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Top 10 Best Ankle Weights Reviews – Buying Guide For 2024

With the increasing awareness for better lifestyles, people are looking for better alternatives to improve their workouts. The Ankle weight is one of these alternatives. Easy to use and practical they are fast gaining popularity. The best ankle weights are versatile in that you can use them to exercise your arms and legs.

They will greatly improve your workouts because you can select the kind of weight that you want. You can even juggle the weights as you desire. The weights are good for muscle training and their design evenly distributes any weight around your ankle.

What are the Results? Rapid burning of calories, enhanced endurance and most importantly, well-toned good looking legs. Invest in the best ankle weights from our reviews.

10 Best Ankle Weights in 2024 - Comparisons



Weight Capacity




1-lbs, 2-lbs, 5-lbs, 8-lbs

 6.1 x 3 x 3 inches


1-lbs, 2-lbs, 3-lbs, 5-lbs

2.5 x 7.4 x 4.4 inchs



8.9 x 3.6 x 1.7 inches


2.5-lbs, 5-lbs, 10-lbs, 20-lbs per ankle

21.6 x 1.2 x 6.3 inches


1-lb, 1.5-lbs, 2.5-lbs, per ankle

 5 x 5 x 5 inches


1-lb - 5-lbs, per ankle

8 x 6 x 5 inches 


1-lb, 1.5-lbs, 2-lbs, 3-lbs, 5-lbs, 10-lbs

 9.05 x 3.5 inches


1-lb, 1.5-lbs, 2-lbs, 3-lbs, 5-lbs per ankle

11 x 5 inches 


1 lbs per Ankle

8.46 x 3.15 inches


2.5-lbs per ankle

19.7 x 1.2 x 5.5 inches

Top 10 Best Ankle Weights in 2024 - Reviews

If you are into fitness and looking for the best ankle weights, check out our top recommendations in 2024. All these ankle weights are tested and simply the best.

 1.  Ankle Weights Set by Healthy Model Life

The Ankle sets by healthy model life are truly a model to be looked up to. The sets are way above the rest in terms of comfortably and resilience. The ankle sets are luxuriously padded you will hardly feel them.

The extra strong fastening is Velcro assuring you of a secure grasp as you exercise. You don't have to worry about the weights ripping off just when your routine is gaining momentum.

The sets are free size meaning that the sets can fit all from the petite to the heftier individuals.

Not only can they be used for ankles but you can use them to exercise your wrists as well.

They can be adjusted to give just the perfect fit. And best of all, they are made with the woman in mind. This might be the best ankle weights you have had so far.

The weights help you achieve your fitness goals by increasing the resistance without compromising your comfort. The weights give the required resistance that you need .This makes them the best option for your home gym workouts.

What we liked

  • Extra padding ensures comfort and protect ankle
  • Versatile- can be used to exercise ankles and wrists.
  • Reinforced stitches eliminate risk of tearing or falling apart
  • The set is easily portable. Can fit in a gym bag or handbag easily
  • Specifically made to perfectly fit the female form unlike most sets
  • Come with a lifetime guarantee of replacement or refund in case of anything

What we didn’t like

  • The weights cannot be reduced or added

 2.  Ankle / Wrist Weights (1 Pair) for Women, Men, Kids

Are you looking for the best ankle weights for walking, aerobics, home training, jogging or any other fitness workout?

 Try out this pair and you will love it. They are comfortable and durable so you can be sure they will serve you longer.

When we talk about versatility, these weights are one of the best examples of that. Why? Because the weights are not only multi-use for ankles and wrists but they can also be used by all from children to adults.

Though specially designed for women, the comfort level of the weights makes them a favorite for men as well. The ankle/wrist set comes with a bag to make it easy to carry them around.

The Velcro fastening makes them a secure set to have. The set is very desirable for outdoor use especially in low light conditions as it is fitted with a reflective strip making you visible. Why not invest in this pair? 

What we Liked

  • The sets' resistance is moderate making it an advantage even for novices
  • Free size set makes versatile for use by a variety of age groups and gender
  • Set has a reflective strip on the trimming to increase safety during outdoor use
  • Uses high-quality Velcro to secure it making it stay firmly in place as you exercise
  • Ample padding makes the set extremely comfortable around your ankles and wrists
  • Comes with a durable carry bag making the set easily portable. Also the bag keeps the set safe and protected

What we didn’t like

  • The set may cause irritation when used in direct contact with skin

 3.  Nayoya 3 Pound Adjustable Ankle Weights Set 

Nayoya 3 Pound Adjustable Ankle Weights Set with Carry Pouch

Most people who exercise a lot worry about the possibility of their equipment being moist and producing bad stench because of the constant use.

Well, with the Nayoya adjustable Ankle weights, you no longer have to worry because the weights are made of a super absorbent material which quickly absorbs sweat and moisture.

The material is super soft and smooth to the touch. The weights are highly flexible and tear resistant making them long-lasting. The set can comfortably be used by all ages as it is free size.

A fitted strap with Velcro closure ensures that you can get the best fit for your ankle or wrist. Its plush padding ensures comfortably all the way. They are easy to use, just strap them on or off. Pick yours today.

What we Liked

  • The weights are fully adjustable as they come in a free size
  • Sturdy, durable material ensures that the weights last you a very long time
  • The set is made from high-quality material that easily absorbs moisture and sweat
  • Ample cushioning ensures that your ankles and wrists are comfortable and protected
  • Its power plate features an array of 10 different workout programs that you can choose from.
  • Comes with a portability bag that makes it easy to carry around and keep you weights protected

What we didn’t like

  • The set is only available in one weight size that cannot be adjusted

 4.  All Pro Adjustable Ankle Weights

You may want to have a pair of ankle weights that you can easily adjust depending on your exercise routine, or maybe because you and your son use the same pair for your exercises. Grab yourself a pair of the All Pro Adjustable weight set.

It will give you the versatility you need as the weights can be adjusted from 2.5lbs to 20lbs per weight by adding extra weights. The solid iron weights come in 0.5lbs sizes providing you with unending versatility.

The set is made of durable material, plushy padded and wide to not only provide protection to the ankle but also the heels. 

The equally plush flaps provide additional protection to avoid abrasion of the closures. The weights are also designed with cushioned flaps that protect your ankles and give you the freedom you need when moving.

What we Liked

  • The weights are made of sturdy iron that does not rust easily
  • The Velcro fastening provides a snug fit thus suitable for all sizes
  • Plush padding makes them comfortable and protects your ankles and wrists
  • The weights are fully adjustable with 0.5lbs iron weights that can progressively add weight to each ankle
  • Protective wrapping under the fastener provides additional protection that may be caused by the abrasiveness of the Velcro

What we didn’t like

  • The weights are costlier than others in the market

 5.  Thera-Band Comfort Fit Ankle & Wrist Cuff Wrap 

TheraBand Ankle Weights, Comfort Fit Wrist & Ankle Cuff Weight Set, Adjustable Walking Weights for Cardio, Home Workout, Ankle Strengthening & Physical Therapy, Blue, 2.5 lb. Each, Set of 2, 5 Pounds

The Thera band Comfort and fit ankle is a versatile set that is multipurpose to be used on both the ankles and wrists. It is made from a durable material on the outside. 

Its interior is made of terrycloth which is extremely absorbent preventing moisture and sweat from accumulating on your equipment.

The set has Velcro fasteners that keep the weights secure and make the cuffs easily adjustable to give a snug fit on the wrists or ankles. The reflective trimmings on the ankle and wristband make then a priority choice for outdoor use equipment.

They keep you safe as you are visible even in low light. The bands are easy to carry around as they have a protective tube-like case which keeps them safe on the move.

The weights are designed to fit a wide range of people. To get a customized fit, you just need to adjust closer to the ankle or wrist. They are also feature a soft cloth liner that provides additional comfort.

What we Liked

  • The set is made of durable nonabrasive material
  • The interior easily absorbs moisture and sweat eliminating bad odors.
  • Progressive sets give you an option of three weight levels to select from
  • The reflective add-ons make them suitable for use outdoors and in low lighting
  • Easily portable and as they come in a tube packaging which also makes storage stress free.
  • Plush body of the weights makes them comfortable and protective of your ankles and wrists

What we didn’t like

  • The weight sets are somewhat too bulky

 6.  Valeo Adjustable Ankle/Wrist Weights

The Valeo ankle and wrist weights are perfect if you want to achieve flexibility, coordination and endurance. They are easy to use and ideal for challenging your cardio workouts.

Hygiene is the unique feature of this pair of weights. This is because of the material of the weights which can easily be washed and dried without compromising on its quality or durability.

The Valeo Adjustable weight set is a must have set that does not compromise on protecting your ankle and wrist. It has a soft padding which not only gives comfort but protection too.

With its twin strap, D-ring adjustable closure this set of weights is sure to give you maximum security as you go jogging or sprinting. The closure ensures that you get a snug fit regardless of the size of your ankle or wrist. It fits all equally well. Easy to fasten all you need to do is wrap them around your wrist or ankle, fasten, and you are ready to go.

What we Liked

  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Easily adjustable using the removable 0.5lb sandbags
  • Twin-grip strip fastening makes adding weight stress-free
  • The weights have five Cuff pockets that allow you to easily adjust the weight
  • Have a premium double strap, d metal ring closure making them exceptionally secure
  • Soft padding on the interior provides a comfortable and abrasive free contact on your skin

What we didn’t like

  • The sandbags are sometimes prone to leaking

 7.  Yes4All Comfort Fit Ankle / Wrist Weights (Set of 2)

Thus cuff set is made keeping in mind your safety and comfort. This is mostly because of the secure hug fitting you get with the Velcro and D ring fastening on the closure.

The ample padding on the cuffs is pleasant because it provides protection to your ankle/ wrists and at the same time ensures comfort. They are comfortable and lightweight so anyone can use them. They are perfect for women, seniors and men.

The cuffs are lightweight and can be easily carried around. The cuffs come in two varieties, the adjustable and non-adjustable weights.

The non-removable weights are made of neoprene material with reinforced stitching that makes the set durable as the possibility of the seams ripping apart or the material tearing is almost nil.
It is also super absorbent and comes with an adjustable Velcro band to ensure a snug fit.

The adjustable ankle weights are made of nylon fabric which is comfortable and highly durable. The cuff is fastened using a D metal ring and Velcro strap to ensure a secure fit.

What we Liked

  • Weights are perfect for all age sets as the cuff are free size to fit all
  • The weight sets come in two options of the adjustable and non-adjustable cuffs
  • The non-removable cuffs come in seven different color codes progressing in weight
  • D ring fastener plus the Velcro fastening ensures that the weights are securely fastened
  • The weights are made of flexible durable exterior material which makes the set long lasting

What we didn’t like

  • Weight sets are too bulky for some people

 8.  Zensufu Ankle or Wrist Weights Pair Set 

The Zensufu Ankle or wrist weights are made of durable fabric which will last you many gym sessions without wear and tear. Padded for your comfort and protection you can't go wrong with these weights as your ankles and wrists will never complain of discomfort.

These weights are perfect for gym, walking, aerobics, fitness, exercise and much more. They feature an adjustable strap that provides you with a comfortable fitting on your wrist or ankles.

The interior material is soft against the skin making the cuffs additionally comfortable. The weights are fitted with highly a durable Velcro strap that secures the weights in place.

The straps also make the job of wearing and removing the weights child's play. With a range of weights to choose from these cuffs can be used by novices to professionals and the young and old. The one size fits all makes these cuffs fit any size of ankle or wrist so that no one is left out. 

What we Liked

  • Weight cuff comes in multiple weight options for your selection
  • Ankle weights are made of durable fabric making them long lasting
  • Cuffs have an adjustable strap which makes them versatile enough to fit any size
  • Weights come with a carry case making portability easy and apart from protecting the cuffs
  • Plush ample padding on the cuff weights make them very comfortable and protect your ankles

What we didn’t like

  • The sand in the weights is prone to leaking

 9.  Ivation Premium Ankle Weights Set with Adjustable

Getting back in shape may seem like a long haul for some people as the fitness regimes may seem like a daunting task. However, with the Ivation Premium ankle weights, getting back in shape will seem like a breeze.

The cuffs are sleek and inconspicuous, making them wearable even as you go about your daily office program. They feature a durable soft material which along with the plush padding makes them extremely comfortable to wear at any time.

If you would love to carry your weights when on the go, the weights are perfect because of their sleek design and weight. You can fit the weights in your travel bag or suitcase.

The one size fits all makes them user-friendly as they can fit any ankle or wrist. Available in three different weights you are able to select the one that works for you best. These weights are easily portable and their sleek design makes them able to fit in even small bags. You can never go wrong with these attractive cuffs.

What we Liked

  • Soft interior of the cuffs is non- abrasive making them extremely comfortable
  • Ample cushioning ensures that your ankles and wrists are comfortable and protected
  • The unnoticeable design enables' you to wear the cuffs even during your everyday activities
  • Cuffs weights are not adjustable. To have a different weight you will have to buy another pair.
  • The adjustable straps with Velcro make it easy for you to tighten or loosen the cuffs so as to get the perfect fit for you

What we didn’t like

  • They are not waterproof and are susceptible to rusting

 10.  All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weights, 5-lb pair

The all-pro weight adjustable 5lb pair is unique in its own way because of its exclusive design which focused the weight away from the ankle area. This differs from most of the weight cuffs in the market which have weight at the ankles.

This also allows more flexibility in your foot enhancing your exercise. Made of high-quality material the cuffs can make a wonderful addition to your training wardrobe. The weights have a contoured foam material which perfectly fits against the ankle.

You can choose to add or remove the weights depending on the amount of resistance that you need. They come in one size that fits everybody.

Along with the padding, this ensures that the Achilles tendon remains well protected. The weights have protective cushioned flaps with a touch fastener closer to secure then and give you a precise fit. Premium quality material ensures that the weights will last you a long time. It is a set worth investing in.

What we Liked

  • The weights come in a free size thus can fit anyone
  • Additional padding in the heel area keeps the Achilles tendon protected
  • The weights are made of highly durable iron weights which do not easily rust
  • The cuffs weights are adjustable up to 2.5lbs per ankle in 0.25lbs iron weights
  • Plush cushioning of the weights ensures that your ankles and heels are properly protected.

What we didn’t like

  • The cuffs tend to be a bit bulky for some people

How To Choose The Best Ankle Weights in 2024


When looking for the best ankle weights, the material of the weight is of great importance. It is pertinent to ensure that you select an ankle weight with a material that is flexible enough to allow your ankle ample movement. Also, the material should be sturdy enough to last you a long time. The material should also be comfortable. There are several options in the market with neoprene being the most popular because of their flexibility and durability.


This is essential because the ankle weights may cause you more harm than good if the weights are not comfortable. Go for weights that will fit you well without slipping or riding high. This is because if the weights are not well fitting or well positioned they could end up injuring you. Most of the ankle weights come with adjustable straps to ensure that you can fit them well on your hands or ankles. If they don't comfortably fit, get rid of them.


Adjustability ensures comfortability and multipurpose use. Look for ankle weights that you can easily adjust so that you are able to easily juggle the exercises that you want to do. Whether you want to place them on your hands or feet the weights should be adjustable enough to ensure that you can get a good fit on both your arms and feet..

Weight Supporters 

Ensure that when you are buying the ankle weights you select the ones that will allow you to easily add and remove weights without compromising on your exercise routine. Most of the ankle weights in the market currently come with pockets for this purpose. Whatever your choice ensure you have enough support to accommodate the weight that you will need

Weight Capacity

Different ankle weights come with different capacities. When selecting the most appropriate ankle weights for you look at the maximum capacity that it can accommodate. This will especially be important for seasoned users who may prefer bigger weights as compared to starters who need small weight to ease into the training.

Final Verdict

Finally, before buying the best ankle weights, keep in mind that the weights are supposed to better your health and not to make it worse. Regular use is good but does not overexert your body. If you already have a pre-existing joint or bone injury seek expert help before trying to use them. Look for the pair that best suits your training needs from our collection. We have a wide array of ankle weights and they are guaranteed to give you value for your money. Our products are the best in the market and our quality is guaranteed.

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