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Triumph Overtime 48″ Air Hockey Table Review





To guarantee a decent and fair diversion each time I play air hockey, I get a kick out of the chance to ensure the air stream at first glance is satisfactory. The Triumph Overtime 48" Air Hockey Table gives me significantly more than satisfactory! It skims the pucks smoothly over the table surface and takes into consideration a smooth game each time. It unquestionably gives the fair diversion that I'm searching for.

Features of the Triumph Overtime 48" Air Hockey Table

The following are the features that you should know:

New - Triumph Overtime 48 Air Hockey Table

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Smooth Style Surface

The Triumph Overtime 48" Air Hockey Table accompanies an ultra-smooth, ultra-smooth and notwithstanding playing surface that helps its even stream. The rapid PVC playing surface that it conveys offers consistent play that never wears out. 

The top also is reminiscent of old arcade style air hockey tables, so it truly loans that retro feels that I seek after while also having a smooth and alluring look. This leads me to my next point and also a standout among st the most energizing elements in my book.

Arcade Style Features

I adore the style of the Triumph Overtime 48" Air Hockey Table as a matter of first importance. It just seems as though it has a place in a top of the line arcade, and I can bring that straight into my home diversion room and not invest quarters each energy that I need to play the game with my companions.

 This table elements a multi-shading LED light that originates from its Lumen-X innovation. It also accompanies quick beat in-diversion music that keeps me engaged and included, so I don't foul up my turn, much the same as a genuine arcade style table does.

Wide and Spacious Table

The Triumph Overtime 48" Air Hockey Table is also splendidly estimated. It quantifies 48 crawls by 24 inches, making it open without taking up the sum of my game room.

Its synthesis is solid as said, and its four huge and strong legs help level out the table naturally. It also brags a pleasant, sharp, retro shape that makes the table unfathomably appealing.

Included Accessories

All that you could need to play a fun game comes prepared to go. Accessories that accompanied the Triumph Overtime 48" Air Hockey Table incorporate 2 LED hammers, two adjusted picks and one hexagonal spinner LED puck to include a little flavor.


One of the main things you'll see about the Triumph Overtime 48" Air Hockey Table is that it's substantial. At 333 pounds, it's heavier than a normal full-developed man and requires two individuals or more to move it from your doorstep to your man surrender or family room.

This can be viewed as a detriment but, if you look nearer, you'll see that it can be a gigantic advantage. This originates from the way that the heaviness of the Triumph Overtime makes it solid and stable, which implies it can hold up to a ton of wear and tear.

Regardless of the possibility that you and your companions apply a considerable measure of compelling or lean excessively on the table to make a score, you realize that it can cruise through the manhandle and won't crash down on you.

The table's vast and durable legs additionally add to its solidness. They also make the table more stable and guarantee it won't wobble and divert you from your game.


The Triumph Overtime 48" Air Hockey is intended for individuals who need to appreciate quickly paced diversions. Its PVC-covered MDF playfield gives a smooth, even surface, while its 80V engine makes a consistent and capable airflow that enables the puck to effortlessly float from indicating A Point B.

Both of these elements help reproduce the constant play that is given by the air hockey tables in your most loved arcade.Something else that adds to Triumph Overtime phenomenal gameplay is its LED Lumen-X innovation.

Driven lights keep running along the edge of the table and discharge green, blue, and red-light impacts, and they're paired with quick, high-rhythm music that raises your adrenaline levels and makes the diversion significantly more serious.

The lights also change hues when you or your adversary make a score, remunerating the scorer with an adrenaline surge while constraining the other player to enhance his game. It's an astounding approach to raise the opposition to another level and make air hockey considerably additionally energizing.

To take advantage of the LED Lumen-X innovation, we propose killing the lights and playing air hockey oblivious. Doing this makes the LED lights significantly more noticeable and lets you tests your abilities since you'll need to depend more on your reflexes rather than your sight.

If you do kill the lights, you'll have to utilize the LED puck so you can track it out of the loop. The puck's hexagonal shape makes it harder to hit and adds more test to the game.

Need a more conventional air hockey game? The Triumph Overtime accompanies two customary round pucks, which you can swap out for the LED puck when you have to dial down the fervor.


  • Can be utilized as a part of the dull due to worked in LEDs.
  • Large, solid legs give incredible support and strength.
  • Smooth playfield and capable engine advance quick-paced play.
  • Flashing lights and quick music can make the game all the more energizing.


  • Assembly time can take a couple of hours.
  • Can't be moved with only one person in light of substantial weight.
  • Install a Triumph Overtime 48" Air Hockey Table to Enjoy a Real Gaming Experience.

Features at a Glance

  • Easily keep track of the action.
  • LED electronic and abacus scoring.
  • MDF construction.
  • 2 red strikers and 2 red pucks.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 50.2 x 26.6 x 4.9 inches
  • Measuring 48” L x 24” W x 30” H
  • Shipping Weight: 33 pounds
  • Model number: 48" Overtime

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this table plug in?

Final Verdict of Triumph Overtime 48″ Air Hockey Table

From the Triumph Overtime 48" Air Hockey Table Review, it is a valid and legit arcade encounter that I can appreciate Triumph Overtime 48" Air Hockey here at home. I don't need to stress over playing oblivious, and with this table, I discover I really lean toward it.

It's a super shoddy air hockey table for what you get, and it is by a wide margin the best time table I have ever played upon. I prescribe it to anybody energetic about their game.

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