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Fat Cat Storm MMXI 7-Foot Air Hockey Game Table Review





Everyone knows about hockey table game which is a popular arcade game and is played on a table in a flow of air so-called air hockey table game and we all want to play it. It is a game in which we beat with our siblings and friends over who will be the winner.

I still remember when I was a child and could hardly reach inwards on the table just to hit the puck. 

The happiness from the time I spent playing air hockey table game is insurmountable. Well, some key items one should keep in mind while buying the best and right air hockey table for size, color, and style etc.

I am compiling some top features of Fat Cat Storm MMXI 7-Foot air hockey game table that can help you in buying the top best hockey table.

Fat Cat Storm MMXI 7-Foot Air Hockey 


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Steady airflow

You can notice a problem that the flow of air is not quite strong to keep the game in a flow while playing air hockey game in arcade or at home. But, this table is free to give such a problem as it provides more than 80 cubic feet per minute nice and even air flow.

It is also powerful because it keeps moving pucks back and forth very easily and seamlessly. Steady air flow makes it more exciting and joyful game table.


One thing to be noticed is that Fat Cat Storm MMXI 7-Foot game table is 226 pounds heavy. It is heavier than an average full-grown man and also it requires 2 or more people to move it from doorstep to the place where it has to be settled. 

Though it seems to be a disadvantage if closely seen it is actually a great advantage because heavy weight makes it more stable and sturdy. Even if too much force is applied to make a score still it won’t crash down.

Smooth, efficient and eye-catching design

There is one thing I really enjoy about Fat Cat Storm MMXI 7-Foot game table is that it has been created to assemble real rinks of the game.

It looks great overall and adds real authentic style to the game. The playing is so smooth and nice like you don’t feel any difficulty while playing pucks at all. 

It has dual ended return for pucks so you can return back in the game simply and quickly. It seems to be a bit difficulty in the start but in real it takes just a second to start, means no time. It has 84"*42" playing surface so I imagine it comfortably fits in most of the rooms as well.

Accurate timer and scorer

As this table has electric led pro time scorer and timer so it keeps the game at a fast pace. A Fat Cat Storm MMXI 7-Foot air hockey game table has a countdown due to which games keep going 10 to 15 minutes or more or an unlimited period of time until we get tired. 

Fat Cat Storm MMXI 7-Foot Air Hockey Game Table Review

This hockey game table has everything one could want and in my view, it is super hockey game table regarding its completeness. The timer and scorer make it extra fast and efficient table overall.

Comes with everything needed to play a fair game

This hockey game table comes with all its completeness its four legs comes with leg levelers and make sure it is stable and sturdy that it does not wobble or shake in case people play intense games as well. Mallets, amazing graphics, music sound, and LED light system makes it more exciting table to play an entertaining game.

In short, it provides a huge room to play, scores in a fast pace and gives an efficient play with steady air flow to enjoy the game.


This Fat Cat Storm MMXI 7-Foot game table is designed for those who want to enjoy a fast pace game. Its extra fast powerful motor keeps pucks gliding from point A to B by providing powerful air flow. Also, its MDF PVC-Laminated playfields provide an even and smooth surface to play non-stop in the arcade or at home wherever.

Its electronic LED Lumen-x technology emits red, green and blue lights, run alongside the edges of the table and are paired with loud music to develop intensity in the game.


  • Due to its led lights, it is usable in the dark as well.
  • Its large stable legs provide stability and a great support.
  • Its powerful motor promotes a fast-paced play so it has a smooth playfield.
  • Fast music and flashing lights make the game more exciting.


  • One person cannot move it as it is heavy weight.

Feature at a Glance

  • LED and Abacus Scoring
  • Rink
  • Dual End Puck Returns
  • Play Package

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 84" L x 42" W x 30-1/2" H
  • Weight: 226 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 168.2 pounds
  • Model number: 64-3011

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: ls it possible to carry at a time just one piece, for 2 people to the basement?

Q: Can you play without colored lights and can you buy pucks and pushers that don’t have the light?

Q: Can you add a ping pong table on top?

Final Verdict

So, if you want to play in a full colored and loud music environment and want a superb social gathering of family and friends and do not at all want to stick to other electronic devices like laptops or Android phones to play an entertaining game then this air hockey table is the best choice for you, your family members and of course for your friends as well. 

This is an awesome product that will help you on top of your game. If you really want to engage in a funny activity that gives you chance to socialize with everyone then this is a product for you. So, are you ready to play air hockey and get the heat on! Grab this product now!

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