Top 12 Best Hockey Helmets Review 2021 – Step by Step Comparison

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Top 12 Best Hockey Helmets Review 2021 – Step by Step Comparison

No doubt honest guide & reviews hereunder best hockey helmets. 

Hockey is a very physically-intense exercise or sport. It strengthens our muscles, keeps us fit, enables to stay healthy, and helps us in killing time, alongside other benefits. It is that sport that just about any other person ought to make an effort of learning and playing.

Getting the right helmet for the sport is one of the significant steps that you may take to get started. This is because it is the helmet that shields your head and the vital organs from injuries. There are so many hockey helmets on the market today.

You, the active player, may not have the skills to make the right choice. That is why we have seen it necessary to pick some of the best such helmets and review them for you. We do hope that this will give you the right guideline you require to get started about best hockey helmet 2021.

Top 12 Best Hockey Helmets 2021 - Reviews

1. Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet Combo

Your overall comfort, as is the safety of your head has to be upheld at all times during a hockey tournament. For these two feats to be achievable, you require a very reliable helmet. As you shall see from the mini-review that follows, this helmet indeed is qualified for the job.

Multi-density Foam Liner:

Its interior is padded with a multi-density foam liner that is purposely set to boost your overall comfort. It is this liner that offers your head the comfort it requires during a hockey match. Because of its existence, you may be sure that your head will not incur any damages or physical injuries.

Bauer 2100 Facemask:

Apart from your head, this helmet is also designed to offer protection to your eyes too. This is because it comes along with a facemask that can shield you from the oncoming balls. You may also rest easy knowing too well that nothing wrong shall happen to your eyes.

CSA/HECC certified:

The helmet is certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC). Due to this, expect it to rise to your expectations all the time.


  • Easier to adjust and engage
  • Contains a facemask too!
  • Confers some added comfort
  • Protects the ears as well
  • Expandable to suits heads of varying sizes


  • Facemask obstructs vision

2. Mylec Helmet with Chinstrap

In case your financial resource base is limited, you may want a helmet that is cheaper and of course affordable. The helmet of this kind should still be of high quality to guarantee you the necessary benefits. This indeed is one such kind of a helmet.

Lightweight Design:

In all, the helmet is very light in weight. It weighs a meager 1 pound (16 ounces). For this reason, it is on the whole, easier and more convenient to put on. It also induces comparatively less drag and is as such quite convenient.

Multipurpose Outer Shell:

Even though it is primarily designed to protect against hockey balls, its outer shell is also able to serve other purposes. These include shielding against the dangers of skating, biking, water rafting, skiing, and indeed, more besides!

1/2-inch Foam Padding:

Its interior is lined with 1/2-inch thick padding. This material is designed to absorb shock and enhance the overall comfort of your head. For This reason, you will not strain or incur any injuries at all even in moments of intense physical activities.


  • Very affordable
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Suitable for all purposes
  • Masculine and elegant appearances
  • Returns higher value for money invested


  • Comprises limited features

3. CCM FitLite 40 Hockey Helmet Combo

If you are that kind of a person who performs a range of activities that require adequate protection, you may want to settle on a ‘universal’ helmet.

This is simply a helmet that can undertake several closely related tasks at a time. This is one such kind of a helmet. 

Fit Clips:

The helmet does have several flat clips. These clips enable you to adjust it without having to acquire any additional tools. Because of this, your operation of the helmet is greatly simplified. You also stand to enjoy the benefit of using it wherever you may desire.

Aerodynamic Outer Shell:

It has an aerodynamic outer shell. This shell is so designed as to effectively deflect oncoming wind to guarantee you smooth motion. It is also properly ventilated to make your head breathable at all times. This is not to mention the high-level protection it accords your head as well.

Multi-density Foam Liner

This helmet’s interior is lined with multi-density foam padding. Being soft and absorbent, this padding offers your head added comfort and absorbs sweat as well. It also cushions your head against any possible injuries.


  • Properly ventilated cage
  • Reduces sweating and stenches
  • Availability in numerous varieties
  • Provides high-level protection
  • Performs several chores at a go


  • Weighs slightly more than expected

4. Bauer Prodigy Helmet Combo, Black

Youthful hockey tournaments are generally characterized by fast and rigorous speeds. This is due to the sheer energy of youthful persons. To be able to stay healthy at such times, a hockey that is also equally durable is by all means necessary.

Adjustable Shell and Facemask:

Top of the range of its features are the adjustable shell and face masks respectively. They are designed so in order to make it possible for you to customize them to the precise dimensions of your head. So, regardless of the size of your head, you may count on it not to disappoint you.

Quick-release Attachments:

All its attachments are simple to release and/or fasten. Because of this, you will find this helmet generally easier to adjust. This is especially handy as it minimizes time wastage in between the tournament sessions.

Optimal Protection:

All factors considered, the helmet offers optimal protection to the heads. This is by reason of possessing a dual-density foam liner. This liner absorbs impacts and great stress to minimize damages to the head and skull.


  • Suitable for youth sports
  • Has a giant facemask too
  • Can be deployed quickly
  • Possesses quick release attachments
  • Offers adequate protection to the head


  • Little bit weighty

5. Warrior Krown 360 Hockey Helmet

Regular training or exercising of hockey requires a light, handy, and easy-to-use helmet. This is to avoid unnecessary inconveniences that are typically confronted at such times.

It is also necessary so as to facilitate the entire training process. This is where this particular helmet comes in.

Impax Foam Technology

It does comprise 3-D foams that are manufactured by the Impax foam technology. This foam dampens the high impacts that are ordinarily felt whenever the ball hits the helmets. It, therefore, goes a long way in enhancing the overall safety of the head.

360-degree Fit

The warrior helmet can fit the head at whichever angle you choose to wear it. This 360-degree fit is courtesy of the four-piece shell and liner converges. This fit greatly enhances your overall comfort as it gives you the ultimate freedom to utilize the helmet.

4-play Adjustment System:

In its entirety, the helmet has a 4-play adjustment mechanism that basically lets you adjust the various parameters. This further enhances your overall experience and also lets the helmet fit nicely in your head. 


  • Fits perfectly well on the head
  • Suitable for all kinds of games
  • Shields the head against high impacts
  • Confers maximum safety to the wearer
  • Attested by various certification agencies


  • Moderately expensive

6. CCM Fitlite 3DS Hockey Helmet Combo

The game of hockey is universal in the sense that it can be played by persons of all ages. The young ones are also not left out at all. Given their tiny stature, children require smaller hockey helmets that can fit them well. That's why it's call also best youth hockey helmet. This is one helmet that is made with them in mind.

EVA Liner:

It's interior is lined with the EVA Liner padding to provide added comfort. This liner is also designed with the aim of providing protection against youth-specific impacts. Because of this, the helmet is generally quite effective in its work.

Tool-free Facemask Adjustments:

You do not require screws, bolts, or spanners to adjust the facemask. This is because that portion of the helmet is structured for adjustments without a tool. All you need is your bare hand and you will have the job done!

High-Density PE Shell:

Its outer shell is made of the revolutionary high-density polyethylene. This material is tough and durable yet safe enough for the children’s head. It thus offers some elite level of protection to the skulls of the small children. You can be sure of no harm to the head regardless of the level of impact.


  • Offers a tailored fit on the head
  • Can ‘grow’ with the players
  • Requires less storage space
  • Comes along with age-specific protection
  • Very light in weight and easy to handle


  • Is relevant for limited uses

7. Bauer 5100 Helmet Combo

If you care so much about your overall comfort during a hockey match, you may want a helmet that is equally comfortable. The helmet of this kind has to be soft, absorbent, ventilated, and tough. This is one helmet that fits the bill perfectly well.

Ventilation Ports:

Throughout the entire helmet are perforations that let in fresh air and let out stale air. They allow your head to breathe unhindered while enjoying your sport. Because of this, your head won’t smell or accumulate much sweat.

Ergo Translucent Ear Covers:

Your ears are not left out either. This is because the helmet does have translucent ear covers that seal your ears from any possible damages. As such, even if a ball accidentally hits either ear, you can be sure your hearing faculties won’t be damaged.

Single-density Shell:

The helmet’s outer shell is made of a material that has a uniform density. Because of this, it does not at all interfere with your balance and symmetry. Your performance will not be compromised at all! 


  • Does not require additional tools to adjust
  • Features stylish and elegant appearance
  • Breathable courtesy of the proper ventilation
  • Comes in three distinct shell sizes i.e. small, medium, and large
  • Offers comprehensive cover to the head, eyes, ears, and nose


  • Mesh holes are slightly larger in size

8. Easton E200 Youth Hockey Helmet Combo

Playing youth hockey on a regular basis definitely calls for a durable, tough, and reliable helmet. This is to withstand the high impacts that are occasioned by intense physical exercise. This helmet is specially meant for that, as you shall see in the mini-review that follows.

Polyurethane Foam Outer:

Its exterior surface is made of the PU foam. This material is stretchable. In this way, it can expand and contract regularly to respond to the unique dimensions of your head. It also allows you to enjoy the benefits of instant fit and comfort.

Single-density Vinyl Nitrile Liner:

This lining provides a very comfortable cushioning for your head. It is placed inside the helmet and lines its entire stretch. It does so by absorbing shocks, impacts, vibrations, and other unwanted stress. This keeps you in good shape at all times. 

Honeycomb Ventilation:

The entire outer shell of the helmet has ventilation that is shaped like honeycombs. They generally enable the unhindered flow of air into and out of the helmet. This way, they keep your head and hair breathable at all times.


  • Durable enough
  • Reliable at all times
  • Returns high value for money
  • Awesome and aggressive appearance
  • Less vulnerable to scratches and other agents of tear


  • Has fixed standard dimensions

9. BAUER RE-AKT 75 Hockey Helmet

Lovers of ice hockey generally need a helmet that is specifically designed for the sport. This is because ice hockey, unlike field hockey, is very involving. The pitch is also completely different from the ones for field hockey. This particular helmet will give you the support you require.

Seven Technologies:

Key of its features is the seven technology makeup. This basically entails the installation of structural foam cylinders in the key impact zones of the helmet. They offer your head additional support and comfort. This way, you may withstand high energy and repeated impacts well

Occipital Lock:

This is a special security feature that is placed at the back of the head (occipital zone). It basically shields the back of your head from any unwanted impacts. For this reason, this helmet is unlike any other since it is the only one that provides this.

Multi-density Layering System:

Its interior padding comes in the form of the multi-density layering. This system of layering provides you with the advanced fit, added protection, and improved overall comfort. Because of this, you may rest assured of all the convenience you require for maximum enjoyment of the game.


  • Enables a personalized fit
  • Offers high-level protection
  • Disposes of sweat smoothly courtesy of the sweat channels
  • Does not shrink or compress after use
  • Keeps you clean owing to its microbial agents


  • Quite weighty

10. Warrior PX2H6 Ice Hockey Players Helmet

The head is a very sensitive part of the human body. The ice hockey, on the other hand, is a sport that is potentially harmful to the head. This is due to the sliding nature of the tournament, the sticks used, and the balls involved. Only a high quality and reliable helmet of this kind can offer you the protection you require.


The whole of your head, some portions of your face, ears, and chin are well taken care of by this helmet. This is made possible by the existence of the three unique layers of strategically-selected foams. They confer adequate impact protection to the aforementioned areas.

Soft-touch Foam lining:

Throughout its interior, there is a soft-touch foam lining. This soft material is set in the exact place in order to make the head gently and more comfortable. It also absorbs sweat and hence reduces the attendant foul smell.

Single-dial Adjustment:

Adjusting this helmet is pretty efficient. This is courtesy of the single-dial adjustment feature. It lets you set the parameter you want and, there you have it! It can, as a matter of fact, adjust the entire 4-play shell for a 360-degree fit.


  • Confers optimum fit
  • Multipurpose in nature
  • Is multi-directional in nature
  • Provides adequate protection against high impacts
  • Can be adjusted to accommodate large head sizes


  • Requires some possession of technical skills

11. Warrior PX3H5 Ice Hockey Players Helmet

For your comfort and maximum enjoyment of the game of ice hockey, you require an adjustable helmet.

No other helmet comes even close to this one, insofar as the adjustability is concerned. As you shall see in the mini-review that follows, it indeed has what it takes to enable you to utilize it well.

4-place Adjustments System:

This helmet allows you to expand or contract its dimensions in such a way as to respond to the size of your head. This is by reason of the existence of this 4-place adjustments system. It basically lets you alter the front-to-back and the sideways dimensions well.

3-piece Shell Construction:

The overall construction of the helmet is in the form of the 3-piece shell. This basically means that the outer surface of the helmet is made by piling three different materials. This layering confers added strength and stability to the helmet.

High-Density EPP Foam:

Inside the helmet is the Extruded Polypropylene (EPP foam) lining. This padding is extremely soft and comfortable. For this reason, it manages high impacts efficiently. This way, it shields you from any associated injuries and damages to the skull.


  • Provides consistent air flows
  • 360-degree fit your head
  • Fastens tightly onto your head
  • Enables optimal vision
  • Stainless steel cage is very durable


  • Quite expensive to buy

12. Bauer IMS 9.0 Hockey Helmet Combo, Large

The game of hockey is very rigorous. This is because it entails a lot of running, hitting, and juggling. In the course of playing the tournament, your helmet will most likely fall-off.

To be sure of the necessary peace of mind while playing hockey, you need a very tight and secure helmet. This is one such secure helmet.

Poron-branded Insert:

Inside the helmet is the Poron-branded insert. This is a small piece of soft padding that is placed with the aim of conferring extra comfort. It absorbs shock and as such, prevents your skull from cracks and other forms of stress.

Secure Lock:

Unlike other helmets, this one contains a spring-loaded secure lock. It basically grants you the rare opportunity to fasten the helmet on your head tightly. In doing so, it shields the helmet from spinning or falling off while enjoying your game.

Proper Ventilation:

Throughout its entire length and breadth, the helmet has numerous perforations. These basically enable a smooth exchange of gases into and out of the helmet. This way, it promotes a consistent air flow and lets your hair and head breathe uninterrupted.


  • Secures the face as well
  • Prestigious and elegant to possess
  • Pretty effective at dissipating high impact energy
  • Can be expanded and contracted to achieve the desired fit
  • Very convenient because it secures several parts of the face at once


  • Quite unaffordable and out-of-reach of many people

Things to Consider The Right Hockey Helmet

The following are some of the top factors you ought to consider while acquiring the right hockey helmet:

Material Composition

Hockey helmets are made of various kinds of materials. These are stainless steel, high-density polyethylene, Aluminum, and metal alloys. Aluminum and high-density polyethylene are light and tough. However, they do not last as long as should be. Stainless steel and metal alloys are durable but heavy. You should, therefore, strike a balance between these competing parameters while searching for the right helmet.


Apart from material composition, hockey helmets also possess a range of features. These include excellent ventilation, padding, locking mechanisms, and straps. It is in your best interest to settle for that helmet that contains as many elegant features as possible. This is the only guarantee that you will obtain the highest degree of satisfaction.


Hockey helmets are made for players of different ages. For this reason, a hockey helmet that is designed for a younger player may not be so useful to an elderly player and vice versa. This means that you should ascertain the age of the intended wearer of the helmet. Ensure that the helmet you obtain is as relevant to the said person as possible. This again is to prevent you from mismatching the two.

Level of Expertise

This refers to how well you may play the game of hockey altogether. There are three main kinds of players on the basis of this consideration. These are the starters/trainers, the middle level/intermediates, and the professionals or experts. While window-shopping for the right hockey, ensure that you acquire that one which is relevant to your skill level. This shall go a long way in enhancing your overall experience.

Intended Use

Just like skill level, hockey is also played for different reasons and purposes. It may be played as a pastime, for practicing, as friendly, or for competitive sporting. These different kinds of tournaments also require different types of hockey helmets and hockey gloves . Before embarking on a purchase, ask yourself: ‘What kind of hockey sport am I going to utilize this helmet for?’ Ensure that you obtain the right helmet to prevent you from being disparaged or injured while on the pitch


The field of the manufacture of hockey helmets is awash with several players. Some brands or manufacturers are more reliable than others. This is because they produce helmets of higher quality than others. Examples of these are Bauer, Mylec, CCM, Warrior Krown, and Easton. Give their helmets a top priority while making a purchase.

Final Verdict

We have tried our very best to furnish you with the right knowledge you require to start out. Please be informed that there are plenty of other hockey helmets which are equally useful. Because of time, we could not review all of them. We, therefore, urge you to proceed and carry out some research in the area for more information with hockey sticks also.

Also, please be informed that the finer details of the information contained in the hockey helmet reviews sections may change with time. This is because the manufacturers of these hockey helmets are constantly innovating. Due to this, they are bound to alter the features of the said equipment.

Having said that, we now invite you to make a purchase of at least one of the best youth hockey helmet items or best hockey helmet we have reviewed above. Please does not hesitate to do so. This is because you may end up buying the products for more in future. We will all the more be glad to assist you as soon as possible.Please read our related article best hockey skates reviews and keep in touch for more information regarding best hockey helmet for kids as soon as possible also.

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