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Mini Table Top Air Hockey Review





Work without play makes Jack a dull boy. As a parent, I knew that my kids are getting older and I had to get something to keep off the monotony of academics. I settled for the Mini Table Top Air Hockey due to its incredible features. After ordering, the table delivered within very short time and we put it together easily. 

The table has similar sturdiness and airflow to the traditional hockey tables available but what takes my breath is the LED lighting and the sound effects it has meaning that my kids can play in the darkness.

Mini Table Top Air Hockey

The following are the features that you should know:

Mini Table Top Air Hockey

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LED Lumen X-Technology Lighting System

The hockey table has an amazing LED lighting technology that illuminates the table with multi colors such as red, blue, and green along the lines of the table, which spins when playing the game especially when a player scores a goal.

This provides a thrilling visual effect that matches that one of top clubs in the town. It is even better when played in the darkness since it gives full illumination of the whole table.

Fair Game Play

If you love tense and high-paced games, then the Mini Table Top Air Hockey is inarguably best for you. Its design gives the game zero interruptions by having actual air motor that enhances smooth movement within the table. Also the MDF board is laminated offering the players smooth surface for playing on.

 With fewer interruptions, the player can give his all mind on the game and get maybe a fair game. The surface is the best I have seen on all the hockey tables I have encountered.

Stability and Durability

The heavy weight of the Mini Table Top Air Hockey gives it stability hence less damage from falling or movements. It weighs around 4.8 pounds and hence ideal for kids since they cannot keep on shifting it around.

The design provides durability since the table can survive harsh surfaces, movements and the weight of a player when they lean to give a shot. It is made of a durable material on the exterior and hence is scratch free and less likely to be damaged by spilt drinks.

Athletic Appeal

The general design of the Mini Table Top Air Hockey depicts athletic nature in a board. The exterior and the interior part of the table give a natural game theme with the LED Lumen X technology giving an incredible aesthetics of the hockey table.

It has a red pusher, a blue pusher, and a red hexagonal LED spinner that gives a thrilling combination of fun for your family. The design of the surface is to ensure full comfort when playing.

Elegant Look

Looking at the general design of the Mini Table Top Air Hockey, it has an elegant look from the surface board, and the 22 inches length to the 12 inches width. I have used several hockey tables but I bet they were somehow native but this one gives worth of your money.

Having it on my backyard gives my home a classical upgrade and it goes well with my hardwood flooring and my modern house design. If you value, then I would refer you to try this table.

Steady Airflow Production

When playing, my kids love the fact that there is plenty of air flowing on the system. The Mini Table Top Air Hockey offers 110 cubic feet per minute thus giving even airflow. Furthermore the surface design ensures that the pucks can move freely and easily without any interruption of movement. 

Together with the leveled table, the seamless and steady airflow production gives a memorable feeling when playing your game due to its powerful motor. This feature is not common to many hockey tables by the way.


  • Stable and strong.
  • LED Lumen X technology.
  • Smooth Board for a fair play.
  • Seamless airflow.
  • Athletic appeal.
  • Durable
  • High tempo sound effects.
  • Elegant and stylish.


  • Takes time to assemble the parts together.

Fetures at a Glance

  • Real life action.
  • Actual air motor for puck hovering.
  • Score keeper.
  • Easy puck return.

Production Specifications

  • Dimensions: 22 x 12 x 4 inches - This large surface offers enough playing area for both parties.
  • Shipping weight: 4.8 pounds - Some people find this hockey table a bit heavy but it is easy to move the parts and assemble them together.
  • Exterior Surface: PVC-laminated MDF - The playing surface is PVC- laminated hence offering smooth area with less obstruction.
  • Power: Actual air motor- The volts ensure that the lights last for long before recharging.
  • LED Lumen-X technology: The LED pushers and the hexagonal LED puck offers illuminating theme to your surface at the dark enhancing the game fun.
  • Price: The fair price is worth of your money due to its incredible features.
  • Manufacturer: Escalade Sports.
  • Easy to follow manual: The table comes with a manual that has simple instructions on how to assemble the parts together thus reducing time wastage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can one play while the lights are off?

Q: Is it possible for me to turn off the sound?

Q: What is the size of the pucks?

Final Verdict of Mini Table Top Air Hockey

Finaly the Mini Table Top Air Hockey is the top choice for anyone who loves elegance and style. It gives a long lifetime thus giving its customers value due to for their money. The visual effect offers an original, aesthetic theme.

This table is outstanding due to its steady airflow production and the stylish board. The LED technology and the high-tempo sounds will raise your adrenaline levels by increasing tension.

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