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HLC 5ft Air Hockey Table Review





There are various types of Air Hockey Tables ranging from HLC 5ft Air Hockey Table, Viper Vancouver 5ft Air Hockey Game Tables, Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table, Triumph Lumen-X Laser 6' Air Hockey Table etc. The most exciting and advanced one is the HLC 5ft Air Hockey Tables. It is was manufactured by Escalade Sports. 

It has brought the sporting to a different level for it has been upgraded with various features such as the motor and the LED Lumen-X technology that comes with it. The LED Lumen-X technology makes it possible to continue playing while in darkness. The HLC 5ft Air Hockey Tables also come with an inbuilt LED pushers and LED pucks which are more prominent in the dark. 

HLC 5ft Air Hockey Table


It has also made the movement of the pucks to be easier as its surface is more smooth and even due to the PVC lamination. Its gameplay is mostly designed for persons who are in need of a fast-paced play. More individuals have moved ahead to experience its performance all over the world.

It has an air fan power motor blower capacity. This allows maximum airflow that is steady and robust. With this kind of motor, one can enjoy playing since it allows the puck to easily slide from one point to another.

It also ensures that one gets the pucks faster while playing which recreates a non-stop gameplay. This type of hockey table is designed for those who have the love for the game since the amount of voltage on the motor also permits fast-paced gaming.

It has a PVC- Laminated MDF surface. The surface is also slick and allows for high-speed playing continuously, more of an arcade-style play. The PVC-laminated MDF playfield provides a level surface that is smooth, for easy sliding of the puck across the surface. Both the motor and the PVC-laminated MDF playfield assist in creating a continuous play which is provided for the favorite arcade. This makes the HLC 5ft Air Hockey Table surface mimic the real arcade play.


LED Lumen-X technology is also another feature that makes the HLC 5ft Best Air Hockey Table more superior to others. It makes its gameplay excellent illuminating the play with multicolor; green, blue, and red-light illumination. The illumination is accompanied with high-tempo music which is fast making the game more intense. 

This also makes one excited, raising the adrenaline levels while in the play. The LED technology also enables for easier score recognition due to the change of colors whenever a score is made.

Its electronic scoring system is a feature of great importance that distinguishes it from others. The electronic scoring system spontaneously keeps the trail of the score and keeps on bring up-to-date that score with each goal scored.

It also allows one to check the score without necessarily taking their eyes off the table. One the other hand, the ones with manual scoreboard need to be adjusted each time a goal is scored. The electronic scoreboard is fan and time-saving in regards to updating the score.

In addition, the table also has LED pushers, and Hexagonal spinner LED puck. This allows for more dynamic game play especially when the lights are turned off. The LED puck can be tracked from the dark since turning off the lights makes the LED lights stand out and even more noticeable.

The hexagonal shape of the puck makes the game more challenging as it becomes harder to hit the puck. The hexagonal LED puck is hard to hit hence making the game more challenging.

It is heavy, strong and its surface supported by four, vast and durable tables. This makes it stable, sustainable and durable. The legs bring stability to the table making it sturdy for exceptional performance, in addition to that, it makes sure that the table doesn't wobble or disturb one from playing.

 Its durability also ensures that the table withstands wear and tear for a longer period as compared to others types of Air Hockey Tables.


  • It has a motor and a smooth and even playfield that allows for smooth and fast-paced game play.
  • The HLC 5ft Air Hockey Table is sturdy and stable since its surface is supported by four, large and durable legs.
  • It has a LED Lumen-X technology that makes it easy to use even in dark places.
  • The high-tempo music and alternating lights increase one's adrenaline level making the game more intense and exciting.
  • It also has an electronic scoreboard that automatically updates every score.
  • It is more durable due to its heavy weight which holds up wear and tear for a much longer period.
  • It has an athletic appeal in a board as well as a manly charm.


  • It is heavy weighing about 63.9 pounds, hence can't be moved by one person. Also, time wasting when assembling it.

Features at a Glance

  • Black Marble MDF laminated PVC finish.
  • Folding 12mm MDF leg with black PVC surface.
  • Air fan power motor

Product Specifications

  • Playfield Dimension: 149.6*71.6 cm
  • Package size: 156.5*79*12.3cm
  • N.W:27 kg G.W: 29 kg
  • Shipping Weight: 63.9 pounds
  • Package include -2 x strikers
  • Package include -2 x pucks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a bad product

Final Verdict of HLC 5ft Air Hockey Table

HLC 5ft Air Hockey Table is one of the hockey tables that stands out. When it comes to air hockey tables, one can't go wrong with the HLC 5ft Air Hockey Table. Comparing its pros and cons, it unquestionably stands out above all others.

While other tables will require one to use more pressure to keep the puck moving, the motor that comes with this table supplies enough air needed for both short and long games. 

Its tapered legs provide stability to the game play. One feels like is in the real arcade air hockey table. Its durability and gameplay performance separates it from the others in the market, for it comes with a lot of comforts.

 It is, therefore, recommendable for the customers to go for the AHLC 5ft Air Hockey Table regardless of its price for it is worthy of it.

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