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Top 12 Best Ping Pong Balls in 2024 – Tested & Reviewed By Experts!

"Hereunder Honest Reviews of Best Ping Pong Balls"

Ping pong balls are very versatile play items. The balls can be used in a number of games. For example, the ping pong balls are used for their main intended purpose, playing ping pong, also known as table tennis. For those who love parties, the balls can be used to play beer pong.

Every year, millions of ping pong balls are manufactured by multiple companies. For the buyer, buying the right kind of balls is very important because it determines whether or not the balls will serve their intended purpose. The following are some of the best ping pong balls of 2024 and their unique qualities.

12 Best Ping Pong Balls in 2024 -  Comparison

Top 12 Best Ping Pong Balls in 2024 - Reviews 

Are you wondering which ping pong balls to buy? After researching and testing different types of balls, my team and came up with 12 best balls that we recommend. Check out their reviews.

These balls come in a packet of six balls each. Unlike most other purchases, this number is a lot lower.

The purpose for which you buy the balls will determine whether the balls will be enough or not.

For constant practice or a large number of uses, it may be wiser to get a packet with more balls.

That being said, the balls are a perfect choice for practicing if you have an upcoming table tennis tournament. You can rest assured that the balls will last very long.

This is because of the material used to make the balls. It is thick to ensure that any impact on the ball will not cause permanent damage; especially during the first few times, you use it.

Because to the ball’s high performance, you might be better off using it for actual ping pong as opposed to games such as beer pong.


  • Do not dent easily
  • The balls have good weight
  • The balls are good for tournament training
  • Made of a very durable material, reducing the number of times you have to purchase new balls.
  • The balls have good bounce, an important fact to consider when choosing table tennis balls.


  • The packet only comprises of 6 balls, and if you use a lot of balls at a time, you will have to make constant purchases.

These balls come in pack of fifty balls each. This large number allows you to use the balls for as many activities as you want. For example, you could use some of the balls at a party you are hosting then use the rest to practice your ping pong skills.

The balls are white in color. These balls are good for professional table tennis players because of their build. The Kevenz table tennis ballsare always checked thoroughly for any defects before being packed to avoid supplying the client with defective products unknowingly.

The balls are good for multi-training because they are fit for use in several ball games.

These balls are manufactured without a seam. This smooth finish ensures that the balls are less likely to tear up as a result of impact when playing. They have two features that ensure that they will last for long, and you will not have to buy new balls too often; they are very durable, and they come in large numbers.

Their durability is enhanced by the fact that they are built thickly. For this reason, hitting any of the balls against a surface often will do little damage to the structure.


  • The balls have good bounce
  • The balls have a thick surface
  • Made with material that lasts for very long
  • Last for long because they come in a large number
  • Provide a smooth finish for enhanced use during games


  • A little larger than the usual ping pong size.

The MAPOL ping pong ball manufacturers offer high quality with these ping pong balls. In addition, the balls come in packs of 50, making it a very wise investment.

 A large number of balls allow you to use your tennis balls without running out of supply too soon.

The balls are very versatile, you can use them to make smoke bombs! A large range of uses makes this pack very economical because you do not have to buy a new set for a different activity.

These balls have good bounce, making for very good materials to use on the ping pong table.

Mapol ping pong balls will make your game easier because you won't have to hit too hard to make the balls bounce over the net. The balls are made of a thick material for durability.

This means that the balls will not wear out too soon when you begin using them. It also means that any impact experienced during a game of ping pong will not shatter the balls or leave dents. Their versatility is not limited to the house; the balls can be used at school, at a club, or a stadium.


  • The balls are very durable.
  • A longer life without getting damaged.
  • The balls have a smooth texture, making them easy to hit on a ping pong table surface.
  • Come in a large number, giving you the chance to use them for a lot of activities without running out.
  • The balls are versatile, and can be used for anything from beer pong to table tennis tournament practice.


  • The balls are slightly heavier than usual and will take some getting used to.

The MAPOL 50 White 3-Star 40mm Table Tennis Balls are created especially for those with some level of prowess in table tennis.

This is because these balls are of a slightly larger size; 40mm as opposed to the usual 38mm.

Mapol table tennis balls are of premium quality as well and will be able to withstand the increased wear and tear that comes with frequent practice.

Despite being designed for professional use, these balls are also good for beginners. This is because the size will allow for easy maneuver on the ping pong table.

The durable material will last even with the numerous falls the balls are bound to experience at the hands of a beginner. The balls are not made plastic, the usual ping pong ball material.

These balls are made of nitro cellular camphor, a material that lasts for long. That being said, it would be wise to ensure that this material is safe for use in your home before buying the balls.

The mode of manufacture used with these balls provide a good bounce on the ping pong table, as well as any surface you choose to use on the balls. The balls bounce back with a lot of power, a distinct advantage in the game of table tennis.


  • The balls have a slightly larger size making it easy to maneuvered.
  • The balls also have very good spin, a fact that will prove advantageous in a game of ping pong.
  • The balls come is a pack of 50, ensuring that you won't run out of ping pong balls to use too soon.
  • The balls are made of a highly durable material that will save you from frequent trips to the store.
  • The balls also have very good spin, a fact that will prove advantageous in a game of ping pong.


  • The material may not be safe for use around the house.

These balls are a lot like the 50-Pack KEVENZ 3-star 40mm Orange Table Tennis Balls, the only difference being that the balls are orange in color.

The make is the same, meaning that the material is thick enough to withstand the frequent bumps experienced during a game of ping pong.

As with their white counterparts, these balls come in a pack of 50 balls, meaning you have a large supply of balls to look forward to as you practice your serves and so forth.

Since these balls are orange, the balls are a good choice to go with if you want to add a little color to whatever activity you choose to do.

 This also means that the balls can be distinguished from the white variety if you are using the balls to play against another person.

These balls are also seamless, and the balls have a decreased chance of falling apart at the seams due to constant use. These balls are a wise purchase if you want durability, good control, and a little more color as opposed to plain white balls.


  • The balls are seamless hence less prone to tear.
  • The balls are made of very long-lasting material.
  • Have good bounce, translating to better movement on a ping pong table
  • The balls come in color orange which adds a little more flair to your ping pong ball collection.
  • 50 in number meaning you buy ping pong balls way less often than you would if the pack was smaller.


  • May feel a little heavier for a beginning table tennis player, and therefore a lot harder to control during the game.

These balls come in the slightly larger size of 40mm. As compared to 38mm balls, Joola tennis training balls are a bit heavier, meaning the balls will pose problems for amateur table tennis players.

However, practicing with these balls has the advantage of giving you more control and strength. The balls are orange in color, a less mundane choice as compared to white balls.

The color also allows you to use the balls for decoration or for a party. The bals are not made of plastic, and instead use celluloid, a very good material if your intention is to avoid adding more plastic waste to the environment. 

It may, however, pose a number of problems during maintenance. You might have to find out how to clean the ping pong balls just in case they cannot be cleaned like normal plastic ping pong balls.

Joola balls be used for recreational purposes, or for table tennis training. Examples of recreational purposes include beer pong, fun school work, lighting, and other decoration activities. As for training, these balls are good for tournament practice because they bounce back well.

Overall, The balls are a very good choice for table tennis. Choose this pack if you do not need too many balls because they only come in bunches of 12. If not, then you might have to go with balls that come in bigger packages.


  • The balls are not too dense, allowing you to move the ball a great distance even with little force.
  • Have many qualities hence perfect for training during a tournament, including the fact they have good spin.
  • The balls are good for casual play as well because they are easy to move in whatever direction you want.
  • Not plain white and are therefore a good choice if you intend to add a little more spice to your party or to your table tennis training sessions.
  • The balls bounce very well on impact so they are good for table tennis because you will not need to use too much strength while hitting the ball.


  • Come in a pack of twelve, meaning that if you use the balls often you will have to get a new set constantly.

These balls are one of a kind. Each ball is colored different for each half. This is a refreshing method of coloring, different from the usual fully orange or fully white.

With this double coloring, the balls will look very intriguing when you use the balls for decoration. They will also emit both orange and white when used for lights at a party. 

The balls come in a pack of 50. For people with a lot of uses for ping pong balls can buy this product because they will have a large supply of balls to use at any time. 

For example, you could buy the balls for your table tennis group if you practice together.

They are also a good idea if you want to supply the players who visit a stadium. For a party in your house where you need a lot of balls, you should go with these ones.

Just make sure you will not buy so many balls just to leave most of them lying around for months. These balls are good for advanced players because they have good bounce, and they are hard to crack or to crash. The coloring also makes the balls easy to see.


  • Made of high-quality material.
  • The balls have good bounce, a valuable quality for table tennis balls.
  • The balls have bright coloring makes the balls easy to see even is dull lighting.
  • Very durable and can withstand the constant wear and tear of frequent ping pong games.
  • Come in a large packaging, meaning that you will not have to buy ping pong balls very often-this pack will last.


  • The balls are a little bit heavier than usual, a factor that will take some time to get used to.

These balls are made of poly plastic, a relatively durable material. Unlike ping pong materials such as camphor, plastic will not emit a strong smell.

The material is also safe to use at home, and you can let you children play with these balls without having any concerns over their health. Plastic is easy to take care of because it does not require too much effort to clean.

This is especially important for ping pong balls used to play beer pong because you will need to clean these balls regularly. The balls are 3-Star, a guarantee that the Xushaofa table tennis balls are of good quality, and that the balls would be a very good choice for table tennis tournament players to practice with.

The have good bounce, giving you very good movement across your ping pong table. Beginners or learning table tennis players tend to damage balls quickly because the balls often end up hitting a hard wall or the floor, as opposed to landing on the table.

The balls can withstand slight impacts and are, therefore, good for beginners to practice table tennis with. You can use these balls to form lights for party decoration. This is especially because the balls have no seams, meaning the light will be uninterrupted.


  • Poly plastic is easy to clean.
  • The balls have good bounce.
  • Made of durable material because it is strong.
  • The balls have a good shape for table tennis balls.
  • The balls are seamless, allowing for smooth movement while playing. They are also not going to wear at the seam.


  • May deflate easily if hit with intense impact.

Beer pong is a lot of fun to play at a party. Before throwing the party, however, it is wise to get yourself a nice set of beer ping pong balls.

These TADICK balls are a very good choice because these balls are easy to clean. After dunking your balls in beer, it is wise to clean them to ensure that the balls last long.

These balls are also very attractive and come in a variety of colors. From yellow to pink, to red, these washable balls are a better party option than the usual white version.

This packaging is the perfect choice for decoration. You can string the balls together and put some lights.

The result will be a brilliant row of lights that you can then hang on across the roof, or around the house. You can also carry the balls to school for children to make decorations with. These ping pong balls are definitely a better choice for children because the balls are more colorful.

The pack has 50 balls, meaning that these balls will be enough for decorating. If not, you can always several packets. Aside from decoration and fun, you can use these pin pong balls to play ping pong because the balls lack seams, allowing you to bounce around with smoothness.


  • Very durable.
  • The balls are seamless.
  • Come in a pack of 50, meaning you will not run out of supply too soon.
  • The balls come in a wide variety of colors to suit different purposes such as decoration.
  • Can be used for other purposes aside from beer pong, for example decoration and other fun school games.


  • Not thick and may dent easily.

The 144 Beer Pong Balls are perfect for a house party with beer pong involved. These washable ping pong balls are very smooth, meaning that you are likely to hit your target because the ball will not veer off track when you throw it.

The balls are made of plastic. This material is very good for beer pong because it will not contaminate the beer.

Also, when you are done, the beer will be very easy to clean off. You will simply need soap and water, then your balls are as good as new, ready for another game. 

That being said, the balls can be used for many more activities, not just beer pong. 144 Beer Pong Balls are good for table tennis because are durable.

This means that the balls will not wear out after just a few practice sessions. The 144 beer pong balls are very firm, making these balls easy to hit across the ping pong table, without missing your target. This is also enhanced by the fact that the balls are smooth. Smooth balls are better to play with because the balls move easily, creating less friction with the air around the balls.

Since the balls are largely built for beer pong, these balls might not be able to withstand too much force when you hit them on a hard surface, so be sure to handle every ball with care.


  • Very firm, meaning that they have good spin.
  • The balls are washable, an indispensable quality in balls used for playing beer pong.
  • The balls are smooth, a quality which allows you to play table tennis easily with the balls.
  • The balls are made of durable material, meaning you will only have to replace the balls once in a very long while.
  • These balls are versatile because you can use the balls for a number of purposes, other than for playing beer pong.


  • The balls have a seam, a factor that may cause the ball to split down the middle if it is hit with too much force.

These balls are your go-to if you are having a game of beer pong. Also, the balls can be used to play ping pong, whether you are a professional or a beginner.

One factor that makes the Kevens tennis balls stand out is that the balls come in packets of 100 balls each. For this reason, you will have a long-term supply of balls, for whatever activity you wish to use for the balls.

 This is good for your household supply because it means you can use a large number of balls for party decoration, and at the same time have some left over for a casual game of table tennis with friends.

The large packet is also good for large-scale table tennis playing, so you can buy these tennis balls for your club. The balls may come in a large packet, but their quality is still very good. The Kevenz balls are hard, thus able to withstand forceful impacts during a game.

These table tennis balls are also very smooth due to their lack of seams. This will allow the balls to sail easily through the air when you are playing, giving you better control of where the ball land. These are perfect balls for talented players because they are slightly larger and heavier than your average ping pong balls.


  • Have very good bounce.
  • Very hard, meaning a longer life because the balls cannot be damaged easily.
  • The balls do not wobble, meaning you will have a lot of control when playing.
  • The balls are seamless, giving you smooth movement during a table tennis game.
  • The balls are of very good quality, meaning that you get value for money if you choose to purchase them


  • Come in packs of 100. While this may save you money, it is a disadvantage for those who do not need as many balls.

This packet of 38 gives you good bounce, spin, and control. These qualities are very important when you want to select table tennis balls.

Good bounce will give you an easy time during the game because the balls will move without needing too much force.

Good control means that the balls will not move in the wrong direction whenever you are batting them.

The pack of 38 is a perfect amount because even if you have a lot of activities to use the balls for, the balls will be more than enough.

If you practice very often, then the balls will be in constant supply. The balls are also seamless.

 Balls with a seam lack smoothness and this may affect how the balls move when you play. The smoothness also makes the balls more attractive than balls with a seam. The balls are also light, meaning you can move the balls with little effort.

Be careful not to hit them onto hard surfaces as this is bound to affect their durability. Instead, use them for practice or for games such as beer pong where the ballsare not likely to get dented. All in all, it is important that you take care of the balls if you want your supply to last.


  • The quality is fine for low impact.
  • Come in two colors, giving you the choice as to what fits your taste.
  • The balls are brilliantly colored, meanand stand out whenever you are playing
  • The balls are good for practicing, especially for learners of table tennis, because the balls are light.
  • The balls are not too many. These balls are also not too few. This is a nice balance for people who use balls often but not too often.


  • May also get dented if hit with heavy objects, or if they hit hard surfaces too often.

How to Choose The Best Ping Pong Balls

If you want to get quality ping pong balls that will give you value for your purchase, you need to consider some factors before you make your final purchase. Here are some tips to guide you.

Caring For the Product

Ping pong balls can be very delicate, and a lot of care should be put into storing and using these balls. Since ping pong balls burn easily, it is wise to make sure you keep the balls away from flames.

Also, store the ping pong balls in a container and avoid leaving the balls strewn all over the floor because the balls could get dented or broken when one steps on each of the balls. Worse still, you could trip over them and suffer serious injuries. Always use them for the right purpose to avoid damaging them.

How to Clean Ping Pong Balls

Before you clean your ping pong balls, ensure you determine the materials the balls are made of. For plastic ping pong balls, cleaning is often easy, as it basically involves using some soap and water. If in doubt, you should check the package for any instructions on cleaning.

For other materials, you will have to make sure that using water and soap will not result in any damage to the balls. For example, some balls are made of celluloid instead of poly plastic. These balls may require special cleaning care, so check to make sure you are using the right materials to clean your balls.

 Also, it is wise to keep your balls clean because this will allow the balls to perform at their maximum capacity. For games such as beer pong, clean the balls immediately after use to ensure that the balls are aesthetically appealing for as long as possible.Moreover,mind it simultaneously clean your ping pong paddle for special performance. 

How do you intend to use the balls?

The first thing you have to think about before choosing what ping pong balls to buy is how you intend to use the balls. For example, for a party, you might want to go with a pack that has assorted colors to avoid being boring or mundane. For professional table tennis practice, choose balls with a good bounce, good spin, good control, and durable material.

For beer pong, go with light balls that are easy to clean after use. Next, look at the price of the pack before going ahead with the purchase. Ensure the price is worth what you are getting in return to avoid pouring money down the drain on poorly manufactured materials.

Types of Manufacturing Materials

Why is the type of material used to manufacture a ping pong ball important? First, the material used will determine how long the ping pong ball stays in good shape. Plastic is the most obvious choice for ping pong balls because it is not only durable, it is also easy to clean. Plastic does not emit a strong smell.

On the other hand, camphor is a strong-smelling material and you might want to avoid buying balls made of camphor. Keep in mind that every material has its advantages, its shortcomings, and its unique requirements when it comes to care and storage

Final Verdict

There is a very large variety of ping pong balls available in the market today. We choose these ones because, in addition to being of very good quality, the balls are versatile and can be used for a number of uses.

We recommend looking at your needs before purchasing the best ping pong balls or best ping pong balls for beer pong. You want to make sure that the balls are appropriate for whatever activity it is. If you use ping pong balls very often, then it is wise to buy a large pack to avoid constant purchases. A good look at all the available options and their pros and cons will allow you to make a wise choice when ordering the balls.

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