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American Legend Phazer 7.5’ Hockey Table Review





You need the best hockey table so that you can enjoy your indoor game. The game requires a table which can ensure maximum air flow. American Legend Phazer 7.5’ Hockey Table is among the best hockey tables you can buy for you to enjoy your favorite game. Hockey is a game which is played by two people. It has specific rules you need to follow for you to enjoy playing. 

This american legend air hockey table can be played by both adults as well as teenagers. If you like to buy home entertainment devices, then you should think about a durable hockey table. The American Legend Phazer 7.5’ Hockey Table has been engineered to assure you the best possible experience. It is durable hence it will assure you the best playing experience ever.

Feature of the American Legend Phazer 7.5’ Hockey Table

Before you buy the hockey table, it is necessary for you to check out some of the great features of the system. The system has several features which make it a great addition to your home. Some of the features we can point out which make the hockey table stand out include the following:

American Legend Phazer 7.5’ Hockey Table

Powerful motor

For the hockey table to serve its purpose, it should allow even flow of air from the table surface. The powerful motor in the American Legend Phazer 7.5’ hockey table ensures you achieve the beast air flow experience. Each player will enjoy due to the even distribution of air pressure from the table. 

Before you buy any hockey table, it is necessary to check out the durability of the motor. The powerful motor is durable to serve you for long without any fear of breakdowns. It has been tested to ensure it will serve you for long without any fear of failures.

Easy assembly

You don’t even require the attention of a highly experienced technician for you to assemble the table. It comes with clear instructions which you can follow for you to set it up. American Legend table can be disassembled into different parts for easy carrying. 

The moment it arrives in your home, you can carry the various parts provided after which you will just follow simple instructions provided for you to set it up in minutes. It is an excellent table you can buy for you to enjoy your indoors.

Smooth playing surface

The surface of the american legend air hockey tables or hockey table matters a lot if you like to enjoy the best playing experience. The hockey table has been designed to offer nonstop playing experience due to the high-speed surface.

The surface has great construction to allow you enjoy your favorite game for long without fear of any wear and tear. 

It is a system which has been tested and proved to be very useful in helping you achieve great success in your indoor game. If you are looking for a table which will allow you and your family members to enjoy playing, then the hockey table is the right choice for you to consider.

It has been tested and proved to be very useful in allowing you enjoy your playing experience.

Illuminates play with multi color LED Lumen-X technology

You need a table which will make your game enjoyable as you play; the table comes with multicolor LED lights to illuminate the table as you play. The lights will make your game room lively when playing especially during evenings.

It is even to your advantage because it lights in different colors to make your game session stand out. 

American Legend Phazer 7.5’ Hockey Table

If you are looking for a system which will make your interior stand out as you are playing with your loved ones, then you need to consider the table. The lights are durable.

They will last as long as your schedule is working. You can even play in the dark as the LED lights illuminate the table in green, red and blue lights. The table changes color each time a player scores a goal. The change of color makes the system interactive to make you stay motivated to play.

High-tempo music

It is necessary for you to have sweet music playing in the background as you play to win. The table comes with inbuilt music systems so that you can enjoy playing the music from the background as you enjoy your favorite games.

It is upon you to choose the type of music you can play from the background. The music system is durable for you to enjoy music as well as playing your favorite hockey game. 

If you like to make your home lively, then you need to introduce the hockey game. It is among the best ways you can explore to make your home stand out. It brings the hockey game experience into your living home.

Playing surface supported by four large legs

The American Legend Phazer 7.5’ Hockey Table comes with for large legs which support the playing surface perfectly. The four legs are well leveled to provide the necessary support required so that you can enjoy playing your favorite game. 

The hockey playing experience will improve drastically after you decide to introduce the table to your home. It is a table you can use to practice at home as well as playing in tournaments.

Comes with Accessories

After you purchase the hockey table, you will as well access other accessories to make your playing experience stand out. Some of the essential playing tools you access include 2 LED pusher, two round pucks, and one hexagonal spinner LED puck. The accessories are provided for you to access a full hockey kit so that you can start playing straight away.


  • Interactive air hockey game table.
  • Comes with tempo music for exciting playtime.
  • Powerful motor.


  • A bit heavy especially when assembling the table top.

Features at a Glance

  • 4 Red Pucks and 4 Strikers
  • Interactive Lighting
  • Adapts When Goals are Scored
  • Play Package

Product Specifications

  • Table dimensions: 90" D x 48" W x 32” H
  • Play surface dimensions: 81" x 39"
  • 12" Apron
  • 4.5” Long rail
  • Weight: 229 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 286 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you assemble the table on your own?

Q: ls the hockey table motor durable?

Q: ls the American Legend Phazer 7.5’ Hockey Table affordable?

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