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Top 12 Best Darts in 2024 – Tested & Reviewed By Experts!

Yes,Here under Honest Review of Best Darts in 2024 As Well As Top Rated Darts

The game of darts provides a very inexpensive and convenient way of relaxing. It also aids in the development of hand-eye coordination, boosts concentration, and stress relief, among others. To play the game successfully, darts, which are the chief co-operant component, is by all means necessary.

Darts come in various sizes, shapes, functionalities, and degrees of sophistication as like steel tip dart and soft tip dart. A prospective player like you may often find himself mixed up and unable to arrive at the best ever decision. That’s why you inevitably require the intervention or assistance of a professional expert.

Well, this review aims at fulfilling this very need. It endeavors to discuss the subject matter of best darts by touching on several pertinent issues. These include the best dart board as of the year 2021 and some of the factors to consider while making a purchase.

This review, therefore, has the ability to aid you in making the right purchasing decision. It also has the ability to introduce the subject matter to you and give you a rough picture of what exactly to expect out of these products.

12 Best Darts in 2024 - Comparisons

Top 12 Best Darts in 2024- Reviews

In the following segment, we are going to review some of the seven best darts as of the year 2021. We are going to do this by identifying and briefly stating their top features, pros, and cons. This is going to be concluded by a final verdict segment which is basically going to be a neutral opinion.

1. Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts

Darts are made to serve various roles and purposes. Beginners in the field of darts undoubtedly require a simple dart that may enable them to familiarize themselves with the basics of the game. This is the need for which this specific dart is designed to fulfill.

High-quality Nickel Silver-plated Barrels : Its barrels are plated with the high-quality Nickel Silver. This primarily enhances the aesthetics of the barrels and also shields them from the agents of corrosion.

Rubberized Barrel Sleeve :

The sleeves are made of rubber that is well known to provide maximum comfort to the users. This feature enhances the overall experience of the users besides bringing along the benefits of added comfort.

Diamond-cut Aluminum Shafts :
The shafts i.e. the long and narrow portions of the handles of the darts are made of Aluminum. This metal is very light and resistant to corrosion. The visual appearance of the dart is enhanced whereas the dart, on the whole, is much lighter and easier to handle.

Findings :

Notwithstanding the said downsides, this dart has the ability to exude several potential benefits. It is especially suitable for starters who just want to familiarize themselves with the basics of the game.


  • Enhanced Scoring Potentialt
  • Seamless Compatibility
  • Very Strong
  • Highly Durable
  • Unhindered Stability


  • Little bit expensive

2. Sametop 12 Packs Steel Tip Darts Set 

For a dart to be usable by beginners and for indoor recreational purposes, it has to be simple, light, and compact.

This is to enable it to fit within the limited indoor spaces and be easily mastered and comprehended by the user.These best steel tip darts is specially designed to fulfill this need in mind. 

Features and Benefits

High-quality Brass-plated Steel Barrels : 

Its barrels are made of steel and are plated with brass. For this reason, they are very durable, are visually appealing, and reliable in the long run. 

Build-in O-Ring :

The barrel is further tightened by this Build-in O-Ring feature. It prevents the loosening of the barrel when accidentally dropped. As such, it enhances the safety of the users. 

Poly Pro Dart Flights : 

Poly Pro dart flights constitute the sharp end of the darts. These flights are as light and feathery as to enable the seamless movement to the targeted area.

Aluminum Darts Shafts : 

This top rated darts shaft is made of the extra light Aluminum metal. It is therefore convenient to carry around and also minimizes drag when thrown around. This top rated steel tip darts leads to greater accuracy of the targeted area.

Findings :

 All factors considered, this dart is the best choice for beginners and also for indoor recreational activities. This stems from its simplistic nature, light weight, and lack of sophisticated features and traits


  • Unbreakable
  • Increase Speed
  • Reduced Drag
  • Easy Affordable
  • Tight Grip


  • Little bit Elegant

3. Harrows Voodoo Brass Steel Tip Dart

To be able to be used seamlessly, in the long run, the dart of choice has to be durable.Not only that it is also firm and strong enough to weather all the common elements of tear.This dart, as shall be clearly seen from the review that follows, is intended for that very purpose. 

Features and Benefits

 Brass Barrels :

Brass is generally known to be tough, firm, and very resistant to breakages. Given that it is the primary material that constitutes the dart’s barrel, it follows that the barrel is equally tough. Users may thus count on it to deliver effectively. 

Slim Line Plastic shafts :

Slim line plastics line the shafts of this dart. This material is quite firm and hence enhances the overall strength and support of the barrel altogether.

Dimplex Flights : 

Motion power is greatly enhanced by the Dimplex flights. These increase air resistance to let the dart glide smoothly to its target. They thus boost the accuracy of the darts and stability of flight. 

Slim Case :

Its casing is slim enough to fit just about anywhere. Moreover, the slim case also calls for reduced storage space requirements.

Findings :

 In case your primary motive for purchase is long-term reliability, then this is your dart of choice. The dart’s steel construction makes it quite suitable for long term use. This is due to the tough and long lasting nature of steel.


  • Durable
  • Prestigious
  • Optimum Grip
  • Effective Controls
  • Excellent Aerodynamics


  • Heavier

4. Doinkit Darts- Refills (Pack 6- 3 of 2 Colors)

In dart games where accuracy is non-negotiable such as professional tournaments, a magnetic dart is by all means desirable.That’s because their hitting of targets is greatly aided by and enhanced with the magnet.This is the niche (the most outstanding trait of this magnetic dart).

Features and Benefits

Strong Powerful Magnets :

The dart features the powerful N-35 Neodymium rare earth magnet. Consequently, it is pretty accurate and sticks tightly on the board to which it is thrown. This means higher scoring potential and greater experience. 

Doinkit Material Construction :

Its chief constituent part, the Doinkit material that is virtually indestructible. This being the case, the entire dart is long lasting and reliable in the long run. It also requires fewer, if any, regular repairs and maintenance.

Aerodynamic Design : 

This dart’s design features excellent aerodynamics. This comes in the form of light and feathery construction that has the ability to move swiftly in the air. By reason of this, the dart is pretty fast and accurate.

Perfect Balance :

 On the whole, the weight of the dart is completely spread out as to attain a perfect balance. This perfect balance enhances the aerodynamic nature of the dart and simplifies its motion during a throw.

Findings : 

In case you are intent on enhancing your professional dart tournaments, look no further than this dart. Its magnetic nature greatly bolsters the accuracy of each throw. This improves the scores tremendously and in so doing, enhances your overall experience. It's perfect for Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board.


  • Great for all Ages
  • Highly Versatile
  • Maximum Accuracy
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Seamless Maneuverability


  • A little outflow of Interference

5. Fat Cat Darts in a Jar/ Steel Tip Darts

Casual-to-intermediate level players, who simply want to enjoy the game of darts, require special darts.These darts ideally are neither complicated nor elegant but contain only the bare minimum features.This is where this dart under consideration comes in.

Features and Benefits 

High-quality Nickel silver-plated Barrels : 

The barrel of the dart is made of the famed high-quality Nickel metal. They are also plated by use of Silver. They are thus fair to behold and long lasting at the same time.

Strategically-placed Knurled Bands : 

Certain knurled bands are engraved on the shaft in between the barrel and the sharp pointed tip. 

These knurled bands enhance the aesthetics of the dart and provide additional grip.

Deep Grooves : 

On its handles are long yet deep depressions otherwise known as grooves. These grips contribute immensely to the tightness of the grips and the ease with which the dart may be handled.

Convex Nylon Shafts : 

The shaft of the dart is made of convex Nylon material. This material is very light, a fact that contributes the overall portability of the dart altogether.

Quality Flights : 

Its overall aerodynamics is enhanced by the high-quality flights. The flight greatly improves the overall motion of the dart in the air by streamlining the flow of air in and around it.

Findings : 

If you are a casual or intermediate level dart player, you clearly have this dart for your taking. That’s because it has all the various qualities and features that may help you to get started conveniently.


  • Pretty Fast
  • Ease of Use
  • Utmost Stability
  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Perfectly-balanced


  • Little bit weighty

6. Viper "The Freak" Steel Tip Darts, 22 Grams

Professional dart tournaments require high quality and durable darts. This is to guarantee long term reliability besides being able to discharge their mandates effectively.The ability to fulfill this need is what inspires the design and manufacture of this dart.

Features and Benefits 

Locking Holes : 

Throughout the dart are several locking holes. These are used to fit together all the various components of the dart. They allow the components to be tightly fit and also reduces fall-offs in times of use.

Spinster Yukon Aluminum Shafts :

 It does comprise a shaft that is made of Yukon Aluminum. This shaft, unlike those of the 

conventional darts, does rotate immediately upon impact with the dart board. This minimizes chances of deflections and enhances overall stability. 

Excellent Gripping Points : 

In its entire framework, the shaft of this dart comprises several holes and deep grooves. These two features mutually combine to provide the users with excellent gripping points. As such, the possibilities of fall-offs are greatly minimized.

Exceptional Balance :

 Exceptional balance is provided for by the existence of large and stable barrels. This balance is very necessary as it ensures smooth flights from the hands to the targeted dart board area.

Findings : 

This dart is a very worthy companion for professional dart players. That’ because it is long lasting, is very tough, and has all the elegant features of the ideal dart. You may count on it to deliver to your expectations.


  • Added Flare
  • Improved Stability
  • Flight Consistency
  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Maximized Scoring Potential:


  • Limited Applicability

7. Ignat Games Professional Dart Set Steel Tip 

Beginners and casual darts players especially require an easy to use dart that may help them to easily get started.This dart, by its very nature, is quite suitable to aid starters effectively get started in the field of darts..

Features and Benefits 

Steel Tips : 

The tip of the dart is made of steel. This metal is well known for being sturdy and durable. In consequence of this, the dart is very strong and reliable in the long run.


Unique and Sturdy Design : Its overall appearance is generally typified by the stylish and strong design.

As a result of this, the dart is capable of exuding both strength and aesthetics in one compact package.

Medium Weight : 

The weight of this dart falls within the medium range. Due to this, it may be effectively utilized by starters and immediate users with the same degree of efficiency and satisfaction.

Hammerhead Darts : 

The head of the dart is shaped in the form of a hammer. This shape allows for the smooth and unhindered flight. It also ensures higher accuracy and on-target shots as much as possible.

Findings : 

Notwithstanding the few downsides mentioned above, this dart is still a beginner’s worthy companion. That’s because it has all the basic features that are necessary and relevant for getting started.


  • Maximum Durability
  • Feels and Looks Great
  • Higher Returns of Value
  • Easy to Deposit and Carry
  • Best Accuracy and Targeting


  • Multipart

8. Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Suction Darts

If your game of darts is fast-paced and intense, you obviously have to acquire specially designed darts for the purpose.

These darts ought to be tough enough to withstand high impacts repeatedly. These darts are specifically designed for that very purpose. 

Seamless Compatibility:
The darts are designed to be compatible with various blasters. Examples of these include Nerf Elite blasters and N-Strike Blasters. Because of this, you will find them very convenient for use.

High Suction Power:

They do have a very strong suction power. This enables them to stick firmly on surfaces onto which they are thrown. This trait also minimizes fall-offs and any associated injuries besides boosting your overall hitting accuracy. 

Ultra-fast Performance: 

Apart from sticking firmly onto the surfaces on which they are thrown, they also perform very well indeed. This is because they are not only light but also possess excellent aerodynamics.


  • Lasts longer
  • Has high accuracy
  • Improves accuracy
  • Approved by several accreditation agencies
  • Works well in conjunction several other darts playing components


  • May be complicated to a starter

9. Durable Safe Plastic Wing Magnetic Darts

Darts is a sport for everyone, small children included. They, however, need safer an simpler playing components owing to their vulnerability to injuries. These darts pieces are specifically meant for them. They have all those traits that suit the loved young ones.

Hard Plastic and Magnetic Material:
The entire length and structural framework of the darts are made of hard plastic and magnetic materials. These materials are safer yet tough enough to guarantee a fruitful experience. Moreover, the magnetic component enables the darts to stick firmly on the surface. 

Appropriate Length: 

They are just about the best length. They measure 8cm/ 3.15 inches long. This also makes them very easy to engage besides performing optimally.

Availability in Multiple Colors: 

Lastly, the darts are very colorful. They are mainly availed in Yellow and Red colors. As the result of this, they serve the dual purposes of conferring aesthetics and playing the game.


  • Easy to engage
  • Quite accurate
  • Very strong and durable
  • Exudes a colorful appearance
  • Safe for younger and inexperienced players


  • Have a bulky size

10. Viper Super Bee Soft Tip Darts, 16 Grams

Competitive darts tournaments require equally tough and high-performance darts packs. This is the only way in which that competitive edge may be obtained. Also, given the rigorous nature of such tournaments, a tough darts pack is the only one that may guarantee the required strength. These darts fit this bill perfectly well. This is because it comprises all the necessary features.

Aerodynamic Build: 
Its entire design and construction feature an aerodynamic build. This design is in such way as to effectively direct the flow of wind and enable the darts to glide freely. Because of this, you will require less effort to throw the darts. 

Nano Locking Hole Shafts:

Throughout the entire stretch of the darts are small holes. These holes are used to enable the darts as a whole to fit securely to the barrel. This way the spare you from the need to retighten them each time you want to utilize the darts.

High-Speed Slim Flights: 

It is also slim. This feature allows it to counter minimal air resistance. It thus aids in the overall movement of the darts to the targeted destination. This slim size also boosts the overall accuracy of each throw as it minimizes missed targets.


  • Extremely light in weight
  • Very slim and aerodynamic
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Improved grip by the hands
  • Comes along with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Higher unit costs

11. 12 new brass Soft Tip bar darts with 50 extra tips

Regular practicing of the game of darts requires plenty of darts to guarantee uninterrupted practicing sessions.

The darts for such an occasion should ideally have replaceable parts and components also. This again is to ensure smooth and uninterrupted practice sessions.

These darts have the abilities to enable you to practice uninterruptedly by reason of possessing all the relevant features.

Features and Benefits 

Fine-knurled Brass Barrels: 

The barrel of each dart in this set is made of Brass. This material is very strong, stable, and tough. This means that the darts are generally capable of withstanding great impacts repeatedly. Because of this, the darts will grant you the support you require to sharpen your skills. 

Replaceable One-piece Flight/Shaft:

Other than being tough and durable, each shaft is replaceable. It means you may get rid of the old shaft and replace it with a new one. This way, you may utilize the darts in perpetuity. This again means you stand to gain the convenience you need to sharpen your darts skills.


  • Safer due to the soft tips
  • Relevant for all kinds of players
  • Returns a high value for money
  • Possesses a colorful appearance
  • Bestows a sense of class and privilege


  • Requires some muscle power to engage

12. CUESOUL 20/23/26 Grams Steel Tip Darts

In case the sport of darts is your lifeblood, you, by all means, require a versatile darts. This is to enable you to switch freely from one kind of sport to another. It is also necessary to allow you to play the game as often as you may want. This particular darts is made with the need to fulfill that very purpose in mind.

Anodized Aluminum Shaft:
Anodized Aluminum is the material that adorns its shaft. This material is tough but light enough to allow the darts to glide smoothly to the desired destination. The darts as a whole is also resistant to corrosion and other elements of tear just like Aluminum itself.

Pure Brass Barrel:

The barrel, on the other hand, is made of Brass. For this reason, it is also tough, resistant to corrosion, and steady, just like Brass itself. These features enable you to improve your overall hitting accuracy and to enjoy the game as a whole.

Ability to Accommodate Several Accessories: 

The darts set is accompanied by several accessories. These are six Aluminum shafts, three lantern-shaped flights, and three slim flights. They widen your scope of the game besides allowing you exploit your full potential.


  • Highly versatile
  • Allows more accurate shots
  • Enables excellent controls
  • Are suited for various kinds of games
  • Grips firmly on the hand and dartboard


  • Contains some delicate parts

 To Consider Before The Best Darts To Buy


 As has already been stated, these darts come in various sizes. Each size suits different purposes and users of varying skill levels. You are therefore strongly advised to determine your own skill level, amount of space at your disposal, and thereafter make an appropriate purchasing decision.


It is the strength of the grasp that the dart may confer the hands that hold them. As a general rule, the tighter the grip, the more comfortable and handy the particular dart, and vice versa. 

The right dart under this consideration is that one which conforms to the precise texture of the hands of the would-be user. In case you have smooth hands, you may want to settle on the smoother grip whereas if you have rough hands, the rougher grips may fit the bill.

Some of the common grips that may provide the much-needed starting point include the Knurled ringed grip, Micro grip, Precision grip, Shark Fin, and Wave grip.

Intended Use and User 

Users also vary in their skill levels and experience. Some are starters or learners, other are intermediates, whereas others are experts. The various uses to which the darts may be devoted also vary.

Some are designed for general relaxation, others for practicing, yet other for competitive tournaments. The challenge is on your part to determine which kind of a user you are and for what exact purpose you may want to devote the dart to, before embarking on a purchase may be also consider which  dartboard is perfect for you like magnetic dartboard, bristle dartboard, electronic dartboard or dartboard cabinets.


This refers to the various possible uses of which the darts may be devoted. It is mainly determined by the number of accessories that the dart may accommodate and the various surfaces that the dart may be hurled on.

A good dart is that one which may accommodate as many accessories as possible. It is the surest way of deriving as much benefit as possible.

Final Verdict

It may not be humanly possible to exhaust all that the subject matter of darts entails in a single review of this kind. As a result of this, it is imperative that you, the prospective buyer, of any of this best darts to buy conduct more research on your own. This is to enable you to get to know of all that the field entails and arrive at the most appropriate decision.

In the meantime, why not contemplate making a purchase of at least one dart mentioned above? Each of them has something special to offer to you. Time is also of the essence. Do not, therefore, hesitate to make a purchase as this may result in an increase in price or a drop in the value of the given products.Moreover,You may like another lucrative indoor game is air hockey which is keep you always fit and strong Your kind info.please keep in touch for more darts reviews like magnetic darts and steel tip darts as soon as possible.

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