Home Commercial Grade Dart Board

The spider 360 1000 series is a commercial dart board you will fancy trying to give you the best dart gaming experience at home.

It has a strong base that makes it one of the best standing electronic commercial dart boards.

The soft tips are fun to work with and they allow you to test your skills while playing the inbuilt computer game by the name of Mark Dart.

You will be ranked globally when you use this dart board to test your individual skills. Moreover, you are able to monitor your progress even from a mobile app.

The choice of games is diverse with over 40 game options. These include the X01, 6 different variants of cricket dart, 8 non-standard fun games and this enable the players to have fun as well as choice. 

Many players who have worked with this soft tip dart machine have said they like the large field view provided by the 19 inches LCD screen. The 15-inch regulator with illuminated 60 Watt LED eliminates all shadows that may hinder clear view and accurate readings.

You may opt for the auto or manual player selection based on your preference.
The base gives the commercial dart board stability. There are 6 darts and 500 pieces of 0.25 inches for the dart board which complement the soft plastic tips.

The visual appeal of the machine is great and will be pleasant to work with. Try out this commercial dart board for your dart games and grow your skills on an international level. 


  • Stable base for support while standing.
  • You are provided with numerous darts.
  • Large LCD flat screen for better monitoring.
  • Shadows are eliminated for better score reading.
  • Great choice of games with over 40 game options.
  • Ability to compete and grow your dart skills internationally.

 9.  ONE80 All-in-One Dartgame Center with Self-Healing Sisal/Double-Sided Dartboard

This commercial dart board is arguably one of the most complete packages you will experience if you love the game of darts.

With an appealing outward look to the content inside the dart kit, this dart board will be worth every investment.

Its cabinet which hosts the dart board is double sided and multifunctional in nature. Besides protecting the dart board and dart accessories while not in use, the cabinet keeps the board neat and safe from dust.

As the name suggest, you will get a complete set with all the tools you need for both recreational and professional dart gaming. 

The amazing features that are included in the package are steel dart tips, a score board, chalk, eraser, sisal dartboard, MDF cabinet and mounting accessories. In addition, the sisal dartboard is self-healing and its buys’ eye wire is free of staple.

This coupled with the removable rings give the dart board long lifespan. You will notice that the board is full size with standard measurements of 17.8’’ by 1.5’’. As a result, this dart board is suitable for any professional standard tournament and professional dart players will perfect their skills while working with this board.

All the dart tips included in this dart board set are made from steel and brass material. That notwithstanding, the darts are coated with well-structured barrels which give players a very comfortable yet firm grip while playing. 

This commercial dart board is therefore guaranteed to serve you long enough to keep you enjoying the lovely game of darts.

Highlighted Features

  • Its field is standard in size.
  • Self-healing aspect of the dart board makes it easy to maintain.
  • Protection of the dart board and its accessories make it durable.
  • You may fit the dart board cabinet in any place due to smooth blend.
  • The dart tips are made from steel and brass making them long lasting.
  • The package is complete with all the accessories needed by professional players.

 10.  Take Aim Dart Heavy Duty Electronic Non Coin Operated Machine

Unlike the ordinary coin operated dart boards in the market today, our choice for the best commercial dart boards in 2024 is non coin operated machine which will make your dart game interesting and fun to engage in.

This commercial grade electronic dart board is superior in quality and its elegant design further makes it pleasant.

It has a well-structured base that allows it to be self standing and allows for flexibility in mobility.

The 23 inches monitor installed on the dart board allows for a large field of play and ensures accurate scoring and reading of scores.

When you play your dart games using this heavy duty electronic dart board, not only will you enjoy high accuracy but also high reliability as well. 

Its compact design is very attractive with great element of design and patterns. This design is meant to make the dart board convenient as well as enhance the sound during gaming. You will notice how refined the sound is and thus very user friendly.

The board’s stability is top notch thus will not give you errors due to unprecedented movements while you enjoy your dart game. There are 4 sets of darts totaling up to 12 pieces included in the dart board package.

On top of that, there is a sticker clearly indicating the throw line for better guide during gaming. The player is further facilitated with extra dart tips to cover any emergency that occurs while gaming.

This is without a doubt one of the best commercial dart board you will find in the market in 2024.

Highlighted Features

  • Non coin operations.
  • A stable base and elegant design.
  • A large monitor for scoring accuracy.
  • There are extra dart tips included.
  • Smooth sound enhanced by the board compact design.
  • Clear indication of throw is given by the sticker on the board.

How to Choose The Best Commercial Dart Board

It is critical that you take into consideration the following key points when sourcing for the best commercial dart board. These factors will affect how you enjoy and grow in the game, the lifespan of your dart board and its maintenance. Therefore, a quick glance is important.

Number of Players

It is important that you check the number of players your dart board can accommodate at a go so you do not end up locking out your friends and family who fancy the dart game.

For a standard commercial dart board, at least 8 players should be able to take part in the game. The more the number of players the dart board can accommodate the better since there is huge competition on which to grow your skill levels.


This is an important element that you need to consider for any dart boards you select for professional or casual dart games. There are those commercial dart boards stand freely on their own with a well-structured base while others require actual mounting on a surface.

The surface may also differ for different dart boards where others are mounted on the floor and others on the walls. Your preferred playing area should dictate the mounting you select for your dart board.

Self-healing boards

You need to appreciate that the different dart boards are lined with different materials and thus their maintenance is unique. We recommend you select the self-healing commercial dart boards especially when you are playing using the plastic dart tips and the steel dart tips on your board.

Such a board is easy to maintain and will last you longer than a dart board that lacks this capability.

Type of dart tip

The reasons you need to consider the type of tips for your darts are durability and user friendliness in terms of sound. Dart tips made from steel and brass are durable than those made from plastic materials. Besides that, the steel dart tips have a better grip while playing and their precision in piercing somehow protect the board material.

The soft tip darts may have pleasant or unpleasant sound on the commercial electronic dart boards. You therefore have to consider the sound produced by the soft tip darts while playing so that you are friendly to others not engaging in the game around you.

Provision of extra tips

Just like in any other sport, accidents are prone to happen while enjoying the dart games and as a result, taking precaution would be good. A good commercial dart board should provide the players with extra dart tips in the dart board kit.

 This will caution the players in the eventuality that a dart tip breaks while gaming. You will not be forced to pose or stop your dart game to fix a broken dart tip.

Display Monitor

A good display monitor comes handy for accurate scoring both for online and offline dart games. The display monitors should have a large field of view and be structured that shadows are eliminated to avoid errors when taking the readings.

Those monitors with LCD must have bright colors to ensure the players have clear following of the game from the monitor.

Games options

The number of games available in your commercial dart board should allow you to compete and grow your skills at different levels and against different players. As such, the number of games should come in a wide range to facilitate choice of game, player and level of competition.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q. What is the ideal weight of darts for commercial dartboards?

A. The weight of the darts will depend with the material used where brass range between 18 to 23 grams and tungsten ranges from 23 to 26 grams.

Q. How can I use a steel tip dart on commercial electronic dartboard?

A. you will only use the steel dart tips on commercial electronic dartboards with bristle tech surfaces where the scoring is automatic.

Q. How to maintain a commercial dartboard?

A. In order to maintain a commercial dart board, ensure you know the capacity, keep it from liquids, use recommended darts and protect it from dust by using it indoors.

Q. What are the best professional dart boards?

A. Those dart boards that are customized for blade 5 and cricket pro are among the best for professional competitions and gaming.

Q. What dart board do professionals use?

A. Professionals will go for dart boards which have accurate scoring, high field of view, well illuminated and user friendly dart boards for better game management.

Final Thoughts

Dart gaming will be as exciting as the dart board you select to use while gaming both in online platforms or offline dart games.

It is crucial to pay keen attention to small details concerning the dartboards such as maintenance, dart tips, board styles and games options that come with the commercial dart boards.

Such knowledge will be useful when choosing the best commercial dart board for your professional gaming, family fun times or casual play with friends.

We recommend the Target Nexus Online Electronic dartboard for online gaming and Arachnid Cricket Pro as the most superior dart boards among the best commercial dart boards we reviewed for you.

Their amazing features and versatility makes them ideal for professional and casual dart gaming. 

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