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Hathaway Enforcer 5.5′ Air Hockey Table Review





Gaming is not only a great pass time, but it is an excellent way to engage the brain in fast thinking and strategizing. Bodily exercise is important for healthy lifestyle and this game is among the suggested alternatives. Hockey is a very well-loved game that many may feel closed off from when it comes to training. 

With a match table, however, you can engage in great hockey games with friends and family at the comfort of your home with great enjoyable features. Hathaway Enforcer 5.5' air hockey table is the best table available that will give the best and most beneficial experience.

Hathaway Enforcer 5.5′ Air Hockey

The following are the features that you should know:

Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table, 5.5

It has a 110V motor that lears the way for free flow of air

The hathaway enforcer hockey table has an incredible and robust motor of 110V. It gives the table excellent circulation of air. With this kind of a motor, the puck can move freely and in turn, does not hinder your gameplay. When you and your friends need a great night of hockey, the motor on the hathaway air hockey table is high enough to provide you uninterrupted and a smooth-running game. You do not experience the slow movement of the puck with this incredible table.

PVC playing surface

The material of the table’s playing surface is PVC that facilitates high-speed plays. It is not only slick but offers you a great gaming experience. You get the arcade style game. The PVC lamination ensures that the puck movement is smooth, consistent and offers quick play which makes playing more fun. It is a heightened gaming experience that this table’s design guarantees. You are at a significant advantage and have more chances of a winning streak with this fantastic table’s high-speed surface.

LED lumen-X technology

The walls of the table have LED lights lining that make the gaming experience more fulfilling and beautiful. Some lights blink when your opponent scores, informing you that you need to up your game. The red, green and blue lights play a significant role in keeping the competition going. Every time your opponent gains on you, you get more zeal and competitive which keeps the game alive. Night hockey when you are in a dark room gives you an adrenaline rush from the effects that the lights on the edge of the table give off.

The Large playing surface is 66 by 32

Small surfaces do not give as great a rush as large surfaces do. The build of the hathaway air hockey table is large enough to give you the gaming experience that you dream of. It not only gives you more space to play and prove your prowess but also makes the game more challenging which adds intrigue and intensity to the match. The 66 by 32-inch surface makes the table quite bulky but also adds to the fulfillment you get from the game.

High-tempo music

When you couple a great game with fantastic music, you have it all and the best adventures lie ahead. The edges of the table where the LED lights are; have high tempo music that blasts of and builds the tension and intensity of the game. 

You can reward your success or even gloat to your opponent with incredible music and even have a power dance every time you make a score. Music raises tension and competitiveness which keeps the game fun and engaging from start to finish. This is one of the distinguishing features of a Hathaway Enforcer 5.5' air hockey table

It has great accessories

The hathaway enforcer air hockey table has other accessories that amp up your gaming. These accessories include different pucks. With the table comes two round pucks that make the gameplay smooth and move smoothly along the surface. 

Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table, 5.5

There is another hexagonal puck that makes gaming more challenging and is an excellent gameplay to prove your skills. You also get 2 LED pushers that do not compromise your skills and aim in the dark. These accessories make the table perfect for daytime and nighttime gaming.


  • It has excellent LED lights that enable you to play in the dark and facilitate a fun game.
  • It has a large surface that makes the game more fun, intense and challenging.
  • The high speed and tempo music make gaming more exciting and competitive.
  • An excellent PVC laminated surface for smooth and high-speed gaming.
  • A robust and powerful motor that facilitates air flow.
  • It has sturdy legs that give support and enhance its durability.


  • The table is quite big and bulky which makes assembly time long, and its movement requires more muscle.

Features at a Glance

  • Playing surface
  • Colorful action graphics
  • Super slick

Product Specations

  • Dimensions: 66-in L x 32-in w x 32-in
  • Weight: 44.1 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 54 pounds
  • 180-Day limited warranty.
  • Comes with (2) 3-in strikers and (2) 2.5-In pucks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can two people carry the table in pieces?

Q: Can the lights and the sound be turned off?

Q: Is it possible to use the table for another different game?

Final Verdict

The hathaway enforcer air hockey table is the best hockey table available and has some of the most remarkable features. It is easy to get it and assemble since the only part that dissociates is the legs. The table may be bulky but the rush it brings with it makes the carrying effort worth it. 

The beauty of this table is that it offers you excellent, amazing accessories that facilitate gaming and it is easy to operate the game. Although many people consider the table quite expensive. Its durability and quality of service makes the amount worth spending.

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