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Ellen Tools Set of 2 Red Air Hockey Pushers and 4 Red Pucks Review





Air hockey is one of the most popular past times in the United States. The aim of the game is simple: simply push a puck with the pushers and play against someone else on a low-friction table. If you're a fan of this game, you need the right equipment. 

Blue Air hockey pushers and red pucks made by Ellen provides you with all the equipment you need to get started. But how does this product stack up with others on the market? Does it provide value for money? Is it easy to use? Read this Blue Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks review to find out more.

Ellen Tools Set of 2 Red Air Hockey Pushers and 4 Red Pucks

                  The following are the features that you should know:

Ellen Tools Set of 2 Red Air Hockey Pushers and 4 Red Pucks Review

It's Made from a High-Quality Plastic

The first thing you will notice when you purchase this product from Ellen is that it's made from a high-quality plastic. While some other pucks and pushers on the market are manufactured from a low-quality material, this product is strong and durable and provides you with the friction and speed you need when playing air hockey. As a result, you get more value for money as you are less likely to have to replace the equipment in the future.

You Get 2 Pushers and 4 Puckers

Often when you purchase air hockey equipment, you only get one pusher and one pucker. What it you lose one? Well, Ellen has thought about that when making this product. Instead of the standard one pusher and one pucker, you get two pushers and a whopping four puckers. This provides you with much more flexibility and value for money.

Pucks and Pushers Come in Bright Colors

Typically, pucks and pushers come in either black or white. This product from Ellen is completely different. The two air hockey pushers are made of a blue plastic, which makes it easy to spot if you are looking for equipment and you are in a rush. What's more, the pucks are a bright red. When you are not playing a game of air hockey, you can keep your equipment safe on a shelf.

Ellen Tools Set of 2 Red Air Hockey Pushers and 4 Red Pucks
Ellen Tools Set of 2 Red Air Hockey Pushers and 4 Red Pucks
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Pucks and Pushers are Just the Right Sizes

Sometimes, pucks and pushers and just too big for your air hockey table. This can limit the amount of speed that you need to win a game. This product from Ellen, however, is different. The company has manufactured pucks and pushers that are just the right size. The two pushers are eight inches wide and eight inches high. The four red pucks are two inches wide and two inches high.

These Pucks and Pushers Have Lots of Friction

Air hockey is all about how you slide your puck across the table. Some products, however, feel too slow during a game. When you purchase these pushers and pucks from Ellen, you will notice how easy it is to use them. The pushers, for example, have a dark green felt on the bottom, which makes it easy to navigate the pucks during a game of air hockey.

Easy to Maintain

Nobody likes having to clean air hockey equipment. This product is low maintenance, making it a great choice for people who want to play air hockey without any of the fuss. You can clean your pucks and pushers really easy, and there's very little maintenance. A quick wipe down of your equipment every now and again will keep it looking as good as the day you first received it.

Save Money

If you are looking for a low-cost alternative to more expensive air hockey equipment, this product is for you. There's no fancy packaging with the product (you just get exactly what you pay for) and these cost savings are passed on to you, the consumer. The lack of packaging is also more beneficial for the environment. If you want to save more money, than these Ellen pucks and pushers could be a good option for you.

Ellen Tools Set of 2 Red Air Hockey Pushers and 4 Red Pucks - Video


  • The pucks and pushers from Ellen are a good alternative to more expensive products on the market. This is because there's no packaging. However, just because it's cheaper, it doesn't mean you receive an inferior product.
  • You can use these pucks and pushers on all kinds of home tables. Perhaps you already have an air hockey table but lost the original equipment. Maybe you built your own air hockey table. Regardless, this product will let you play one of the most popular table games in the country.
  • The pushers have a green material at the bottom, which enhances game lay and makes it easier to move pucks across your table. Not every pusher on the market offers this feature, making this product a great choice.
  • This product can be used by both beginners and seasoned professionals. Whatever your level of ability when it comes to air hockey, this equipment could provide you with a whole heap of benefits.
  • This product is made from a high-quality plastic and has an attractive, modern design. It also makes a great gift.


  • You don't get any packaging when you purchase this product. This might of benefit of you if you want to save money and do your bit for the environment. However, you might prefer packaging if you are giving this item as a gift to a friend or family member. However, you can still wrap your pushers and pucks into your own packaging.

Features at a Glance

  • Small Size for Kids Only.
  • 2 Red Air Hockey Pushers.
  • 3" wide at the bottom.
  • Approximately 2" high

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 2.9 x 2.9 inches.
  • Item Weight: 3.2 ounces.
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces.
  • ASIN: B014PAF00K.
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 4 years and up

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size are the pucks?

Final Verdict of Ellen Tools Set 2 Red Air Hockey Pushers 4 Red Pucks

These pucks and pushers from Ellen provide you with a low-cost alternative to some products on the market. You get everything you need to get started, including not two, not three, but four different pucks. You can use this air hockey pusher on your home air hockey table and organize games with your friends and family. This product also makes a great gift if you are looking to buy a present for an air hockey fan. In conclusion, these products make great accessories for your air hockey table, and currently hold a 3.7 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.com

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