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Triumph Sports 48 Inch 4-in-1 Swivel Table Review

Yes,Triumph Sports 48 Inch 4-in-1 Swivel Table Honest Review here For You!

It doesn’t have to be a choice between getting an air hockey table or another game entirely. In fact, you can get 2 games in one table. With this triumph sports 48 inch 4-in-1 swivel table, even 2 is too few—now you have 4 games that kids can choose from.

Triumph Sports 48" 4-1 Swivel Table

Triumph Sports 48″ 4-1 Swivel Table

Multiple games

The first game here that will probably pique the attention of the kids in the air hockey game. That alone can offer many hours of fun.

In fact, The triumph sports 48 inch 4-in-1 swivel table most families use the air hockey game mostly and then the other games offer a nice change every now and then. The other games are billiards, table tennis, and flip football.

Convenient storage 

The setup triumph sports 48 inch 4-in-1 swivel table is very easy to figure out. If you want to change from air hockey to billiards, you just need to turn the swivel table over. The table for table tennis and for flip football is on a convenient ledge at the bottom. You just place it over the air hockey table to play the other game.

Affordable price

This isn’t expensive at all, even though you have 4 games in a great size and with all the accessories. It’s a very nice investment especially when your house plays host often to young kids.

All accessories included

Everything you need is included, including the blower for the air hockey table. You have the net, paddles, and ping pong balls for table tennis, and a football and the uprights for flip football.

The billiards table has all 15 balls plus the cue ball, 2 sticks, a triangle, 2 pieces of chalk, and even a brush for the felt.

Good size

You’d think that at this price point it’s going to be a compact-sized table. That’s not really true at all. It measures 48 inches long, and that’s an ample size for very young kids.

The triumph sports 48 inch 4-in-1 swivel table-It’s enough for them to reach their side of the playing surface, and not too small that each table tennis shot put the ball out of bounds. Actually, even older kids and parents wouldn’t mind playing with this.

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More games!
It’s easy to change from one game to another.
The accessories are complete.
It’s affordable.
Kids love it.


Some unscrupulous sellers are selling damaged items or with incomplete parts.
Setting it up isn’t as easy as some people hope.
 The triumph sports 48 inch 4-in-1 swivel table it’s not really designed for adults.


Q.What’s the recommended age of the players?
A. It’s best for kids ages 8 and up. But many parents report that kids as young as 6 years old really love it too.

Q. How long do you need for the assembly?
A.The triumph sports 48 inch 4-in-1 swivel table it may take about an hour or so.

Q. What’s the power source for the air blower?
A. You just need to plug it into a power outlet.

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Final Verdict of Triumph Sports 48 inch 4-in-1 Swivel Table

Everyone knows that the young can get tired of various things much more easily. So while air hockey offers truly enthralling gameplay that can hold the attention of kids for hours, it’s best to have some other games for a nice change.

With triumph sports 48 inch 4-in-1 swivel tablet, kids will love the options, and every children’s party will be a blast. And truth be told, many older kids and adults will be tempted to play with this too.

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