Top 10 Best Folding Air Hockey Table (Reviews 2020 Edition)

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Top 10 Best Folding Air Hockey Table (Reviews 2020 Edition)

Wondering how and where to get fun at your own pleasure in your house playing air hockey? Are you having a hard time choosing the best folding air hockey table this 2020. Are you looking forward to having the best experience with the best folding air hockey tables with friends as you compete at the pleasure and luxury of your house?

We got you, wonder no more because here's a review of the best folding air hockey tables that will give you an experience of a lifetime as you make merry and plenty of memories with friends and lovers who love to play air hockey and also that you can cultivate the urge and desire in them to play the game.

The best Folding Air Hockey Tables that will ensure to create fun while sending a puck flying, with varying sizes that would accommodate several players and even with an electronic powered scoring board which helps keep record of all actions together with a sensation of an effortlessly gliding puck over the top of the board will be of great consideration.


10 Best Folding Air Hockey Table 2020 - Comparison

Top 10 Best Folding Air Hockey Table 2020 - Reviews

If you are hockey lover, then you are familiar with the best home air hockey tables and folding air hockey tables. With the many number of products on the market, it can be tough to pick the right one. We have provided you with top reviews of folding air hockey tables that you can consider.

 1.  4 in 1 Folding Combo Game Table, Hockey

4 in 1 Folding Combo Game Table, Hockey Table

Why should you get a single game folding game table when you can get an amazing 4 games in 1 game table? The 4 in 1 combo folding game table sets a milestone in fun games and entertainment.

It helps keep your friends and family active on different games for hours as they can easily change preferences. The featured games are table hockey, soccer foosball, pool table, and a table tennis table.

The hockey game is fabulous and very easy to play. You just have to slide your pushers against the pucks into your opponent's goal. The gameplay equipment glides very fast as long as the table is kept clean. Its 4 in 1 feature makes this table space-saving and easy addition to your kid's room or playroom.

With its durable construction, with four steady legs, you'll have a firm table game set for a long while. The durable MDF and PVC in its structure ensure it sustains several uses. 

This unique all in one game table comes in a foldable design and hence very easy to set up. With its weigh around 15-20 pounds, anyone, even a kid could easily move it from one place to another. When folded, it occupies very little space and could be easily fitted under the bed or stood upright against a wall.

To set it up, and alan key which is provided and a screwdriver does the job. Tighten the knobs to set it upright and loosen them to when folding it.

Key Features

  • Sturdy and durable MDF and PVC table construction.
  • Foldable design for easy setup and less storage space.
  • Already fitted legs to avoid placing it on another table.
  • Excellent bearings, smooth playing surface, and counterbalanced men.
  • 4 in 1 multigame table for foosball, table tennis, air hockey, and pool table.

Lucrative Pros

  • The table games are fun for all ages.
  • Easy to switch from one game to another.
  • Easy to store especially in the folded design.
  • It is lightweight hence easily moved to create space.
  • Uses very little space and hence can be installed anywhere.

Summary : Generally, the 4 in 1 folding combo game tables provide unique gaming experiences to suit everyone's preferences and choices of games. For the past few years, this item has provided kids with n entertaining environment when they play the games with their playmates while getting off of their iPads and iPhones or any other electronic devices. I would definitely recommend this for kid's play.

 2.  Franklin Sports 48" Authentic Air Hockey table

 Franklin Sports 48" Authentic Air Hockey Table

This hockey table from Franklin manufacturers provides ultimate gaming fun for air hockey. It has a uniform flow of air from the compressor required for swift gameplay. It is packaged consisting of 2 perfect sized air hockey pucks and 2 credible puck pushers with felt bottoms.

 Its table is smooth and with an epic digital design with awesome graphics. This provides a unique gaming experience similar to arcade air hockey.Delivered with six screws, 2 for each puck and the other two for the electric board, it's easily assembled. You could easily jet from setup to ultimate hockey action in no time.

 This gaming table is accompanied by electronic scoreboards for a quicker track of scores letting you focus in the game. An option of a manual sliding scorer helps to save electricity. Pucks and pushers glide easily enough on the table. 

Its unmatched air hockey game is fun to play with friends and family at all times and provides very competitive ties. Its smaller size ensures excellent gaming in smaller spaces. Being designed very simple, I could easily tuck in the screws and put it together. Storing it is easy since it's foldable. Fold it then stash it easily in a closet or garage.

Key Features

  • Pivoted legs locking its hinges into place.
  • Great digital designed high graphics hockey table.
  • A small compressor for strong airflow to the tabletop.
  • 2 substantial puck pushers along with 2 air hockey pucks.
  • Electric scoreboards powered by 2AAA batteries for better score recording.

Lucrative Pros

  • An electric scorekeeper to record the correct scores.
  • Already attached legs allowing it to fold easily for storage.
  • Provides a gaming experience similar to arcade air hockey.
  • Uniform air distribution all over the table without dead spots.
  • Sets a basis for kids who would love to play professional air hockey.

Summary : This is an excellent pick for an air hockey game table. It comes with a nice and digital design and fitted with amazing graphics for a great outlook especially during the night time. This table only features air hockey. Its field receives ample air from a compressor to keep the pucks and pushers working effectively.

 It provides an air hockey experience similar to that in arcade air hockey. Parents should look into getting their children one of this game table especially if they would love to go on and play professional air hockey.

 3.  IFOYO 48" Multi-Function 4 in 1 Combo Game

 IFOYO 48" Multi Function 4 in 1 Combo Game Table, Steady Soccer Foosball Table

As a product from HB manufacturers, the IFOYO 48" multifunction 4 in 1 combo game table. It comes with the perfect combination of table games. These are air hockey, foosball, ping pong, and billiards.

 It is produced in one design, yellow flame and is very easily assembled. It comes with various accessories. Pool cues and balls, pucks, pushers, and ping pong paddles and balls so you don't have to purchase differently.

With its 32" height, a decent size for adults, anyone can play with it. Its all in one feature ensures that family members keep off their iPhones or electronics for a while. It is perfect for family get-togethers. It weighs about 57 pounds providing the much-needed stability.

 This is made from high-quality constructions with MDF adding to the stability. It also comes with a set of instructions on how to set and use it.Moreover, this game table provides an exciting air hockey gameplay for indoor family and friends entertainment.

It is very space-saving and easy to store. Operating it is also quite simple since it is easily assembled and switched from one game to another. It is accompanied by a 90-day warranty and replacement in case of damages.

Key Features

  • A 90-day warranty without any hassle.
  • High quality and sturdy MDF construction on its cabinet.
  • Simple setup, easy operation and faster change of tables.
  • All instructions and accessories required in the gameplay are included.
  • 4 in 1 gaming experience with air hockey, ping pong, billiard, and foosball.

Lucrative Pros

  • Assembling it is very simple and quite fast.
  • Saves storage spaces with its all in one feature.
  • It could be an ideal gift or surprise for your kids.
  • It provides a highly interactive family and friend’s experience.
  • This could easily be moved from one place to another since its lightweight.

Summary : The IFOYO 48-inch table is made out of high-quality constructions with Medium Density Fibre(MDF)fitted cabinets. It is designed to last long. It has a simple structure and easy to fold and extend it whenever needed.

Like all the 4 in 1 featured game tables, this one provides a multiple-choice gaming experience. You can never get bored because it has several games to choose from. With its taller height, it can easily feature adults. This is your way to go for family getaways.

 4.  Fat Cat Original 3 in 1, 7-foot Pockey Game

 Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, 7-Foot Pockey Game Table

Apart from providing the best-featured game modes, it also produces the highest quality tables. It comes in four different colors, burgundy, blue, green and tan. It also provides a set of three table games that is billiards, table tennis, and air hockey.

Its 3 in 1 functionality bypasses its smaller size. Its featured games provide an ultimately exciting indoor gaming experience with kids and friends. It comes with a full set of accessories including 4 pushers and pucks, a set of billiard balls, 2 cue sticks, 2 chalks, a billiard brush, 2 table tennis paddles and balls, a net and a resin triangle.

With its trifold top technology, flipping the table to change the game has become a snap. It is also very easy to set up as it doesn't have several latches to unlock. The 7-foot size allows you to fit it anywhere, even a tight room.

It weighs over 420 pounds hence, very steady. The fact that it is serviceable, very solid and of great quality makes it the perfect addition to a game room.Air hockey in this table is unimaginable. Its fan is not too loud and generates an even air distribution across the table with no dead spots.

It is substantial and the pucks slide well on the tabletop. After cleaning the air vents, the performance of air hockey is greatly improved. All in all, this table is the greatest choice in case of a get-together or party or even family time.

Key Features

  • The 3 games in 1 feature making it space-saving.
  • Fairly quiet air hockey fan with even distribution of air.
  • Trifold top technology for easier flipping over tabletops.
  • Availability in four colors, blue, green, burgundy, and tan.
  • 7-foot length which makes the game suitable for both adults and kids.

Lucrative Pros

  • It is very stable as a result of its weight.
  • You get three games for the price of one.
  • Kids can be able to flip tabletops with trifold technology.
  • Presents air hockey on an amazing level with its air power.
  • It includes a one year warranty and replacement for damaged products.

Summary : This awesome table provides a wide 7-foot tabletop for all its three featured games. To complement this, it comes in a wide range of colors for customer personalization. It is also very easy to fold with its advanced trifold top technology which can be initiated even by a kid.

It weighs about 420 pounds so it is most unlikely that it will move if the game is played too aggressively. If you need a steady table which you can use efficiently with your kids, better get this game table.

 5.  AHHC Multi-Function 4 in 1 Combo Game Table

 AHHC Multi Function 4 in 1 Combo Game Table, Soccer Foosball Table

The AHHC Multi-Function game table is appropriate all in one table for endless fun and competitive experiences. It is designed with air hockey, table tennis, pool and foosball 48-inch table surfaces.

Also, you will get a 180-day warranty from the manufacturers plus a replacement or refund for damaged goods. Its cabinets are constructed with durable MDF for an increased lifeline on the tables.

It measures 121.5cm length by 61cm width by 81.3cm in height when unfolded. When packaged, the dimensions are 111cm length by 64cm width by 16cm height and hence saves a lot of space when folded.

With this game table, it is easier to switch from one game to another. With its 4 options for friendly games, your kids and friends could have hours of fun and competition the various featured games.

Air hockey is one of the most interesting features of this game table. The pucks and pushers move easily through the tabletop to improve the gaming experience.

It has a manual score recording system that helps keep track of the scores when you combat with your friends and playmates. This helps avoid compromising the fun.

Key Features

  • 4 game options for active competition with your pals.
  • Constructed with medium density fiber to last longer.
  • A foldable design which doesn't take too much space.
  • 180-day guarantee for replacement or repair of damaged items.
  • Manual scoring system to keep the scores when playing with your competitors.

Lucrative Pros

  • Fit gameplay for both adults and kids.
  • Easy to convert from one game table to another.
  • Perfect for family get-togethers or parties with friends.
  • Free replacement or repair for damaged or broken items.
  • Scoring system for recording you and your opponent's points.

Summary : 4 in 1 multi-function game tables are the most selected choices of game tables. This is because they don't compromise fun in any way. In case one gets too familiar with one game, you could challenge him to another one increases the level of competition.

This game table is also MDF constructed ensuring its stability. It is lightweight and can be carried easily by kids. It is fit for all the ages. I would recommend it for surprise gifts for kids or any parties.

 6.  Mainstreet Classic 35-Inch Table Top Air

 Mainstreet Classics 35-Inch Table Top Air Hockey Game

A good thing to take note of about this amazing folding air hockey table is that it comes with two sliding scorers for keeping scores. It is economical on space as it will only require a small space in your game room. It turns out to be a great thing to add to your playroom and will surprise you how guests like it.

The high-quality compactness of it enables easy keeping and portability for lots of fun all in one piece. This 35-inch tabletop is durable and the user is assured of a high-quality product that will last for many years giving them all the fun they need in a playroom.

The 110v motor provides a steady flow of air for a better experience.Do you need an air hockey table for two competitors every single game? This model is best for you. It comes with two pucks, two pushers and also two scorers for keeping the scores gained each game. 

The 35-inch table will provide you with a room for fun recreation and a mind engaging and relaxer gaming experience while gauging the toughness of your competitor.

Key Features

  • It contains a 110 volt motor for even airflow
  • Comes in a size large enough for two players
  • Has two sliding scorers for effective scorekeeping
  • Its compact size enables portability and easy storage
  • Its size, 35 inches, occupies little space in the playroom

Lucrative Pros

  • It adds up the flavor of the gaming room
  • It is made up of durable materials hence long-lasting
  • Mainstreet classics is a highly known reputable brand
  • Offers an accommodative space for two people playing
  • Scoring is easily recorded and monitored by the scorekeepers

Summary : This is the best 2-competitors top air hockey table to consider purchasing. It is adorable and flavor adding to your playroom which gives a nice display appealing to your guests and players.

It suits your room and would also act as home décor. Quit searching for another air top hockey table for this one is automatically the one that you are looking for.

 7.  Hathaway Gladiator 48 In. Folding Foosball

Hathaway Gladiator 48 in. Folding Foosball Table

This Gladiator folding 48 foosball table is graphically designed to cover the cabinet and give you an appealing décor in your playroom. It also has this glossy silky surfaces which give a grass- inspired looking design which improves its decorative ability.

It has an easy folding system that saves on space consumed. This high-quality professional playing table which marvels both young and old players.It comes with durable ergonomic handles that ensure a high-quality competition.

It is suitable for conducting championship games for they would be used several of them in a room as they are space-saving. The steel rods and molded players provide a fun looking and interesting high-quality competition.

The glossy surfaces together with the slick surfaces provide a realistic -engaging hockey playfield design.These products are long-lasting since they are crafted and engineered using high-quality materials. They also come with a six months warranty that is in case of prior damage that could be replaced.

 They also come with E-Z spinning bearings that are used to keep the action of the rolling along. Added fun is brought by the speed the table supports and is fun to use.

Key Features

  • Comes in handy with a six-month warranty
  • It is space spacing as it has a storage technique
  • The fast E-Z bearings keep the game rolling fast
  • They are suitable for both old and young people
  • Ergonomic handles and steel rods are fun for flipping

Lucrative Pros

  • Can be used by any skill level of players
  • The molded players and easy gliding table is fun
  • Its unique folding leg system enhances easy storage
  • Improved level of gaming due to its advanced features
  • It is made of high-quality materials that enhance durability

Summary : A great deal when it comes to competing and is affordable. Its high-quality graphics make it look beautiful and decorates the playroom. It suits the small space and the large that might be present.

Any person with little, middle and advanced skills can comfortably use the Air Hockey table. It is suitable for young children, teenagers, and adults thus the family table.

 8.  Funmall 48'' 4 in 1Combo Game Table with

 Funmall 48" 4-in-1 Combo Game Table with Pool Billiard Slide Hockey Foosball and Table Tennis

Oh my! You are wondering how to get a pool table, a table tennis table, and an air hockey table? How to fit all the tables in your playroom? How much you are going to spend without forgetting the budget constraints available and other priorities? You've been wondering how to incorporate the games or maybe integrate the tables to fit in the space and budget?

This is definitely going to be the end of your worries and wonderings. This is because the Funmall 48'' 4 in 1 Combo game table has your solution. It contains 4 different tables for playing air hockey, pool, and table tennis table which will keep you and your family or friends engaged for hours with different games that please you. Built with high-quality materials.

This incorporation that is 4 in 1 mechanism is space-saving and also fits in your budget. It is the perfect choice of the table because of the variety of games that can be played. When Air Hockey gets boring you can shift to table tennis which becomes a mood and game-changer which is what you are looking for. It fits kids, teenagers, and adults.

Key Features

  • 4 in 1 set of tables for different games
  • 4 options of games thus best for competition
  • Comes with a 180-day warranty in case of damages
  • Stable and built with durable materials thus reliable
  • Simply assembled tables which make it easy to operate

Lucrative Pros

  • A variety of games all in one pack
  • Easy to use and operate hence user-friendly
  • It is long-lasting due to high-quality materials
  • Saves on amount of space occupied by the table
  • Avoids boredom of continuously playing the same game

Summary : For the best gaming experience in your house, the Funmall 48 4 in 1 combo would be the solution to a high level of both experienced and less experienced gaming. It would be an ideal gift to bequeath a family as a New Year gift for the kids and parents. Its four stable legs ensure that your table is steady. It's so easy to use.

 9.  NHL 48 Inch Adjust and Store Hover Hockey

NHL 48-Inch Adjust & Store Hover Hockey Table

The NHL 48 Inch Adjust Hover Hockey Table is fun to use Air Hockey Table. It allows for adjusting of the height to suit players of different heights to the heights they are comfortable playing at.

It has a smooth air playfield which enhances the fun and the speed of play. This is also easy to set it up and to adjust the height.You do not need to worry about keeping updated scores while playing because this amazing table comes along with an automatic LED system for scoring and produces a sound on every score count.

This helps maintain the concentration of the player on the beautiful playfield and focuses on making the sounds sound many times making it fun to compete with. It has pushers and pucks.

When done playing you simply lock the legs and keep them under the table. This becomes easy to store as it can even be kept under a bed or even keep it in a closet.

The table is wide enough to ensure the comfort of the player competing. It is important for parties to entertain guests and also a nice way to spend leisure playing.

Key Features

  • A smooth air-field for better speed of playing
  • 2 pucks and 2 pushers and is of reasonable weight
  • Could be played from the floor and also other heights
  • It is adjustable and hence fitting the height of players
  • An automating system for recording scores and sound system

Lucrative Pros

  • It does not occupy a lot of space
  • It is easy to use thus user-friendly
  • Allows one to focus on the game and to score
  • Its ability to adjust makes it suitable for all heights
  • The smooth air-powered field enhances the speed of the game

Summary : For an easy, excellent and space-saving Hockey table the NHL 48-Inch adjustable store hovers hockey table would be your gaming partner in your house.

It is friendly to any height of the players all for their comfort. Its LED scoring system and the sound horns record the score and produce a sound thus enables the players to concentrate on the game and not scores.

 10.  NHL 48 Inch Adjust and Store Hover Hockey

Kick Monarch 48" in Folding Foosball Table (Brown)

If you have limited space to keep your table, investing in this folding table can be a great idea. This is a nice space-saving table with a nice design and it is designed to last for many years. The table has a folding design which makes it easy to store when you are not using it.

This high quality table also gives you the chance to enjoy playing your game and comes at an affordable price.I also like the fact the plays are counter-balanced for better games. The player control also features steel rods that are coated with chrome and the handles are wooded. Storing this foosball table is easy.

You just need to unscrew its legs and then take the playing surface up. This helps you to store it against the wall to take less space.It has excellent scoring system and the ball returns to the end of the table. You will also get it in a set of players in yellow and blue teams.

So, if you have kids who are interested in playing foosball and your space is small, this table can be a great selection. Its legs are designed to fold down and its small size makes it easy for you to store it in various ways.

Key Features

  • Designed with non-grip black handles that have safety cap
  • The table comes with players in yellow and blue teams
  • Made with stainless steel rods that make it durable
  • It features a small size making it perfect for kids
  • The table is designed with integrated leg levers

Lucrative Pros

  • Nice table with a beautiful and elegant design
  • It is durable and features counterbalanced players
  • The table is designed with quality and comfortable wood handles
  • Great indoor table that is designed with chrome plated stainless steel rods
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and you will enjoy great customer service

Summary : Don’t let space prevent you from enjoying your favorite games indoors. You can get the most out of your game if you have this folding table. It is space-saving which makes storage easy.

The table is built with sturdy legs which makes it easy to use it on flat surfaces like the ground. It also features a nice look and design which gives your home a modern look.

Watch the Video Review of Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 7’ Pockey Multi-Game Table

This Video Credit of Futuristic Gadgets

How To Choose The Best Folding Air Hockey Tables

When buying Best Multi Game Tables and folding air hockey tables, there are essential tips that you should have in mind to end up with the right product. The following are some top consideration that will help you pick the right folding air hockey table.

The size

When choosing air hockey to purchase you should always put into consideration of the users and the service you want to get from it. You will get in the market different air hockey tables in the market depending on the gaming intensity and the style of the play.

The more you play and grow the more you will be requiring a bigger and advanced air hockey tables for the play. The market will offer you different sizes from small, mid-range and commercial air hockey tables that you will be able to choose from.

Support of the air hockey table

This is a very important thing to consider when you are looking for the best folding air hockey table. You should always invest in air hockey table that is steady at the base and with strong legs. This will give assurance that the air hockey table won't be crumbling down when enjoying the game.

You should either go for an air hockey table that has legs made of wood and laminated or legs made out of steel. You should first test the legs by pushing the air hockey table to be sure if it's strong enough.


The air hockey table is run by a motor power that helps it to operate smoothly and without the power, you won't be able to play well. You should ensure that the power of the air hockey table that you are purchasing is high according to the approval.

This will ensure that the air hockey table runs well due to a consistent flow of air while gaming. You may find some air hockey table having up to two motor powers depending on the size of the air hockey table or also some having one huge motor power.

Goal in rail

When deciding which folding air hockey table to purchase it is always good to purchase a goal in rail and not the plastic one.  This is because the goal in rail is more long-lasting than the plastic ones. The plastic one can easily break when playing hence this will, in the end, being expensive for you to replace them.

 Also, this type of goal in rail are designed in a way that even small kids can access it during gaming this is to ensure that it accommodates the needs of all generations during gaming. 

The assembling procedure

When buying a folding air hockey table you should be able to familiarize yourself with the assembling procedures. The market will offer you different assemble of the air hockey table procedures.

Some have a less complicated procedure while some have very complicated procedures. Also, some folding air hockey provides you with a manual that will help you and guide you on how to assemble the parts.

 During the assembling of some table, you will only require the bolting of the legs only to complete the procedure. For the complicated air hockey table, those that have a deep cabinet will require you to be familiar with it more for the assembling.

The plug in

When purchasing a folding air hockey table electronic score its advice to go for the one that is plugged in and not the one that uses batteries. All that you will need is a source of electricity to power the folding air hockey table. 

This is because of the cost of replacing the batteries can be very high in the long run when the batteries get exhausted and also its environment-friendly. The electronic scoring system is very important in that it makes the game friendlier and engaging just like some who is gaming in the forum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you maintain your air hockey table?

Maintaining an air hockey table is a discipline that needs to be cultivated to ensure that your games are always smooth and exciting. Maintaining the air table involves removing dust from the surface and also from the air holes. Keeping the table in a dust-free area. Installing the tables correctly helps ensures that the table remains in good condition.

Q: What is the need of Polishing your air hockey table?

After scrubbing the table to remove the dust particles present, the table needs to be polished. For the wooden tables, it would be advisable to use the furniture polish by spraying it on the dry piece of cloth and applying it on the table indirectly. This gives the table a smooth coating which enables the pluck to move swiftly and smoothly. 

Q: How do you maintain the air hockey table holes?

Incase dust enters the playroom it gets into the air holes which affects the smooth flow of air which hinders the movement of the pluck. You could use the pipe cleaners, cotton pieces to remove the dust particles. This might be cumbersome and time-consuming but definitely, you don't want clogged air holes which makes air not to flow freely.

How to Install and Clean the Folding Air Hockey Table

To install the Air Hockey Table, you need to know whether it is a standalone table or a flat top only. For the standalone, it is very easy to install. For the adjustable foldable one, you only need to remove the legs from their sockets under the table and flex them to stand and support the table.

If it has electrical capabilities you need to plug in the power cable into a stable power source of the right voltage and current to avoid damaging the electrical circuitry. After that, you ensure that it is working after powering it on and you are ready to taste the game you've been longing to play.

For the ones that come separate or need to be mount on a table, they come in handy with the screws or any other technique to use in attaching the top air hockey table to the underlying surface.

Cleaning the air hockey table is very important because dust particles would lead to drag and thus the pucks would not glide properly and the speed of the puck is slow.

Dirt would also block the air holes on the table and this would create zones known as dead spots where the puck stops gliding thus interfering with the game making it lose its taste. The dirt would also lead to jumping of the pluck thus interrupting the flow of the game.


The table should be kept dust-free by running a vacuum cleaner on the table and the air holes. This is to ensure that the dust particles interfering with the game are eliminated.

The table should also be scrubbed by using a soft cloth to wipe out any remaining particle on the table. The air holes should also be poked to remove dust particles that would clog them.

Final Words

One of the most played games indoors is air hockey which mainly works and relies so much on skills than physical strength. It happens to be a game with easy rules thus anyone can play the game either child or adult.

To bring the game closer to one's comfort one needs to purchase one of the reviewed tables above. By playing the game it helps ease stress and relaxes one after being exhausted by other activities.

It is a great source of entertainment and the people who own such tables tend to be happier than other families. Air hockey brings about an aspect of competition which is so important to the children taught how to play it.

By them competing it helps build creative thinking among the children thus creating a nice foundation for the children when they mature and need to solve life puzzles on their own.

The game involves fast-spinning, due to this it enhances the reflex reaction and coordination of the brain and muscles involved. They have a good hand to eye coordination.The game is time-consuming and mentally engaging.

It occupies the free time the children have and this helps avoid misusing this time by indulging in dangerous activities like using illegal drugs and engaging in immorality. In a way, it helps cultivate good morals bringing up an upright society.


Playing air hockey helps cultivate strong bonds among the players. The players could be a family and thus improve the family relationship. For friends playing it would help create bonds that would lead to great friendships and even marriages.

In my area that I live there is a hall we use to play table tennis and from the people, we play with I got very good friends and reliable ones.

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