Top 10 Best Air Hockey Pucks (Tested & Reviewed) in 2020

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Top 10 Best Air Hockey Pucks (Tested & Reviewed) in 2020

The greatest trouble that will find the air hockey players is when the pucks that come with the table break and they can no longer slide smoothly as usual. Many of the cheap pucks are terrible and cannot last long without being damaged. This guide comes to open up your eyes on the best air hockey pucks to consider purchasing.

The air hockey pucks are spherical and they are hit by strikers controlled by the steel rods held by the players. The material of the pluck should be durable with an average thickness of an inch. It should be strong, light and flexible to ensure that when it is struck it runs smoothly and swiftly.

For the air hockey pucks, quality is a key consideration where there is a certification from the USAA which marks that the air hockey puck is of high and professional quality. Air hockey pucks should slide on top of the table smoothly when given a slight push by the fingers. This sliding aspect is due to standard designing.

Top 10 Best Air Hockey Pucks 2020 - Reviews

You need to be careful when choosing the best tabletop air hockey. The same should apply to air hockey pucks because you don’t want to end up with models that don’t slide well or ones that break with ease. We have provided you with quality air hockey pucks that will make your indoor game interesting.

 1.  Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks Set - Includes 2 Pucks

2-1/2" Dynamo Green Air Hockey Puck Set of 2

One of the things that makes the dynamo puck set to be leading in the market is the lightweight and nature and the fluorescent green color which makes the puck to be easily seen while at a high speed. The weight makes it easier to follow the path that you have directed it to hit.

The levitation and directional flow of the puck will always be parallel to the tabletop since the center of gravity is placed in the middle. It is also able to easily slide at high speed with a near zero friction due to the smooth finish that it has at the bottom. This creates a less probability of the puck flying off the table and going in an off direction.

The puck is made of high-quality polycarbonate material that has great sturdiness and high tensile strength. With this feature, the puck can withstand varying intensities of shots that are played in a game. You can subject the pucks to any intensity and remain to be played in another game.

Key Features

  • The bottom of the puck has a smooth finish
  • It has a light-medium weight for easier play
  • The center of gravity is located at the middle
  • It is made of high quality polycarbonate material
  • The air hockey pucks is lightweight and bright green


  • It is designed for quality and intense play
  • Easily slides on the tabletop at high speed
  • The fluorescent green color makes it visible
  • Great speed and direction from its lightweight
  • The puck can withstand the intensity of different shots

Conclusion : If you are looking for the right hockey puck set the look no further. The dynamo puck set is designed with the player in mind. It has various unique features that make it ideal for any hockey puck game.

The puck is of medium weight and visible from the bright green color. It is made with high quality grade plastic to provide sturdiness when playing. The smooth finish allows the puck to smoothly slide at high speeds.

 2.  Qtimal Air Hockey Paddles and 2 Size Pucks

Qtimal Home Standard Air Hockey Paddles and 2 Size Pucks, Small Size for Kids, Large Size for Adult, Great Goal Handles Pushers Replacement Accessories for Game Tables (2 Striker, 6 Puck Pack)

The Qtimal home standard air hockey pucks come in different sizes and it is suitable for both kids and adults. The pucks and paddle have different measures to cater to each group of persons. This means the size fits the standard air hockey tables.

The paddles and pucks are made from high quality material which doesn’t tear easily. The pucks slide easily on the tabletop without destroying the table. The pucks and paddles are designed for the perfect arcade style games and game rooms that are fitted with man caves.

The ergonomic design of the pucks makes it comfortable while improving the game experience one has when playing air hockey games. The matches are filled with thrilling games due to the packaged red packs and paddlers. You are also provided with a drawstring bag that can be used to store the air hockey pucks.

Key Features

  • This pucks are made of high quality material
  • The size of the paddles and puck are different
  • The package comes with 2 paddles and 6 pucks
  • Features an ergonomic design paddles give a comfortable feel
  • They come with a drawstring bag that helps you store them safely


  • The pucks fit the most standard air hockey tables
  • Different sizes for both adults and children games
  • A drawstring is provided for storing air hockey pucks
  • The bottom of the puck is thick and hard making it durable
  • The replacements make the games competitive and thrilling

Conclusion : The Qtimal home standard provides players with an opportunity to play various air hockey games with various pucks and paddles. When they are worn out you have an extra pack to continue playing more competitive games.

The design provides a comfortable feel when using air hockey pucks. The pucks are made to be hard and not brittle to enable more play while protecting the air hockey table.

 3.  Hathaway Pro-Series Air Hockey Striker & Puck

Hathaway Pro-Series Air Hockey Striker and Puck Set

When you need to take the air hockey game to the next level you need to purchase the Hathaway Pro-Series. It comes with ergonomically designed strikers that provide the best experience when playing any vigorous and rough table play. You get to have much fun with these well-designed air hockey pucks any time you want an exciting game. 

The pucks and paddles are made of chip-resistant ABS material. The material can withstand hours of air hockey table play without chipping. The games become even more exciting even more knowing that you have a greater time extent of using these air hockey pucks and paddles. The formulation of the materials used in construction makes it ideal for all various air hockey games.

The air hockey puck striker set has a smooth bottom to allow the pucks to glide easily on the air hockey table. The tabletop will not be damaged by using this particular striker set. The fast action is also provided by the green felt bottom. You get to have more control with these pucks any time you play with these striker sets.

Key Features

  • Packed with 4 strikers and 3 pucks set
  • It comes with a limited warranty of 180 days
  • Fast action provided by the green felt bottom
  • Constructed with a chip-resistant ABS material
  • It has ergonomically designed strikers and puck sets


  • It comes in a set of 4 strikers and 3 pucks
  • Yes,It provides a fast action feel when playing
  • It does not crack or chip easily with every play
  • The striker's bottom provides easy gliding action
  • You get better control and comfortable feel with the design

Conclusion : The Hathaway pro-series striker set and the puck is designed for a fast-moving game of air hockey. The ABS material provides a coating that does not crack easily even when subjected to a high intensity air hockey game.

It easily glides over the tabletop since the striker's bottom has the striker felt feel when playing. The pro-series comes when packaged with the four strikers and three pucks to replace them any time you have more players. You also get to use the other strikers and sets when one becomes damaged.

 4.  Super Z Outlet Air Hockey Red Pucks & Slider 

Super Z Outlet Light Weight Air Hockey Red Replacement Pucks & Slider Pusher Goalies for Game Tables, Equipment, Accessories (2 Striker, 4 Puck Pack)

This air hockey puck has a red color for improved visibility on the white air hockey table. It is also lightweight since it weighs about 13 grams. The pucks. Paddles and other equipment can be paired with other indoor games. The pucks can also be used by children who love intense games. The 4 pucks and two sliders provide an opportunity to replace the worn-out or lost air hockey pucks. 

The sliders and pucks are made of durable plastic that can last for several games before becoming worn out. For fast gliding action, the striker has a felt bottom which also protects the air hockey table. You will get the fast action that you need when the games become competitive.

The games experience is enhanced by the ergonomically designed strikers even when the games become vigorous. The pucks also fit the standard air hockey table for a better game experience. Air hockey games can be paired with sports balls and even board games.  You can complete the games by having hockey pads to portray a complete billiard room.

Key Features

  • The pucks fit a standard air hockey table
  • The air hockey pucks weigh only 13 grams
  • Sliders and pucks are made of durable plastic
  • It has a red color finish for improved visibility
  • It has ergonomically designed air hockey pushers


  • It can be paired with other indoor games
  • Suitable for leisure sports in any game room
  • It has extra pucks and sliders to replace those lost
  • It suitable for fun-filled family events and activities
  • Quality air hockey pucks that make your game interesting

Conclusion : When you are looking at the floor the air hockey plucks that are suitable for indoor games, arcade style tables, billiards, and even funfairs and carnival. These particular air hockey pucks are the best.

The 4 red pucks and 2 sliders come as a replacement for any lost pucks or sliders. You get to engage in vigorous games since the pucks can withstand each shit that has been made. In any leisure sports, you are having to be sure to include these particular air hockey pucks.

 5.  Super Z Outlet Air Hockey Red 2.5" Pucks for 

Super Z Outlet Home Air Hockey Red Replacement 2.5" Pucks for Game Tables, Equipment, Accessories (4 Pack)

The Super Z outlet home air hockey provides fast action moves and reflexes which makes it ideal for fun table games. It is specifically designed to be used by both adults and children for leisure sports in the game room. The smooth design provides an easier play since they slide on the surface easily. Whether the games are being played in the late nights it is hard to stop enjoy the excitement and thrill that comes with using these pucks.

It is bright red so that it can easily be seen on the white air hockey table. It comes in 4 packs which allow games to continue even one of the pucks is lost or worn out. The air hockey pushers can also be replaced alongside the pucks. The air hockey pucks can work even in the mini table ice hockey games.

The pucks measure approximately 2.5 inches and 13 grams. This implies that they are lightweight and provide a good grip due to their size in diameter. They can be placed with the dartboard and table sports ball when paired with arcade style games and bars with billiards. The pucks can also hold up on continuous gameplay since they are made of durable and strong plastic.

Key Features

  • The pucks are available in a pack of 4
  • The pucks weigh only 13 grams and 2.5 inches
  • It has a smooth design to slide through the surface
  • Bright red color improves the visibility of the pucks
  • Durable plastic for continuous gameplay without breaking


  • It has a good grip and also lightweight
  • It holds up to various games before breaking
  • The pucks can easily be replaced when worn out
  • The pucks are suitable for both adults and children
  • Can be combined with board games and sports ball

Conclusion : The Super Z outlet home air hockey is packed with all the necessary accessories you may need for air hockey games and other indoor games. The smooth design enables the pucks and strikers to easily glide over the tabletop.

Their durability makes them hold to vigorous play without getting damaged. Maximum play is guaranteed when you have these pucks at your disposal.

 6.  jollylife Black Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 

jollylife Black Air Hockey Pushers Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks

The Jollylife is designed for home air home hockey tables. It comes with a set of 2 air hockey pushers that are black. The pucks are four in number and they are red. They can be replaced with the extra packs when the games become vigorous and some become damaged or lost. The red color of the puck allows easier visibility of the puck while gliding on the home tabletop.

The red air hockey pucks are thick since the dimeter measures about 2.85 inches. Such a thickness provides an opportunity to use the pucks for high-intensity shots. The air hockey pucks and air hockey pushers are made from high impact plastic which means they can hold up to a continuous play of the competitive game.

The pucks have a dark green felt bottom which allows the strikers to glide over the home table with ease. It doesn’t come with any fancy packaging which ends up saving you money.

Key Features

  • The pucks have a dark green felt bottom
  • The pucks are red and pushers are black
  • It is made of the durable high impact plastic
  • It comes with 2 air hockey pushers and 4 pucks
  • The diameter of the puck measures 2.85 inches


  • The pucks are visible on the white tabletop
  • This pucks glide easily on the home table tops
  • The set of pucks and pushers provides replacement
  • The thickness provide caution to high intensity shots
  • Continuous vigorous play with the pucks and pushers

Conclusion : When it comes to air hockey that is simple in terms of design but provides the same functionality as other types of pucks. The Jollylife air pucks and air hockey pushers display such a trait.

It doesn't have any fancy packaging which means it is affordable and saves you money. For the best high intensity shots, the air hockey pucks have a good thickness to caution the pucks from damaging easily.

 7.  Brybelly 3 1/4 inch Red Air Hockey Pucks for 

Brybelly One Dozen Large 3 1/4 inch Red Air Hockey Pucks for Full Size Air Hockey Tables

One of the things that make this air hockey puck suitable is that it comes in a set of 12 air hockey replacement pucks. Such a number is good for parties and get-togethers' functions. It is also advisable that you play the air hockey games on a full-sized table. The game rooms and man caves make can also be used to play air hockey games using these pucks. 

The pucks are made of high quality plastic which lasts long even with continuous gameplay. It entails a higher density and thickness when compared to other pucks. The diameter measures about 3.25 inches for high velocity shots.

The pucks easily glide and slide across the full-sized table. There is no risk of it flying off the table since it is fast and controlled due to its design. It is suitable for taking various shots from angular, straight and elevated shots.

Key Features

  • It comes in a 12 set replacement pucks
  • It is made of sturdy high quality plastic
  • Yes, It suitable for a full-sized air hockey table
  • It has relatively high thickness and density
  • The puck has an added visibility from the red color


  • It is suitable for get-togethers and parties
  • It is durable even when there is vigorous play
  • Yes, It has a sturdy construction for better control
  • It has replacement pucks when worn out or lost
  • The air hockey pucks slide faster and glide accurately

Conclusion : These air hockey pucks are packed in a dozen sets. You get complete control when using them since the number is unlimited for such a game. You don't have to worry about any air hockey pucks becoming lost or even worn out.

The games can continue especially at events like parties and get-togethers. The glide is also accurate on the full-sized table due to the density and design. For the best excitement and competitive games, you can combine taking the shots to make the games more competitive and thrilling in whatever event the family has planned.

 8.  Vktech Air Hockey Table Goalies with 4pcs 

Vktech 4Pcs Air Hockey Table Goalies with 4pcs Puck Felt Pusher Mallet Grip Red

Vktech air hockey goalies and pucks are of high quality and also brand new pucks that you can find in the market. It comes with 4 pieces of the pucks and 4 more of the goalies. You get to play more with these pucks since they are replacements. You don't have to worry about any of the pucks getting lost or getting damaged when playing.

The pucks are red so that they can be seen on the white round tabletop. The green felt bottom allows the pucks to easily glide and slide over the table without getting off. The pucks and pushers are also lightweight and thin. They weigh about 8.3 ounces which makes them lighter than other types of pucks.

The diameter of the pucks is 63mm and the pushers are 96mm. Such a diameter provides a good grip on the pucks when playing any air hockey games. They are made of high quality plastic which allows the pucks and goalies to last for a long period. You get assured of continuous play with these pucks due to their high-quality design. 

Key Features

  • The pucks are red with a felt bottom
  • This pucks and pushers are light in weight
  • The pucks are made of high quality plastic
  • There are 4 pieces of pucks and 4 pushers
  • The pucks and pushers have a thin diameter


  • They are visible due to their red color
  • The pucks easily slide over the round tabletop
  • They are durable since they are of high quality
  • The pucks can be replaced when lost or worn out
  • Brad new pucks and pushers from the manufacturer

Conclusion : When you want the pucks and goalies that are of high quality and 100% new from the market. These particular pucks are suitable. They are lightweight with a good thin diameter in place.

 You get complete gameplay with the replacement of 4 pucks and 4 goalies. The pucks are very unique since they can be used in a round air hockey tabletops.

 9.  2 Commercial Hockey Fluorescent White Goalies with 2 Large Green Air Pucks

2 Commercial Hockey Fluorescent White Goalies with 2 Large Green Air Pucks

The Commercial hockey fluorescent comes with two large green pucks that are easily visible across the white tabletop. The tables can be the standard air hockey home table or the commercial hockey tables. These pucks will replace the other types of pucks that have been used in most games.

For the best grip, the mallet has a green felt bottom which allows the user to place various types of shots. From straight shots, angular and elevated shots. The design allows the pucks to remain on the table without getting off the table.

The pucks and goalies are mostly for commercial purpose and the weight may increase. This is when they are packed with other accessories. The construction of the pucks allows easier control even when they are at high speeds. With better control, the pucks will not easily be move in the wrong direction.

Key Features

  • It has a red felt bottom to glide easily
  • The pucks and devices are for commercial use
  • The large air hockey pucks are thick in diameter
  • There are 2 large green air pucks in the package
  • The pucks and goalies have a sturdy construction


  • They are a good for making various shots
  • The pucks glide easily and can be controlled
  • Improved visibility since they are green in color
  • The pucks are suitable for commercial purpose
  • The air jockey pucks are durable due to strong construction

Conclusion : If you are looking for commercial air hockey pucks and air hockey goalies. These particular packs are suited for this purpose. You get two large air hockey pucks that can be played on the commercial and home tables.

They are designed for making various shots at high intensities. The construction provides better control even when they are at a high speed.

 10.  Billiard 2 Air Hockey Pushers & 4 Pucks: 1 Red 

Billiard Evolution 2 Air Hockey Pushers & 4 Pucks: 1 Red Round, 1 Black Octagon, 2 Triangles: Red & Black

The Billiard evolution provides a variety of air hockey pucks for the best family or home entertainment. They come in different shapes and suitable for small tabletops. The plastic is engineered to ensure that there are no harmful chemicals in them that may affect you.

You have various shapes of air hockey that can be replaced depending on which shape you want or when they are lost or worn out. They have a sturdy construction which makes to stay for longer and withstand the impact of high intensity shots. For a packed kids' experience, they would love to mix up the multiple shapes of these pucks.

They are lightweight in design that allows the pucks to easily levitate in the air when played on air jet tabletops. The pucks are best suited for elevated shots. By playing more games you can easily control the direction and speed. This allows the games to be more fun, especially for the children.

Key Features

  • The pucks come in red and black color
  • The air hockey pucks come in different shapes
  • It comes with 4 air hockey pucks and 2 pushers
  • The pucks are lightweight in design and density
  • It has a sturdy construction and resistant to impact


  • The pucks easily levitate in air jet table
  • This pucks can be replaced by the 4 pucks
  • The pucks are best suited for elevated shots
  • You will get them in different shapes and color
  • The air hockey pucks are durable and resistant to impact

Conclusion : The Billiard evolution of air hockey pucks and air hockey pushers have changed the air hockey market. They come in different colors and shapes for a fun filled family gameplay. They are best suited for air jet top since they can easily levitate and glide in these tables.

The lightweight design allows a more controlled speed and direction when playing the air hockey games. The pucks can withstand high intensity shots since they are engineered to be hard. The pucks provide a versatile play for both adults and children.

Watch the Video of Best Air Hockey Pucks

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How to Choose the Best Air Hockey Pucks

Apart from buying air hockey table, you should also ensure that you have quality air hockey pucks. If you are wondering how you will choose the best, the following are some of the important things that you should consider before making your purchase.

Material used

For high quality, air hockey pucks should be made using high-quality materials. Some of the best materials which can be used to make the pucks are Polycarbonate resin, Capron and Nylon. The polycarbonate resin has an average thickness of 1 inch which has a top single layer to show the difference between the top and bottom of the puck.

The Capron is similar to the Polycarbonate only that it has less strength. For light pucks and flexible ones, you could choose the Nylon material made air hockey pucks. 


Air hockey pucks that you could purchase and have a great experience during your numerous games should have a great design. Air hockey pucks have a circular edge and have a slight degree of elevation at the base.

This design makes the puck resemble a solid spherical plastic band. The design helps a lot in the creation of pressure at the base of the puck when it is hit by the striker on the rods. The pressure helps in the movement of the puck on top of the air hockey table.


For quality air hockey pucks, a lot of consideration has to be constructed in the best way. Construction of the air hockey puck is through the injection molding process. This construction ensures that the base of the puck is uniformly flat and maintains a certain degree of elevation at the base upwards. 

You should choose a puck made of fresh plastic and not a recycled plastic material. The difference between the two materials is very notable when you hold the edges and also when pressure is applied at the center of the puck.

Rate of flight

Every air hockey player wants a nice, smooth-running match. To ensure this happens the air hockey puck must be built to enhance its flight. To test the puck’s flight all you have to do so practically by hitting the puck on top of the table with the striker.

The puck should slide on a horizontal straight line with a slight angle of deviation from the initial line or course. The air hockey puck should not fly off from the table. You can test the flight by trying all types of shots.


You do not want your game to be cut short due to breakages or damages of the puck. For the best experience of the air hockey game, the puck must be the best. Air hockey pucks are made using high-quality materials such as the Polycarbonate resin.

The pucks should have a certification from USAA which will only pass the high-quality pucks for the best experience in the air hockey game. They have the Lexan-yellow, Lexan-red, and dynamic-green as the standard puck colors. However, there could be others for fun but of different quality. 

It’s Safety

The air hockey pucks should be toxic-free where they don't have harmful chemicals as their ingredients. It is difficult to know if they are harmless by touching them but the texture such as light granular texture is a sure sign of a pluck made of recycled plastic products or plastic that has undergone chemical treatment.

If you scratch it using your nail at the top surface you will easily know if it is recycled and has harmful chemicals. The best pluck should be scratch-proof and the color should not peel off.

How do you make air hockey pucks slide better?

Air hockey being a game for all categories of people, you must ensure that your guests and friends have a good experience while playing. To ensure you get maximum fun, the pucks must slide smoothly and swiftly. Sometimes you may find the puck lagging or even stopping.

This could be as a result of various factors such as clogged air holes and dust particles on the table. With time your table will accumulate dust which may also clog the air holes. It is greatly important to maintain your table to ensure that the plucks slides perfectly.

One of the ways to maintain the table is to vacuum the table to blow out any dust particles present. The dust gets into the air holes which leads to a slow pace of the puck. The air regulation is affected thus creating zones where the puck stops.

While the puck is sliding on top of the table it will accumulate the dust particles on the dusty table. This will also hinder the smooth sliding of the puck. The dust particles should be scrapped off by using a scraper or a normal knife to ensure it is dust-free.


Dust particles that clog the air holes can be removed by poking them using a pin covered with a thin layer of cotton. This is done when there are remains of dust particles after blowing off the table. You can also make the air hockey pucks slide better by polishing the surface of the table.

This can be done by polishing the surface using a standard air hockey table polisher that is approved. You can buy the polish from the table dealers to ensure quality because you don't want to have diminishing returns. The smoother the surface of the table the better the sliding of the puck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Why does the weight and size of puck matter?

The best pucks for your air hockey table must have a reasonable size and weight of the puck. If your puck is too heavy there will be so much friction between the table and the puck which lowers the speed of the game and makes it boring. Also, the puck won't be able to slide on top of the air hockey table.

Q : What types of pucks are used by professionals?

When it comes to professional air hockey games there are specific instructions on the type of pucks to use. A puck must be 3.5 inches in its diameter. If the table is big like 7-feet in length, the 2.5 inches pucks could be suitable for this to avoid flying off the table. These pucks are light in weight and make little noise.

Q : Why is the material used should be of high quality?

The material used to make the air hockey plucks should be of high quality. Some of the best materials which can be used to make the pucks are Polycarbonate resin, Capron and Nylon. The polycarbonate resin has an average thickness of 1 inch. The high-quality material ensures that the puck will serve you long and ensure a good gaming experience. 

Q : Can one stop a puck in the air hockey?

While playing an air hockey game, interacting with the puck is the main thing in the game. Driving the puck to the opponent's score area is the fun of the game and making many successful attempts is the joy of the players. There are rules about how to pluck can be hit. You can't stop the moving puck it is topping.

Q : How fast can an air hockey puck travel?

The speed of the puck is an important factor to consider. It could either make the game boring or lively. Very slow speeds could prolong the time the game takes. Also, lightning speed could make it seem difficult. When correctly hit the puck moves at a speed of a blink of an eye. That means 80 miles an hour.

Final Verdict

The weight plus size of the air hockey pucks will affect your gaming experience. As a gamer, you need to ensure that your games are not boring or lagging. To ensure this, you have to select the best and top pucks. The best and top air hockey pucks will give you the real fun you want.

The pucks must be made of the best quality. Polycarbonate only that it has less strength. For light pucks and flexible ones, you could choose the Nylon material made air hockey pucks.The best and top air hockey parks have a brilliant design. The pucks have a circular edge and have a slight degree of elevation at the base.

This design makes the puck look like a solid spherical plastic band. The design helps a lot in the creation of pressure at the base of the puck when it is hit by the striker on the rods. The pluck slides smoothly and swiftly on top of the air hockey table.


The plucks should also have the best designing formula. They are designed in a process known as the injection molding process. This construction ensures that the base of the puck is uniformly flat and maintains a certain degree of elevation at the base upwards. This design enhances the smooth sliding and swift moving of the puck.

Pucks should not be too heavy or too light. They should be of a suitable size which will make it easy for flight. It should also slide smoothly on top of the table to ensure that you as the player you enjoy the game.

USAA is a corporation that checks the quality of the pucks if they are standard for use in the game. They certify the plucks that meet the standards and so all the plucks with the certification are standard for ensuring the best gaming experience.

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